Apr. 6th, 2012

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I dropped my clothes off to do the ol' wash-and-fold last weekend and haven't had time to retrieve them. So when I wanted to look somewhat nice (but not too nice because I have to work) for my birthday, I was looking at slim pickings for an outfit. I threw together an old green tank top, a new white skirt I got from Target but had yet to find time to wear, the surplus blazer I nabbed upstate in case my interviewin' suit didn't work out, and--FINALLY!--my black-and-white striped pumps that I got, no joke, more than 10 years ago from Hot Topic and have never found occasion to wear. I've gotten lots of compliments from my lab on the shoes alone, but I apparently put together an outfit gud when I don't have much choice. Lesson for the future perhaps.

Short skirts and high heels make me feel reeeeeeally girly, so I'm trying not to prance today. Especially since I officially turn decrepit, as [livejournal.com profile] fairest let me know in an e-mail this morning. Too old for prancing. Not too old to go get a pepsi and stick a straw in it and giggle, I hope, because that's what Imma gonna do. Peace, y'all!


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