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Kidding! I'm just making sure to say a very Happy Birthday! to my roommate [ profile] moonlightalice. Even though she's deep in the jungles of far-flung Asia (and/or on one of many, many plane rides she and [ profile] wellgull will be taking back and forth), I thought it only right and proper to wish her all the bestest. I mean, right now, she's not at work or worrying over stupid law schools, so that's probably a pretty excellent birthday right there. It also highlights one of the things I admire most about her, and that's her determination to go places and have new experiences, which I, a desperate loner and a homebody, would know nothing about.

Happy Birthday to [ profile] moonlightalice! Hope the mosquitos are leaving you alone! (Did you bring that bag of blood like I said?)
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I dropped my clothes off to do the ol' wash-and-fold last weekend and haven't had time to retrieve them. So when I wanted to look somewhat nice (but not too nice because I have to work) for my birthday, I was looking at slim pickings for an outfit. I threw together an old green tank top, a new white skirt I got from Target but had yet to find time to wear, the surplus blazer I nabbed upstate in case my interviewin' suit didn't work out, and--FINALLY!--my black-and-white striped pumps that I got, no joke, more than 10 years ago from Hot Topic and have never found occasion to wear. I've gotten lots of compliments from my lab on the shoes alone, but I apparently put together an outfit gud when I don't have much choice. Lesson for the future perhaps.

Short skirts and high heels make me feel reeeeeeally girly, so I'm trying not to prance today. Especially since I officially turn decrepit, as [ profile] fairest let me know in an e-mail this morning. Too old for prancing. Not too old to go get a pepsi and stick a straw in it and giggle, I hope, because that's what Imma gonna do. Peace, y'all!
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It is my roommate's birthday, so I (and Leonard Nimoy's head) wish him all the very bestest. Today, you may pun in peace, and we all just have to let it happen because it's your day. Here's to someone with whom I have tremendous fun, whether playing board games with (or against, ha ha ha) or just generally shooting the shit about which personages of historical importance we think are Templars. (I still don't get it: if Hamilton is a Templar, and Burr is an Assassin, what the hell is Jefferson?) Here's to someone who reads the maddening forwards I send and sends back pictures of kitties. Here's so a man who geeks out about politics with me and who beats the harder parts of games while I watch so I don't have to!

Have a great one! Happy Birthday <lj user="wellgull">!
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She and [ profile] ecmyers are on their honeymoon at present, so she won't get to see the well-wishes, but I'm leaving them all the same. It's a significant birthday, what with her being barely legal and all.

Speaking of barely legal, it also [ profile] kent_allard_jr's birthday! So a very happy birthday to him as well. He's not barely legal (unless you get him good and worked up over politics, and then I'm sure some of the curses he's used skate the line), but he's not so long in the tooth that he can't enjoy behaving like a total kid today. Let's hope you did!

Happy Birthday, December babies!
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It was my mother's birthday on Friday, and I took her and my second mother out to dinner and had a grand old time of it. On Saturday, we celebrated with presents. I got her a Star Trek bathrobe, which, because it was the "Uhura" version, was quite short. (My sister's advice, "Oh, you can wear that without bottoms. Just don't bend over to pick anything up.") I also got her some pumpkin-scented shower gel and lotion, but what she really loved was the casserole dish I bought her. (She'd lost her 2.5-quart casserole dish ages ago, so I picked one up online.) It was a good birthday all around--even my Dad managed to find a really nice down coat that actually fit her. He, bless, frequently buys her clothes of the size he thinks she is rather than the size she is--always in the flattering direction, but still. And my other siblings got her a photo scanner, with which she'll busy herself just as soon as someone helps her set it up.

Because my mother also disappeared for hours and hours on the weekend to go to a shower for a friend's niece, I got to catch up on my Doctor Who. It took me ages to start in on the second season of Eleven's tenure. I liked the first season okay--it was certainly better than where Ten left off--but it never clicked with me. I disliked Amy Pond immensely. The second season, though, once I started in, has been fantastic. I'm still two episodes from finishing it--NO SPOILERS I WILL KILL YOU WITH FIRE--and I was hard-pressed to put it aside last night for sleep. I'll see if I can't get it finished tonight some time.

What really helped is that they settled Eleven's character a bit better. The show got comfortable with his being lot meaner, lightening it where necessary with his love of the absurd, which I enjoy. It's very Fourth Doctor-y, and, as you can guess from my icon, I <3<3<3<3<3 Four. I don't want the Doctor to be some huggly teddy-bear. He's a goddamned genius psycho alien with Issues. He should be really weird at all times, with an undercurrent of the slightly sinister. The fact that he's awkward about mushy human stuff is just delightful icing on the silly-serious cake.
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I can't make awesome pictures like your bestie [ profile] ecmyers , but I can use Leonard Nimoy's head to wish you a great one. Here's hoping this year brings you even bigger and better things. Like, for instance,  not getting a fourth cat.

(I keeeeeed! Happy Birthday!)
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Happy Belated Birthday to [ profile] ivy03 ! I hope you woke up to the dulcet tones of a British butler and smiled this morning. And potentially yesterday. Whenever you plugged that baby in. I hope it actually woke you, too. Happy Birthday to someone whose enthusiasm for fun things never flags; whose wide-ranging interests are as interesting as they are diverse; and whose good cheer is a balm to me and many others. Happy 29th!

And a very Happy Birthday to once and possibly future roommate [ profile] ecmyers ! It's totally awesome that it's your birthday, but it's kinda totally sucky that we won't get to celebrate together. I would totally treat "you" to more Korean BBQ. (Okay, so it would kinda be a treat to me.) But that's how awesome a friend you are: you introduced me to, like, the best food ever. Consider this a solid IOU for dinner and another trip down to Philly where you and I and [ profile] feiran can go on an extended bike ride/roller-blading session. Until then, stay the sort of person who is always quick witted and usually too sarcastic for his own good; the kind of person who you can trust to share your troubles and make your triumphs all the sweeter; and the type of guy who's totally up for anything, no matter how insane it seems at first glance. (You can always write about it, after all.) Have a great one!

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Happy Birthday to [ profile] moonlightalice ! Here's to you, someone upon whom I can always rely to understand and one-better my sarcasm, and with whom I've spent many a night debating important topics (Just how sexist are Appatow movies anyway? Verdict: Extremely), arguing over the finer details (George Wickham: entirely a bastard? Woefully weak but capable of true affection?), and groaning over achievements not yet obtained (on the XBOX as well as in life).

So, Happy Birthday to my roommate, who, although the weather is not celebrating her as it ought to do, did at least manage to sleep through the thunder this morning. May she live long enough to ignore many another celestial temper tantrum and wake up to give less than a shit about it! Hope you have a great day today and make sure you bully your work into being extremely nice to you, especially given the past two-three weeks. You deserve it! Have a good one!
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Yesterday, I was over the moon. It was a good day, start to finish, with only the most minor of idiocy bumps in the otherwise smooth and open road. Everything was coming up TrinityVixen.

Today, I was woken up by the sound of my cat puking on my rented textbook. It's like the universe wanted me to know that the fun? She was over.
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 Happy birthday to [ profile] bigscary! hope you are taking it easy on your slow Sunday birthday, living up the relaxation, fixing a drink or two, watching some trash TV, whatever floats your birthday boat. Have a good one!
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Happy Birthday to my best friend, [ profile] feiran ! Truly, this has been a momentous year, filled with lots of life changes. In your case, all for the better. In mine, less so, 'cause, you know, maybe I, like, miss you a little (sometimes).

This is also a milestone year for she and I as we will have known each other for TEN YEARS at this point. For those of you not in the know, we met our freshman year at the Columbia University Science Fiction Society. I exposed my general ignorance of literature and declared the literary heroine I most admired/wanted to be like was the Dark Phoenix. [ profile] feiran  came up to me and was all "YOU LIKE X-MEN COMICS?! I LIKE THEM. LET US BE FRIENDS." Why she'd want to be friends with someone who just declared that a genocidal super-being was her favorite person is still somewhat beyond me. But it worked out okay in the end. Much abuse, and many, many years of cohabitation later--TEN YEARS TO BE PRECISE--and we're still going, even in separate cities. Let's hope that continues for another decade.

A decade. Holy God, am I old. Lucky for me, [ profile] feiran  is older (for the next 3.5 months)!

Happy Birthday wishes to my friend and co-Twilight Scene It-winning teammate [ profile] kent_allard_jr  as well! You, sir, are a gentleman and scholar and an extremely good sport about all the dolphin-rape-related teasing we heap on your just about every time we all hang out. We kid because we love!

Have a great one, solstice babies!
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Just a quick shout-out to [ profile] viridian who celebrating the anniversary of her birth today. She is in good company with the tons of other November babies I know and love. True story: [ profile] viridian and I met on the internet. And yet? Neither of us is dead (though occasionally that is in spite of efforts on both our parts), and we are still friends (as evidenced by the aforementioned fact that we are both still breathing).

Here's hoping that, despite the crappy weather, the new job, and the always intense pressure of classes and more classes, you get some time for yourself today to be spoiled by the husband and showered with love by the kitties. (You know, as much as they are capable of showering love on anyone.)

Happy Birthday [ profile] viridian !


Nov. 8th, 2010 04:36 pm
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Happy 60th Birthday Mom! )

In less sappy news, I came across this latest reboot rumor. I somehow managed to forget that they were remaking Escape from New York. I'm with the commentary on this post: why reboot when you can just get Kurt Russell to do it as an even older, even crotchety-ier Snake? This comment exchange, however, wins at life:
BlueLightRosie: Would just like to see a new iconic character, maybe inspired by Snake, then [sic] doing remake. But then we wouldn't be talking about the movie this early.
ManchuCandidate: Cobra Johnson in Staying in Boise!
BlueLightRosie: Already a better movie.

Former CIA superspy, Cobra Johnson, has chosen to retire lay low in Boise working middle management at a box factory. But his attempt to blend in have failed. Mainly due to his eye patch, hideous scar and pension for threatening the the copy machine with a Walther PPK. But oddly no one really seems to care that he is putting on this charade, untill...

A greedy up-and-comer from the mail room sells Cobra out to his enemies. Now Cobra must stand and fight and do all he can to stay in Boise

I confess I LOL'D.
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Happy Birthday [ profile] chuckro! I'm sorry I missed the party proper. I still owe you one dinner to celebrate. I hope the party and the actual day are full of much joy, perhaps a little silliness (or a lot, your choice), and that ever well-wisher's wishes for you come true in the next year.

Have a good one!
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Apologies to [ profile] shell524 for not wishing you a happy birthday yesterday. I hope it was a good one, full of much BBQ. Here's to your Happy Birthday and many more!
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Happy Birthday wishes to [ profile] moonlightalice!

May you flourish, grow, and thrive on new excitements, dreams, adventures, and so on! May you laugh long! Be and feel as loved as you are! And may you live to see your enemies crushed before you.

Sorry, too much Star Trek. I'm channeling Klingons. Still, there are worse things that to triumph over ones adversaries. While you enjoy the good times of the next quarter-century, why shouldn't those good times include some mighty smoting?

Enjoy your day!
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I would like to apologize for being a day late in wishing fellow April-baby [ profile] cbreakr the happiest of birthdays. I was locked away studying yesterday, my apologies. I hope the day was a happy and fulfilling one. Happy (belated) Birthday!
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I swear, this is why I use LJ for this shit: I just found out one of my roommates didn't get the evite about my birthday at all! Truthfully, I blame him for not telling me about the oversite sooner, but still. He's not the first person to fall into the cracks when I tried to transfer addresses over from g-mail. Grr, e-vite! ::shakes fists::

ANYWAY, there's a link to buy tickets for this weekend, and it is this link: CLICKY CLICKY.

To Recap:
APRIL 17th:
Dinner: 5:30-6 pm, place TBD
Movie: Kick-Ass 8:20 pm at the Regal Union Square Cinema (I tried to pick something central to both food and transportation)

Watch this space for upcoming news about dinner.
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There are some things you can't help. It was not my choice to, a month before I'm to leave my current position, attend an all-day seminar about shipping dangerous goods. Happy Birthday to me. )

On a happier note, for my birthday, my roommates got me an awesome and delcious cake (and the entirety of Buffy the Vampire Slayer!), and [ profile] moonlightalice+[ profile] wellgull got me money to use at AMC theaters, which will never, ever go to waste. (I know I can now see at least a few movies that I otherwise wouldn't in theaters!) My former roommate gave me a lovely cupcake which I'm saving for when I have room in my belly again. I'm still full today because I had delicious Ethiopian food with a few folks as won't be able to make the Kick-Ass party. I have excellent friends whom I love to pieces. You all rock. It is official.

(FYI: Presents are not to be brought to the Kick-Ass party. They're not to be given to me, period. Absolutely not necessary. My present is having you come with--I know not all of you are won over by the trailers and aren't anticipating a great time. I hope that you're wrong in that regard. I hope that good food and company are worthy substitutes if the movie does not live up to its title.)
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Today is the anniversary of [ profile] wellgull's introduction to the world. May you have a happy, happy one. Enjoy a mercifully short or otherwise less-than-usually obnoxious day at work, have some good food and/or drink, play video games, and generally have a blast. Happy Birthday!

Also, a belated Happy Birthday to [ profile] bigscary. Apologies for not issuing this sooner on LJ, I was away from my computer most of the weekend. I trust that you made the most of the day after the luxury and debauchery of all-you-can eat sushi. Hope you enjoyed it!


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