Dec. 16th, 2011 02:57 pm
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I didn't ride my bike to work on Wednesday because I had to hold my Dad's hand as he bought a present for my mother in the Apple Store. I was never going to get back from Grand Central in time on a bike. So I used my stationary bike at home that night, and, as a complement to the biking, I did all of fifteen--you are in shock at prowess, I can tell--push ups. My arms are fine--they're mostly used to supporting a lot of force and weight from the regular biking I do. My abs, on the other hand, are all stupid and achy. It took me most of yesterday to figure out why. So, not only am I not especially strong, I'm more than a little clueless about this exercise stuff. Better not do too much of it, just in case.

In other news, I almost bought stuff on Threadless yesterday for Christmas presents, but I couldn't hit the cap for free shipping without buying a bunch of bullshit. I was all set to abandon it as a hopeless quest when they e-mailed this morning with a change not only to their minimum for free shipping but in the costs for their shirts. The shirts dropped to $10 (from $12), which left me maddeningly below the cap again. Luckily, I chanced upon this shirt which I will get for my mother. (She likes moose. At Christmas, our entire staircase is filled with mooses. Moosen. Meese?) Free shipping and my holiday stuff that needs to be done asap is mostly taken care of. There are still a few outlying presents and one that I have to actually take to a post office, but otherwise, whew.

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Balloon Juice has a thread up calling for people to sound off on their least favorite Christmas songs. I don't have one. I have plenty of versions I don't like of this or that song, but no one song drives me crazy during this time of year. It is the aggregate of all of them being forced on me for hours at a time that bothers, not the songs in particular. When it's actually Christmas and I'm home with the family, I'll listen to anything, pretty much.

I have, however, found this thread immensely amusing and more than a little helpful. If my family does elect to go upstate for the holiday, we'll need some road music. I'm thinking I'll have to add a few of these numbers to my playlist. I will also say that, but for this thread, I wouldn't have heard Patton Oswalt's riff on what most likely is the worst Christmas song of all time:
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Couldn't let this glorious day go by without wishing you all a safe and happy Halloween. For those of you rocking costumes at work, I salute you. I went with orange-and-black striped tights, my black-crow-on-orange-background shirt, and my stitching jewlery that I got from Etsy. It's been fun seeing reactions all day. The jewelry distracts people enough that they keep missing the tights, which is kind of funny since the tights are so bright.

Anywho, have a Happy Halloween, one and all!
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Halloween is easily better than Christmas, to me, although--GASP!--this year the rank commercialism that attends Halloween is starting to get to me. I predict, sadly, that next year I may even start to resent the appearance of orange, purple, black, and green items in August. Then I'll buy some of them and feel better. Halloween is an excuse to wear a costume, listen to spooky music, and watch horror movies. How could I not love a holiday that allows me to do what I would do every day, given the chance? (Okay, maybe I wouldn't wear a costume every day. Maybe.)

It helps that I like pumpkins. I really like them. I like them in my food, I like them on my desk (oh mini pumpkin on top of my black external hard drive, I <3 you), and I love their color. It helps that October is a habitual season of horror movies coming out. Love 'em or hate 'em (and I hated the greater majority of them, on balance), but the Saw movies were a constant presence in the theaters for seven years. It didn't matter that I didn't like half of them because it was a fun tradition--get dressed up, go to the movies. Recently, Paranormal Activity has picked up the slack. There's that The Thing prequel/reboot, too. I cannot be upset about any of this because, again, good or bad, it's just fun to go out to a horror movie during the spooky time of year.

It's also fun to reflect on how silly these traditions are. We gleefully celebrate ghosts and goblins at a time of year where, traditionally, people were scared or else quietly reverent of the dead. It's a way to throw off the superstitions of the past and mock them while at the same time inventing new ones that never quite go away. (Goodbye, Samhain! Hello, Razor Blades Hidden In Candy!) It's very...human.
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But applications are DONE. The heart-attack-inducing bill for this exercise in futility (and the resulting I-can-treat-myself-because-I-just-spent-10-times-as-much-on-applications post-application spending spree) is yet to come. I expect drinking will happen the night it does. A lot of drinking.

I can now resume caring about what is more important in life: television, movies, family (if I have to). My youngest sister is also applying to schools right now, and she's already at the interview stage (dental schools start earlier than vet schools). I promised to assist with my sartorial knowledge. Since she's a trifecta of tall, skinny, and cute, I don't really have to stretch my fashion skillz here--not like I will for when I need to dress myself, certainly. I have that to look forward to this weekend, as I do hanging out with my mother and geeking out with her about Spooks and Halloween stuff we both crave. (You guys, my mom is a-ding-dang-dorable.) Then I have a friend's birthday party to attend, which will kick off the birthday season as a whole. I look forward to being even more broke come Christmas.

I think I'm going to write something tonight. It's been forever since I wrote fiction and I've had a story idea kicking around in my head for a week that needs committing to electronic paper before I forget it.
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I find my lack of a Halloween icon disturbing. Needs must remedy that.

I went into Bath & Body Works this weekend to find they're already flogging their Halloween wares, and ended up dropping waaaaay too much on Halloween-themed soaps and the like. So...weak...against...Halloween...stuff. Friends and family both commented, with an edge of concern about this fixation. I cannot say their concern is misplaced.

I had this idea, once, that Heaven is a giant house where every room is something different. In one room, it's always Christmas, always the coziest, most well-decorated, cookie-smelling, presents-unwrapping Christmas ever. In another, it's a portal unto the ocean, where you can float and swim with the fishes to your heart's content. I just really liked the idea that Heaven is a collection of your favorite moments that exist, ready to be enjoyed, whenever you and forever. I'm beginning to think my Heaven would have another room, one where it's always Halloween. There's someplace where "Monster Mash" is always playing (and never gets old), and there are orange, green, purple, and black decorations as far as the eye can see. A punch bowl is softly bubbling over with fog like a witch's cauldron, and there's candy and spooks to be had.

Until such time as I reach this Heaven, I will have to make do with my metal doohickey that slides over a normal soap dispenser to make it look like it's shrouded in spider webs. I love Halloweeeeeeeen!!!!
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This weekend, I got an idea of what my next year might be like. For all three of you I haven’t told, I intend to see a movie a week at the movie theater for all of 2011. I saw two movies in one weekend, and I’m beginning to understand that there may be some theater-going overload with this plan. Then again, going to two movies right after the other is a good way to really put my reasons for liking/disliking them in perspective.


The two movies I saw were Tron Legacy and Black Swan. I didn’t particularly care for either, but both had a strange effect on me in that, while watching them, I was rather transported. It was only upon their ending that I felt dissatisfied. This is entirely due to heightened expectations, though I hadn’t really realized how much hope I’d sunk into Tron Legacy in particular until it ended and I almost wanted to cry because I was so depressed about how little I liked it. I admit to having been inordinately in love with the idea of seeing Tron on the big screen, especially after falling in love with it via the original on DVD and by playing alongside Tron in Kingdom Hearts. I seriously <3<3<3<3<3 Bruce Boxleitner, especially as the adorable, innocent –but-kick-ass Tron, and there plain wasn’t enough of him. I am glad, at least, that [livejournal.com profile] mithras03  was with me on finding his silver-fox status THE SEXXAY, even as I spent much of the movie bemoaning the lack of him. While I admit that this is my own bias making me inordinately hard to please, I do not think it too much to ask that the movie feature the goddamned character it from which it took its name. Alas and alack, the siren lure of Oscar-Winner Jeff Bridges combined with the endlessly rapacious studio need to build a franchise on the back of a younger star meant that Tron was given the short-shrift in his own sequel.


And? Honestly? Neither Bridges nor Flynn-the-younger had the chops to carry this thing.

Some minor, minor spoilers )

That said, getting to watch lightcycle racing and the disc wars gaming in the movie was supremely satisfying. The updated effects were fun, though as [livejournal.com profile] moonlightalice  pointed out, dreary in their palate. It was a thrill with the early action sequences, though. I happened to love the soundtrack, though others thought it was distracting, especially because it added a drive to the movie that was otherwise lacking, plot-wise. If nothing else, the booming base kept things surging.


Black Swan intrigued me, and, although my expectations for it were lowered by reviews, I did go in with an open-to-optimistic mind. I wasn’t thoroughly disappointed as I was with Tron Legacy, I was just indifferent to mildly unimpressed by it.

No spoilers if you've seen the trailers, but just in case... )


Another improbable thing that happened--besides my seeing two movies in a weekend and liking neither of them? I won Twilight Scene It. I'd bought it as a Christmas present for [livejournal.com profile] viridian , who, along with [livejournal.com profile] feiran was the only person to have read the books and seen the movies. We had to play it. Predictably, those two ladies dominated most of the game. If I got anywhere, it was out of sheer luck. The best run of said luck was where I followed someone else who revealed, in her question, what the name of Dakota Fanning's character was and what her SOOPER vampire power was, and then the next two questions I got were about those exact things. (So as with other franchise-specific Scene It games, Twilight Scene It suffers from a lack of sufficient material upon which to make questions more varied.) I'd been far behind the leaders for most of the game, then I ended up tied with them at the end. I got lucky on a couple of questions and guessed correctly on the third to win. HIGHLY IMPROBABLE VICTORY. I don't know whether to be ashamed or pleased that I continue to dominate at Scene It given that this dominance was achieved PLAYING TWILIGHT SCENE IT. (I HATE MYSELF AND WANT TO DIE.)

I will take this moment to credit [livejournal.com profile] glvalentine for making a point of saying how awesome Bella's friend Mike is, because I did win a question with his name. Thanks!

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My brother-in-law is not a fan of vegging about. I'd be happy to XBOX and watch movies until I have to leave here (he has Assassin's Creed II! Dear god, I suck at that game), but he was getting stir crazy after about one day. So we went out to see Avatar yesterday and he's out the door with the munchkin to go hiking while the rest of us kidnap my sister to go shopping (she needs things) and have fun away from the baby.

Have yet to see Doctor Who, so I am avoiding what spoiler posts I've seen. Avatar was...well, let's just say after the plot basically centered on a "noble savages" narrative, it was a lot easier to ignore where the movie fell into the uncanny valley. To Cameron's credit, his movie may occasionally be in that valley, but wherever he is, he is clearly clawing his way out the other side. I was very impressed. No matter how good or bad a movie, though, after two-and-a-half hours of 3D, I felt a little stupified, bludgeoned even. I walked out dazed. My sister and I had a ball mocking some parts, though. There may or may not have been a "This is SPARTA!" joke.

Time to go have fun with the big sis. We're actually shopping for two hours, coming back to feed baby, then going out again. (Not to worry: Grandma's taking care of him in the interim.)

It's taken me most of this week out here to get at a computer for more than two minutes at a time, so in case I don't get to post again: Have a Happy New Year, one and all!
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I'm out to San Francisco in less than eight hours. (Urgh.) Have a happy and safe holiday season and I'll see you all in the new year!


Nov. 1st, 2009 01:40 pm
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If I did the Evite right, you should all get a thank you note, but I thought I'd make sure to make another big LJ declaration.

So, MUCH THANKS to all our wonderful guests. I'm still impressed nobody I greeted at the door with threat of cupcakes and candy turned right around! But you all threw yourselves on those grenades most admirably! And you came and made the evening just fantastic. I had so much fun, which is what makes the holiday really special. (That, and watching terrible movies to different terrible movies' soundtracks!) Thanks muchly, one and all. I'm sorry if I didn't get to talk to some folk as much as others, but I hope everyone enjoyed themselves! If not, the decorations will probably be up for some weeks yet, so feel free to come back and try again!
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I'm feeling...stuck. I think two weeks of vacation wherein I do almost nothing at all and barely leave the place I am residing have finally gotten to me. I'm not the type to get stir-crazy, not really--I could spend a weekend locked away at home and doing nothing and be utterly content. But two weeks? Is pushing it. I couldn't go anywhere in Oregon. I was so trashed from jet-lag from that trip that I couldn't barely leave the apartment in New York. (Hurrah! I have NO FOOD!) And when I went to my parents' place this weekend, I tended to park in places.

As a result, I'm feeling a need to start attacking my living environment, seeing as the weather is not exactly conducive to me running around outside much. Which brings me around to resolutions for the new year. I was fishing for others' resolutions this weekend, but no one had any great ones I could steal. I took a look at the last ones I made (two years ago, woo-hoo), and I rather like that they were productive yet not impossible. In keeping with that, I've decided on the following resolutions:

1. Clear out the bins under my bed
This is a huge project that will involve my, five years later, finally putting together a scrap book of photos from my trip to Australia. Better late than never. While the distance from the events means I'm almost sure to have forgotten every detail, I will be able to part with the junk I've stored up there, which is all for the good, really. I will also work on getting all my photos scanned in so I have digital backups. To think: if I'd been born only a few years later, I'd have had digital copies to begin with, which is really the most sensible thing for me, given how lazy I am about photographing shit in my life.

Huge project--projects, really, as I suspect the Australia trip isn't the only event collecting dust down there--but doable. Certainly doable within a freaking year.

2. Finish my sister's wedding present.
Only four years late on that one! I'm really, really close. I just need to go some place away from cats for a couple of weekends (i.e. upstate), queue up a hundred movies, and sit and sit and stitch and stitch. This one I'd like to have ready before her birthday in August (if I really push myself, I might have it done by her wedding anniversary in March). After I finish it, I then need to sit down with her and discuss what the shit she'd like me to do with them. I have chosen the most useless hobby, I swear. Cross-stitching is useful for two things: framing and making pillows. I wouldn't presume she wants these things framed (because then she's more or less obligated to hang them whether they're to her taste or not), and they're far too intricate for pillows. I was thinking, though, that working them in as panels in a quilt or a quillow (that's a one-square quilt block that is attached as the outside of a blanket pocket--it folds into a pillow with the nice design on the outside, and is used as a blanket with the nice design safely tucked away in the pouch). Must work on getting that done, first, and planning what to do with it, second.

3. Read twice as many books as last year.
I think I read about 20. That's pathetic. I have about six or seven that I've accumulated in the insanity of holiday busyness, so I can get off to a good running start. I just have to not let my time get shanghied by video games, TV, exercise, or movies too much. I think I can do it. I'd also be happy to just read about half again as many. So 30-40 books. Let's go team.

4. Lose 20 pounds.
This was the goal I set for myself when I first programmed my profile into the Wii Fit. I set a timeline of 6 months which is fastly coming to a close with all of about two pounds to show for it. (Which means zip-o given that you can fluctuate that much in any given day.) Whenever I fail at that resolution, I'll reprogram my goal to be for the year. The 20 isn't a number, it's a BMI thing. And while I have trouble with BMI standards, it is a useful benchmark even if it's an arbitrary one. We'll see.

5. Be a better person.
Ah, the vague one. I've actually been pondering this some time now, and a new year seems a perfect time to put into action some notions I've been entertaining. For one thing, I'd really like to pay a genuine compliment to someone every day. It's something I've considered a while now, sparked by a few genuine compliments I've received here and there. It would be so nice to be able to, without seeming like a crazy person (must work on delivery, delivery is key), tell someone (whether I know them or not) that they are particularly sharp, seem blissfully happy, or look especially well put together. I have to be careful not to just fish one out (i.e. avoid studied and saved compliments a la Mr. Collins), but to really mean it. I think that would really improve my mood, too.

This also covers vague life goals upon which I have no direction--career aspirations (hah!), personal fiscal responsibility, intellectual stimulation and enrichment, improved sociability--without making it seem like I've failed to accomplish anything if I have no specific incident I can furnish as proof.
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This is me, peacing out. I don't doubt I'll find my way to an internet connection while I'm at my sister's place, but without my own computer, I have no way of being sure about that. So, in case I don't pop up again until the new year, Happy Holidays, one and all!

Well fuck.

Dec. 3rd, 2008 03:52 pm
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I guess it's a good thing I'm not shopping for Christmas this year because apparently I suck at it.

Because it's quickly disappearing from the internet in favor of the "remastered" edition, I snapped up a used copy of volume 3 of Star Trek: the Original Series for my mother about two-three weeks ago. I was going to give it to her for Mother's Day.

I just got a note from Amazon telling me that, no, actually, they're refunding me. No Star Trek for you. Or, are they punishing my mother for not being making a Nazgul noise of horror at the screen when she saw the preview for the prequel/reboot/anal rape new Star Trek movie??? I GUESS I WILL NEVER KNOW.

(I might, though, if I tried re-buying the thing. It will have to wait until after Christmas either way. Redonkulous.)
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In a truly bizarre sort of logic, the Wii tells me (via Wii Fit), that I've dropped 14 years in "physical age" despite the fact that the modest weight I've lost since I started exercising all came back over the holiday. I have really good balance, I suppose.
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Two weeks ago, I went into a store to pick up birthday gifts for a couple of people, and I was already commiserating with the lady working at Barnes and Noble about the fact that they had Christmas music playing. (And not just Christmas music, but covers of Christmas staples. Worse, covers by Mariah Carey.) I know this is a yearly complaint, but it seems like Christmas started ridiculously early this year. Well before that trip out to pick up presents, I swear I'd seen most stores festooned for Christmas before Halloween junk was even fully taken apart. (Thanksgiving says what?)

However, it is now December 1st, so I suppose I just have to get over it. Perhaps the insanely advanced onset of Christmas is part of the desperation with the financial situation these days. Retailers really, really, really want you to remember you still need to do your patriotic duty and spend money you can't afford to spend on junk neither you nor your loved ones needs. (At any cost, shop.)

I, myself, won't be participating this year. I really like shopping for friends and family for the most part, but I've decided to scale back. So this is me apologizing for not being able to provide Christmas presents per my usual. I'm going to do my best to make sure birthday gifts are even more wonderful to compensate as best I can. I don't know how to say this without sounding presumptuous, but anyone who was thinking of giving me anything should just save their pennies and wish a "Happy Holidays" instead.

In a weird way, I'm actually sort of hoping that, for the most part, this becomes the tradition. Like I said, I will miss not shopping for people, but I really loathe Christmas shopping season. I'd infinitely prefer to just hang out with people more and do fun activities in that space and avoid retail shops altogether (as much as is humanly possible, what with as many birthdays as I've got in the months of November-December). How's that sound?
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Start at 3:55

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#1: My mom's cooking everything.

I think that should qualify for reasons 2-10, really.

Happy Turkey (or Tofurkey, depending on your dietary interests) Day, one and all!
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My older sister is one sneaky momma. I'm going to have to get her good. She bought my presents under my nose and I was completely oblivious. Regardless, all is well. My gifts were well received, especially the book of Britishisms that I got for my sister as she goes abroad in a day. She spent all evening searching for terms to use on us folks; it took repeated urgings of her to really carefully peruse the entry of "wanker" before she accepted that it really was A CURSE WORD that she shouldn't be using on her sister, brother, or brother-in-law when she was annoyed at them.

Also, I have a portable DVD player! Now I can watch stuff instead of talking to my family on the trip upstate tomorrow. And plenty of DVDs to watch on it. Yippie! I'm very excited about this one as it means that I no longer need to schlep the computer around if I want to watch my DVDs en route to places.

And I get to see some Gilbert and Sullivan with my mother this year as my biggest present. Woot!


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