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Since posting yesterday, my Facebook post about the same (heavily redacted for public consumption though it was), has generated no less than five people instant messaging me about the exam. Most of them wanted first to know how I knew what I'd messed up (privilege of having anticipated failure, I suppose) because they were in the dark. All they knew was they failed. To a one, they are all incredibly upset and frustrated and wanted to vent. I let them and sewed the seeds of discontent a bit by promising them they are not alone nor did they deserve to fail. It seems that I was a tad pessimistic yesterday about the class rolling over and taking this. Most of them still will, but I have about five people ready to go with me to fight this if I can get any traction.

I contacted the supervisor/director of the course to ask to speak with her before I re-take the exam. I'm probably shooting myself in the foot but it's the only time she was free. I need to tell her that her requirements are unacceptable. I plan to couch it as "if your goal is to educate your students and encourage them to learn and love the subject to which you have devoted yourself, I hate to tell you, but you are failing." And explain in unemotional language why failing someone the way she is doing doesn't help people get better. It just tells them that failing for minor things means that they are indistinguishable, in her eyes, from someone who fails through willful indifference, careless, or plain dangerous behavior. By all means, give them a C if they're barely passing, but do not give them an F when they're 90% but not 100%. That makes no sense.

I also contacted the woman in the student affairs office and am obtaining information about meeting with our academic liaison. I am worried because I'm pretty sure this is the woman who called us all cheaters last year, but not too worried because I'll go to the Dean around her if I have to. The student affairs lady said it would be more effective if the class were behind me. It would be. I don't cherish any hopes that that will happen. Today is the second and last day of these exams. We'll see how the responses are on the second day. Maybe there's hope for a revolution after all.
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