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I've been telling myself, for a solid two weeks now, about all the things I'll do once my bloody test is over and done with. I'm sooooo close to that point, I need to make a list of those things to distract myself with happiness (lest I focus instead on the misery that will be the test and my eventual grade, if the practice tests I've taken are any example).

Lists are calming. I like lists. Especially hedonistic lists. ).

Note to self (or TL;DR for the cut above): Start working on studying for the next test now. You'll thank me for it later. But if you're a good girl, you can have some television. After you study.

Here's a fun thing to make this post worth anyone else's time:
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Another year of new television is upon us. I actually made a fucking schedule to keep up. Mostly, I had to. I'd been living with cable and [ profile] ecmyers' DVR and now I have to be totally up on my shows myself without either. Everything is starting up again. I haven't even finished last year! I'm not even adding anything new yet! Sure, I want to check out Nikita. I might even glance at Hawaii-Five-O since it got surprisingly stellar reviews. I am not sure I'll even say no to No Ordinary Family--I'll scope out the pilot at least. But none of those have priority when I've got to keep up with (in the order they air) Dexter, Chuck, Weeds, Glee, Project Runway, Smallville (the last season! I can't believe I lived to see this day!), and Supernatural. I'm sure I'm even forgetting something in there.

For all that I want to check out new TV, though, even if I weren't busy, I would probably be skipping The Event. Why? This is why:

Simply put, I can't watch more TV because of other TV. Every time I see posters for The Event, I start giggling because That Mitchell and Webb Look's skit about a game show set post-mysterious apocalypse is fucking hilarious. Not as good as Numberwang, in terms of gameshow parodies, but up there. REMAIN INDOORS, people.

(This post, while inane, does at least use up one of the links I wanted to talk about forever, which is the one from which the above picture comes. Fandom Secrets had a post where someone else linked The Event with The Quiz Broadcast. I felt one with the internet nerds.)
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You have Mick Jagger et al. to thank for this next bit of over-thought, over-involved meta. I guess that it is not for no reason that Don McLean called the man Satan.

I think I got a little too weighty for this otherwise mostly silly journal with that last meta. Let's go happier on this one. It has to with Supernatural. Specifically, the meat suits. All of this was inspired by one lyric: "I'm a man of wealth and taste."

Spoilers for the first ep of season five. )

Of course, we're only one episode in, so all of that might be moot by tomorrow, and I will then be griping about how obvious it all was. For now, HAIL SATAN.

One meta lead to another as I was thinking about how "Sympathy for the Devil" this show is not: vessels.

I never thought I'd have this much to say about this show. Ever. )

Long story short? It's waaaaaaaay too early in the goddamned season to start thinking so hard about this stuff. What I find most interesting in all this mind-dumping is that I thought the season premiere was rather lackluster for the most part. It was only in going back over it, sparked by a very silly sort of song sung about a fictional devil by the real musical one, that any of this had an impact on me. Curiouser and curiouser.


Jan. 9th, 2009 05:59 pm
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[ profile] feiran: "I'm gonna watch the show, and it's gonna be, like, incest."

SRSLY U GUYZ, THIS IZ The CUTEST THING EV-AH. Or, at least, Jennifer Carpenter is, so, uh, way to notice that, costar!

(Hilariously, AOL links to a ballion other couples who got together after working in show biz together. Not pictured: the umpteen trillion who didn't last past the series finale.)
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...another thousand movies I've watched. No, not really. Since I can't possibly capture your attention or wow any of you with my books-read-this-year total, time to do my annual recap of media I've consumed in 2008.

There seems to be a cap fast approaching, as I saw only three more movies in 2008 than I did in 2007. Television, however, fell off dramatically (25 seasons this past year versus 46 in 2007), and frankly, I'm astonished. I've been exercising regularly while watching episodes of television since July. I suppose the caveat there is that since I've been forcing myself not to watch shows when not exercising, I haven't been breezing through entire series of shows in a weekend. (::coughcoughDoctorWhocough::)

My recs and trends beneath the cut!

Movie magic )

Boob Tubing )

I said I wouldn't write about books. Naturally, I wrote THE MOST about them. )

And that's the year that was.
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Happy Halloween every one! I'm having a goodish sort of day. I've received lots of compliments on my violently orange and black-striped tights, so I feel pretty good. I saw a little boy dressed as Indiana Jones cracking his fake whip and I melted a little. (Stupid fucking ovaries! Die!) So I hope all are enjoying their day before the Day of the Dead.

I'm bored at work (surprise) so I'm just going to talk about stuff. Here goes.

Still playing catch up it seems. (No spoilers.) )


I want to see Max Payne still. And feiran and I need to go see Saw V. Why? Because. That's my only reason.

Oh, and I finally saw The Iron Giant and it was adorable. I love Brad Bird.


It will take me forever to get through Nixonland, but the eerie similarities to politics nowadays is making it hard to get through at any speed. I get chills and have to put it down. It's also a little densely written.

I finished My Lobotomy which was a horror show in slow motion. A quick read if you want something to make you be glad that mental health medicine has progressed even as far as it has.
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This season of Dexter isn't jumping out and grabbing me, but one thing will never change: Holy shit, Deb is the cutest person ever. There is nothing she does that isn't fluffy-wuffy adorable, even when she's cursing enough to peel paint. I wuv Deb.

[ profile] feiran and I are up to three whole episodes of True Blood. My earlier optimism about the series has run aground on my fear that the series would get less interesting the more we were forced to focus on Anna Paquin and the vampire douchebag. Turns out I was right, but they added to the fun by having extensive, uncomfortable scenes with Jason. Whom I really, really loathe and find to be entirely repulsive. This show is on notice.
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I haven't watched last week's Smallville yet, even though the review is now days overdue. I couldn't not watch Dexter with [ profile] feiran last night. I liked it well enough, though it didn't have that immediate punch of season two's opening, and I'm far to familiar with the series to be as blown away and sucked in all at once like I was with season one. Mostly, I was just so pleased to be rolled back into this world. There really is nothing like it. Battlestar Galactica has got the acting chops and genre interest for me, but Dexter absolutely owns every single aspect of fiction. The setting is alluringly familiar and alarmingly alien all at once, reassuring and unsettling all at once the way Dexter himself is. All the characters are part of the fabric of the show--you can't imagine the place where they exist continuing to function without them. (I do miss you-know-who from last season, though.) And then there's Michael C. Hall, who seems to have become a producer. Interesting.

I had to laugh at the end of this first episode though because spoiler! )
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Holy shit. I mean, I always thought she was cute, but Julie Benz is fucking HOT in the picture on this page.

Why the hell is she wasting her time as a blond? She makes one cracker-jack brunette. It suits her complexion better, too. HOT, yo. Were I a lesbian, I would take her in a most manly fashion. 'Cause she's pretty.

If she'd been a brunette on Dexter,slight season two spoilers! )
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I had an aborted conversation with [ profile] kent_allard_jr a week ago regarding Heroes (aborted because I was mingling and friggin' hungry so I kept getting up to get food). He'd just started watching and was finally able to be appalled (like all the rest of y'alls) about how much I'm in love with Sylar. "You like the brain-eating psycho?" or words to that effect. He then made some comment about how disturbing a trend this was becoming given my slavish sexual fetish for Dexter. "Does a prospective date have to kill ten people before you'll like him?" I laughed it off. Oh, me and my crazy killer fetishes! Just a coincidence.

Um. Yeah. Uh, I saw Sweeney Todd last night, right? And, um, I don't think I've ever been more inappropriately attracted to Johnny Depp in my life. I don't think these could count as spoilers, since it's an old musical, but... )

Sweeney Todd is the first new movie I've seen this year. It's going to be a weird year, I can tell. I goggled at the Iron Man and The Dark Knight (the bottom one) posters in the lobby on our way out. Movie tickets may be going for an minimum of $11 these days, but I'll set aside that money now for both of those. And y'all better, too, since, if the date on that Iron Man poster is right, that is our May Movie for 2008.
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I don't do the year-in-review memes so much. This is more my own tally of new-to-me pieces of entertainment consumed.

I see that I managed to outdo myself on the number of movies seen this year versus last year. I've seen 50% more movies in 2007 than I did in 2006 (120 versus 81). 120! Crazy! Television seasons completed, despite there being fewer arcs of Doctor Who viewed and rented, increased almost as much (46 to 33). I didn't quite manage to double the number of books read in 2007 as I'd resolved to do for New Year's 2006, but I came within shouting distance of it. Had I not been entertaining a baby by myself for much of the vacation that was not otherwise devoted to a wedding, I might have made it.

Not that anyone cares about that, nosir. Here are so recommendations based on what I read/saw and enjoyed (or didn't!) in 2007.

Cutcutcutcutcutcutcutcutcutcutcut... )
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Oh, good, it's not just me.

Really, I am turned off by this woman's writing already and I haven't even experienced it. Diablo Cody wrote Juno for those of you who don't know yet. I dunno about the movie--I'm a little less than pleased that it should be considered so "edgy" for a girl NOT to get an abortion when she's pregnant at 16--but the writer is really annoying me at every turn. An interview with her in Entertainment Weekly tried to cast her as the party girl (she drank more heavily during the interview than most people do in a month), and now she writes a column for them that reeks of desperate "LIKE ME! LIKE ME!" attention whoring that I'm even more turned off to her.

"Ha ha ha, look at my zany adventures and my ability to name-drop pop culture references," doesn't make you cool. It makes you a self-interested tool. This is definitely that anal-expulsive, free-thinking child you knew would never have his/her bubble deflated because of he/she cultivated a barrier of protective ignorance and deflected all criticism by going, "You just don't get it." That's how she comes off--so desperate to be edgy, she's just irritating. For those of you who watch Dexter, I picture her as a real-life Lila minus some of her issues and plus about a thousand more.
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It has been brought to my attention that, if the WGA strike persists much longer, CBS has decided it will show edited versions of the first season of Dexter.

If you have any interest in seeing this absolutely phenomenal bit of television, take my advice and DO NOT WATCH THE CBS VERSION.

Look, I want you all to watch and like Dexter. It's beautiful, well-acted, well-written, and a total mindfuck. When it comes to making you react to what you're seeing in ways that aren't always comfortable, this is the best show on the planet, hands down. There are some folk who might be tempted by tamed version of the show, which will allow them to see the fabulosity without the gore. I've got news for those people: an edited version WILL NOT MAKE THE BAD STUFF MORE PALATABLE. In fact, it will do exactly the opposite.

It's not just that this is a show explicitly about a serial killer. It's about the fact that you cheer on a serial murderer with no sense of compassion for anyone. The point of seeing the brutal murder process up close and personal is to remind you that, while he seems the fluffy puppy most of the time, Dexter is FUCKED UP. The show makes you question your own morality, your ability to see in black and white or even very definite shades of gray. If you take away the violence and mercilessness of the character, you lose a whole level of audience involvement. And if you don't see the monster, you won't appreciate that.

Moreover, I can imagine that the series would just be very boring and humorless without the murders as counterpart. So much of Dexter's humor is in the juxtaposition of this smooth, confident, unblinking killer and the bumbling, inept, damaged every-day Dexter. No, I suppose the graphic violence isn't necessary, but then I never felt that Dexter was all that graphically violent. Oh, there's plenty of blood in places, but most of the kills are disturbing enough without gore as to make any editing of them for content nearly impossible. Either you edit nothing as there's no literal "problematic scene" to edit out, or you edit everything and ruin the tone because you've had to leave it completely out.

Bottom line: if you know me even tangentially, I'm willing to donate my DVDs to you for a time to appreciate this series uninterrupted, unfiltered, and untainted by commericial TV rules--the way it should be, damn it.
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Something writerly has been provoking me for a while now, which is funny because I've not felt arsed to write anything--original or otherwise--for some time. It's a specific thematic element, and a fire of irritation over it has been stoked by--of all things--the miniseries Tin Man, which I watched recently.

I've said before that I have this habit of checking out fanfic after I watch/read a work, even for things I didn't especially like (some times because I didn't like them and the fanfic is either sure to make me laugh or fix problems I had with the original work). I went ahead with this habit even though I didn't love the miniseries, and I had some success with it. I found stories that eventually led to smut for the Callum Keith Rennie fangirls I know. I even enjoyed a few stories just for myself, wonder of wonders.

Then I ran into this thematic bugaboo: Age-gap romances.

In general, I like them. It's how they're represented that makes me grind my teeth.  )

From my general peeves to my specific ones in fanfic especially. Guess which one is the example of a positive, well-rounded inter-generational romance!

Jean and Scott in the <i>X-Men</i> movie universe )


And one from Dexter (note: minor season two spoilers) )


Too often, in fiction, the bereft/widowed party is “fixed” by a new love’s persistent attention when, emotionally, pursuing someone who has lost their love is about as vile as you get. Giving the grieving person space to make peace with the loss and then seeing if something else is possible makes for better, if less grandly operatic, romance. That is a big part of why inter-generational romances end up rubbing me the wrong way: they do not acknowledge what came first and how that might keep an object of affection from completely returning a lover’s interest for a long, long time. I’d say the problem is patience—most fanfic writers don’t have it. They don’t want to wait for the wounded partner to have an appropriate amount of time to get better; they want to fix that one by pairing him/her with the love interest of the series.

Case in point (the one that finally set this off): Tin Man )

I guess I just don’t think like a fan-ficcer any more. That, and if anyone in Tin Man had any sexual chemistry going, it was Alan Cumming and Neal McDonough. After rewatching the miniseries, I'm not convinced that McDonough is any more decidedly straight than Alan Cumming. Maybe he'll get married to a guy after ten years of being married to a woman, too.
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More coherency than I had last night about either Heroes or Dexter is now rendered impossible by this news:

She's back!

::more blithering idiocy::

Oh, and by the end of this week, I shall own the Futurama movie, Snakes on a Plane and movie bucks for The Golden Compass. I know, I know--I shouldn't be buying myself stuff so close to Christmas. But I NEEDS Futurama. And of the movies that I could buy to get myself a nearly-free ticket to The Golden Compass, I choose Snakes on a Plane. I like snakeys.
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In case any of y'all haven't been watching: Pushing Daisies is still the cutest thing going. Six or so weeks now, and it's still managed to stay adorable. Worth picking up if only for wardrobe tips from the female stars.


I had a dream in my semi-consciousness between snooze buttons where Dexter killed someone. I'd give my subconscious bonus points for the method, except I know it cheated by piecing together my recent time in a mini-van and yet another viewing of Serenity from yesterday: Dexter was inside a mini-van with the seats folded into the floor (hmm, just like my mom's car...) and he grabbed a woman under her arms, around her shoulders (not at all like Mal disabling the Operative, nosir), and brought her neck up sharply against the roof of the car where the side door had been opened, breaking it. I think that she and a pair of guys were trying to mug him. Otherwise, that's all I remember.


The War Tapes is a documentary featuring soldiers telling their own stories with video cameras given them by the filmmakers. It's revelatory, yes, as the unadulterated passions (or lack thereof) in the military abroad are exposed. Worth a watch, if only to see the one guy who is obviously struggling not to have the break down that will confirm the VA doctors' diagnosis of PTSD; to appreciate the boredom that leads to more trouble than even the outright bigotry; to understand how intelligent many of the soldiers are that they know how money has brought them to where they are and how its protection and generation drive their lives; and to hurt for just about everyone you see (or don't--censorship and attitude have a lot to say about that). Very little is heartening about the exposure this type of documentation provides; despite the gleaming beacons of hope--the one Arabic-speaking soldier with a keener understanding and sympathy for civilians in Iraq, the fact that the troops are as outraged at the lack of protection for the foreign workers who drive supply trucks (and are huge targets) as they are over their own equipment problems--the support for a war of theft is still there at movie's end.

Most surprising? The soldiers all have very artistic directorial styles. Their framing choices are so artful, at times I could not believe that, in the middle of a war zone, they were the ones controlling the camera. When things went to hell with a mortar shelling or an IED exploding, the cameras would be dropped and shoved aside, bringing the authenticity back from the aesthetic. Like my experience watching The Bridge, I just gaped at the fact that I was watching people die. But most of the time the beauty and skill of the camera soldiers really defies description. The desperation of their situation renders tragic what are already poetic, eulagaic shots.
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Pink Raygun review is up! I didn't have much to work with with last night's Heroes, so it's even short! (For me, I mean.)


How do I love Dexter? Let me count the ways... I hope there are a lot of numbers over zero, 'cause I'm using all of them! (and, uh, spoilers!) )
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I had one of those dreams where I was conscious enough to disagree with dream logic within the dream itself. I was watching Smallville and thinking it was a really good episode and was all excited...

...when I realized I'd only just finished my review of Heroes (which you can read here at PR) and it couldn't be Thursday already because I hadn't even gotten to see a new House yet. Or Pushing Daisies.

So now I've woken up, I'm still in a confused state regarding the days of the week. WTF, head?

ETA: I forgot to mention that the only reason my dream episode of Smallville was so good was that it featured the surprise return of Oliver Queen. The dream me was as proportionally happy as the real me was disappointed for knowing that will never happen.


In case there was any doubt: OMG I LOVE DEXTER. He has to be my TV boyfriend/boink-buddy. Watching this show week-to-week is torture. I need to be able to digest fifteen hours all at once. Having to wait as they drag out the main arc of the season is killing me. You wouldn't think a guy with the ability to kill people who annoy him would have so many problems. Sheesh.

Is it Sunday yet?
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More adventures in having an IMDB brain: I rented Sharpe's Enemy, and I recognized the actor playing the scant role of the rocket-battalion lieutenant as being Young Sherlock Holmes. I cannot possibly overstate the cheese factor of that movie. It's like a fanfiction that they made into a movie: young Holmes and Watson meet at boarding school where they solve a great mystery together and part on good terms with the promise of greater things to come. The mystery involved a cult of mummy worshippers or something.

I used to love that movie. Yes, I am embarrassed for myself--or would be if I had any shame.


Staying up all night is not easy, and I shouldn't do it often. It is made easier by watching Dexter, however. I've already seen season one, but I managed to stay awake until almost 7 am on Sunday rewatching it.

This makes the umpteenth night I've stayed awake for no good reason. Versus all of two I can ever remember staying awake to actually accomplish something.


I got to play with fabric dye this weekend! It was fun and less messy than I'd anticipated. Unfortunately, the piece I most wanted to dye proved resistent. I managed to get a spare sock the exact right color I wanted, but 100% polyester clothing does not like the dye. The best it got was a slight tinge. It's lucky that it's not a hideous color or anything, but I'm still disappointed. I will have to see about getting something that can actually tackle the polyester.

But clothing dye? OMG so much fun! And a good reason to keep the odd sock or two to experiment with.
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I can't help having the IMDB brain, but I didn't even need it tonight.

I've been trying to get through the first season of Supernatural a little faster because I can't keep [ profile] ivy03's set forever and I've nearly had it that long already. I've already pegged the odd character actor who I'm sure has haunted the backdrops of many a show. I've wept for the misuse of the fabulous Callum Keith Rennie (oh yeah, it was worse than his misuse on Smallville, though at least it was better--in both shows--than what Smallville did to poor Helo). Just yesterday, I recognized the name in the credits and put it to the face of the kid now playing West over on Heroes. Normally, this shit bothers me only to the extent that I never learn the character's name and I just call them whatever I know them as better.

So, I'm watching an episode before going out to celebrate my roommie's b-day, and suddenly I see Rita! Or, I guess more people know her as Darla. I don't. I never watched Angel and she wasn't on Buffy nearly enough to count. But I have watched a lot of Dexter, so she was Rita for the whole episode. Which made it fairly hilarious because Do I even need a spoiler for such an old episode? I DO NOT KNOW YOUR STRANGE FANDOM PROTOCOL )

Oh man, though, Rita, Rita, Rita. Just as I was trying to learn to let go, and to not refresh the TWoP boards for Dexter every two seconds when I'm bored at work. She shows up and now I HAVE TO HAVE MORE DEXTER. AHHHHHHHH!!!!!


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