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I spent much of last week and weekend running around, playing with Mrs. Beans' brother's dog, Odin (he's a Jackaranian, and a total ham) and getting my little sister all graduated from college. I also, bizarrely, went on some cleaning kicks of the apartment, tidying up my room (which is looking more and more bare, which is good) and the apartment as a whole.

So this week is the first that I've really had time to sit and enjoy the apartment all to myself (while the roommates are still on vacation), and I have spent it thus far catching up on shows I meant to watch this year and didn't get to. I'm current on Game of Thrones and Mad Men, despite not really loving either, which seems to be a theme as the one show I just started is also of the not-great, can't turn off variety: Once Upon a Time.

Look, judge me, but I'm having an okay time of it. Season finale was ass-stupid, and I want to murder both of the two female hero leads and the villainess at times, but I'm managing. I have even, after this many hours, forgiven the show for not being what I really wanted out of it, which is Fables: the TV show. There were rumors of a Fables show getting a pilot that never really materialized, and the world got Once Upon a Time (and, I suppose, Grimm) instead. When I saw the promos for Once Upon a Time, I didn't bother watching it right away for two reasons: 1) I was sure it was going to be canceled, and 2) [ profile] glvalentine's review of the pilot. Now that it has, I basically mainlined it for three days while working furiously on one of two cross-stitch baby announcements I need done by fall. (By summer, really, since I'll be in school when my future nephew and future almost-positive-it's-a-niece are born.)

Once Upon a Time is still not nearly as good as Fables, alas. I miss super-secret agent Cinderella. I miss Bigby. I miss any recognition that in order for all these people to have issues with being pregnant/having babies/having children who don't love them PEOPLE HAVE TO HAVE HAD SEX. No, seriously. It's all "true love!" then "suddenly pregnant somehow!" all the time up in this show. And everyone has issues with both. Without ever mentioning fucking. Ever. Two characters have an affair and the closest they get to sex is hints at the number of place settings in the sink after they've hooked up. No one musses anyone's clothes, that's how far from sex these people are. (Which makes it hilarious to go from Game of Thrones to this.)

Up next on my cross-stitching marathon: the last season of Chuck or this current season of Supernatural. Or maybe I'll give it all amiss and just watch movies. I haven't decided.
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I'm feeling...stuck. I think two weeks of vacation wherein I do almost nothing at all and barely leave the place I am residing have finally gotten to me. I'm not the type to get stir-crazy, not really--I could spend a weekend locked away at home and doing nothing and be utterly content. But two weeks? Is pushing it. I couldn't go anywhere in Oregon. I was so trashed from jet-lag from that trip that I couldn't barely leave the apartment in New York. (Hurrah! I have NO FOOD!) And when I went to my parents' place this weekend, I tended to park in places.

As a result, I'm feeling a need to start attacking my living environment, seeing as the weather is not exactly conducive to me running around outside much. Which brings me around to resolutions for the new year. I was fishing for others' resolutions this weekend, but no one had any great ones I could steal. I took a look at the last ones I made (two years ago, woo-hoo), and I rather like that they were productive yet not impossible. In keeping with that, I've decided on the following resolutions:

1. Clear out the bins under my bed
This is a huge project that will involve my, five years later, finally putting together a scrap book of photos from my trip to Australia. Better late than never. While the distance from the events means I'm almost sure to have forgotten every detail, I will be able to part with the junk I've stored up there, which is all for the good, really. I will also work on getting all my photos scanned in so I have digital backups. To think: if I'd been born only a few years later, I'd have had digital copies to begin with, which is really the most sensible thing for me, given how lazy I am about photographing shit in my life.

Huge project--projects, really, as I suspect the Australia trip isn't the only event collecting dust down there--but doable. Certainly doable within a freaking year.

2. Finish my sister's wedding present.
Only four years late on that one! I'm really, really close. I just need to go some place away from cats for a couple of weekends (i.e. upstate), queue up a hundred movies, and sit and sit and stitch and stitch. This one I'd like to have ready before her birthday in August (if I really push myself, I might have it done by her wedding anniversary in March). After I finish it, I then need to sit down with her and discuss what the shit she'd like me to do with them. I have chosen the most useless hobby, I swear. Cross-stitching is useful for two things: framing and making pillows. I wouldn't presume she wants these things framed (because then she's more or less obligated to hang them whether they're to her taste or not), and they're far too intricate for pillows. I was thinking, though, that working them in as panels in a quilt or a quillow (that's a one-square quilt block that is attached as the outside of a blanket pocket--it folds into a pillow with the nice design on the outside, and is used as a blanket with the nice design safely tucked away in the pouch). Must work on getting that done, first, and planning what to do with it, second.

3. Read twice as many books as last year.
I think I read about 20. That's pathetic. I have about six or seven that I've accumulated in the insanity of holiday busyness, so I can get off to a good running start. I just have to not let my time get shanghied by video games, TV, exercise, or movies too much. I think I can do it. I'd also be happy to just read about half again as many. So 30-40 books. Let's go team.

4. Lose 20 pounds.
This was the goal I set for myself when I first programmed my profile into the Wii Fit. I set a timeline of 6 months which is fastly coming to a close with all of about two pounds to show for it. (Which means zip-o given that you can fluctuate that much in any given day.) Whenever I fail at that resolution, I'll reprogram my goal to be for the year. The 20 isn't a number, it's a BMI thing. And while I have trouble with BMI standards, it is a useful benchmark even if it's an arbitrary one. We'll see.

5. Be a better person.
Ah, the vague one. I've actually been pondering this some time now, and a new year seems a perfect time to put into action some notions I've been entertaining. For one thing, I'd really like to pay a genuine compliment to someone every day. It's something I've considered a while now, sparked by a few genuine compliments I've received here and there. It would be so nice to be able to, without seeming like a crazy person (must work on delivery, delivery is key), tell someone (whether I know them or not) that they are particularly sharp, seem blissfully happy, or look especially well put together. I have to be careful not to just fish one out (i.e. avoid studied and saved compliments a la Mr. Collins), but to really mean it. I think that would really improve my mood, too.

This also covers vague life goals upon which I have no direction--career aspirations (hah!), personal fiscal responsibility, intellectual stimulation and enrichment, improved sociability--without making it seem like I've failed to accomplish anything if I have no specific incident I can furnish as proof.
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Stay Alive: If only certain video games would come alive and kill their obnoxious players for real! ::cough cough WoW cough::

The Fog: Tom Welling is allowed to be overtly horny!

The Reaping: Well of course you abort the Anti-Christ.

No Reservations: It's a good thing I didn't see this before The Dark Knight, or Harvey Dent would have been ruined for me.

The Brave One: How "questionably immoral" can one person be if they are rewarded for their behavior?

Starz Inside Story: The Pixar Story: I love Pixar and Stacey Keach--WIN!

::bows:: Thank you.

While I was upstate, I also added a billion more movies to the TiVo. I'm not sure I came away with a net loss of programs saved there, though I did manage to watch a lot of stuff and get a lot of cross-stitching done. My mother is all set to invite me up again. I think I will accept because I was denied the pleasure of watching some true drivel (Shooter comes to mind) when my father literally forced me to watch The Godfather. That's THREE HOURS OF MOVIE.

Look, maybe, in its day, The Godfather was amazing. Cultural osmosis meant that I knew just about everything that was going to happen, which took the edge off the artsy-fartsy aspect. Which left me with just the story, and the story is grating. I do not like mobster movies. Like westerns and war movies only worse, mob movies are so infused with crises of masculinity and the bullshit that goes with that it bores me to tears. Mob movies also relegate women to the corners. Now, the majority of films tend to do this nowadays, but mob movies don't just forget that women exist, which wouldn't be so bad. Instead, they include women solely to be used by the men in the movie and to be shown to be shrill, unlikeable harpies, duly dedicated and submissive wives, or pathetic, longing, purpose-less-until-mobster-takes-an-interest puppies. That's really, really unflattering, and it grates.

If I hadn't been FORCED to watch it, I might not have had so many bad things to say about it. But that's my father. He doesn't realize that pushing doesn't work on me and often leads to the opposite reaction to his own. It doesn't help that he feels he is "educating" me (with all that that sort of patronizing talk really pisses me off) when he wouldn't extend the same courtesy to anything I suggested. I didn't defend any of the TiVo'd movies--I TiVo'd them because they were bad and I could skip them if they weren't watchable--but anything else I tried suggesting that I actually thought was good was ridiculed.
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Guaranteed way to have people not notice pants you're not to sure of? Wear a shirt with the phrase "GIRLS ARE SMARTER, BOYS ARE DUMBER" on it. Big hit at the girlie-doctor's office, let me tell you. And nary a comment about the pants.


Woo, Ambrose is so pretty! I love that I paid extra for the red cover, and all I've done since is cover it with stickers. Fun times!


This is only for [ profile] viridian. Your crafty thing! Ta-dah!


Aww, cute kitten photos! Who doesn't like cute kittens?

Look, here's a kitten sleeping! Sleep, kitty, sleep!
Kitty candid! Hee!
Wally, just like a cat, is not impressed with my new nail polish paint job.

Better shot of my nails to flatter my vanity. Now I'm ready to have my fingertips cut off and frozen in a giant ice block, too!
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Okay, so I can stream movies on Netflix. I went to start it, and now it appears I have to install some movie watcher. As soon as I hear things like that, I immediately hesitate. It's a DRM thing, as well as a way for Netflix to track how many hours of your allotment you've used up, which is all well and good.

It's just that programs downloading onto my computer to track my usage of things make me very squidgy (aka uncomfortable). That whole rootkit shit with Sony scared the crap out of me. I'm gonna have to hold off until I read up a little more on what the interweb at large's experience with the download process is. I'm not pleased at the fact I have to use IE instead of Firefox as is. I don't need to download something and team it with Microsoft's media player and have problems (problems beyond just getting the thing to work, I mean).

Pisser. I really was excited to do this, too.


Tonight's BSG was acceptable. A vast improvement over the last few episodes, though not nearly as promising as the preview for next week. Hey, remember the Cylons? Those robots? Yeah, remember them? They're going to be, like, in some way involved with whatever the fuck is going on in this show! CRAZINESS.


The Oscars are on and I'm not watching. I'm proud of myself. I got my Ellen fix just fine watching Finding Nemo before BSG.


Slowly, but surely, the after effects of watching seven hours of Profit yesterday are popping up. One, I find myself shuddering every time I go looking for a Sylar icon and see Adrian Pasdar somewhere. Two, I crave the movie American Psycho, which, being on loan, I will have to satisfy with the book (not as hot a Patrick Bateman, but at least more serious--despite being satire--than Profit). Three, I have a creeping suspicion that when any of the folk who watched it with me yesterday write fic for it, I'm going to read it. And be horribly, wonderfully scarred for life.

Time to watch something with HAPPY RAINBOWS AND PUPPIES. Or just happy music and cross stitching of happy-fun-sunshine lifetime.
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Wow, I just don't have anything to post. I don't think, except for the stupid post-doc thing, I posted anything yesterday.

Random things to talk about:

-Last night, I ripped CDs to mp3s and watched episodes of House I'd missed. Say what you will about the show being basically an excuse to have Hugh Laurie be awesome and naughty and just have everyone else go "What crazy thing will he do next?", at least he makes it interesting. In one ep, he took a wheelchair down stairs. He actually did that himself. That's cool. Also, while the characterization of everyone else changes, it's nice that House is consistent. It's why it's fun to watch him be mean--he's the only one smart and ornery enough to stick by his irrationalities.

-[ profile] shell524 deserves a hearty thanks. I made her recipe of mac and cheese this weekend and it came out fairly well! It'll take a bit of practice to be able to do it blind without the recipe and get the consistency/timing all together, but for a first time, it was easy and delicious. I hate wasted food, which is a good part of why I don't cook more (because I mess up too easily and would burn, therefore waste, food). That's two out of seven meals to make for my new year's resolution goal. Only five more to go. I might count re-learning how to make my mom's meatloaf and beef stroganoff as two, too. That requires the new grandma to be on the east coast long enough to tell me how.

-Speaking of the resolutions, I worked some more on my cross stitch last night. It's all in fits and starts with this thing lately. Last weekend, while [ profile] feiran and I had a day at home together, I stitched for about five hours straight, and that's how I got the last one done, mostly--by relying on long stretches to get significant portions done. This past week, I've either meant to work on it and not done so, or I've managed a couple of hours here and there and that's it. Shameful. However, I would guestimate that it's maybe 5/8 done at this point. What's left is going to be super annoying (lots of blended colors and back-stitching). Oh well, I have two disks of Spooks arriving today.

Ooh, and while I'm on the subject of 'Spooks' )
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Holy Jeezum, did I do a lot of nothing this weekend. And it was awesome. I am sure that no one other than the involved parties read the live-blogging of the horrid Sci-Fi channel movies, but that was a lot more fun than I expected it to be, mostly because the first set of terrible movies were watched while drinking.

Also? You can really get into the absolute ridiculosity of movies like Manticore and Gryphon which don't attempt to explain their crazy-ass no-make-sense-ed-ness after watching about fifteen billion hours of The Outer Limits. Hear me out on this. )

The point of doing nothing this weekend was the point. I was so tired by Friday that I actually managed to fall back asleep Saturday morning when I woke up way too early to get out of bed, which is something I so rarely manage. I needed--craved--sleep like food. Hanging out with [ profile] moonlightalice and [ profile] wellgull was great. Chatting with usually MIA roommate was fun. Sleeping was awesome. I stayed up so late on Sunday that I slept until my former roommate called me at 2 pm and was like, "Soooo, I guess this means you're not coming ice skating, like, right now?" Nope. I got up, but that was as much a concession to not-laziness as I could make.

If I haven't said it here before, let me state for the record that my personal hero is Peter Gibbons from Office Space. When I saw that movie for the first time, before it achieved cult icon status and the jokes made more sense to me, the one thing I got, just instinctively, was his idea that, if he could, he would do nothing with his time and like it. When he spent his post-hypnosis weekend in bed ignoring the phone? Yesssss. I need one of those weekends every so often.

They're terribly productive, too, even if that's kind of counter-intuitive. I got a tiny chunk of my sister's wedding cross-stitch done, which doesn't look like much but requires so many thread changes and such that I know it was a lot more work than it seems (stupid tiny flowers needing to be stitched ::grumblecakes::). Only just last night I started to use the fill-in color between the small parts of the design on the lady's dress, and now it's full and pretty and I'm renewed in my vigor to work on it. Which is great because I have another half-day's worth of The Outer Limits to get through, and the only way I can survive that is to be doing something with my hands so I don't throttle the DVDs...
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Kittens are so cute. I came home for lunch today, and Oscar went over to Wally and started licking his head. Then there was some mutual licking going on. I didn't think anything could top all three of us napping on my bed together for the squeee!-factor, but I was wrong. Kittens = the deadliest kind of cute.
[ profile] feiran loaned me a copy of Mean Genes and I got most of the way through the intro before deciding this probably wasn't for me. I understand how they have extrapolated from genes developed to encourage mass/food storage as fat to say that's why we have trouble denying ourselves, but the whole ancient man drive to eat all on his plate at once (because the next meal was uncertain) translating into why some people are unable not to spend all the money they get? Come on, that's excusing lack of control on genes. If you have an inherited disorder, that is beyond your control. Money is so far from being a physical need, that that is too much of a stretch to fall into good science. Yes, you can reason that money provides for physical needs, but if you're already reasoning that intuitively, how much more effort does it take to realize that there is no provision if you don't store up a little? Even in the throwback hunter-gatherer days, there were some foods you could keep, so, no, that's not an excuse. Their bullshit paragraph--"Please note, this isn't a blame thing"--came too little, too late. I could see this just pissing me off, so I put it down.

Now today's Newsweek probably will also piss me off (the cover is about the Foley business and there's a banner about what's wrong with hospitals, which, working in one and being a sibling of two doctors, believe me, I know plenty about what's wrong with them already), but at least I'll have the satisfaction of throwing it away when I'm done with it.
Maaah, no new House for another THREE WEEKS. Tuesdays are a big hole of suck on my schedule right now. Yes, my schedule is my TV-watching schedule, okay? I use TV as background to stitching (I'm almost done with the baby bib for my niece), and new stuff is preferable to old because new stuff gets me to take my eyes off what I'm doing often enough to a) keep an eye out for kittens ready to pounce on my thread, and b) stop me from going cross-eyed as I look from design to fabric and back and figure out where I'm going wrong. I'm actually having a lot of trouble with that last part because of the design I'm doing having half stitches. A half stitch is one full bar of an "X" and only one half the leg of the other. It means sticking the needle down in the middle of the square of tightly bound threads, and it's fairly messy looking regardless of execution and it makes counting the squares a bitch. I usually avoid doing patterns with the half stitch if I can, but this was really cute and perfect for the bib I bought, so stuck. I'll post a picture when it's done.
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I'm beginning to wonder if I'm not doing some kind of permanent damage to my shoulder from all the cross-stitching. I came home last night and stitched for about five hours straight.

I'm such a progress whore, what else can I say? I've made the decision to keep changing color threads on my needles and fill in entire areas instead of stitching to oblivion any and all spaces in one color at a time. The upside is that I don't miscount stitches nearly so often (in fact, only once so far, which is phenomenal given how much I've finished). The downside is that I get to see an entire area completed at once and it makes me gung-ho to finish more. This is a bad Because my shoulder is achy as is my arm. After the cross-stiching weekend of doom, I had a completely dead arm for a day and a half after the fact. Every time I rotate my shoulder, it cracks for the entire rotation. Time to stop.


I get to go wine-tasting today for free. My former neighbor imports wine and he goes to vendor fairs of a sort to which he's always invited my parents. My mom's booked, so I'm substituting. I should be jolly and wasted (because I don't believe in that spitting-it-out-when-you've-tasted-it shit)--for free! Good wine, too. Then I might do dinner with the Pappy, at which time I will finally get the last forms I need to do taxes (uh, hooray?) and the second disc set for season 1 of Farscape. [ profile] ivy03 take note: it shall soon be in thy possession.


Re-reading TWoP reviews of Battlestar Galactica makes me hurt for not being able to watch the show every week. Also, what the shit is this seven-month hiatus crap? According to the air dates, the second season started about three months after the first season ended. Really, WTF? The third season better be really, really good. I mean, blows-away-"Pegasus"-and-any-episode-that-came-close-to-being-that-good good.

Which reminds me: I need to find season 2.0 in its entirety for [ profile] deepredbelle because her reviews of eps will probably kill me so dead. I was reading the TWoP for last week's LOST and man, hers was much more interesting. Yes, it was a fairly boring episode, but at least it wasn't Sawyer-and-Hurley-hunting-frogs boring and STUPID. We'll see if it's new tomorrow. Probably won't be (I am not holding my breath for House tonight either, but, then again, since I'll be out tonight, I bet it is a new episode).

ETA: FUCKER FUCKER FUCKER. Of course it's a new episode tonight! [ profile] feiran, can you tape it for me?
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After stitching all day, I fell asleep and missed hanging out with people. To those people: I am a weenie. Just saying. Smite me mightily, I deserve it.

But I got a lot of stitching done! ::yawn::


Little Black Box Meme, gakked frome [ profile] anomilygrace:

List your six favorite TV shows:
1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
2. Farscape
3. Battlestar Galactica
4. CSI
5. House
6. Firefly

Below this text lies confusion! )
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I was going to write some terribly clever subject line using lyrics from's "Butterfly," but I realized writing "I've been searching for a man, all across Japan" goes in a horrible direction and have abandoned that idea.

The point is this: I FINISHED STITCHING MY SAMURAI. If you'd care to know the history, here it is. )

And I've started in on the samurai's better half. Oh yes, definitely bit off more than I could chew with this project: I bought two cross stitches for their wedding, theorizing that there should be a man and a lady to complement the couple getting married. I hope I don't offend any friends I have that are planning on getting married when I say there's probably no way I'll ever have the time to do so much again (not if you want it before you celebrate your 10th anniversary). My siblings may--may--be the exception when/if they get married, but that will depend on what I'm doing when they do.

But I'm already back in my stitching groove, yo. My back hurts, my legs are cramped from sitting in one position, my right arm hurts from doing all the pulling of the thread, and my left hand aches from holding the frame. Ahhhhh, craft work.

I have a new craft buddy, too. Fuschia the Facehugger sits with me on my bed when I stitch. It's the safest place for her, really.


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