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I think someone accidentally dosed Shepard with sex spores.

Absolutely no specific spoilers, but just in case. )

On the other hand, Bastard Male Shepard is TOTALLY going to pretend to love everybody and sleep with them.

In other news, my colleagues are squealing over Diane Von Furstenburg's (I should be worried that I spelled that completely right, shouldn't I?) new line for GAP. Meanwhile, I am watching this at work, totally spellbound:

I also read this entry on a blog and cracked the fuck up at the entries "John Carter of Dune" (oh God, I'm still laughing) and "The Punisher and Batman debate the death penalty." There are some better conceptual ones (Ferris Bueller's Day of the Living Dead" was pretty inspired) but those two were especially hilarious. I'd actually pay money to see Paul Dini make the Marvel vs Capcom one.

I don't think I have anything in common with these people.
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Best new blog I just discovered today: Literally Unbelievable, a blog dedicated to making fun of people who think The Onion reports serious news. It's one thing to have a random incident where Poe's Law gets a person who might otherwise be pretty savvy about sarcasm, even on the internets. But to be fooled by The Onion takes a whole other level of ineptitude quite worthy of cataloging.

Best new thing I saw today: EXPANDED AVENGERS TRAILERASFK@(!^$!#*!&#!!!!! I know I'm setting myself up for disappointment, I know it. Shut the fuck up and let me have this, okay?
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Balloon Juice has a thread up calling for people to sound off on their least favorite Christmas songs. I don't have one. I have plenty of versions I don't like of this or that song, but no one song drives me crazy during this time of year. It is the aggregate of all of them being forced on me for hours at a time that bothers, not the songs in particular. When it's actually Christmas and I'm home with the family, I'll listen to anything, pretty much.

I have, however, found this thread immensely amusing and more than a little helpful. If my family does elect to go upstate for the holiday, we'll need some road music. I'm thinking I'll have to add a few of these numbers to my playlist. I will also say that, but for this thread, I wouldn't have heard Patton Oswalt's riff on what most likely is the worst Christmas song of all time:
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A bunch of bloggers have been linking to this site today, where you can design your own Friendship is Magic-style My Little Pony. This is what I came up with:

I don't watch this show, but ridiculous customizable anything is my cat nip. Everyone who's ever had the misfortune to be around me playing Rock Band or something like it knows the pain of having to wait out me re-designing my avatar every time I play. I got around that recently by coming up with a snake for a shirt. I'll never change that now.
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I get a free flu shot at work, which is good and expected because I am employed by an entity that includes a hospital. Even though I do not interact with patients--indeed, the best thing about the department relocating is that we're in a building almost devoid of patients--it's good that I'm not a walking disease vector as much as possible. The trouble is that they seem no longer to do the flu shot "drives" where they stick a couple of nurses in the cafeteria and grab passersby. Which means I had to go sit in the Health and Safety office FOR AN HOUR to get stuck with a needle. Hurt a lot less than last time at least, and I got the same nurse who did my check up for volunteering with the research animals. She's a character, very nice.

However, being forced to wait an hour for a shot that took, no shit, five minutes to give (with gabbing with the nurse included in that time point), is torture. It's Hell-on-Earth torture when you factor in the TV blaring the local Fox affiliate's morning show (STAB IT WITH NEEDLES) followed by a morning talk show by a Sassy Black Lady(TM) who tells you how it is. Thank God for this tumblr blog I discovered via Twitter. I think some people might have thought I was laughing along with the SBL(TM), but I was really laughing at this particularly hilarious post featuring Eric Cantor's bitchiest bitch face.

Awesome, I just discovered that I left the tag on my new workout pants this whole morning until just now. Dear God, how will I survive until the end of the day if this is how it's starting?


Oct. 7th, 2011 10:55 am
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Last night, I dreamed that I found an enormous dog on the street while walking around NYC with my roommates. It was slightly mangy-looking--it's head was balding and its fur was thinned all over--and it had some bleeding wounds. I wanted to take it to the shelter where I volunteer, but [ profile] moonlightalice told me they wouldn't take it if it was openly bleeding. I'd have to take it to a vet first, to treat it, and then it could go to the shelter. Dream-me was very put off by this and wasn't sure if it was worth the investment to treat the dog only to take it to a full-service shelter where, if it wasn't adopted, it could be euthanized.

There was never any question of treating the dog, to the credit of dream-me, just a question of what to do with it after. I was trying to work out how to con, like, the ASPCA into taking it despite the fact that they rarely have space for animals, much less strays with injuries and mange, or whether I could possibly deal with a dog in my life (or if I could pass it off to someone like [ profile] feiran, who has always loved dogs) when I woke up. I'm dunno what to make of this dream. I think I might just need more sleep to work it out. I'm feeling very dopey at work today, and even a little ill (like dizzy-ill, not cold/flu-ill). I cannot say why. Hope it blows over.

In more important problems-people-have news: this tumblr account is making me cry at work.
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I read Consumerist fairly regularly, although I take the occasional break from it so I don't lose all faith in financial transactions (buying, selling, minding your own business and getting trouble anyway). However, what really drives me away from the site? The people who post comments on the various blog entries about how one person or another is being screwed by one company or another. These comments are frequently nasty, most often than not in the form of concern trolling, and they almost always blame the people being hurt for their own problem.

Take, for example, a woman who speaks little to no English being kicked off a bus for having a crying baby. Instead of recognizing that stranding a woman off the side of the road--booting her from public transit, no less--is an unconscionable act, the comments are rife with people bemoaning how hard it must be, how dangerous for a bus driver to have to try to drive with a kid screaming in the back. (Who may or may not have been making noise at all, to say nothing of screaming.) Almost nowhere? Sympathy for this woman. No one on the internet ever makes the mistake of doing anything that would generate an unreasonable response, apparently. No one is ever penalized for no reason. These people must not live in fucking reality.

It's a common problem, these sorts of comments, such that there are memes around these sorts of responses, i.e. commenters who chime in with "In before someone blames the OP [original poster, I think]" because, inevitably, even if you're a victim of a senseless crime in which you cannot remotely be assumed to be responsible, someone will say it's your fault. Your baby was crying, ergo, get the fuck off the bus. You were in a bad neighborhood, so you deserved to be shot/stabbed/raped/mugged. It's really, really gross. I need not to read comments any more. This is my reminder to not do that.
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I have to say that as annoying as Netflix's recent moves have been, the smugness of the "Well, I only use streaming anyway, so ther" folks is worse. This post at Balloon Juice is typical of the breed. It's a hipster-esque poseur posture of cooler-than-thou because he gets this streaming that you pathetic people with your digital versitile discs are helpless to understand. It's fucking annoying and has nothing to do with the cogent point that I and others have made that Netflix's business plan is to screw themselves (and their customers) in some extremely uncomfortable place. It has nothing to do with being a luddite. I have streaming access on four different types of devices--mobile phone, video game system, tablet, and home computer--I think I can handle the streaming. The point is that I want the flexibility of still getting DVDs for times when, say, I'm upstate with no internet connection and shit cell phone reception which precludes my using Netflix's streaming service.

Or, to put it the way a commenter on that post did:
"The streaming catalog is a tiny fraction of their total DVD library, so streaming-only (while convenient) means instead of finding the specific movie you wanted to watch and watching it, you end up searching for something to watch. Instead of having the “whatever I want, when I want it” experience, Netflix streaming-only option re-creates the 1980’s video store experience of wandering through genre sections, looking for something that seems worth watching. That’s exactly the opposite of why I signed up for Netflix originally."

Oh my fucking God YES. THAT IS EXACTLY IT. I have a streaming queue that's easily longer than my DVD queue, and yet, when I go to it to see what I want to watch, I spend longer deciding what I want to watch--from a selection of things I must have thought I wanted to watch at some point!--than I do watching whatever it is I end up picking.
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I finished the book a while ago (and am even within a week or three of finishing the second book!) but I had yet to watch the show. Honestly, I needed to give it time between book and show or it would end up being like Lord of the Rings all over again. I read The Fellowship of the Ring all of two days before seeing the movie and I was (it pains me to admit) almost bored by the movie because I was watching things I'd just read. (Funny how that doesn't work with seeing a movie more than once--by the time I'd seen Fellowship a second time, I was hooked.)

It was a good decision to wait. I've only watched one episode so far, and I already need a break. My mental images of the characters are completely out of alignment with the actors on the show. I can't tell any of the Stark boys apart. (One of them must be Theon, but don't ask me which one.) Despite repeated remarks about Catelyn Stark's red hair, I always pictured her as a blonde and much younger than the woman on the show (though it makes no sense that she'd be young since she has a child of fifteen). About the only person I adore is Sean Bean as Eddard Stark, but it's Sean Bean and saying I adore him is like saying I like to breathe. Arya is good, I suppose. She has the right hungry look. Cersei and Jamie Lannister are completely wrong. I don't get the vicious coldness I've come to expect from her from Lena Headey, and whoever is playing Jamie offends me. The one scene where that useless douchebag tried to start something with Lord Sean Bean Stark I was all, "NUH-UH, YOU DO NOT GET IN THE BEAN'S WAY, YOU PRICK."

Anyway, I'll get around to the rest of the series, but not in any hurry. I'd much rather make progress (and there is so much progress to make) on the sequel. I did come across this article about the female nudity on the show (spoilers for the end!) which I suppose will become much more grating as I get through the series. Unfortunately, I came to through this blog post telling this woman objecting to the objectification of women for no conceivable narrative purpose that she should shut the fuck up (and, presumably, since that's what women in these trolls' mindset are good for, shake her moneymakers). Reading feminist blogs has perhaps shielded me more than usual against this sort of lazy sexism. I'd forgotten how troglodytic is is. (Some commenter actually says that it's fine to have all the tits all the time because it's in the book! It's not the book's fault sexism happened in the Middle Ages! Even if the book is fantasy and not set during this Earth's Middle Ages at all!) ::rolls eyes::
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I think my favorite of this series of movie posters re-titled to accurately reflect their meta-content has to be the one for Bridesmaids. I laughed at the Transformers 3 one and at the Cowboys & Aliens one, but nothing is quite so cynical as the Bridesmaids one. I fucking hate Judd Apatow's whole clown posse, so I appreciate the skewering all the more.
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Apparently, The Chronicles of Riddick, the complete series (two movies and the animated shorts) is now on Blu-Ray. Someone at io9 does a write up of why Pitch Black succeeded where Chronicles did not (spoilers for both movies, including their endings, at that link), and I find myself almost in total agreement. In short, Pitch Black works because it is a very human movie, whereas there is nothing human, intentionally so, about the sequel.

Look, I loves me some Vin Diesel, so I admit I'm biased, but I think the character of Riddick is one of the most nuanced and interesting ever committed to screen. I am totally serious. Vin Diesel can be a very capable and subtle actor (it is just not what he's made of his career, and even he admits that). Pitch Black was before being a muscle-man was his career, and I'm betting it's what made him a muscle-man character actor because he was just so good at portraying this ruthless yet utterly understandable character.

Dear God, I love Pitch Black )

I would recommend Pitch Black to everyone. It is incredibly good, despite the standardness of its premise. I find I like it in much the same way I enjoyed Moon. Yes, there are elements to both movies that you've seen before, a hundred times, but each film takes the tropes and finds something human in them. Something worth investigating and thinking about. Pitch Black may be more of an action flick--I won't argue that it's even as thoughtful as Moon--but it has characters, not just archetypes, who shape an otherwise predictable set-up into a transformative story.

Chronicles of Riddick is a brainless bit of action candy. Don't get me wrong, there are some fabulous parts. This one is a particular favorite. Because it's ridiculous, and Vin Diesel has a way of smiling through a scene that lets you know he's aware of how ridiculous it is. A lot of the fun, however, is offset by some bullshit, of the messianic variety, which particularly ruins one part of Riddick's previously sympathetic backstory. And did I mention that Karl Urban had a braided mullet? Because he did. That is a thing that happened. Judi Dench was also in the movie for...reasons. (I'm sure she had, like, a wing on her mansion that was being painted, and she wanted a weekend away.) If I could somehow go back in time and somehow convince myself not to see Chronicles of Riddick (which, really, is the more impossible task, since I always finish things I start), I would. Because it really cheapens Pitch Black. So see that. Skip Chronicles.
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What was the first thing that popped into your head. If you're me--and a lot of other nerds like me--the first thing that popped into your head was Robocop. You may also have thought of The Crow, another dystopia-backgrounded film, also set in the city upon which dystopias are now based because New York cleaned up its act. Hold onto that latter thought for a moment and go with that first thing.

Apparently, the mayor of Detroit is soliciting suggestions from the citizenry about ways to improve what has been in reality (and, importantly, in the cinema), a notoriously shit city. He has politely, but firmly, told off somebody for suggesting that Detroit build a statue of Robocop. Naturally, many nerds feel he's burning a few tourist dollars his otherwise shit city doesn't and wouldn't ever have by closing the door on that one. I happen to think that, while, say, Metropolis gets a few hard-core visitors who want to see the city that is the object of Superman's affection, the money in that sort of thing probably isn't as ready or willing as the nerds would like to believe.

The best thing about this suggestion, though, is the counter-suggestions that the disappointed nerds have come up with. In just the thread of comments from the above linked post, someone suggested an ED-209 fountain (the ED-209 for reference), which is both amazing and unlikely to ever happen, alas. This comment thread, though...

Ranchoth: Well, [Robocop]'s not Detroit's ONLY claim to fame...The Crow was set in Detroit, too. I'm not sure which one is worse for attracting tourists, though.

KingOfDoma replied to Ranchoth: Robocop: "I'm an all-American icon drench in ultraviolence!"
The Crow: "I'm a Hot Topic icon drenched in ultraviolence!"
Yeah, no contest. I will note that it's kinda funny that both times the city is depicted as a crime-riddled cesspool...

MattK replied to KingOfDoma: What if The Crow had gotten to Alex Murphy before OCP had, and Murphy became Robo-Crow...or Crow-bocop?

I'm sorry. The rest of you who were hoping to win at life today? You will have to wait until tomorrow.
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When I'm bored at work, I scour the internet. The problem is that the internet is done by about three hours into my scouring, far as I'm concerned, and then I'm bored. This boredom is made worse by all the links to things I can't read or can't focus enough on to make a coherent post about whatever it is. So I'm going to just collect links here and think about it later. Maybe.

-Predator 2: Not as bad as you think! What? It wasn't! It's nowhere near as smart as Predator. It's fantastically cheesy at parts, too. But it did some effective things. The disc alone means I can forgive this movie because it lead to my favorite activity in playing one-on-one battles with [ profile] feiran, which was sniping her with the fucking disc. All joking aside, there were some interesting ideas thrown around this movie, and a few genuine laughs, like when the police chase a bad guy onto a subway and fully ten commuters draw guns on the bad guy, too. Or when Gary Busey showed up. Laugh a minute, that.

-This may be a totally relevant and cogent post about how Glee isn't as progressive/transgressive as you think, but I can't read it because I'm still watching the show. Damn it. But I could have told you that. I mean, yay, it has a stable of characters that include people of color, a disabled student, and a gay student. But the show has really missed some opportunities to do more than just throw "teachable moments" at us. For all that I love Kurt, he was the one who pushed and pushed and pushed until [spoiler character] finally snapped and called him the F-word. It's not a nice word, and usage of it is still bad, but some acknowledgment that Kurt provoked it might have been nice. Because gay people are people, too, and sometimes they are pricks. Also, guess what? All the female characters are still crazy and/or evil. PROGRESS.

-I like this stand! Possibly to use to hide kitty litter!
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I don't truck with that "five things make a post" idea, not least of all because on the way to collecting five things, I have probably already tweeted four of them and see no need to repeat myself. So this is a "two things make this not a tweet" sort of post.

I was trying to find a way to post about this round-up of The 7 Deadliest Deadliest Warrior Experts when I hopped over to Tiger Beatdown and had a full minute's worth of giggling over just the word Menaissance, to say nothing of the fits the rest of the article gave me.

Basically, they're two articles about masculinity, one that revels in it and one that mocks it. Both are fun reading and very funny, despite the lack of irony in that first post. I like that just as Sady Doyle skewers men who so desperately want the world of a fictional 1950s advertising firm to be their 2010 reality, there is a show that celebrates men who are, quite literally, mired in pasts that have been extinct nearly ten times as long. And they are on TV proving their manliness against other men who--shock!--allowed themselves to advance just a little further through history in order to learn the same, reductive "masculine" skill: how to kill the shit out of things.

In short, if you haven't seen the link between Rivers Cuomo's frequently icky lyrics and the direct need to measure you dick by the damage you inflict on other people (preferably those also having dicks since a) women aren't people, much less warriors, so killing them is laaaame and b) because that's the only way you know how to interact with other dudes)...well, you do now, I hope.

It is worth noting that I like the Deadliest Warrior show. I, like the Topless Robot guy and the nerd who runs the simulation data, quite enjoy seeing how weapons shape up against each other. More so than I give a shit about the testosterone fests that are obligatory (this show is on SpikeTV after all) between demonstrations of mankind's limitlessly imaginative means to crush, sever, brain, decapitate, pierce, or explode one another.
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I think if I made my opinions on this post three times as long, I'd never express myself half so well as this post on Hit Girl at Jezebel.

One of many very important parts of her incredibly well thought out analysis:
But I do like [Shit Blows Up And A Lot Of People Die] movies as a rule, and so do about a gazillion other people, so it's probably safe to assume that liking them does not actually make you a bad person who struggles to be compassionate and non-violent in real life. It just means you can suspend your better nature for a short time in order to watch a lot of intense, terrifying shit happen to (and because of) a fictional character, provided you know that character has the intellectual, financial and physical resources to wind up safe and triumphant, and that the fictional people who get slaughtered along the way are all A) evil and B) trying to kill the hero first. Hit Girl is clearly shown to be such a character, fighting such characters. So if you can't stomach this well-established formula with her at the center of it, the obvious question is, are you usually willing to suspend empathy because of the character's resources and the good/evil thing and the knowledge that it is fiction, or because the hero usually has a dick and a deep voice?

And this, definitely this:
I like that I walked out of there with a gut reaction of "That was awesome!" immediately followed by an intellectual reaction of, "Damn, it's fucked up that I thought that was awesome." That tells me I just saw something new, if nothing else. And on further reflection, the new thing for me was not a violent, remorseless, brutalized, potty-mouthed child but a female action hero with all the agency and skill of a man, whom the audience is not supposed to want to fuck. That is a pretty awesome thing, even if it is also frankly pretty fucked up that I thought that movie was awesome.
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What to do about this blog post? On the one hand, yes, the "girls can't play in bands" phenomena is so very clearly a problem. It's pervasive. I remember thinking I couldn't play drums as a kid because I was a girl. That, and the band director was like, "I let ONE person play drums. Try another instrument if you want to play. I only take the best." He said this. To fourth graders. Another fun story about this guy: he threw a stand over the clarinet section when he got pissed off. Yeah, I dropped band.

Point is, though, that there are music snobs, the worst of which are rock music snobs, and their elitism, because it is based on an industry that still finds female rock musicians to be "novelties," whether they're in a band with dudes or not, is among the most obnoxious form of sexism. I'm lucky I don't know people like that. )
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One of my favorite occasional blogs (as opposed to those I check everyday, several times a day), is Tiger Beatdown. Sady Doyle is one of those people, who, like [ profile] glvalentine, makes absolutely everything fucking funny. It's safe and accessible feminism with humor, thus giving lie to the "humorless feminist" stereotype. That stereotype fucking sucks. It muzzles women. Today, I had to refrain from commenting on a friend's LJ post that was a bunch of sexist drivel made in pursuit of a political point. If you're that friend, you probably suspect it's you. I'll spare you the suspense: it was.

Anyway, Tiger Beatdown has a post up by a dude--dudes who can be feminists!? WHOA-OA. He happens to be gay, which might explain his lack of being cool with patriarchal norms. He has a post about the de-gaying of movie trailers, specifically about the de-gaying of the trailer for Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. There really is no argument you can make against his thesis.** While Scott Pilgrim has two gay characters and at least one assumedly bisexual character, few of them appear in the otherwise awesome trailer. Coupled with the other examples he cites about Valentine's Day and, more damning, A Single Man, it's hard not to see the trend. Even when the movie is about a gay man mourning the death of his lover, gayness is absent.

It might have behooved him to do a little more research to ascertain that, yes, those characters are in the movie (neither he nor people in the comments seem to realize that). I, for one, am astonished that Wallace wasn't in the trailer given how fully half the laugh-out-loud parts were his doing. That's okay, I forgive him for not doing his research fully: he gave a shout-out to Hollywood Montrose of Mannequin fame. Yes, it is possible to be famous for being in that movie. I'd also like to point out this character to the Hollywood anti-gay-trailer squad: I didn't realize Hollywood was gay until I was in college. I really just thought he was weird. To be fair to me and my obliviousness, he is weird. (He hangs around--voluntarily!--with Andrew McCarthy, for one.) His defining traits have more to do with his outrageous--even for the 80s!--fashion sense and tendency towards hysterics than they do about his being into guys. Notably, however, he does talk about dating men. SHOCK.

**He's right that Wallace is absent, and the authenticity of the bisexual's dual-gendered interests does read as if it's just a fad, not a lifestyle. But he's talking out his ass when it comes to the other gay character, seeing as she's featured fairly prominently in the trailer. Their choice of phrases about the evil exes is also not as he represents. So, really, perhaps Scott Pilgrim was not the best trailer upon which to launch the Bitch Ship.
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Christopher Hitchens is a prick. Even when I agree with him, I find myself hating just about everything about the way he makes his arguments. This article, for example, makes the case that the idea that international unity and fellowship is engendered by sporting events is complete horseshit. I'm as cynical as the next person who dislikes sports, but the way he states his case makes anyone who raises an eyebrow at the inordinate, unjustified waste of money on sports look like a total bastard. Question the orthodoxy, the common wisdom that money spent on sports = more money for cities/countries (in tourism and merchandise), and you're with Christopher Hitchens, claiming that the World Cup causes terrorism.

Well, I'm not with him on that. Very. Annoying. Assumptions. Debunked. )

So he's a jerk and one who wounds his fellows as much as his enemies. He and Stephen Fry took up the part of "The Catholic Church is Not a Force for Good" part of a debate, and Hitchens used Stephen Fry's sexual orientation as a weapon. I'm glad Stephen Fry is out and open and unapologetic, but that's an issue for him to use in debate, not the blowhard next to him. It felt uncomfortably like he was just returning to the meme "Stephen Fry's a queer! And you hate him for this thing you find disgusting!" And it came across as salacious and hurtful more than supportive.

Anyway, this long rambling introduction to Hitchens is just a prelude to this article he wrote about Pope Benedict XVI's culpability in the ongoing, ever-renewing, ever-being-revealed sexual abuse scandals. It's a tough but fair indictment of Benedict, not because he's a rapist, but because he protects them, shelters them within the church, and makes the only crime worthy of excommunication that of telling any non-church people about the abuses of the church. I admire the article most for his unapologetic description of abuse and how little he likes a word that covers up assault and rape--the word "abuse" being used to clean up the worst offenses is, indeed, a crime in and of itself.

My favorite turn of phrase, that made me find this article, which is not groundbreaking, news-worthiness-wise, is the following:

The Roman Catholic Church is headed by a mediocre Bavarian bureaucrat once tasked with the concealment of the foulest iniquity, whose ineptitude in that job now shows him to us as a man personally and professionally responsible for enabling a filthy wave of crime. Ratzinger himself may be banal, but his whole career has the stench of evil—a clinging and systematic evil that is beyond the power of exorcism to dispel. What is needed is not medieval incantation but the application of justice—and speedily at that.

It's concise, beautifully stated in hard, uncompromising, literarily vengeful words. "Foulest inequity." Has there ever been a better phrase to describe this sex scandal, now decades in the offing? (And, their God alone knows, still being added to daily?)

I restate my opener here: Christopher Hitchens is a prick. But he can be right, so right.

h/t Savage Blog
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I don't agree with everything in the top video, but it's a pretty good start on why a lot of video game culture is alienating to women.

Worth a watch and a discussion. Some thoughts. )
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And now that that test is over! I can post about the trivial things that are much more interesting to me! Woo!

My weekend was lovely. Ah, family. )

While I was in San Francisco, I finally got to see G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. I can't say that it was better than, say, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Certainly, it was shorter, so it has that in its favor. There's also some tangential stuff that's fun. )

But still! Fanboys! Shipping wars! We can all get along. :D

Let's see, anything else? Nope. I just finished that stupid practice test, I have to get my lab in some sort of recognizable shape before tomorrow, and I've got work to do at actual work. Better get to it then.


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