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God, I'm a sucker.

Some context: I am probably one of the only people I know who liked the Resident Evil movies. You probably know where this is going. )

So, er, does anyone want to go with? We can totally hit a matinee to avoid paying the highway robbery prices of a 3D movie. I'm also totally willing to go in disguise or provide them for those as would see it but would prefer not to be known to be seeing it.
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Over vacation, I managed to catch a nasty cold that pretty much flattened me when I let it. I'm at that not-quite-recovered stage where I still sound stuffed up but can breathe. Cough's better, but still very gross-sounding on occasion. At least I don't get those coughing fits so bad that I hurt any more! Woo?

Other stuff happened:
-I got an A in statistics despite bombing the final. There were questions about older material that I didn't know to expect because he didn't send out an e-mail to that effect until after I'd taken it (since I took it earlier). I'd be aggravated except that I got a good grade overall, so that's a wash.

-Finished Prison Break, otherwise known as the most ridiculous TV series outside of Heroes or Smallville that doesn't have either of those series' excuse for its re-cock-ulousness. The mastermind who engineered the first of all the prison breaks became MacGuyver and then Jesus in that last season. It was nuts.

-Speaking of Heroes---CANCELLED!!! Oh thank you. I don't know who to thank--the assorted hosts of Heaven or Hell?--but I thank you. Oh thank you thank you thank you. I'm free! Free at last! For real, I almost cried. I hugged [ profile] darkling1 when he told me. So much joy!
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Last night, the roommies and I binged on TV, so I'm up to date on a few series at least. Some quick impressions:

Chuck: Awesome being totally out of his depth is deeply amusing, but the episode broke my heart with developments for (in no particular order) Chuck, Morgan, and Ellie.


Supernatural: I wasn't hugely impressed, but I will say that, no matter how batshit he or his rabid fangirls are, Misha Collins can give a deadpan like nobody else; in two minutes of total screen time, he was funnier than "funny" episodes of this show have been. (Bonus preview on web shows that this is a trend that will continue into this week's episode. Score!)

Tonight, WE DINE IN HELL! Er, sorry, watched the 300 Rifftrax this weekend, brain is still occasionally stuck on SHOUT AT THINGS TO MAKE THEM SEEM IMPORTANT. Ahem. Tonight, I finish what I hope is the last episode of the last season of Heroes ever. Or maybe I'll watch it tomorrow. I think I have some homework I'd rather be doing.
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I posted a little while back about my incredulity that people could be kept waiting on movies from Netflix. Today, scanning Hacking Netflix, I see that someone did a side-by-side comparison of their Netflix/Blockbuster Online queues to compare wait times for new releases between the two. And Blockbuster promised shorter wait times overall for all the same titles.

The agitation about new releases in that post left me rather self-satisfied, I must say. It must be very hard to be so goddamned picky about movies. You may mock me for my unquestionably terrible taste in film (and television--have I mentioned I am still watching Heroes?). Heck, I mock me. But I must be doing something right because aside from having to pace back and forth and wiggle about like I'm a three-year-old who has to pee over the delay between sending back a disc and getting the next one of a highly anticipated series...I have it easy when it comes to being satisfied by DVD delivery via Netflix. Hell, Netflix keeps improving without me asking for anything! Can't get a movie on the spot? Have Watch It Now! Watch It Now too limited? We'll add 20,000 titles inside of a year and a half! Don't want to watch on your computer? Have box or an XBOX or a PS3! (Or, as rumor has it, possibly even the Wii.)

How hard it must be to be those people who have to have the movie now now now now. For whom Blu-Ray is such a BURDEN to have to pay extra for. I never have a problem with new releases because by the time they climb their way up the 400+ title list of my queue, they're no longer remotely new. It's easy being me with the way I watch movies. (Speaking of, I have three that need taking care of that I've had for weeks...)

Anyway, the title of my post refers to a trick I learned when I worked at Blockbuster. For those who might NEED movies on the Tuesdays they are released, you can get same-day delivery. Put the new release at the top of your queue, return a disc on Friday/Saturday before, and you should get it Tuesday. At Blockbuster, we got all new releases the Friday before. Employees could take 'em out, and it gave time for them to be wired up for security/scanning purposes. (I think that's why there was a delay. I have no idea, really.) Netflix will send it to you Monday because you won't get it before Tuesday. It works, I've done it. (This is also how Amazon does it with same-day releases.) Just FYI for those who might have the same-day new release fixation as the people at that post.
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I happen to have about a dozen random little blankets, many of which I tend to pile up on my bed when it's cold. So I was freezing my ass off at work yesterday and I finally gave up the ghost on pretending that I could impress anyone and I brought one of them in with me.

Of course, I couldn't bring a big blanket, lest it drag on the floor or anything. Of my small blankets, I couldn't take my lap blanket that my grandmother gave me for my high school graduation. So here I am, sitting at my desk, with my $5 Wall-E blanket, finally feeling much more comfortable.

I'm sure no one will notice, but it still is kind of a funny thing to bring to work.

::snuggles in my seat::
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It looks like I was right. I blogged about this before, but this really slam dunks the case I was trying to make in a much, much shorter format.

I'd also like to point out the disproportionate loss of women of color from that map. Every season, you lose at least one female character, usually the non-white female character. They tried to compensate, it seems, by putting in two new female characters in, but one of them always leaves and the others are now all white.

The issue of women on this show is a sore one for me. Every season has, in a list of 11-13 central characters, only 4 female characters AT MOST. Of those four, only two have been around since season one, if you fudge the matter and count Ali Larter as being continuous even though her characters have not been. That's a serious imbalance before you begin to consider how marginalized the women in this list are. The three remaining in the fourth season play the very definite roles of maiden, mother, crone, too. Which helps immensely, let me tell you.

Someone remind me why I watch this again?
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Pink Raygun seems to have eaten an old post. So for the sake of completion, I'm posting it here. Nothing to see if you're not interested in Heroes.

Strange Attractors )
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I found out a while ago who the mystery person being killed off on Heroes would be, but the internet at large has finally, and without spoiler tags, confirmed it all over the place. Just in case, I'll use the spoiler cut...

And the winner is: I say 'winner' because, let's face it, any excuse to get off this show is a good one. )
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So far this season, Heroes has not been awful. I credit much of this to Robert Knepper and the uber-creepy inclusion of the Carnival. Everything is better with circus freaks. Everything. Of course, this will all change in another few episodes and I'll regret saying this, but I'm even enjoying parts of this season. (My reviews at Pink Raygun for this season are here, here, here, and here.) There are definitely still problems, much of which stem from the show's loyalty to characters and the actors playing them.

That might be about to change, however. If you still care about spoiler warnings, don't read what's under the cut.Who am I kidding? I'm the only one still watching this show. )

And did I mention the racefail? )
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This does not mean the show will get better. This does not mean the show will get better. This does not mean...

But...but...but...Ray Park! And and and Robert Knepper! Robert Knepper, playing Samuel in that clip, is absolutely mesmerizing. If he weren't kinda weird looking, he'd be a huge star. As it is, I've enjoyed him in everything I've ever seen him in. He makes the practical impossibility of a man a) having his hand chopped off b) while on the run as a fugitive c) before getting it sewn back on by a veterinarian with no anaesthesia d) only to have to pull the stitches out with his teeth and remove the re-attached hand....seem oddly plausible. (Prison Break was such a fun show, sometimes.)

All right, show. You've piqued my interest. I'm still watching the premiere drunk, though.
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-Is this cat-shaving thing a crazy scientist thing or what? (Well, at least it's not just me!)

-Per this request video, I'm linking to this video:

Not the best video, but because it's being challenged by the imbeciles being (rightly) ridiculed in it despite the fact that they have no legitimate/legal recourse to do so, I post it. I like being ornery like that. For the love of Darwin, though, don't watch the video during the parts with Luskin talking. He's a moron. It HURTS how stupid and self-righteous he is.

(It's easier for YouTube to be reactionary about these sorts of copyrighted material claims given how many legitimate violations are running around on their website.)

-Paul Krugman gets it: incitement is dangerous.

-Hail Satan! Or, rather, Satanists, because they are awesomely snarky. (And as commenters point out, more rigorously opposed to sexual offenders than, say, the Catholic Church.)

-Linked to this via Twitter:

I need to watch Flight of the Concords, clearly, if this is the kind of quality music they make.

-Last but not least, I think I had a request for this video from an SPN fan:

(There is also a video to that song for Heroes. I refuse to link to it. Search YouTube if you must, but really, who must do anything for or about Heroes except the people paid to do so?)
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When am I ever going to learn? Stunt casting =/= making the show better, no matter how much I like the actors.'s T-Bag, and he'd be awesomely creepy. Maybe he could fix Heroes?


And and and! Ray Park! SERIOUSLY.

No, no, no. You have to control yourself. There is no way this will ever be okay. They brought Daddy Luthor out of retirement and while he was awesome, they got rid of him and the story he was in was stupid, and STOP IT STOP IT STOP IT.

I hate this show some times. Only Heroes could make me MAD about Robert Knepper and Ray Park getting more work.
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It's amazing that a show that so blatantly steals from common comic book plot lines/tropes should be so scornful of comic books and their readers. Even my patchily interfaced relationship with comic books means I'm aware of their plot lines before they do. I've been complaining for weeks that Sylar was too freaking powerful.

And with this season's finale, I realized what they had to do to him spoilers if you care )

I like being right.

More spoilers, thoughts on the future for this show )
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Something I'm generally sensitive to is being patronizing. If I haven't told people before, please, if you catch me being a condescending asshole, don't let me get away with it? I absolutely loathe that behavior and I know I am prone to it. Just tell me if I'm doing it. I won't get offended. I'm grateful for such honesty because I don't want to be That Person.

Apparently, though, I AM that person. )

I do feel so much better now. Ah, me, away from such silly things. Aren't there some half-naked men I could be ogling? Or a post for Pink Raygun I should be writing? Oops, nope, I already did! It was a Sylar-centric episode, but being sick (and being aware of what depths of suck Sylar-centric episodes had reached before), I didn't leap into this one. John Glover, though--man, can't he just sit there and tell everyone how much they suck forever?
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Heroes hasn't been as egregiously bad this "volume" as last. Granted, that's like saying the rotten food they're serving is better than the shit they fed us yesterday, but I thought I'd get that out there.

Because I have another bone to pick with them. I've already gotten myself good and frothed up over sexism once today, but this isn't something as hard to define and defend. Of course it isn't--it would require Heroes to employ any subtlety. Which it absolutely cannot do.

Know what else it can't do? Respect the genre from which it is derived. The writers on this show think all of us comic book nerds are fucking losers. I'm not exaggerating. I got into it a little in my Pink Raygun review of this Monday's episode. Basically, they keep setting up stories in or around comic book shops, in case we, heaven forbid, forgot that this show is a derivative attempt to milk the decades-long success of comics. And every time we end up in a comic book store, it gets ugly. This week, Claire Bennet, human female, goes in to warn Alex, human male working at a comic book store, that the government is after him. But even before she can scare him off with that talk, he's goggling at her for being A! Human! Female! In! A! Comic! Book! Shop!

On behalf of myself and the other two fabulous comic book fan-bitches, may I heartily wish that Heroes would go fuck itself? This is like being back at that elementary panel at Comic Con where they were like "Women in comics! Isn't it amazing?" (Even the women were. Sigh.)

Amazing women on my f'list who read comics, perhaps you can tell me: what the fuck?
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...another thousand movies I've watched. No, not really. Since I can't possibly capture your attention or wow any of you with my books-read-this-year total, time to do my annual recap of media I've consumed in 2008.

There seems to be a cap fast approaching, as I saw only three more movies in 2008 than I did in 2007. Television, however, fell off dramatically (25 seasons this past year versus 46 in 2007), and frankly, I'm astonished. I've been exercising regularly while watching episodes of television since July. I suppose the caveat there is that since I've been forcing myself not to watch shows when not exercising, I haven't been breezing through entire series of shows in a weekend. (::coughcoughDoctorWhocough::)

My recs and trends beneath the cut!

Movie magic )

Boob Tubing )

I said I wouldn't write about books. Naturally, I wrote THE MOST about them. )

And that's the year that was.


Dec. 11th, 2008 10:30 am
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This is a spoiler for Heroes. So, okay, I must put it behind a cut. But you must promise me to read it because I'm flipping the fuck out.

Meet Sylar's Daddy.


Okay, back under control of myself now. I shouldn't get too excited. They will only find a way to RUIN this the way they have EVERYTHING ELSE. Not to mention I'm a little over the "Bad Dad!" story line. Seriously, no one aside from Claire has had a nice father, and I'm convinced that if Mr. Bennet weren't Jack Coleman and he wasn't a main character on the show, he'd be a Bad Dad. They occasionally try to make him seem like one. But since Claire's a BRAT, and a poorly written one at that, anything she throws in Mr. B's face is re-cock-u-lous and he looks even better.
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To make this episode of that abominable show seem cool. Jack Coleman deserves better than Heroes.
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I apologize to the makers of Gryphon, Manticore, Danger Zone: Volcano in New York, Lost City Raiders, and any other movie I've ever seen on the Sci-Fi Channel. (Except Aztec Rex. That is STILL unforgiven.) I was unduly harsh on those films. They are twice as long and half as sucky as episodes of Heroes with about the same budget. At least they are supposed to be bad, and no one really defends them as anything other than a means to draw a paycheck. After tonight's episode of Heroes, I can honestly say I'd sooner to a Sci-Fi Channel marathon with some tentacle porn on top than rewatch that...that installment.


I'm going to watch The Punisher this week--all three versions (Dolph Lundgren; Thomas Jane; Ray Stevenson). I have seen only the 2003/4 version, which I remember loathing at the time. It's going to seem like bloody Shakespeare. Even the Dolph can't fuck up as royally as this stupid fucking show that WON'T DIE EVER WHAT THE FUCK DIE DIE DIE DIE.

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Sarah Connor Chronicles, you had me at hello.

But you had me like a filthy slut as soon as Derek showed up. He had three lines, acted like a douche the entire time, and ended the one episode I've seen with him in it so far dead. (Literally, but temporarily, I'm sure.) So, naturally, what with the emotional reticence, tendency towards self-sacrifice, and the fearsome injury, I'm salivating over this character already. I am going to pretend that it's because I'm that easy for Michael Biehn and this is a whore-by-association thing.


And I still haven't written my Heroes review!


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