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Everywhere I turn, people are trying to spoil The Avengers for me by telling me what to think of it. I don't want to know! So I'm going radio silent until this evening. I hope I make it to 8:30.

Most of the time, I like knowing what people thought going into a movie. I like to have a general feel about the thing and what to expect so I can modulate expectations. But when I'm reeeeeally excited, I need not to know that you thought it was "okay" or "pretty great" or "not so good" (NOTE: THOSE ARE NOT ACTUAL REVIEWS I'VE SEEN FOR THE AVENGERS. I MADE THOSE UP. I WILL NOT SPOIL YOU IF YOU DO NOT SPOIL ME.) I've gone into two movies in my recent life not knowing what to expect, like, at all: Inception and Cabin in the Woods. Both benefited immensely from that, Cabin in the Woods perhaps more so. In a world where everything is known before you get to the theater, thanks to trailers and gossip sites, it's a rare privilege to enjoy things almost without knowing what to expect, you know?

So, yes, text me if you need something, or e-mail, but I'm going to read boring political blogs until I leave work because I cannot read Twitter or any of my usual sites for the rest of the day.
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Sigh, the backlash against the ending of Mass Effect 3 continues apace. Apparently, there's real enough protest that somebody has raised $70k in protest. Thank God, gamers are not entirely useless and they've donated it to Child's Play. (Spoiler warning: they talk about the ending, but not in detail.) If you're going to raise a ruckus that only makes you look like an idiot, by all means, at least donate the reward of that ruckus to somebody who'll be more grateful for games than you are. Suck it up and deal. Unlike just about every movie trilogy I could name, this game ended on a cohesive note, and its ending is not inappropriate for the tenor of the series. Why it should be sunshine and rainbows (Krogan! Made me a cake!) in order for it to be "good" is beyond me. God for-fucking-bid these people should get their way. They want the "Hollywood" ending, according to that article. I'll take what BioWare puts out over any Hollywood ending. Last I checked, movie-goers weren't thrilled about the Disney-fication of every goddamned thing.

In short, look at all the fucks BioWare doesn't give 'cause you didn't get a blowjob from the ending of their game. The game is actually really good, and aside from Vega, full of aliens to wuff. Well, it's full of humans to boink, too, as this comic accurately lampoons. And while I'm collecting all my favorite webcomics on this subject: THIS. I know why it's there. But it still sucked ass to wait through.
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I feel like a cat chasing a laser toy, mentally, today. My head is all over the place. To whit, this list of things that have come up in my head today, either as a result of life, the internet, or just my brain really being that spacey.

-I hate when people say, "I don't want to spoil it for you, so I won't say anything more," and then they go ahead and keep telling you spoilers. This morning, I talked to the new guy at work about his trip to see The Book of Mormon, which I am anticipating seeing at some point, and he just would not stop. Mind you, I didn't even ask about this, he volunteered this information and I, politely, heard him out and suggested he see Avenue Q if The Book of Mormon is his kind of bag. How did I recommend this? By saying it's funny and has good music. End of story. No spoilers. Jesus, was that so hard?

-You know what was a good game? Bioshock. I really loved that game for the gameplay. Yeah, they smoothed things out in the sequel, but honestly, the swapping back and forth between plasmids and weapons became second nature after a while. And there was a photography mini-game! More games need to have photography elements to them. I kind of love that that mechanic is back in the less-than-original "reboot" sequel Dead Rising: Off the Record. But man, Bioshock was goddamned fun, challenging without being impossible, and fucking gorgeous. I should go replay the sequel, get some more achievements or something. I should also buy this shirt, y/y?

-I had a dream where I met Jennifer Hale (if you don't know who she is, shame on you) at a convention (it might have been PAX) and I was so excited to see her and have her sign my female-Shepard-variant cover for the collector's edition of Mass Effect 3. I told her that I've been a fan of hers since Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego? when she was the female detective's voice. I don't know why that detail was so specific in my mind, but yeah. I woke up knowing it was a dream because I'm absolutely too squeamish about meeting celebrities to ever want tot talk to them. This is a nice change of pace from dreaming I've been called out as a failure by my boss and wake up in a panic about how to prove otherwise.

-Assassin's Creed movie!?! On the one hand, Ubisoft, with probably 1/100th of the budget of even a mediocre Hollywood movie, made a pretty goddamned awesome prequel short film about the father of the player character in the second and third Assassin's Creed games. It's beautiful, the costumes ARE porn, and I think they must have gotten the voice actors from the game surgically altered to resemble the characters they play because WHOA. On the other hand, if that's what they can do with 30 minutes and a lot of love and those people were involved in the movie, like at all, SIGN ME UP.
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I read Consumerist fairly regularly, although I take the occasional break from it so I don't lose all faith in financial transactions (buying, selling, minding your own business and getting trouble anyway). However, what really drives me away from the site? The people who post comments on the various blog entries about how one person or another is being screwed by one company or another. These comments are frequently nasty, most often than not in the form of concern trolling, and they almost always blame the people being hurt for their own problem.

Take, for example, a woman who speaks little to no English being kicked off a bus for having a crying baby. Instead of recognizing that stranding a woman off the side of the road--booting her from public transit, no less--is an unconscionable act, the comments are rife with people bemoaning how hard it must be, how dangerous for a bus driver to have to try to drive with a kid screaming in the back. (Who may or may not have been making noise at all, to say nothing of screaming.) Almost nowhere? Sympathy for this woman. No one on the internet ever makes the mistake of doing anything that would generate an unreasonable response, apparently. No one is ever penalized for no reason. These people must not live in fucking reality.

It's a common problem, these sorts of comments, such that there are memes around these sorts of responses, i.e. commenters who chime in with "In before someone blames the OP [original poster, I think]" because, inevitably, even if you're a victim of a senseless crime in which you cannot remotely be assumed to be responsible, someone will say it's your fault. Your baby was crying, ergo, get the fuck off the bus. You were in a bad neighborhood, so you deserved to be shot/stabbed/raped/mugged. It's really, really gross. I need not to read comments any more. This is my reminder to not do that.
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I have never had any interaction with the court system outside of jury duty and traffic court, but from my sample of n=2, I have decided that court is a place where the justice system fucks with you because it can.

Case in point: my trip upstate to get a plea bargain on my speeding ticket. Whine. )
I'm not thrilled about the $235 fine, but I really can't complain about the deal I got. I copped to 75 when I got pulled over, and I'd have even accepted 20 mph over, so long as I avoided that bullshit "driver reassesment penalty." The only way to have done better was to get it dismissed, and I'm not going to haul my ass back there to protest a ticket that they absolutely had me dead-to-rights on speeding on the off chance Officer Whoshisface wouldn't show up to Bumblefuck to testify. It's done, and I'll see about maybe taking defensive driving to knock off the points. I lucked out in that my quarterly update on my insurance arrived the mail before I left, and I checked it to see that I can get up to two sub-15 mph over speeding tickets without seeing a change in my rates. I'll double-check that against what they say my rates are as bills arrive, of course, but at least I don't have that headache.

My Dad called me to see how it went, which was sweet. He's heard precisely zip from his lawyer since retaining him. It's possible he hasn't had to go to court yet, but I know it's not going to be reduced to a parking ticket, like this guy seems to think he can manage. So when he gets a ticket for whatever, he'll have to pay the fees and what not. He'll probably hear from the lawyer then. We'll see who had the better plan when that happens.


Jan. 12th, 2011 12:21 pm
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It took me thirty minutes on the phone, being transferred five times (no exaggeration, five times), to find out that HP so helpfully sent us exactly one half of a power cord for our scanner. Now, forgive me, but nobody said anything about the power brick (which they call "an adapter") being sold separately from the cord that plugs into the wall. Then again, I got the advice on the cord from the online tech support, which was free--as opposed to the upfront charge of $39.99 to even talk with tech support (whether they help you or not) on the phone--so maybe I got what I paid for. NOTHING.

I know our phones here are somewhat bad. People are constantly asking me to repeat things or speak up. They are definitely too soft. If I try to talk in my not-shouty phone voice, no one can hear me. But the people at HP were obviously all Colombian or something, since they all spoke heavily-accented English and three of five couldn't understand when I said "Zero" when reading out order and part numbers. Want that half hour of my life back, man.

I will cheer myself up with this even more ridiculous trailer for Priest. I thought this movie couldn't look any worse. I am not ashamed to admit I was wrong. This does not make me want to see this movie less. In fact, I may be more pissed off that it got bumped back from March to May. I still love you, Vampire Karl Urban. I love you in everything, including that time you had a braided mullet in Chronicles of Riddick and were a different sort of undead.

There is also this picture of Captain America getting a tan. This is relevant to my interests in that it amuses me that what I thought was a faux-Norman Rockwell beefcake picture is actually an authentic Normal Rockwell Captain America beefcake picture. Thanks for that, io9! (For more cheesecake shots of superheroes in their even skimpier bathing suits, the io9 post is here.)
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Racists suck. But stupid racists are hilarious. Case in point: there is a conservative hate group that is actually hating on the upcoming Marvel movie Thor (our May Movie, folks!). Not because the trailer made it look like another $200M exercise in mediocrity. (True fact: at least half that budget was spent on replacing sets that Anthony Hopkins had devoured.) They're protesting because Idris Elba in it.

Personally, I'd protest any movie that doesn't have Idris Elba in it. (HOTT.) Give this man allllll the roles in Hollywood, kthanxbai.

Here's a great take-down of the racists' claims.
Look, racism is bad. But with a little more of this kind of racism, we might just kill the whole evil, malingering cancer of racism outright. Bad day to be a racist if these guys are your spokesmen. And I say men, because, let's face it, only a bunch of white dudes would get this far up their own assholes about Idris Elba. (Because they secretly wish it were Idris Elba up there.)
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I don't hate the people I hung out with all weekend. By and large, they were awesome. I got completely blotto Friday night trying to keep up with my former coworker, who insisted we do one round of dirty martinis and is it any surprise that I then threw up all over my room? Saturday was spent cleaning, recovering, and baking, that last round being done with my new coworkers at my boss' rather awesome apartment. Sunday, I went to two parties, a cookie-decorating one at Ms. Beans' place, which was fun. (I made superhero gingerbread men/women. Not as well as [ profile] jethrien  made them, but I tried!) Then it was off to Queens to [ profile] kent_allard_jr 's frankly AMAZING place for some Christmas-themed hanging out, which included some communist Christmas cartoons but not the new Thor trailer (which I was too afraid to watch with company, lest I burst out crying 'cause I'm gonna see it anyway, even if it sucks).

I loved hanging out with all the people I hung out with on those days. It was the bus ride home from Queens I could have done without. The M60 was nightmarishly crowded, and I was desperately trying to keep cookies from being smooshed any further. At one point, two obese guys got on and started to push through to the back. They squeezed in the chatty guy (who had, apparently, been flirting with me, according to my roommates, not that I ever know these things), then when they got to me started to laugh about how they couldn't "grind up" against me as easily, lest...I don't know. The vague "Ooh, better not bump her too hard or she'll get offended" threat was made.

And then one of the purposefully thrust his crotch out to push it up against my ass before actually pushing by (and grinding one of my pelvic bones into the metal support in the process). I felt so grossed out and I ended up getting slightly injured. God, I fucking hate people. That shit is NOT. COOL.
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Time for a good old-fashioned gripe. Here's what's annoying me this week!

1. People who pronounce things wrong.
I don't mean people who don't speak English well or have accents. They are lovely and allowed to speak with accents all their life for all I care, especially if they are British. (Or Australian. Or Kiwi. Or even South African, though I will probably confuse that with one of the others--or all of the others at some point.) I mean people who were born and raised in America and obviously speak fluent English who insist on pronouncing words that they clearly have only ever read on paper in a way that is stupid and obviously wrong, and worse, no one corrects them.


2. People who are anorexic presuming to lecture other people about their eating habits. Yes, this article has to do with the Kevin Smith kerfuffle, which should be discussed in terms of customer service and has instead devolved into "Fatties deserve it." But it's a good read. Because even if you want to make this about someone being fat, end of story, you really, really shouldn't let anyone that obsessed with food tell you what's right and what's not when it comes to a) eating, b) obesity, c) anything else. Obsessed people make very poor philosophers.

3. The fact that I'm probably going to have to buy this expansion.
I hate this strategy. )
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It was the worst-kept secret in the entire world that my boss was leaving. Before anything was done as far as getting us moved, the vultures were circling. There are going to be some DEAD vultures here in a bit. )
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Perhaps you've heard of James Dobson? He's a moral crusader. You know the type--the pseudo-friendly evangelist type that just wants to protect people from their worst impulses, like women working, that sort of thing. He's the sort of curmudgeonly old dude you can't believe is able to survive the daily affront to his delicate sensibilities that is a non-theocratic America.

I happen to reading about a blog post about a horrid abuse of power, wherein a mother asked the police to taser her 10 year old and they did, all because the girl didn't want to shower (!?). The post's author linked this sort of abuse to the kind that is generally encouraged by people like James Dobson. Whether or not you agree with the writer's premise that people who listen to Dobson and enthusiastically spank (if not outright whip) their kids are abusing them, regardless of whether you think spanking is a slippery slope towards having your kids tasered, I think we can all agree that James Dobson is a monster.

Why? Because he wrote this book, with this excerpt in it about how he BEAT HIS TINY DACHSHUND:
Cut for disturbing content--animal abuse )

This is a grown man who took a belt to a dog the size of a loaf of bread because he felt that was the best way to discipline his dog. I wonder: if he'd had a pit bull or some equally tempered dog, would have been so "brave" as to try and take a strap to it?

Long story short: if you want to pretend that you're qualified for telling other people what behaviors are right or wrong, it is generally not a good idea to write--proudly, no less--about beating up your dog. You. Fucker.
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Some stupidity that is so tremendously weak you can beat up on it is kinda fun, in its way. From yesterday's post, I found another gem from that same commenter at Savage Blog. It's a dooooooosy:

There was a measure of irresponsibility here on the part of the prospective parents, there's no question about that. It could've been handled in a more measured way...

I love it when idiots attempt to co-opt your argument by saying part of it is right, but...

but trying to imply that since they were having fertility problems they should've avoided medical help is total nonsense. A man and a woman as a couple are equipped by nature to reproduce, that's the core purpose and basic fabric that allows the existence of humanity.

That's funny, God designed people to see, hear, speak, breathe, and process glucose correctly, but there are so many people who can't do any of those things, whether by birth or by circumstance. All that is "natural" yet people can't do it. Yet Christian apologists would oppose stem cell research that could help with any number of these things. That's science meant to return people to their "nature," too. So where's the support for that? Oh right, kills bebbies. My mistake. Does that mean we can stop attacking scientists who don' We can't?

In past times medicinal and other methods were employed to assist those couples having difficulties, now that science is more advanced why should people of faith not make us of them? They're not deviating from God's purpose (hint) and one can easily argue that it has been the Creator Himself who has allowed for the advancement of science in this realm to help those couples who nature has provided with the responsibility and joy of reproduction.

Ah yes, the old "If it's good, God gets all the credit" canard. God wanted us to fix the flaws in his perfect design! That makes no sense. God designed us with a purpose...which he also--purposefully!--screwed all to hell for the few faithful because he never gets tired of that Job story.

You cannot fully understand this if you look at it thru the prism of your lifestyle mr Savage because not even with medical help like Mr and Mrs. Stansel are you or the man you're with can conceive and take part in the miracle of reproduction cause you as people of the same gender are not equipped to do that."

Yet, as was pointed out, Savage is biologically related to his son. Also, wouldn't you love to live in a world where the ability to conceive is the definition of understanding what it's like to hold life precious? Doesn't that seem like the most disastrously horrible place to be? Where the only people who are allowed to weigh in on human life are those who are physically capable of producing some? There's a healthy conditional for morality!
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Wow, two uses of that "I hate people" tag in one day!

Before I get into this rant which will pretty much cement my reputation for being an evil librul bebbie killah, a note: I totally support fertility treatments. I am not opposed to them at all. I think anyone who wants to have a kid, who can support one and love one but who has trouble conceiving one should be able to do a course of fertility treatments if that is their wish. (I would prefer more people adopt, but I would never say they had to.)


Via Dan Savage, I got to this story about a Mormon Couple who used artificial means to conceive...and then remembered that they're supposed to let God sort out those messy fertility decisions. You know, like how he doesn't make it possible for most women to be able to have six babies at once and have all of them survive? That's totally cool. But removing two or so of them prior to God making that decision so that four, rather than two could have made it? That's MURDER.

I love this one commenter on Savage's post:

"Nature (procreation, not your strong subject) is a miraculous process that we as humans are never going to fully understand we can just admire it and let the process invented by the one who created us take its course. It has worked for millennia, its why you're here, you just have refused to take part of it and that's why you cannot understand it. "

Yep, birthing has worked for many thousands of years. If you weren't a creationist cretin, you'd realize that actually birthing has worked for reproductive method for, oh, millions of years, a, and that actually its killed a shit-ton of mothers and fetuses over those millions, b. It's not a process we can't know unless we take your airy indifferent attitude toward it. It's funny, but if we actually try to understand it, we DO understand it! I mean, the doctor told this couple that if they had all six fetuses develop they'd pretty much all die or be horribly crippled for life. And what do you know? He was right! Isn't that funny how the guy who knows a lot about having babies and keeps studying the effects on people having babies of, well, having babies, he knows stuff? This is nuts!

I would feel bad for these people who watched four of these babies who were clearly not meant to be die, if they hadn't brought this upon themselves. Next time you promise to live by God's will, perhaps you should just hope and pray for that fertility, huh? Losing a few cells in week three is a hell of a lot less traumatic than watching 70% formed babies die from complications you could have avoided.

They won

Jun. 9th, 2009 01:52 pm
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Terrorism works.

It has been a week and a few days since Dr. Tiller was murdered. In that time, the anti-choice freakshow has barely restrained itself from saying outright that they are glad Dr. Tiller is dead. (You can bleat all you want about "abhoring violence" but your violent and provocative bullshit says otherwise.) Even so, you had that guy from Operation Stomp On Anyone Who Doesn't Follow Our Precious God going, "Yeah, I'm not saying I'm happy that one of our fellow soldiers finally murdered a man in cold blood, but that's mostly because it will reflect badly on us. Not because he didn't have it coming."

Now they have what they have always wanted--what they would have achieved through terrorism of one stripe or another--be it the many fruitless, pointless abuses of the justice system to try and derail a women's health clinic (they do know that things other than abortion happen there, right?) or the murder of those who would dare to care for women in desperate need: the closing of the clinic.

How restrained won't they be now, do you suppose?
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A school bus decided 6:00 am was a good time to honk outside of our building this morning. There was on-off but regular beeping for at least twenty minutes. It started with a double-tap, transitioned to alarm-clock-like beeps in steady sequence, and rounded off with full horn blasts for five seconds at a time.

And did I mention that the horn sounded like a dying clown horn? Honka-honka!

I almost ran out to the street to beat the blighter senseless. Needless to say, I didn't do that because I managed to convince myself each time that it was going to stop. Who honks for twenty minutes in the dead of morning and doesn't get the message that no one is going to respond except possibly a sleep-deprived mob?

I have trouble falling back asleep when rousted, too, so I barely slipped into semi-consciousness before the alarm went off. I seriously debated calling in sick, I was so zombified. I may still crash this afternoon.

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Why does it take the judge being corrupt to make this not okay?

The kids are all right. Until a bunch of self-righteous pricks overcriminalize them. Then we create problems that we didn't have before.

Listen to some of the audio from the victims. The last two are especially frightening. These were two kids who hadn't done anything wrong at all, and they got punished.

It's over

Mar. 21st, 2009 02:40 am
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Spoilers for the BSG series finale. Beware of cursing. )

I have decided, in light of this ending, that, for me, the show ends at the first 10 episodes of season four. I prefer incomplete answers to the ones given. I'm hoping that, in time, with having only watched each episode of this half season once, I will be able to forget it and be happy with what came before. This is the same strategy I've tried applying to The Matrix and its sequels; in time, the stupidity will be lost in my memory and I can enjoy what came before without hating what was done to it. It's not working, but I can hope. Maybe it's just not yet to that part of God's plan where I can forget this idiocy.
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The last post about assholes on the message boards at TWoP, I promise.

The BSG recapper, Jacob, made some half-assed statement about how men can't be raped and any attempt to depict male equivalents of rape were hollow attempts to equalize something that is inequitable. I respectfully disagreed, saying that the trauma of sexual abuse can't be ranked, let alone place rape as some holy grail above all others. (Not to mention that it is very disrespectful, not to mention sexist, to assume that men can't be violated like women can.)

I got this as a response: The only person saying that, again, is you.

I call it a moral victory that this smarty-smart-smart person resorted to "I know you are, but what am I." I had to respond as much, but they'll probably delete it. I still walk away the superior here. Because I didn't call anyone a smothering asshole for refusing to tolerate dissent.
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tl; dr: BSG is sexist, get over it, me. (No spoilers for tonight.) )

It's a major problem in fiction when you create a world with a different value system from your own. If you want them to be so different, you have to betray your own ideas of what is right and wrong and go, "What would Person X living in World Y think about this Action Z?" The better you are able to separate your own value judgments from that system, the more successful it will be. It's fine to go, "I'll create a world where they think nothing of murdering the second baby in a set of twins!" That's a good challenge to our sense that baby-murdering is wrong, and if you can write it such that the people in your work of fiction can be still entirely sympathetic despite this baby-killing thing, you've written yourself an amazing story. If instead you pull a BSG and write characters such that all the baby-killers end up miserable or dead, you pass judgment on them as the author and your readers/audience will pick up on that. It invalidates the system you set up, and your world breaks a little. (If the point of the story is that people wake up to the fact that this isn't such a great moral thing to do, it's another story. But you can't go "Oh yeah, everybody does this, it's not shocking" and then brutalize the people who do it without invalidating that assumption.)

This is what I mean when I say authorial intent isn't always the final word in a work of fiction. Maybe the author really intended their world of twin-killing people to seem totally normal. But their own moral judgments sabotaged their work. I think it's perfectly fair to call them out on it. This is what workshopping is about, is it not? "Hey, listen, this is totally awesome as a concept, but I don't think you actually believe it. If that's the case, you should reconsider how hard you sell this value in your fictional world." A good author would go, "Hmm, you're right. I need to commit to it more or show that my people are actually ambivalent about it." Because when the author doesn't know how to sculpt a part of his/her world, you can always tell. It's lazy to hand-wave away criticism. And fucking annoying to the audience to go, "Fuck off, you over-sensitive pricks. We're totally sensitive to your minority views. We told you to go climb a tree instead of calling you a bunch of whining pussies, didn't we?


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