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I am good at tests, but the more vet school has gone on, the more I feel like that's all I'm good at. I can't recall things I learned last quarter, much less over the course of years. And it's become increasingly clear to me that everyone around me is just way sharper at the recall. I'm hoping it passes--that I surprise myself with what I know--but the feeling has gotten more pervasive with time.

It doesn't help that right now people are rushing about filling up their time with externships, for which I have applied not a one because I really just have that many rotations I want to do that the school offers. But now I'm all worried that I won't be making good contacts outside of school that way and arRGH I SHOULD BE STUDYING.

I need to work out a solid plan to counter-act what I think I don't know. Flash card preps, relistening to old lectures, something to put me back on more solid footing so this doesn't just drive me crazy forever. But first, I really do need to study for my test tomorrow.
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