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The number of Resident Evil movies is edging up on the total number of Resident Evil games. Your move, Capcom.

It saddens me to think that Milla Jovavich has not signed on for this but Possible spoiler for RE: Afterlife, like you care. ) has. Not that I object to that character's return (or even possible debut as a baddie!), just that I'll cry if Milla isn't in the fifth Resident Evil movie. Hell, I am not ashamed to admit I was a little upset by the fact that the army of Millas was dealt with in the first twenty minutes of Resident Evil: Afterlife. A flock of Millas kicking ass, taking no names would have sustained this franchise forever. I admit to being more skeptical of a post-Milla army, potentially post-Milla franchise.

However, if that guy from Prison Break is in this, I will be somewhat mollified. Not happy, per se, but accepting. Throw in the black guy from the last movie, too, and I'm setting aside the $20 for the 3D ticket now.
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This same weekend as the gross personal injury, PopCap Games had a sale this weekend for charity to benefit Japan following the tsunami and earthquake. All their games we $1, $2 if you bought it for the iPad, which I did. I narrowly avoided buying Bejeweled, for fear that I would never stop playing. (I already have Catan on my iPad, and I'm killing the battery with that enough as it is.) Instead, I bought Plants vs Zombies and some other game I can't recall right now. For $2, I bought peace of mind by having a game or two to turn to when I'm about to smash the iPad into pieces because someone threw the robber on me for the third time, what the fuck I don't even have any cards for you to steal...

Ahem. Alas, it seems I didn't escape the Bejeweled problem. Plants vs Zombies is easily just as addictive. I do at least have some new home-preparedness ideas for the zombie apocalypse. Oh, I'm not saying that sunflowers and pea-shooters will make a lick of difference, just that the game made me aware of how criminally undefended my as-yet-unpurchased home's lawns and roof are. I'm thinking Sleeping Beauty-style wicked brambles and razor wire will get planted instead of adorable, bouncing flowers that sing.

Speaking of singing flowers, I've had the "Zombies on Your Lawn" song from Plants vs Zombies alternating in a loop with the theme from The Great Escape, which I finished watching while playing Plants vs Zombies last night after studying for my exam. Suffice to say, I paid a lot more attention to the movie before I started in on the addictive video game. I also bet that if the microbes I need to memorize were trying to reach my house and eat my brains, I'd know them a lot better by now.

(The Great Escape was good, but the ending is terribly tonally confusing. It's got a lot of tragedy and then some random levity surrounding Steve McQueen that...yeah, doesn't really follow from what happened immediately prior to that scene.)
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I've been telling myself, for a solid two weeks now, about all the things I'll do once my bloody test is over and done with. I'm sooooo close to that point, I need to make a list of those things to distract myself with happiness (lest I focus instead on the misery that will be the test and my eventual grade, if the practice tests I've taken are any example).

Lists are calming. I like lists. Especially hedonistic lists. ).

Note to self (or TL;DR for the cut above): Start working on studying for the next test now. You'll thank me for it later. But if you're a good girl, you can have some television. After you study.

Here's a fun thing to make this post worth anyone else's time:
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Damn it feels good to be a female geek in 2011! )

In other, less hormonally-driven news excitement, I got to see the first episode of The Walking Dead. Truly, it is gorgeously done. It remains to be seen if the story really takes off. Don't get me wrong, I like a lot of what they're doing with this series. However, being as well-versed as I am in zombie movie-ology, there's not yet a lot going on that hasn't gone on before in zombie movies. One thing that's actually nice is that this is a very slow story of the apocalypse. As in, the rushing around and panic aren't really the focus. It's slow and steady survives the zombies with this show. So, yeah, there's that. Hopefully, by the time I finish my test, I'll have enough episodes stored up for a good long marathon.
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The trailer for the new season of Misfits is up! Spoilers for first season in this trailer, FYI:
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Misfits was just too much fucking fun. I can't disown it no matter how gratingly sexist it could be at times. (The slutty girl's power is to make men want to fuck her so badly they basically try to rape her whenever they touch her. Just saying.) Mostly, it's because I really liked the idea of a bunch of utter losers getting super powers and being rather nonplussed about the whole thing, especially the Irish kid. Who, despite the attempt to cast him in the loveable asshole model, is actually played as an actual asshole. Nobody likes him because he is so standoffish as to be unlikeable! Concept! Yet he is totally watchable and all kinds of hilarious a lot of the time. Still don't like him, but watch him? Absolutely.

I just have to manage until November. Balls. I am already more anxious than I can possibly convey waiting for The Walking Dead to come out on AMC, and that's just two weeks away. Siiiiiiiiigh. I should just be happy I've finally caught up with Supernatural and Smallville. Much as I'm actually enjoying both (!), though, nothing is as sweet as something you can't have. AND DEAR CHRIST, I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THE WALKING DEAD SINCE BEING TEASED WITH CONSTANT TRAILERS ABOUT IT SINCE JULY. (To those of you who went to San Diego Comic Con: I hate you.)
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I watched the entire Resident Evil series, minus the new one, this past weekend. I still think the first one is fun and all, though I was struck--repeatedly--with how bad an idea the whole "Let's go in physically to investigate why the computer killed everybody!" plan was. I mean, the computer killed everybody, and you want to go walk into its kill zone to find out why? It's an artificial intelligence! Couldn't you just call it up and go, "So, Robot PMS or what?" No one asks questions until they're in the middle of the shit storm. Okay, fine,  you didn't know there were going to be zombies. YOU STILL FUCKING KNEW THAT THE COMPUTER KILLED EVERYBODY AND WALKED INTO ITS LAIR TO FIND OUT WHY.

As [ profile] hslayer  put it, you can believe Umbrella is evil enough to dick over its private military dudes, but how the fuck did they get to be so goddamned powerful making such brilliant decisions? The genius only got better in the second movie where, rather than pop some fucking Dom over the fact that they managed to genetically engineer not one, but two superior killing machines and set to work assigning them assassinations best suited to their individual skills, they decide to make them fight to find out which was better. You have two killing machines that work pretty fucking good! You should be celebrating, not playing DeathMatch! Go take over the world! (Some more! Apparently!)

This all makes me want to finally put pen to paper on a zombie story I've been kicking around in my head where people do not act stupidly. It's such a little thing to ask, right? That people in the zombie apocalypse--not all of them, mind you, but definitely the ones who make it past the first culling stage--not be blithering idiots. Gawd.
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God, I'm a sucker.

Some context: I am probably one of the only people I know who liked the Resident Evil movies. You probably know where this is going. )

So, er, does anyone want to go with? We can totally hit a matinee to avoid paying the highway robbery prices of a 3D movie. I'm also totally willing to go in disguise or provide them for those as would see it but would prefer not to be known to be seeing it.
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Last night, I dreamed that my parents' house was under siege by zombies.

You'd be surprised to learn that this isn't a frequent dream for me. )

...and woke up. I blame our trip to the Met's Samurai swords/armor exhibit for some of that dream.
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IRON MAN 2 POSTER!!!!!!!!!!!


Okay, er, sorry, that got away from me. My friend H recently gave me my months-overdue birthday gift, which was the 2-disc Iron Man DVD set. Which is fucking awesome, in case that squealing above didn't tip you off to how I feel about it.

What helps me to be excited, beyond the fact that Iron Man was pretty much astonishingly perfect for an action/comic book movie, is that everything about it screams quality. Okay, maybe not the poster they went with for the theatrical release. That was crap. But there is so much love everywhere else. I mean, look at the teaser poster for the first movie. I first saw that one of the light boxes at a theater and could not stop staring. (Naturally, I acquired a copy ASAP.) Everything about the movie looked this good, too. It just did.

AND NOW THE SEQUEL POSTER IS OUT AND ZOMG ZOMG ZOMG. I love the contrast, too, between the shadowy-but-squeaky-clean teaser for the first movie and the brazen sturm-and-drang-with-dirty robots of the second one. Pathetic fallacy says what!?

Another thing that makes me want to die for laughing with maniacal glee: they're making a Pride and Prejudice and Zombies miniseries. I think this is the right venue for this degree of silliness. It's not film-quality material. It's SyFy Channel stuff. Although, I doubt anything could compete, silliness-wise, with that That Mitchell and Webb Look P&P parody. Still, eee!


Sep. 22nd, 2009 09:12 pm
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Okay, so the last Resident Evil movie sucked, and I haven't been able to finish Prison Break as yet because, wow, they brought back a decapitated character (and I heard that's hardly the worst abuse of the "if they didn't die onscreen..." rule). I'm still excited by this news, even if it's yet another bit of bullshit from i09.

I also haven't stopped laughing at the part where they put the crazy break-into-jail-to-break-out-of-it a prison at the start of the apocalypse. Perhaps Michael Scofield determined that it was better to sit in prison than risk infection breaking out. But I'm totally sure something CRAZY and DRAMATIC will necessitate his leaving soon enough...
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I am so glad I was nowhere near where this was this weekend.

Let us just say that I would not have reacted well.

Elsewhere on the internet, TWoP compiles a list of potential mates for me. Clearly, I need to start watching some of these shows. (Exceptions being anything reality TV and Danny DeVito because...ew.)
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I guess that explains the zombie-infestation blogging. When will you people GET IT? The more you poke fun and take the piss out of the zombie apocalypse, the less likely people will be to believe you WHEN IT REALLY HAPPENS!!!

Get with the program, people!!!


I am sick. The roommate, who's had a particularly bad week, must have given it to me in a fit of irony. Because I was stupid idiot who went, "How do you catch a cold in summer?" when she was sick. Serves me right. I could barely breathe last night, but at least the achy pain of swallowing is gone.


I have a new phone! Contracts came up again, and out we went to the Verizon store. My mother hates the place with a passion. I don't blame her. They went without me two years ago, and I missed the fact that this phone-setting-up thing takes TWO HOURS. We weren't even unsure about the phones we wanted. My sisters got Blackberry Pearls. (OMG THEY DON'T NEED BLACKBERRIES.) My mother and I got the free Jukes. (I got the red one!) It is so tiny. I mean, it's chunky, but it's slim, only about two fingers wide. It has 2Gb of music storage space, which is awesome, but the size of the headphone jack IS TINY. It doesn't fit my earphones for my iPod. And the earphones that came with are for crap. I should have known there'd be a catch when they told me the phone came with the necessary cables to put music on. Oh well...

Did I mention that it swings out to open sideways. I kept playing with it and my mother was all (rightly) "You're going to break that in a minute. Probably, since, again, law of averages states that even though I've kept two phones whole over their lifetimes, the fact that I didn't get the insurance on my phone means it will break.


I'll be harassing people when I see them next to take new picture ID pictures.
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...fifty-three...thousand...five hundred...ninety-four hour and a half of missed sleep later...

It was worth it. :D

Yes, I slaughtered an entire town's worth of zombies. And I did it while wearing a large teddy bear mask. I'm awesome.

I'm a little miffed that there aren't ONLY that many even available to kill, seeing as the premise is that there was a town that got infected with the zombie, but what can you do? It wouldn't be hard if there weren't zombies omigosheverywhere. And they are everywhere. There's some weird zombie-generation thing whereby if you swing around in a loop, suddenly there are thirty billion zombies behind you where there hadn't been any. Useful if you have a car to hit them with (and I did, for the most part), but DEATH if not.

Now I just need to eat all the food and rescue a million people and change into all the clothes and then I'm ready to tackle story-related difficulties again. You'll notice that my priorities have not changed much since I first started with video games and spent THIRTY YEARS OF MY LIFE playing Triple Triad and Blitzball. But! The mini-accomplishments! MUST COLLECT THEM ALL. (And this is why I looked a show called Pokemon and thought to myself, "This is brilliant." Then I realized that they'd just keep adding to the number and you never could catch 'em all, and that shit got old.)

(I guess I'll be ignoring that strike then.)
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There's a boycott? God, I'm clueless. You get a permanent account and suddenly you don't notice the plight of the common LJ-er.


I guess I will participate in the boycott, even though I don't realistically see that this will change fuck all. I sort of figure this day was coming since LJ rolled out the better-and-worse than Basic accounts with the ads. At the time, I didn't see the point since I didn't have any need for thirty billion icons so why have the ad-ridden one? Man, that shit was old when I had a geocities account. Geocities!!

Sigh. I guess it doesn't really matter. What the hell do I even have to post? I've spent much of the past week playing Dead Rising. I'm working on achievements after properly finishing the game and hoping to level my slow ass up. Goddamn Ecks-box and its goddamned achievements. This is just ASKING me to obsessively play games until I have them all. It happened with Carcassone and I don't even like that game that much! I played Hexic until my eyeballs ached! And now I'm literally running down zombies for hours. I ought to put a book on tape on my iPod and just listen to it because it's not exactly thrilling work.

But my goddamned completionist whore side won't let me not. I draw the line at rescuing everyone, though. Fuck that shit. The survivors who aren't me and the hot chick I'm angling to bone can go hang on the meathooks in the psychotic butcher's shop. They're annoying, needy, and alarmingly stupid. (They see zombies and are like, "Ooh, cool, I'll run right through them! They'll never expect that!") One of them actually led a mutiny out of the secure zone because his fat ass wanted more food. Fucker. Have fun being 'et.

Hilarious unlocked scene after completing the game, though: Just in case, slight spoilers, but not really )

I laughed, I cried, I wanted to whup my character upside the head. The roommate got a kick out of me telling her there were zom-bees. Yes, that's right: zom-bees. Crazy, infectious insects that give you the zombie or something. I officially replace the bees from The X-Files, the cockroaches from Night of the Creeps, and any of those horrifying bugs that made me afraid to leave Manhattan as the worst bugs ever in favor of zom-bees. THEY ARE BEES THAT GIVE YOU THE ZOMBIE. Someone with my phobia cannot take this. I'm already revising my personal zombie survival plan to account for zom-bees. Great, like I needed MORE work. I'm already having to work on learning to ride motorcycles and drive armored cars in addition to ever firing a gun, and now this. Fuck!
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Day 2, 3:30 pm: I got gassed by some cultists and they took my clothes. I'm going to miss those wresting boots. And I'd only just found the pink floral halter dress in my size. Siiiiigh

In other words, Dead Rising is still dead fun. Damned silly, but that is to be expected from a game whereby defending myself from fellow survivors is more of a trial than being caught in a mass of zombies. Case in point, a bunch of masked freaks in yellow rain gear (from hats to wellingtons) seem to be following this crazy priest (and shooting snuff pictures on the side). They take objection to my wanting to live un-eaten by zombies or being stabbed by cultists. THEY TOOK MY DRESS.

I do have a rather fetching kids' outfit on now, though, but still no shoes. I'm going to go find a sports store and chuck bowling balls at zombies until I feel better. Maybe they'll have sneakers, who knows?
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I forgot how bad I am at video games.

I'm pretty sure I screwed up pretty bad already in Dead Rising. Suddenly, the "case files" were now dismissed or disengaged or something. I think I let some guy die. Whatever--he told me to go protect this other guy from zombies and I did. Is it really MY fault he got shot up by some pyscho? Obviously not!

Anyway, it was an excuse to turn the game into a zombie version of Dynasty Warriors. I went down to the local 2x4, lead pipe, sledgehammer, and chainsaw emporium and just kept slaughtering zombies. I went from 200 dead to 1600. I'm pretty sure I can't even end the game properly at this point, so I guess I'll just monkey around on achievements and start over when I don't successfully escape or whatever. I'll be a higher level when I play through the first part AGAIN. ::rolls eyes::
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(Translation: After being thwarted twice by psychopaths who killed her character before she could save all her progress, [ profile] trinityvixen managed to defeat one and save her game.)
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Dead Rising is the perfect video game for those of you who loved Resident Evil but always secretly thought: "Jeeze, I can hold WAY too many items at one time. It's ridiculous. Also, I can save everywhere and all the time it's ridiculous." It's also a perfect nexus between those folks and the ones who thought that what Pokemon Snap really needed was more of a challenge, with, say, the Pokemon actually attacking you when they do their super moves.

I'm not even kidding. It's a survival horror game where you have to take pictures to level up. Yes, kill zombies, but you level up faster with good pictures. And? THERE IS NO PLACE TO SAVE FUCKING ANYWHERE ZOMG. The last time I had trouble with a game that put its save places so far away was with the beginning of Resident Evil 2, where you had to run through and avoid zombies for about twenty minutes of gameplay before you got to the police station and a save point. Dead Rising? IS WORSE.

However pissed I am that I am BACK to square one each time I died and had to start over, I will say that I do find it immensely funny that it's not the zombies that I have a problem with: it's the fucking psychopath survivors! Sheesh. Never have I hated the humans MORE.

Of course, since I played for hours prior to going to bed and went to bed frustrated all to blazes because I DIED AGAIN (MOTHERFUCKING HUMANS!), naturally, I dreamt about a zombie apocalypse. Or, rather, preparing for it. I was in a mall (what a surprise) and in a store kind like a Sams' Club or Wal-Mart that had a wide variety of a lot of shit and really, really tall cabinets that were wide enough that I made plans to climb up and make my little home up there. The dream consisted of me picking and choosing what to take with. I grabbed food stuffs and water without thinking, but I spent the greater part of the time deciding on what craft projects and books to bring with. (This is so perfectly me in real life--I never leave the house without at least a dozen things to occupy myself with should I get stuck somewhere and so that I don't run the risk of boredom.)

Then, randomly-but-not-if-you've-played-Dead Rising-all-night, I started grabbing giant containers of liquid detergent and stuff like that to have up there with me and to throw down should any zombies get ambitious and start climbing up to the top of the shelving where I was. In true Supermarket Sweep style, I weighed them based on how expensive they were (because of course that's a better estimate of how well they'd fend off zombies) and how heavy (makes more sense). Other people running around the store thought I was nuts. Well, I'd show them who was nuts when I had stuff to chuck at the zombies' heads!

(In case none of that made it clear, I actually really, really love Dead Rising already. I'm definitely its target demographic as I loved both Resident Evil and Pokemon Snap. It's only the impossibility of reaching the save points that's killing me. Because it exacerbates a problem I already have where I tend to be cocky playing video games and already don't save much. So it's saying something that Dead Rising doesn't even offer saves enough for someone like me.)
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I confess: watching any Alien or Predator-related movie with me is no fun.

I'm not even the hugest nerd about these two fandoms. I just like the movies a lot. Except for Alien Cubed and most parts of Predator 2 (like the parts with Gary Busey). Those sucked pretty much a lot. I did, however, really like the premise of Aliens Versus Predator the movie, and I don't apologize for that or for planning to see Aliens Versus Predator: Requiem. I like the movies a lot and I think they're totally awesome.

What I'm really annoying about is the computer game Aliens Versus Predator, which came out years before they ever got the movie off the ground and is one of the only FPS I've ever played but it easily my favorite computer game...well, ever. My love, let me show you it )

I could never play the human levels in that game for very long because it scared the crap out of me. The lighting was terrible so you could never see. The enemies were quick or cloaked or melted into the background so you always got munched. And the weapons at my disposal fell far short of nuclear so I was never satisfied that I wasn't going to die.

The only time I played a human with any satisfaction was in a local multiplayer game with [ profile] feiran and this is THE BEST GAMING STORY OF MY LIFE, so please pay attention to me (please!?):

Knowing my utter terror at being stuck in the dark with aliens of any sort, when I picked a Predator Deathmatch (one Predator, anyone kills it becomes it), [ profile] feiran picked out a human with a grenade-launcher. Eventually, after many rounds of me sniping her with the (and I quote) FUCKING DISC (hee! Predator 2 was good for something!), she killed me, and the shoe was on the other foot. She killed me so dead a hundred times because, gee, the Predator can cloak and humans suck at seeing and she (bastard!) stayed still so much of the time that she never registered on my tracker.

I decided to get tactical. I dropped the floor of a square room with a metal walkway that ran all around the walls. I tucked myself into a corner and flicked flares into the opposite corner up onto the walkway. I was in the shadows, and I had a perfect view of the spot I was bombarding with flares. I'd see anyone coming because there was no exit on the ground floor where I was and the door was over my head (so no one would enter from across the room and spot me).

Sure enough, this vaguely blobby invisible outline came to investigate. Chick-chick...BOOM Only after I resumed my rightful role as Predator, did I get the goggling "HOW THE HELL!?! WHAT JUST HAPPENED!?!" from my fellow player.

And that's why it's my favorite game ever. Well, that and the fact that Aliens head-bite people to restore their health. You wouldn't believe how fun it is to watch some unarmed engineer cower while you position yourself just right to eat their melon. YUM!


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