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[ profile] bigscary and I have been going back and forth on Tumblr about Mass Effect and how much I love all the aliens. (I LOVE THEM SO MUCH, YOU GUYS.) And as much as he's obviously wrong about the vastly superior Garrus, it's kind of one of those stupid nerd fights that charge the batteries as much as anything. It also makes me miss Mass Effect like a sunovabitch. (Except for the humans. Except for most of the humans.) God, that is probably my favorite game series ever. I miss it, so, so much.

I know they're making another one. I kind of don't want it. Unless it's totally about the universe after Shepard did what SHE did (because it's not Fem!Shep, it's fucking Shep), in which case, sure, sign me up. I want to hear all about Joker and EDI's adorable cyborg grandbabies and how Liara is still alive and no one else is and how that makes the historian even more the bearer of memories of times gone by. I want to see an entire planet be OVER IT with Javik's 'tude.

But Shepard is gone. She should stay gone. I want a new hero. I want to play one of the reputedly awesome Krogan ladies. An Asari Justicar. I would play a goddamend Rachni. (It would probably be like playing a Xenomorph, like in my other favorite game ever, Aliens vs Predator.) I want to be an alien and have to learn to think like they do and not force them to be cool with how humans think because humans are boooooooooooooooooooooooring. I want my alien wrecking crew. Okay, so maybe I can take a sequel.

Just...not a movie, okay? Especially not a movie with dude!Shep. I cannot.
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