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I assume most of the Supernatural fangirls I know have heard something about an upcoming episode where Sam and Dean go tonot really a spoiler, but just in case ) (I'm still behind on Supernatural, so I dunno if that's the next episode or later down the line or what. Hence, spoiler tag.)

How do we feel about that? I'm not convinced fans will come out the better for this. )
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Now with spoilers!

So, indeed, I ended up going to see Star Trek again with my mother on Mother's Day. Although she definitely was game to see it again (she'd already seen it! I love her), we were really making an excuse to take my dad. He was very adorably put out that my mother and my sister had gone without him. So we trundled off to the IMAX near their house on Sunday. As I was telling [ profile] alizzy, the fact that he liked it a lot baffled me in the extreme. Not because I didn't think he should, just that I'm used to my dad and I never agreeing on movies we like. I'm so used to be defensive and being ready to fight with him about why I'm totally justified in liking a movie, that I was stuck in this abortive protest mode when he had only good things to say about it. I still kinda wanted to fight--I had prepared arguments in my head--and no one was going to fight with me. It's a very weird feeling.

Anywho, seeing the film twice solidified some things for me. After picking apart the film with [ profile] moonlightalice, I had a lot to look for in a second viewing. I think the fact that we had different opinions of the same movie really helped me to focus on what I wanted to see from the film beyond just being entertained. (Which I still was.) Her review is up at, with all of her reasonable criticisms. (Spoilers in that link!) And give [ profile] darkling1's review some love, too.

One thing I looked for especially were instances of racism in the movie.

Not surprisingly, I found plenty )

Yay, I got that meta out of my system! Now I can go read fanfics!
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No, no really: Oh, Boomer.

And the rest is spoilers for last night's BSG. )

Speaking of notes: In which I concede viridian her prediction (more spoilers) )

And on the subject of Sam: My own pet fanfic theory is going to come true! )

So the problem is now that this episode had just enough to make me like it that I'm now getting my hopes up again. This is a bad thing. I think [ profile] moonlightalice is right that anything good will be saved for the second half, of the second hour, of the very last episode, but this was decent enough. If it just gets better, hey, more power to 'em. I just shouldn't hold my breath that it will.
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This is the most adorable Wall-E poster ever. It's not even so much the picture, which is as adorable as all the Wall-E images are. It's the tagline at the top. It says, in French, "What are you doing for the next 700 years?" ::SQUEEEEEEEE::

(And, to be fair, this one is pretty damned cute, too.)

I also just received one of the most thoughtful and sweet commentaries on an old Batman Begins fanfic I wrote. It's really nice to be appreciated. I wish the umpteen-odd thousand words I wasted on Blade: Trinity were as good or as worthy of such commentary. A little smile to brighten my day. Which I need after the dream I had this morning about driving to a motel at night with my parents and listening to Condolezza Rice campaigning to become a Senator in some Balkan country. ('Cause she missed the election cycle in the states, dontcha know.) Members of the former president's administration are not welcome in my dreams, thankyouverymuch.
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(And if I knew how to do one of those, it would be. Except I don't want to put that much energy into it.)

I'm not sure how to phrase this so I'm not mocked mercilessly, so I'll just say it: an idea for a Supernatural fanfic has been hopping around my brain all day. This is shameful enough for me as it is. What makes it worse is that it features, heavily, a character I despise being sympathetic enough to be awesome. Or at least interesting, which is a huge improvement for that character.

No, I'm not writing it. I just want it to go away. To that end, I must ask for the SPN fangirls to help me out here and recommend post-season three fanfic featuring ::shudder:: Bela. In a good way.

I hate myself right now.
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I will now attempt to manage a non-spoilery review of The Dark Knight. In which I not only spoil nothing but that I neither give my opinion on the movie or anything in the movie or the people involved with the movie. No, I absolutely promise. Even [ profile] ivy03 can't fault this for spoilers. And if she can, I think I give up because in order not to spoil, I'm not even talking about the movie at all.

Here it is. No spoilers. At all. My thoughts: The Dark Knight played out more or less exactly like what I had in my head for a fanfic that I started and never finished. Almost. This is very weird to me, seeing almost what I pictured happening in my story happen on the screen.

That is all.

I look forward to seeing it again with some folk. More, I look forward to seeing the trailer for Watchmen (I guess they dropped the "The") again because of a minor argument I had with [ profile] bigscary about whether or not the trailer is indicative of the film's adherence to the graphic novel or else is proof that the film completely trashed the most fabulous story ever in favor of looks. Seeing The Dark Knight again might help me make sense of it. I think this is also true of seeing the Watchmen trailer again on the big screen.

Because a trailer is not the movie. (Funnily enough, nowhere more emphatically have I learned that lesson than in the case of 300, which was done by the same people who are doing Watchmen.) It might have something to say about the movie, but I feel trailers more tell a story about the audience and its expectation than about the film. We see a trailer for a "superhero movie," and we have certain expectations. (One liners! CGI! Romance! Explosions!) Certain films which have broken the mold (Iron Man, in its way; Nolan's Batman films) still present trailers that, more or less, sell movies as they've always been. Yet Iron Man skirted enough hairy issues at large in our world today to put a bit of tarnish on the fanboy polish of the flying armor. The Dark Knight is...well, impossible to describe what it has done.

So what happens when you start with a source material that was already subverting the superhero before screenwriters worked it into a movie? Does the trailer say what it seems to say or does it say more? How close are you paying attention? I will be watching it very closely.
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I'm tired of being angry, so I'm going to just babble about something else. Indulge me, ignore me, whichever you choose.

-Tales from the Crypt is excellent for judging sense of humor and strength of stomach. I figured that out this weekend when my two younger sisters watched it with me and one was horrified by it and the other totally into it. The way I see it, it's like the icon I'm using on this post. If you can't appreciate how absurd the thing is that you're seeing, you won't think it's funny. One sister flinched, the other made predictions about how the story would end. To my mind, one is wrong, the other is right, even though I sort of share both their reactions to it. Each episode has something that makes me laugh and makes me squeeze my eyes shut against gross-osity. Good times.

-I'm a few episodes from the end of season two of Supernatural. I managed to, mostly, explain the driving forces of plot to [ profile] feiran as she and I watched an episode together, so I'm pretty proud of myself for that. However, what I really need to relate to the world at large is that [ profile] feiran admitted that Dumbfuck (aka Dean aka Jensen Ackles) is, quote, "pretty." Granted, she qualified that with "oh, only in this one picture [ profile] ivy03 showed me" but I have my doubts. Because she did volunteer to watch that episode with me and had me explain the season to her...

-Speaking of Supernatural, though: most of the women writing fanfic for Iron Man appear to be fans of the show. Weird demographic fallout, or what?

-My dad was given Scene It--the 2nd Movie Edition--for his Father's Day gift. I STILL DOMINATE AT THAT GAME. I pouted mightily, however, when (EVEN THOUGH I HAD ALREADY WON THE GAME) someone got a screen shot of Neo's computer at the start of The Matrix for one of their questions. RAR!
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Okay, the Joker has been all over the advertising for The Dark Knight, but he's not the star? Why is this so much genius?

From the Man himself: The Batman Begins helmer also mentioned that The Joker, played by Heather Ledger, "sort of cuts through the film -- he's got no story arc, he's just a force of nature tearing through. Heath has given an amazing performance in the role, it's really extraordinary."

While I am disappointed on one level that the Joker isn't the center of the film, the way Nolan talks about him is so very on point with my idea of the character that I'm willing to bet--center or no--the Joker walks away with the picture. But just that imagery--"he's just a force of nature tearing through"--doesn't that just sound like madness? I love it!

And there's this very telling tidbit: "Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart) is a tragic figure, and his story is the backbone of this film."

In other words, I think he's doing EXACTLY what I was intending to do for that fanfic that I will never finish before the sequel comes out with both of those characters. I'm still entirely sure I will be surprised and delighted by how it is pulled off (dollars to donuts, it will do it better than I would have managed even if I had finished).
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Something writerly has been provoking me for a while now, which is funny because I've not felt arsed to write anything--original or otherwise--for some time. It's a specific thematic element, and a fire of irritation over it has been stoked by--of all things--the miniseries Tin Man, which I watched recently.

I've said before that I have this habit of checking out fanfic after I watch/read a work, even for things I didn't especially like (some times because I didn't like them and the fanfic is either sure to make me laugh or fix problems I had with the original work). I went ahead with this habit even though I didn't love the miniseries, and I had some success with it. I found stories that eventually led to smut for the Callum Keith Rennie fangirls I know. I even enjoyed a few stories just for myself, wonder of wonders.

Then I ran into this thematic bugaboo: Age-gap romances.

In general, I like them. It's how they're represented that makes me grind my teeth.  )

From my general peeves to my specific ones in fanfic especially. Guess which one is the example of a positive, well-rounded inter-generational romance!

Jean and Scott in the <i>X-Men</i> movie universe )


And one from Dexter (note: minor season two spoilers) )


Too often, in fiction, the bereft/widowed party is “fixed” by a new love’s persistent attention when, emotionally, pursuing someone who has lost their love is about as vile as you get. Giving the grieving person space to make peace with the loss and then seeing if something else is possible makes for better, if less grandly operatic, romance. That is a big part of why inter-generational romances end up rubbing me the wrong way: they do not acknowledge what came first and how that might keep an object of affection from completely returning a lover’s interest for a long, long time. I’d say the problem is patience—most fanfic writers don’t have it. They don’t want to wait for the wounded partner to have an appropriate amount of time to get better; they want to fix that one by pairing him/her with the love interest of the series.

Case in point (the one that finally set this off): Tin Man )

I guess I just don’t think like a fan-ficcer any more. That, and if anyone in Tin Man had any sexual chemistry going, it was Alan Cumming and Neal McDonough. After rewatching the miniseries, I'm not convinced that McDonough is any more decidedly straight than Alan Cumming. Maybe he'll get married to a guy after ten years of being married to a woman, too.
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[ profile] jethrien reminded me that I haven't opened the holiday fic gifting for this year yet. Ahem, let me correct this oversight.

2007 Holiday Fic Gifting!
So, fic, c'mon an get it. Here's what you have to do:

1. Pick a fandom that you and I both like (helps if I know it well enough to write in it, so consider that). Some hints: Firefly/Serenity, The Shadow (the movie), The Matrix, LOST, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Buffy, Heroes, House, Smallville, Red Dwarf, Dexter. Suggestions are welcome, and I love a challenge. I can't promise I'll be able to do it, but I do promise to try.

2. Name a few characters you'd like to see show up in the story.

3. Provide me with a prompt. It can be a word, a phrase, a theme, a bit of dialogue, whatever. It will show up in the fic or be the motivator behind it.

Come one, come all!

2006's fics: The Wassailing Dead (Buffy; a personal favorite, also thanks to [ profile] jethrien), Veritum dies aperit (Torchwood), The Tension Between Mortality and Morbidity (Doctor Who/Torchwood), Escapes Touching (Doctor Who series and movie).

2005's fics: A Practical Approach (Firefly), Making Strides (The Matrix), Bah Humbug (Harry Potter), All the Good Little Children (LOST), Rumor Has It (The Shadow), Getting Lucky (Firefly).
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Finally finished Tin Man last night.

I still don't get the title. The rest of it had it's take-it-or-leave-it aspects.

Take me, sir, take me hard. )

And the rest I was indifferent to--Toto, "the cowardly lion" character, Callum Keith Rennie. Yes, I was able to be indifferent to Callum Keith Rennie, which I guess should rightly go into the negative column about this miniseries. Mostly, "indifferent" is how I would label this miniseries. I think there were some really keen ideas and themes, but they weren't realized in a story that made any sense or had any dramatic weight or motivation. Which is sad. As I said to [ profile] ivy03, this is one that I think could be improved by fanfic because some fanfic writers would pick up on the really good themes and run with them. Any direction would be better than the one in which the miniseries went.


Apr. 28th, 2007 10:35 pm
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[ profile] linaerys had this up, and I absolutely had to do it, too: (I changed names to protect the innocent and reflect mine own crazy tastes)

Ask me any question about any character you know I write, and I'll come up with an answer. Who did Bruce Wayne take to the prom? What kind of shampoo does Mal Reynolds use (to make his hair so very lovely and fluffy)? Which bones has Trinity broken in real life and in the Matrix? Ask, and I'll answer.

Just one catch. I get to ask you a question, too. But because I'm nice, I'll let you tell me who I can ask it about.
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These would be for [ profile] edgehopper:

Five Ways Bender Could Destory All Humans...Except for Fry
Hey baby, want to get together and destroy all humans? )
Five Ways Professor Farnsworth Could Destroy the Universe
Hu-wha? )
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This one is for [ profile] viridian. She requested the following:

Five Stories Rose Tyler Never Got to Tell
Spoilers for all of the new 'Doctor Who' )
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Woo! I finally did my revisions on this chapter for my Batman Begins fanfic.

On my LJ, I will personally thank everyone in writing group who did the concrit on the original chapter ([ profile] dotsomething, [ profile] ivy03, and [ profile] jethrien--you rock!). This is as much your chapter as anyone else's. The motivation to post it came from [ profile] alizzy and [ profile] linaerys, so they got the credit, but you guys rocked for steering me away from the bad cartoonishness and towards the good cartoonishness. I ::heart:: you mightily!

Here's hoping I can get somewhere with this before 2008 changes canon.

Also? I wrote a two-page Jeremy thing! I have no idea whether I even like it, but that's what I heard in my brain today. We're listening to our brains, we are.
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The first drabbles are ready for [ profile] anomilygrace! She requested the following:

Five Times Starbuck Prayed to the Gods
spoilers for mid-season one (for events that took place before the miniseries) )
Five Conversations Scott and Jean Never Had
Spoilers through X-Men: the Last Stand (god help me that that movie exists) )
Five Ways Willow Wouldn't Admit Breaking the Law
Spoilers for all of BTVS! (which everyone should have seen by now) )
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Can't help it. I saw this entry called 'King Ianto' and I had to read it. Spit up my water at work at the last one. Plus, it helps explain that "5 things" meme going around, and I think I'm rather tempted to try it myself. Go read the fic. Helps to have seen Torchwood, but nothing spoilery.

So, since I'm stupid and like explaining rules to, well, me, let's do this:

Give me a prompt for a 'Five things...' fill in the blank type fic in the genre of your choice that you know I watch/ready/enjoy in other medium (examples: "Five ways Jack Skellington could have had a happy Christmas").

Suggestions for fandoms I'm familiar with: Batman (Begins-verse, but cartoon and some comics, too), Battlestar Galactica, Blade, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Discworld, Doctor Who, Farscape, Firefly, Heroes, House, Lord of the Rings, LOST, The Matrix, Smallville, Torchwood, X-Men (movies), Voltron

(just a few; feel free to request one, and I'll see if I can't work some mojo for you)
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I had a dream that I was reading LJ and looking at [ profile] minisinoo's journal (she's a fanfic author I kept track of for her X-Men movie-verse stuff until she went into Harry Potter AUs). As I read her entry, I got really excited because she had gotten into Doctor Who ficcing, and she's a good writer, great with dialogue, and does her homework with researching people's dialects and euphemisms, so I got really really excited over the idea that she was going to start writing Doctor Who stuffs.

Of course, I read the entry and it turns out to be a meta about how the Seventh and Ninth Doctors both have abida discipline. The word in italics means nothing to me, but when she italicizes things, it's kind of like when Jacob at TWoP does, which means it's an obscure drama term that just proves how much smarter than you the person using it is. She explained it as being something like "diet-exercise." The hyphenation was specific, but I couldn't say why. Abida is diet-exercise.

O-kaaaaay...Well, I have no idea what that means, even if my subconscious made it up, but her meta attempted to prove that something about those two Doctors specifically--their physical statures and personalities/moods--is abida or has abida or subscribes to an abida philosophy. All I could think of the entire time was, "I don't get it." I haven't seen episode one of the Seventh Doctor's stint; all I saw was his two seconds in the terrible US movie. He certainly didn't seem like a guy who's philosophy in life was one of diet and exercise. Christopher Eccleston, I'd give you. Not the other one.

Plus, no fanfic for me. I think my subsconscious was trying to tell me not to meta-post about fandom (like I did for BSG last night) so much any more. Because what I read in my dream is probably as coherent or interesting as what you all end up getting dumped on your f'list every other day.
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Thank God. It's only just past Epiphany, so, technically, this is only one day late for being part of the holiday season, right? ::crickets:: Right? ::not even crickets::

Ahem. Anywho, this is for [ profile] stars_fell, who, for reasons entirely unrelated to the disproportionate hotness of Paul McGann (yeah, right, I'm so sure) still likes the Doctor Who movie and the Eighth Doctor quite a bit. Her request was for an Eighth Doctor and Rose Tyler story. Her prompt...well, it's a line in the story. If you must know it, look for it at the end in my notes.

Escapes Touching
by [ profile] trinityvixen


'Say it again—what you called your home.' )

Whew. Done! I had half as many fics due this year as last, and it still took me forever. This is most likely a fault of all but one being set in the Who-niverse, which I had to study quite a lot to really get a feel for, and which was not helped by several of the fics informing upon each other until I couldn't write one that wouldn't agree with another. Sheesh.

2006 Holiday Fics are here: The Wassailing Dead (Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series), Veritum dies aperit (Torchwood), The Tension Between Mortality and Morbidity (Torchwood/Doctor Who)

As with last year, the fics seemed to get longer as I went on, which is probably because the first few were strikes of inspiration and the later ones consistent labors to try and get the fic together. The last two had about a hundred different drafts each. Whew, indeed.
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[ profile] viridian's story is third out of the gate. It's a post Doctor Who, new series season 2, set-in-the-world of Torchwood story featuring Jack Harkness, an AU-Torchwood-employed Rose Tyler, and the prompt was "mirror." That last one makes a cameo instead of being central the way prompts ought to be, but hey, it's in there!

The Tension Between Mortality and Morbidity
by [ profile] trinityvixen

*'You want I should shag you to death?' 'No one's ever tried.' )


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