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May. 16th, 2012 03:33 pm
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So, this is adorable. And hilarious. Venom and his ice cream cone might be my favorite thing about this.

Disassembled from Junaid Chundrigar on Vimeo.

I'm lucky no one was around in the lab when I took a break to watch this because I admit to cracking the fuck up a lot. The juxtaposition of the cartoon style and the shit going on in it are priceless.

In other news, I was watching Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, and I'm still loving it. Last night, I caught an episode that introduced Carol Danvers and she was voiced by Jennifer Hale (otherwise known as Commander Shepard also known as the one of two voice actresses whose work I can guarantee you've heard). I'm now suuuuuuper psyched for her to come back. It looks like A:EMH is doing what Justice League did in its second season and first season of Unlimited, which is bring in more heroes/villains from the fringes, and I am ALL about enjoying the shit out of that. Just so long as they bring Jennifer Hale back. I need more of her dulcet tones in my life.

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Best new blog I just discovered today: Literally Unbelievable, a blog dedicated to making fun of people who think The Onion reports serious news. It's one thing to have a random incident where Poe's Law gets a person who might otherwise be pretty savvy about sarcasm, even on the internets. But to be fooled by The Onion takes a whole other level of ineptitude quite worthy of cataloging.

Best new thing I saw today: EXPANDED AVENGERS TRAILERASFK@(!^$!#*!&#!!!!! I know I'm setting myself up for disappointment, I know it. Shut the fuck up and let me have this, okay?
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I may be the only one worried about a Doctor Who movie that cheerfully gives the series amiss in favor of its own, movie-only mythos. That's actually heartening for a change because the people who have some say about whether such a thing gets made aren't frightened of it actually getting made. To whit, Steven Moffat:

"Announcing my personal moonshot, starting from scratch. No money, no plan, no help from NASA. But I know where the moon is – I’ve seen it."

Ooh, I needed that on a Monday.
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The fallout from Netflix's attempt to spin off its services into two separate revenue streams has finally been totaled. It's probably not a surprise that Reed Hastings is still not getting it--a friend of his told him, point-blank, when he mentioned the Qwikster thing, that it was bad idea and he was ignored; he thinks that the uproar was more about pricing than the irritation of having to manage two websites for the same service; he mentions the general irritability of the populace (it's OWS! it's the Tea Party!); and so on and so on. It should not be a surprise that the man who's behind the decision that cost the company close to a million subscribers is defensive of his actions (and in complete denial about why his plan failed).

No, what surprises--and galls--is The New York Times' reporting (as ever, it seems). For example:
In its reliance on data and long-term strategy, the company underestimated the unquantifiable emotions of subscribers who still want those little red envelopes, even if they forget to ever watch the DVDs inside.

It was never about the emotional satisfaction of envelopes, be they red or otherwise. It was about convenience, pure and simple. Sometimes, it's more convenient to get DVDs by mail--because they aren't on streaming; because customers don't have high-speed internet to stream; etc. etc.--and sometimes it isn't. The choice was the attractive feature about Netflix, as was the convenience: you could get the discs or you could stream, and you could get it all in one place. Take that away, right after hiking prices, and you've just made your convenient service a hassle, for the honor of which your customers have to pay more. Why is it so hard for the damn newspapers to say as much? Why does a group of disgruntled consumers with a legitimate beef with a company have to be "emotional"? What, are they women or something? (DEAR GOD THAT WAS SARCASM, DO NOT KILL ME.)

In less aggravating news, G4 is making a trilogy of short horror films based on video games with almost no inherent stories of their own, and they've started with Duck Hunt. It's actually pretty good, and I think, even if you didn't know the reference, you'd probably get it after a while. Stupid laughing, mangling evil dog!
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Okay, no it isn't, but it DOES star Lassie from Psych, which makes it pretty damned awesome:

There's a discussion with the director about why he made it here. It reminds me a little of that rather gritty Mortal Kombat mini-movie that has actually been optioned to turn into a full-fledged series. And if you can make a gritty reboot of Mortal Kombat into a show, surely we can give this heart-breakingly awesome treatment of Voltron a shot, right? RIGHT?
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The internet used a fan syllogism to freak me the fuck out last week. That syllogism:
1) Clark Gregg's Agent Phil Coulson is a much beloved character that ties together the disparate Marvel fim franchises.
2) Joss Whedon, who is directing Clark Gregg (among others) in The Avengers, is known for brutally killing off beloved characters in franchises.
3) Ergo, Joss Whedon will kill off Clark Gregg's character.

Now, it is possible that some of you don't feel the Agent Coulson love. You're wrong, but I acknowledge your existence. (Unlike, say, my willingness to acknowledge those of you females in denial about Thor's hotness. You are all faries, unicorns, trolls, whatever, far as I'm concerned.) Clark Gregg is nothing short of adorable and is a breath of fresh air and pragmatism grounding the otherwise fantastical movies in which he has appeared. (Which is saying something given how literally sky-high Thor and Iron Man can get.) He's smarmy and fun and smart, and, besides that, he serves a useful and practical role without usurping movies away from their respective stars. Joss Whedon is smart enough to love that about his character, which doesn't necessarily mean he wouldn't then immediately kill that character off, which is why I was freaking out.

Luckily, however, Clark Gregg is easily as (if not more) charming as his fictional counterpart and has reassured us all that he's going to be around at least until The Avengers 2: The Search for More Money. In this interview, he manages to a) sound like a fanboy of the actors with whom he works, b) present himself as SRS AUTEUR, c) pretend to spoil you for events that probably won't happen in The Avengers (OR WILL THEY?), and d) completely make me love him even harder than I did before. That's it, Clark Gregg, I'm buying all your movies. I didn't even like Choke that well, but you have sold me. (Plus there's a chance he'll get residuals on that. Not so likely for the Marvel movies, I'm guessing.)
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Oh my. Oh, oh, oh, this made me splutter at work. Um, it's probably not safe for anyone's work but mine, where, because I laughed out loud, I then got to show it around to my other coworkers. Who laughed, probably mostly at me for finding this so funny. But it was.

Ooh, look what's coming to Netflix!
I was kindly given the X-Men cartoon on DVD at Christmas, but I'd be so interested to watch the old Spider-Man cartoon (from the 1990s, not the old-old one from the 1960s). I bet it is even worse than I remember it.

In a stunning bit of thinking, a judge rules that people are not their IP addresses. Or vice-versa, whichever. This is still of the good. I'm all for stopping the kiddie porn watchers, but I still believe you should have to do a liiiiittle more actual investigation than assuming that because something was downloaded to a given IP address that it must be the person residing at that address' fault. People are far too lazy about securing their wireless or patrolling their friends'/roommates' habits. Use the IP link to start a proper investigation, fine. Use it to smear someone FOREVER with a link to kiddie porn? Not so much.
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What was the first thing that popped into your head. If you're me--and a lot of other nerds like me--the first thing that popped into your head was Robocop. You may also have thought of The Crow, another dystopia-backgrounded film, also set in the city upon which dystopias are now based because New York cleaned up its act. Hold onto that latter thought for a moment and go with that first thing.

Apparently, the mayor of Detroit is soliciting suggestions from the citizenry about ways to improve what has been in reality (and, importantly, in the cinema), a notoriously shit city. He has politely, but firmly, told off somebody for suggesting that Detroit build a statue of Robocop. Naturally, many nerds feel he's burning a few tourist dollars his otherwise shit city doesn't and wouldn't ever have by closing the door on that one. I happen to think that, while, say, Metropolis gets a few hard-core visitors who want to see the city that is the object of Superman's affection, the money in that sort of thing probably isn't as ready or willing as the nerds would like to believe.

The best thing about this suggestion, though, is the counter-suggestions that the disappointed nerds have come up with. In just the thread of comments from the above linked post, someone suggested an ED-209 fountain (the ED-209 for reference), which is both amazing and unlikely to ever happen, alas. This comment thread, though...

Ranchoth: Well, [Robocop]'s not Detroit's ONLY claim to fame...The Crow was set in Detroit, too. I'm not sure which one is worse for attracting tourists, though.

KingOfDoma replied to Ranchoth: Robocop: "I'm an all-American icon drench in ultraviolence!"
The Crow: "I'm a Hot Topic icon drenched in ultraviolence!"
Yeah, no contest. I will note that it's kinda funny that both times the city is depicted as a crime-riddled cesspool...

MattK replied to KingOfDoma: What if The Crow had gotten to Alex Murphy before OCP had, and Murphy became Robo-Crow...or Crow-bocop?

I'm sorry. The rest of you who were hoping to win at life today? You will have to wait until tomorrow.


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