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First off, thanks to everyone who jumped on my frantic post yesterday about THE MAY MOVIE XII. I realize it was late, but that's when it popped up. I spent a little while chatting with [ profile] moonlightalice last night about why I hadn't seen anything at that theater until just that minute--had I missed it? Not been paying enough attention?--and she said, no, it really just popped up like that. Out of sheer curiosity, I will keep an eye on other theaters this week and see if more showings don't pop up in all the usual places. But still, bad form NYC theaters.

I discovered a gray hair today. Not my first by far, but definitely the coolest. I plucked it out and marveled at it a little. It's a hair from a follicle that has obviously just started to lose its pigmentation, as the lower end was still brown. But the progression of gray is erratic and quite beautiful. There are sections that are mostly gray, transitioning to a blonder color before going brown again. It's almost like my hair has stripes instead of there being a point at which the color faltered and ever after was gray. (Although the top part is decidedly gray at this point.) It's pretty, and I almost missed it at first (I thought it was neat enough to see the change from brown to gray) because you can't see the variation unless you turn the hair a certain way. Oh my, 30 years old and going gray. I knew I was old!

Speaking of gray, it's amazing how much more my older sister has that I never noticed. She's got luxuriously dark brown hair that's almost as thick as [ profile] jethrien's (though not as dark), so they stand out, but she's barely got any gray for someone approaching 40. I'm luckier in that my hair is a lighter brown and will hide the gray better. Not as well as my blond sister or formerly-blond brother, with their saffron and sandy-color, respectively, but some, and better than my older or youngest sister for sure. In fact, my youngest sister has some gray, too! The reason I know this is we all went to our favorite hairdresser and she tattled. I love it.
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This morning, I got passed by a hotdogging cyclist headed northbound on St. Nicholas as I'm turning onto it. I could tell he was hotdogger because he was speeding through intersections when he didn't have the light; he was also wearing a t-shirt and shorts, while I am still cold at work, an hour later, despite wearing many layers this morning. When he gets to the police station at 122nd, however, he stops cold while I breeze through. Ten seconds later, he catches up and warns me not to be so cavalier around that area as he got a ticket there for running a red. He then runs the red at 125th street, an intersection I hesitate to cross when I do have the light. So, cautious, but not repentant.

In other news, my babiest baby sister got into a dental school! She's very excited, obviously, and it was one that she was pretty much in love with, so I think the application/interview process may be over, far as she's concerned. I'm very proud of her! Of course, the bar is now set very high for me to get into school, so I'm also a little mad at her :)
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I had some really bizarre outbreaks of allergy attacks this fall, so I finally made an appointment for an allergy test, which I took this morning. The doctor was super chatty and nice, and he found it helpful that I was so specific about my symptoms and what I thought triggered them. Especially since, as it turns out, I was pretty dead-on about what I was allergic to. Except for my supposition about molds being the reason I was really sniffly one rainy day, I was right about being allergic to trees and dust. (My two most memorable  experiences recently were when I was trapped in a park with flirting trees and after I came back from the shelter after changing many a clay litter.) I am also apparently allergic to every grass ever. My right arm was a mass of itchy bumps by the time the test was done, with only a few trees being non-allergenic.

One thing to watch out for, he said, was my slight but negligible (at least in comparison to the huge welts the grasses raised) allergy to cats. He thinks I might be one of those people whose been conditioned to accept cats but that time away from them will probably exacerbate the condition. Basically, I tolerate the cats because I'm around them all the time; leave for a week or two, and I'll probably come back to some reactions, though they should die down. I'll go back in a couple of weeks to do the second round of testing (higher concentrations of the stuff I had negative reactions to in order to be sure they were actually negative and not just sub-threshold) to find out for sure. I will take this as cart blanche to always have cats. Doctor's orders.

In other annoying news, one of the deal sites that I get e-mail from sent me an e-mail this morning admonishing me to go to the salon for a facial/eyebrow-plucking so that I don't have to hear about it from mother. I'm incredibly affronted by this assumption, not just for the sexism inherent in it, but also on behalf of my mother who is so awesomely not that person, I want to scream. DIAF, e-mail.
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It was my mother's birthday on Friday, and I took her and my second mother out to dinner and had a grand old time of it. On Saturday, we celebrated with presents. I got her a Star Trek bathrobe, which, because it was the "Uhura" version, was quite short. (My sister's advice, "Oh, you can wear that without bottoms. Just don't bend over to pick anything up.") I also got her some pumpkin-scented shower gel and lotion, but what she really loved was the casserole dish I bought her. (She'd lost her 2.5-quart casserole dish ages ago, so I picked one up online.) It was a good birthday all around--even my Dad managed to find a really nice down coat that actually fit her. He, bless, frequently buys her clothes of the size he thinks she is rather than the size she is--always in the flattering direction, but still. And my other siblings got her a photo scanner, with which she'll busy herself just as soon as someone helps her set it up.

Because my mother also disappeared for hours and hours on the weekend to go to a shower for a friend's niece, I got to catch up on my Doctor Who. It took me ages to start in on the second season of Eleven's tenure. I liked the first season okay--it was certainly better than where Ten left off--but it never clicked with me. I disliked Amy Pond immensely. The second season, though, once I started in, has been fantastic. I'm still two episodes from finishing it--NO SPOILERS I WILL KILL YOU WITH FIRE--and I was hard-pressed to put it aside last night for sleep. I'll see if I can't get it finished tonight some time.

What really helped is that they settled Eleven's character a bit better. The show got comfortable with his being lot meaner, lightening it where necessary with his love of the absurd, which I enjoy. It's very Fourth Doctor-y, and, as you can guess from my icon, I <3<3<3<3<3 Four. I don't want the Doctor to be some huggly teddy-bear. He's a goddamned genius psycho alien with Issues. He should be really weird at all times, with an undercurrent of the slightly sinister. The fact that he's awkward about mushy human stuff is just delightful icing on the silly-serious cake.
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But applications are DONE. The heart-attack-inducing bill for this exercise in futility (and the resulting I-can-treat-myself-because-I-just-spent-10-times-as-much-on-applications post-application spending spree) is yet to come. I expect drinking will happen the night it does. A lot of drinking.

I can now resume caring about what is more important in life: television, movies, family (if I have to). My youngest sister is also applying to schools right now, and she's already at the interview stage (dental schools start earlier than vet schools). I promised to assist with my sartorial knowledge. Since she's a trifecta of tall, skinny, and cute, I don't really have to stretch my fashion skillz here--not like I will for when I need to dress myself, certainly. I have that to look forward to this weekend, as I do hanging out with my mother and geeking out with her about Spooks and Halloween stuff we both crave. (You guys, my mom is a-ding-dang-dorable.) Then I have a friend's birthday party to attend, which will kick off the birthday season as a whole. I look forward to being even more broke come Christmas.

I think I'm going to write something tonight. It's been forever since I wrote fiction and I've had a story idea kicking around in my head for a week that needs committing to electronic paper before I forget it.
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My girls weekend was cancelled on account of Hurricane Irene fucking things up for everyone to such a degree that the damage was still ongoing come this past Thursday. My mother, in a flurry of activity related to throwing shit out from the foot-plus-of-water-damaged basement, wrenched her back but good. My sister's move-in date to college was delayed, and my cousin, vying for title of "Better Daughter/Sister Than TrinityVixen" was going to help with one or the other. (She ended up helping with the moving in because she's in Boston, and it's a long drive to Westchester just to be, like, "Poor baby, I hope your back feels better.") I, on the other hand, went upstate with [ profile] feiran.

Where I proceded to live life like I was in college again, and, lo, it was awesome. We didn't even arrive until nearly 3 am on Friday morning after a late start, but which was followed up by us sleeping until two in the afternoon which is so fucking boss, I cannot tell you. When we did finally motivate our asses to do something, we went to the Vermont State Fair, where we watched a trapeze artist do things on a tall tower swaying in the breeze that made us both want to die of fear on her behalf since she hadn't the sense to do it herself. There were also animals to pet and a tiger show that simultaneously made me feel awful about liking because that sort of thing is not natural and also made me want to own a baby tiger like whoa.

The rest of the weekend was a haze of late morning wake-ups, staying up until 3 pm, and playing board games and PS2 games that should have stayed in their box because holy shit I do not need to waste this much time on Dynasty Warriors 3 any more. Like I said, it was college all over again, including our only having food that required the most basic of additions to render edible. (Frying eggs was as complicated as it got.) That, and eating so much ice cream. Even [ profile] feiran looked a little green-at-the-gills over ice cream at points. (But only, you know, right after she finished one. In another hour, she'd be good to go again.)

The only thing I regret is that I apparently missed filming of The Avengers in NYC while I was away. I find it funny that they built a full-scale replica of Grand Central Terminal in Cleveland but came to the city to film in Central Park, which could easily have been recreated elsewhere. Oh well, don't actually mind missing the filming. I prefer my illusions. Also, film crews are damned obstructions. There was a movie filming on my bike route last week (being a New Yorker, I didn't ask what it was, but I don't think it was The Avengers, unless, like, the Cap and Thor were going to this cute little restaurant on Lenox for a date or something), and it's just a pain. Plus? The crew members, even the non-sketchy ones, just sorta stare at you while you wait for the light to change. It's unwelcome.
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I have never had any interaction with the court system outside of jury duty and traffic court, but from my sample of n=2, I have decided that court is a place where the justice system fucks with you because it can.

Case in point: my trip upstate to get a plea bargain on my speeding ticket. Whine. )
I'm not thrilled about the $235 fine, but I really can't complain about the deal I got. I copped to 75 when I got pulled over, and I'd have even accepted 20 mph over, so long as I avoided that bullshit "driver reassesment penalty." The only way to have done better was to get it dismissed, and I'm not going to haul my ass back there to protest a ticket that they absolutely had me dead-to-rights on speeding on the off chance Officer Whoshisface wouldn't show up to Bumblefuck to testify. It's done, and I'll see about maybe taking defensive driving to knock off the points. I lucked out in that my quarterly update on my insurance arrived the mail before I left, and I checked it to see that I can get up to two sub-15 mph over speeding tickets without seeing a change in my rates. I'll double-check that against what they say my rates are as bills arrive, of course, but at least I don't have that headache.

My Dad called me to see how it went, which was sweet. He's heard precisely zip from his lawyer since retaining him. It's possible he hasn't had to go to court yet, but I know it's not going to be reduced to a parking ticket, like this guy seems to think he can manage. So when he gets a ticket for whatever, he'll have to pay the fees and what not. He'll probably hear from the lawyer then. We'll see who had the better plan when that happens.
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The Captain America trailer has, finally, come out. By which I mean the internet leaked it two days before it would probably be playing in front of Sucker Punch. Which I will see next week and then I can see the trailer on the big screen and, hopefully, have an opinion about it.

Thoughts, some of a sexual nature, but mostly on the level. )

The title of this post might also refer to the wedding I'm headed to in a few hours time. I'm so over going already, and I haven't even left. I should just keep telling myself "Eighty degrees and sunny, eighty degrees and sunny" until it seems more appealing. It's hard going, though, seeing as I have an hour and a half layover in Atlanta, which might rival L.A. for places I like the least. Nothing against the city (though, yes, against the city in L.A.'s case), just the airport is a hellhole. Eighty degrees and sunny, eighty degrees and sunny, eighty degrees...


Nov. 8th, 2010 04:36 pm
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Happy 60th Birthday Mom! )

In less sappy news, I came across this latest reboot rumor. I somehow managed to forget that they were remaking Escape from New York. I'm with the commentary on this post: why reboot when you can just get Kurt Russell to do it as an even older, even crotchety-ier Snake? This comment exchange, however, wins at life:
BlueLightRosie: Would just like to see a new iconic character, maybe inspired by Snake, then [sic] doing remake. But then we wouldn't be talking about the movie this early.
ManchuCandidate: Cobra Johnson in Staying in Boise!
BlueLightRosie: Already a better movie.

Former CIA superspy, Cobra Johnson, has chosen to retire lay low in Boise working middle management at a box factory. But his attempt to blend in have failed. Mainly due to his eye patch, hideous scar and pension for threatening the the copy machine with a Walther PPK. But oddly no one really seems to care that he is putting on this charade, untill...

A greedy up-and-comer from the mail room sells Cobra out to his enemies. Now Cobra must stand and fight and do all he can to stay in Boise

I confess I LOL'D.
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I have a 2010 Season Pass to Six Flags. I can't lie, it's been fun having it. For one thing, it makes me slightly less of a psycho when it comes to amusement park outings. (Sorry [ profile] viridian, that first time I went back with it? I was still in total psycho mode.) Knowing I can pop back in at any old time and that, having basically already spent the entry money ages ago, I can afford the day-of upgrade to a fast pass does wonders for my mood when I'm there. I don't have to spend the entire time at the park seething with frustration that my interminable waiting around is never going to make the most of the cost of the trip. In addition to sparing me that irritation, I think I got my money's worth out of the season pass. I went twice in the fall, and that's all it takes to break even. I then went once in spring and stopped, briefly, in a different Six Flags from New Jersey one time upstate. I'm still debating dropping in there again for a short visit when I next go up that way.

Long story short, I'm not sorry I did the whole thing. I am, admittedly, a little over-exposed to the NJ Six Flags at this point. Despite how large it is, it's a surprisingly sparse park. The majority of it is empty space--purposefully empty, of course, as we're talking about a theme park to serve an area with a population in the tens of millions. Gotta make space for those people. The rest seems to be pay-per-ride attractions, something that is incredibly irritating to me, considering that a) I've already paid a lot to get in and b) anything you win from the pay-to-play games has to be stored in a locker because you can't leave it on the side of rides any more. Point is, I have done all the rides at the park. They're still all really fun, but I'm kind of bored now.

Of course, I say this, and then I almost immediately jump at a 2011 pass offer I got via e-mail. I'm such a sucker for a good deal. My inner cheapskate immediately starts calculating whether I'd be likely to go to Six Flags this year the two times or more it takes to make the pass worth a damn. If four or more people sign up, moreover, you get a free season pass parking ticket ("a $45 value!" the e-mail would like you to know). Still thinking it over. What will probably be the decision maker for me is a visit to the Six Flags in MA near my sister's new place. It's five minutes from her FABULOUS AND NEARLY FREE TO STAY IN housing. I could pop up, bring one of my coupons with, and go with her to check the place out. If it's a nice enough park, I could see maybe trying out a season pass in 2011 again. If not, hey, I got to it for basically nothing this year and that's the end of it.

I'm a sucker for amusement parks. Always will be. I think, though, that I've been thoroughly spoiled on them this year and I'm not appreciating it so much any more. It's like the opposite of my trips to Disney World three years ago, where it was something to look forward to in the winter, and only then. It was a treat, and it was quite the treat, seeing as we got exclusive passes to the parks after dark thanks to being there with the cheerleaders. (Thanks, littlest sister!) Then again, Disney World has infinitely better line management than does Six Flags, so it's entirely possible that trips to Six Flags, whether they happen once a year or once a month, are just going to do more to discourage a repeat visit. I miss Disney, I do, though I'm worried I'll never be able to go back there after how utterly spoiled I was by those exclusives. Oh dear. Time to find a new theme park I guess.

(By the way, if you know anyone who wants one or four season passes, I'm happy to pass on the e-mail. Nothing, I'm sure, is in it that can't be found on their website, but just in case, I do have it.)

Oh, family

Mar. 22nd, 2010 01:13 am
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I don't often speak with my siblings, but when I do? It's always interesting. Usually it vaults between horrible news and great news, so I can't say it's always fun, but it's nearly always fun.

My younger sister called, left me a message while I was at dinner, with the message being about something important, but not urgent, or words to that effect. I called her back, left her a message, she called me back, we chatted for an hour. I had left her a message going "YOU DON'T HAVE ANOTHER CAT, DO YOU?" which she thought was amusing. (I? Less amused at the prospect.) She did not. She joked that she had called to talk with my other younger sister (the youngest), and the youngest worried that it was that she was pregnant. (SHE IS NOT PREGNANT, THANK YOU JEEBUS.) Really, a young, single girl just out of college, there are only so many things she could want to chat about. In the end, nothing awful or anything so life-changing. I even got to tell her--the first family member I've told--about my potential new job. I...should really get on with telling the rest of my family. (Except now I've, sort of, told my brother. Hi, Big D! I got a new job! Probably!)

Of course, had I not been dorking around with my new computer, I might have noticed the message earlier. The new computer is home and making itself welcome. I'm already working on placing many a digital comic book and downloaded movie/TV show onto it so that I might have it for a traveling media machine as much as it is a portable computer.

New computer's name is Ashleigh, by the by. It had to be quasi-Victorian, and male, to fit in with the rest of my electronics. The name came via [ profile] feiran, and, yes, it will probably be "Ash" in my head forever, thus making a connection to Evil Dead/Army of Darkness and making it all the cooler. Here, he and Ambrose say hello:
(Um, please ignore the "TV-MA" screen cap on Ambrose. I was trying to stream Spartacus: Blood and Sand at the time, forgot, and then was too lazy to take another picture.)
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Okay, enough RAR-RAR-RAR-ing. Onto the stupid stuff I'm doing that nobody cares about either!

My father and I are still waiting on word that power has been restored. I slept better on the couch for being more tired last night and for having my sleep mask, but I still did not sleep well. And I'm nobody's friend when I've not had sleep and am awake against my will in the morning. It's almost over. Almost. )

More new developments:
-I have my vacuum cleaner! It's powerful, tiny, light, versatile, and loud as the roar of a car engine. I love it. It saves me time over sweeping and works better because the tufts of cat hair don't go wafting away on the breeze from sweeping! As soon as the guest cats are gone, I'll make a real go of cleaning my kitties' room proper with it. I'm ridiculously excited about that, not going to lie.

-I'm clearing out my e-mail at work because if I don't take a job at Columbia, I'll lose the account. For most people "cleaning out" means deleting. I've done some of that. But I'm mostly just forwarding everything--and I do mean everything--to my gmail account. I will probably never use it. But as [ profile] feiran pointed out, I've had this account for ten years. Over the time I've had it, I forwarded most of the undergrad e-mails along, but there are still nearly five years of work e-mails, too. I can't bear to part with them because that's my life, you know? It's also potentially useful in the future. I wouldn't want to lose contact there. I'm also busy at rearranging registrations with places online that have used that account. As I go through e-mails, I keep discovering new ones to redirect. From 1000+ e-mails in the inbox yesterday, I'm down to 200+. Go Team Trinity!

-Someone's doing a Bebop rewatch on!!! I gotta gobye...
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On my way to the library before work today, a woman walking with a cane came across the intersection perpendicularly to where I was waiting to cross. She looked like she was saying something to me, so I popped out a headphone to be sure. She seemed to have stopped speaking, almost seemed to be waiting for my response, so I said something noncommital. I asked if she was cold, ha ha, it's cold outside, etc. (Actually, though it might just be that I've traded jeans for corduroys, it feels almost balmy out.)

Her response: "I don't feel cold because I've had so many strokes."


Earphone went right back in and I all but ran across the street. What was I thinking? NEVER ENGAGE!

This is something dream-me took to an illogical extreme in my mid-morning dream. It features Christopher Lee but was not technically a nightmare. Who knew that was possible? )
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My brother-in-law is not a fan of vegging about. I'd be happy to XBOX and watch movies until I have to leave here (he has Assassin's Creed II! Dear god, I suck at that game), but he was getting stir crazy after about one day. So we went out to see Avatar yesterday and he's out the door with the munchkin to go hiking while the rest of us kidnap my sister to go shopping (she needs things) and have fun away from the baby.

Have yet to see Doctor Who, so I am avoiding what spoiler posts I've seen. Avatar was...well, let's just say after the plot basically centered on a "noble savages" narrative, it was a lot easier to ignore where the movie fell into the uncanny valley. To Cameron's credit, his movie may occasionally be in that valley, but wherever he is, he is clearly clawing his way out the other side. I was very impressed. No matter how good or bad a movie, though, after two-and-a-half hours of 3D, I felt a little stupified, bludgeoned even. I walked out dazed. My sister and I had a ball mocking some parts, though. There may or may not have been a "This is SPARTA!" joke.

Time to go have fun with the big sis. We're actually shopping for two hours, coming back to feed baby, then going out again. (Not to worry: Grandma's taking care of him in the interim.)

It's taken me most of this week out here to get at a computer for more than two minutes at a time, so in case I don't get to post again: Have a Happy New Year, one and all!
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Just got texted by my mother: my sister had her baby. Healthy baby boy, 8 lbs, 8 oz.

And no, he doesn't have a name yet as far as I know. (I even asked my Mom. She didn't know!)

ETA: Just got first picture sent to my phone.

Untitled Nephew! Untitled Nephew!

Asked his grandmother when there's gonna be a NAME, got told not to fuss over it!
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Last night, I dreamed that my parents' house was under siege by zombies.

You'd be surprised to learn that this isn't a frequent dream for me. )

...and woke up. I blame our trip to the Met's Samurai swords/armor exhibit for some of that dream.
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You might recall our pilgrimage to the future birthplace of James T. Kirk. You might recall that my entire family consists of nerds and dorks and dorks and nerds. But just in case you doubted us, I present to you my fridge:

Hmm, doesn't look too unusual. Calendar, magnets, picture of family...

Wait a tic, what is...? NERD-HANCE! )
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And now that that test is over! I can post about the trivial things that are much more interesting to me! Woo!

My weekend was lovely. Ah, family. )

While I was in San Francisco, I finally got to see G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. I can't say that it was better than, say, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Certainly, it was shorter, so it has that in its favor. There's also some tangential stuff that's fun. )

But still! Fanboys! Shipping wars! We can all get along. :D

Let's see, anything else? Nope. I just finished that stupid practice test, I have to get my lab in some sort of recognizable shape before tomorrow, and I've got work to do at actual work. Better get to it then.
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I need to stop taking red-eyes. Or, alternatively, I need to remember to drink a liter of red wine and take a few Benedryl before getting on one so, whether my body likes it or not, it has to sleep on the ride home.

I had a great time in San Francisco, but the trip was rounded out by being a) 1.5 hours late because of weather in New York headed out; b) getting slightly motion sick on that plane ride; c) taking a red-eye back which I've not even barely recovered from despite approximately 15 hours of sleep taken since...

and d) coming home to my apartment last night (after spending some time with [ profile] viridian for her birthday--Happy Belated Birthday!) to find poop on my doormat.

Poop. It looked to be the consistency and size of cat poop. This is all that is saving the many yappy dogs in our building from summarily being executed. I don't know why a cat is running around pooping on my doormat, but until I discover otherwise, I'll assume that the stupid yippy dogs are not guilty. THIS TIME.

And now I will disappear to study for the next twenty-four hours since between nausea, an adorable two-year-old, and extreme exhaustion, I haven't done half the studying I ought to have done for my test. Which is tomorrow. Joy.

(If anything happened that was interesting, let me know. I will try to go through LJ, but as soon as I'm done with the test, I have to get together my lab report and work on a lab design for the day after. Come Thursday night, I'll be a basketcase! Woo!)
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On my way to work, this otherwise dreary, almost gothic sort of morning was brightened considerably by "Friday I'm in Love" coming up on my iPod. I had to bite my lips to keep from singing aloud.

I'm out for the weekend, going to visit my sister in San Francisco and to attend the baby shower. She was a tad bummed that no one leapt to go to the one she originally planned, but when she rescheduled, we were suddenly all available (not to mention more inclined to spend the money and time to visit since she was sooooo adorably happy that we could make it).

Also? She needs all the help she can get right now. It's T-minus one month until baby, and they still haven't come up with a name. You all might recall this little test of free association I did. I got the predictable response from fully half of you: I asked what you thought of when you thought of the word "Raiden," and most of you immediately jumped to Mortal Kombat.

The reason I made that poll? IS BECAUSE THAT IS SERIOUSLY WHAT MY BROTHER-IN-LAW WANTS TO NAME MY NEPHEW-TO-BE. My sister likes "Braden," but she jokingly said that if it's stormy when she delivers, it could be "Raiden." I leapt to conduct my scientific research so I could prove what an astonishingly bad idea that was. This weekend, I predict that we will spend much of our time continuing to dissuade them from that.

Seriously. Raiden? Even if his peers don't associate that name with Mortal Kombat (hey, the game isn't that popular now, to say nothing of five-ten-fifteen years from now), when he gets old enough to work, all the people who would hire him will be my age or older, and they will associate his name with Mortal Kombat. MUST STOP THIS FROM HAPPENING.

See you all Monday!


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