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I had some really bizarre outbreaks of allergy attacks this fall, so I finally made an appointment for an allergy test, which I took this morning. The doctor was super chatty and nice, and he found it helpful that I was so specific about my symptoms and what I thought triggered them. Especially since, as it turns out, I was pretty dead-on about what I was allergic to. Except for my supposition about molds being the reason I was really sniffly one rainy day, I was right about being allergic to trees and dust. (My two most memorable  experiences recently were when I was trapped in a park with flirting trees and after I came back from the shelter after changing many a clay litter.) I am also apparently allergic to every grass ever. My right arm was a mass of itchy bumps by the time the test was done, with only a few trees being non-allergenic.

One thing to watch out for, he said, was my slight but negligible (at least in comparison to the huge welts the grasses raised) allergy to cats. He thinks I might be one of those people whose been conditioned to accept cats but that time away from them will probably exacerbate the condition. Basically, I tolerate the cats because I'm around them all the time; leave for a week or two, and I'll probably come back to some reactions, though they should die down. I'll go back in a couple of weeks to do the second round of testing (higher concentrations of the stuff I had negative reactions to in order to be sure they were actually negative and not just sub-threshold) to find out for sure. I will take this as cart blanche to always have cats. Doctor's orders.

In other annoying news, one of the deal sites that I get e-mail from sent me an e-mail this morning admonishing me to go to the salon for a facial/eyebrow-plucking so that I don't have to hear about it from mother. I'm incredibly affronted by this assumption, not just for the sexism inherent in it, but also on behalf of my mother who is so awesomely not that person, I want to scream. DIAF, e-mail.
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My cats love me. Or, at least, Oscar does. He was all over me as I was trying (and mostly succeeding for a change) to clean up my room. I had been away for the weekend, and he wanted allllll the attention (and lap space) he could possibly commandeer. So cute.

Speaking of cute, ZOMG DON'T BLINK KITTY:

That last "blink" movement scared the shit of me, cute as it was.
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The true story of a 4th of July animal rescue )

The best part of this--besides the fact that some people might be getting a kitty that's awesome and that the kitty is going to a good home and was saved--is that I can now use this in my personal statement for vet school. Okay, that's not the best part, but I'm still totally going to use it. If I were already a goddamned vet, which I should be, really, as there's no excuse for all the time I've not spent working on that since graduating, I could have taken care of this with so much less fuss. It's strengthened my resolve, if nothing else. Applications, here I come!

Anyway, that's a much better story about my weekend than "I got sick and I hated it." I'm still recovering from the awful cold with the worst sinus pressure I've ever had when sick that has turned into an awful cough that may leave me as voiceless as [ profile] feiran  was this weekend. Let's hope not. I never do well when I can't talk. I'm a talker! I like being heard, damn it!
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I have mentioned (and, if not, demonstrated) how very little it really takes to make me happy. I sometimes worry that I come off a generally pessimistic and grumpy person. Perhaps I am and that is why small things completely turn my day around, even one that has only just begun.

Today is the first day I'm riding my bike to work. Now, I did ride to work before, on a Sunday, but I'd like to forget that I worked on a weekend, so today is the officially official start to my biking to work season. No more dealing with the stupid, slow bus to get across town! I'm going to be getting exercise, like, every day! Without taking any more time out of my day because the exercise replaces my commute! (THAT I HATE.)

On top of that, my cats liked new food! Given how freaking picky they are, this is enough to make me squeal. Luckily, no one was in the apartment at the time but me. The great news is that it's el-cheapo stuff they like that is actually great for them. So, on top of it being something they like, they're cutting my cat food bill almost in half. I have a lot to say about cat food, actually. )
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I need a weekend to my weekend. Like, a time to stop moving for about forever, if that's at all possible. A birthday party started off Saturday, and then I helped [ profile] shell524  build IKEA stuff for about three hours. Don't get me wrong--both outings were really fun. (Note to all my friends: if you have IKEA stuff to build CALL ME. I will work for free. If you have, like, a diet pepsi there for me, I'll be your IKEA-building slave.) I'm just exhausted. And, on top of that, I got to shadow a vet today and volunteer at the shelter. I need a break.

I'm so wiped, busy-ness-wise, I'm completely unable to work on my presentation for class Wednesday. I give myself today off, but that's it. Tomorrow, the crack-down.
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I did a ton of stuff this weekend. I volunteered (though not as much as I should have--more on that in a sec), saw a ton of people, played a bunch of card games (in which I was handedly dumped on because I advertised that I believe being ruthless is victory--might have tipped my hand too early there), and got to go peruse Michael's with my former roommate for some invitation ideas. I even put in some time with The Darkness video game, which I had a new urging to play after coming back from the 30-minute demo at PAX East. I played Rock Band, people. I hadn't done that in ages. I ended up staying up too late customizing a character and a logo for my band, which lead to me oversleeping on Sunday and canceling volunteering that day.

Karma came for me with a vengeance as a result, alas. Fully intending to continue on, eating and breaking hearts as Jackie Estacado, I took a break from gaming (instead of volunteering! my guilt! let me show you it!) to have some cheese. I had some aged gouda that I'd picked up and that would have made a lovely snack. It's a hard cheese, so I thought I'd chip away at it with a knife.

....guess how well that went? Drama queeeeeeeen for liiiiiiiife! )

None of that is hyperbole, by the by. I was really that worried. I need to remember that my life is not a Victorian moral and that I'm not literally going to be poisoned by cheese knife to death as revenge for not volunteering to save poor, defenseless kittens. 
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Despite the best efforts of the Big Momma's House sequel trailer to put me off the movies forever, I did get out to the theater this weekend with [ profile] viridian , [ profile] xannoside ,[ profile] jlc , and [ profile] ecmyers to see The Green Hornet. Honestly? Not as bad as I was expecting. It was stupid, but I laughed. I still loathe Seth Rogen and the idea of his being a movie star for doing absolutely nothing but playing himself (so, stupid and usually stoned). I still laughed. Perhaps because he looked like the idiot he so clearly is for pretty much all of the movie? Probably.

We did see one intriguing trailer for a movie called Hanna, which features a little girl who's able to kick more ass than all the 300 dudes combined. I've added it to my list of movies. I'm probably going upstate at the end of this week, since engagements prevented it over the long weekend. (They were lovely engagements, and I wouldn't have traded.) I think I've almost talked my mother into seeing Season of the Witch with me.

Other weekend highlights included my first weekend of volunteering. It's fabulous. Beware: I squeal about kittens behind this cut. )

For anyone who might be worried that I will suddenly have fifteen cats, rest assured this won't happen. I feel desperately bad for the two all-black kittens that I've seen in the shelter that are sweet as anything and tiny. They should be adopted out because they're well-behaved and beautiful. Gaia, a Bombay mix, has such sleek fur and a dignified face that's totally ruined by the fact she constantly has the tip of her tongue sticking out. Malinda is smaller even than [ profile] viridian 's kitty Callisto, but she's a cuddler and so adorable. I am not in any danger of adopting myself because I have the best cat in the world that loves me best and I've never had a cat that loved me best and I would never jeopardize that. That, and my other cat is so traumatized by the other cats that have come through my home that I couldn't put him through more of that either. And then there's the fact that these cats weigh, literally, one-quarter what my cats do. They'd never be happy.

So, no, I'm not adopting any pets. I am trying to get my mom to take one, though :) Her favorite kitty, Magic, who passed away all too young not so long ago, looks just like Gaia, right down to the few tufts of white hairs at her throat. My mother is remaining steadfast in her refusal to adopt more kitties, though, and with good reason. My brother has to give up his cat because his fiance is allergic. We're trying to see if my brother-in-law will take him, but my brother-in-law is being stubborn about wanting to pick out his own cat. (That's fair but annoying.) We won't let him go to a shelter, so my mother might end up with him. And she seems to think that she's going to end up with my cats when I go to school. Which is heartening--she thinks I'm definitely getting in!--and disheartening--I don't want to live without them!--but is mostly reassuring. (They'll always have a home with Grandma.)

What I don't understand is how people who can't have pets volunteer at the shelter. Without the quirky and difficult situation of cats at home, I'd probably have gone and adopted Malinda and Gaia already. But I have cats that I love and a dynamic that, while not perfect, would only destablize further if I brought more pets home. (Mostly because my roommates would, rightly, kill me.) Half the volunteers I talked to are pet-less, many because roommates are allergic, and I have no idea how they keep from taking home every sob-story pet they see.
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(Until after my test tomorrow. DEAR GOD, I WISH IT WERE OVER ALREADY.)

This popped up on BoingBoing, and I lol'd, so I thought I'd share.

Okay, standard disclaimer, alligators are not as good at hunting on land (they can run fast, though, so that's no guarantee), yada yada. That said? GO KITTY! Apparently, there are more videos of this specific cat teaching the gators on the bayou who is boss (on land), and it may even be (AN EXTREMELY ILL-ADVISED) stunt that a tour company does to entertain people. Still, that cat? FEARLESS.

This is why the only other creature to survive Alien was the damn cat. The Xenomorph was all ::HISSSSSSS DEATH HISSSSS ACID BLOOD HISSSSSS:: and Jonesy the cat was all "I will show you how to hiss, you slick-ass muthafuckah" and then suddenly the Alien was all, "Oh, there might be more people for me to eat...somewhere else."
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I'm the world's worst morning person. I alternate between being a zombie and being within a kind word of biting people's faces off. (Seriously, do not say "Good morning!" to me some days, you might lose a nose.) I hate getting up early, and if I worked a 9-to-5 job (versus a faces-saving 10-to-6 job like I've got), I'd probably explode.

One of the ancillary benefits of working for a university, however, is that they occasionally throw "initiative parties." Basically, any time Columbia decides to jump on one bandwagon or another, there's a little fair or expo about it. This morning, starting at 9, they were all about a bike-to-work initiative (that, and a secures shredding fest). As I am now biking to work regularly, this was relevant to my interests, so I actually--voluntarily!--got up to work early. It helped that the second I started to stir at my new, earlier alarm, Oscar was head-butting me in the face and being distractingly adorable. (I know he just wants food. Allow me my illusions that he just loves me that much.)

So, before I even got in--early no less!--to work, I had my bike registered against theft with the NYPD, picked up a discounted bike lock and got a free tune-up! That last bit was the best. Despite the fact that, before I even got on the damn thing, I had my bike tuned by a shop, I feel like something's been wrong. Whatever the tune-up guy did as far as the gears go, it's working for me. I've got to get readjusted to what he did with the seat (granted, something that needed doing, I'm sure), but otherwise, I'm happy happy happy.

Of course, getting up all of half an hour earlier to get that all done means I'll probably craaaaash hard tonight, but it's still worth it!
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I'm out the door for my Stats final in a few minutes. I think I'll be okay. Keeping my fingers crossed, though, which hurts because I burned half of them last night cooking. My fingers on my writing hand. Geeeenius, I be it.

At least I had no huge anxiety dreams last night. I did dream that the burn on my pinky swelled up into this huge blister, but other than that, I just dreamed that my brother sent me an e-mail with a picture of a crowd at a football stadium. He'd enlarged one area because he couldn't believe who was sitting in the crowd: it was either my cat, Wally, large as a person, or Lu Bu from Dynasty Warriors. Either one would probably not be fun to attend a game with--Wally because he's large and skittish and would freak out on you, and Lu Bu has those head feathers that would really ruin your view...

Okay, enough. Test time. Ciao!
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Kitty is fine. He's got bandage-paws, which makes him walk hilariously silly. (Monty Python ain't got nothing on my Wally.) But I am all reassured that he's fine, if still pained by the wound. I'm lucky I got him back at all. The vet and her assistant both love Wally. He barely complained as she pulled and pressed at the wound to be sure there was no pus or anything similarly distressing. I think he was just terrified into silence, not necessarily being brave or even-tempered, but they love him. Between these ladies the and ones who nearly walked off with Oscar this weekend, I'm lucky I have any cats left! I will pat down visitors to check for suspiciously meowing lumps from now on.

Studying continues apace. I've got two whole chapters of material to read and teach myself. I'm progressively less worried about the final. For one thing, I learn on my own very well. For another, there's going to be a special extra credit assignment that I can do on top of studying, which I can only believe will help with studying for the final. Extra credit redeemed me the points I lost to stupidity on the last midterm and then some, so this could really keep me from panicking. Not that I am. In the e-mail announcing the extra credit he stressed that people who got 60s on the last midterm might want to do it. Erm, wow, are people really doing that badly? Or is it, like, one guy? Who knows?
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See if you can keep yourself from giggling watching this and see if you can watch it without getting the song stuck in your head. (PS: YOU CAN'T.)

Oh, family

Mar. 22nd, 2010 01:13 am
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I don't often speak with my siblings, but when I do? It's always interesting. Usually it vaults between horrible news and great news, so I can't say it's always fun, but it's nearly always fun.

My younger sister called, left me a message while I was at dinner, with the message being about something important, but not urgent, or words to that effect. I called her back, left her a message, she called me back, we chatted for an hour. I had left her a message going "YOU DON'T HAVE ANOTHER CAT, DO YOU?" which she thought was amusing. (I? Less amused at the prospect.) She did not. She joked that she had called to talk with my other younger sister (the youngest), and the youngest worried that it was that she was pregnant. (SHE IS NOT PREGNANT, THANK YOU JEEBUS.) Really, a young, single girl just out of college, there are only so many things she could want to chat about. In the end, nothing awful or anything so life-changing. I even got to tell her--the first family member I've told--about my potential new job. I...should really get on with telling the rest of my family. (Except now I've, sort of, told my brother. Hi, Big D! I got a new job! Probably!)

Of course, had I not been dorking around with my new computer, I might have noticed the message earlier. The new computer is home and making itself welcome. I'm already working on placing many a digital comic book and downloaded movie/TV show onto it so that I might have it for a traveling media machine as much as it is a portable computer.

New computer's name is Ashleigh, by the by. It had to be quasi-Victorian, and male, to fit in with the rest of my electronics. The name came via [ profile] feiran, and, yes, it will probably be "Ash" in my head forever, thus making a connection to Evil Dead/Army of Darkness and making it all the cooler. Here, he and Ambrose say hello:
(Um, please ignore the "TV-MA" screen cap on Ambrose. I was trying to stream Spartacus: Blood and Sand at the time, forgot, and then was too lazy to take another picture.)
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Okay, enough RAR-RAR-RAR-ing. Onto the stupid stuff I'm doing that nobody cares about either!

My father and I are still waiting on word that power has been restored. I slept better on the couch for being more tired last night and for having my sleep mask, but I still did not sleep well. And I'm nobody's friend when I've not had sleep and am awake against my will in the morning. It's almost over. Almost. )

More new developments:
-I have my vacuum cleaner! It's powerful, tiny, light, versatile, and loud as the roar of a car engine. I love it. It saves me time over sweeping and works better because the tufts of cat hair don't go wafting away on the breeze from sweeping! As soon as the guest cats are gone, I'll make a real go of cleaning my kitties' room proper with it. I'm ridiculously excited about that, not going to lie.

-I'm clearing out my e-mail at work because if I don't take a job at Columbia, I'll lose the account. For most people "cleaning out" means deleting. I've done some of that. But I'm mostly just forwarding everything--and I do mean everything--to my gmail account. I will probably never use it. But as [ profile] feiran pointed out, I've had this account for ten years. Over the time I've had it, I forwarded most of the undergrad e-mails along, but there are still nearly five years of work e-mails, too. I can't bear to part with them because that's my life, you know? It's also potentially useful in the future. I wouldn't want to lose contact there. I'm also busy at rearranging registrations with places online that have used that account. As I go through e-mails, I keep discovering new ones to redirect. From 1000+ e-mails in the inbox yesterday, I'm down to 200+. Go Team Trinity!

-Someone's doing a Bebop rewatch on!!! I gotta gobye...
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Interview went well! I had to ask that she try and see about matching my salary requirement but that I would negotiate, too. The highest compliment she paid me was that she really liked my attitude. I'm so glad! That's really flattering to hear, especially when, internally, I think of myself as rather curmudgeonly. Anyway, even if nothing comes of it? Good practice, good time. Wasn't even a bit nervous. Two snaps up for me.

In other news: I have a vacuum cleaner! Rather, I will do, in a week or so. had a Dyson going for ridiculously cheap, and it had decent reviews. Why this is amazing is that this was a birthday present to me from my parents. From, um, last year. So I'm only just now getting around to getting it. It was too expensive, perhaps, but they're a fabulous brand and they only go on sale every so often. I'm not letting my parents pay the full price. Only you and I will know, okay? THE VACUUM OF MY DREAMS, YOU GUYS. I HAS IT (SOON).

In other "purchases that indicate you are secretly an old person" news, this weekend I finally bought a dry cat food storage bin. It's massive because I always buy my cats' food in bulk. I need to mix their two kinds of food together, too, so the bin is really useful and better than the plastic ziplock bags I've been using which are getting NARSTY. This is the kind of thing that makes me happy, folks. Any day now, I'll have that cane to wave at the punk kids on my lawn and I'll be truly blissful.

One other crazy thing I've acquired (in this case, stole from my parents' house because no one was using it there): bed lifts. I want a lofted bed like nobody's business. In fact, despite having a queen-sized bed, I want a bunk bed-height lofted bed so I can have my huge bed over my head and, like, a desk underneath. One day, I will have this thing. It might even be soon, since my mother still has a furniture set exactly matching this description that my grandfather built in her attic somewhere. For now, I have bed lifts. I no longer even have to raise my arm to hit snooze on my alarm clock. BECAUSE IT IS BENEATH ME. WHERE IT BELONGS.

Evil = sexy

Feb. 4th, 2010 11:02 am
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Proof positive that being evil makes you sexier than being good (besides random episodes of Smallville wherein anyone possessed by evil in any way suddenly looks like they stepped out of a Pantene commercial)?

The proof is in the bomp-chicka-wow-wow! )

In other news, my Oscar kitty jumped into my lap for love last night, which I gave (around shooting things in my game). I noticed he'd hurt the inside of his ear. I figured it was from a fight with Wally. But then I noticed he'd hurt the outside of his ear as well. There's a big spot where there is a shallow wound and no hair. The spot is slightly smaller than a dime but too large to be a bite or claw mark. I wonder if he burned it on the radiator they're always sitting by? Poor baby. I cuddled him good. I don' know what it is about me and cats. They're always getting their widdle ears wounded. Poor Oscar.


Jun. 23rd, 2009 03:26 pm
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Great White Shark am not serial killer; me am puppy!

I object to this salacious headline for three reasons. One, this isn't exactly news. You have some hundreds of millions of years in which sharks have evolved to be perfect predators. If they survived on randomly chomping at prey, they would never have made it this long. And speaking of evolution, the great white is superbly adapted for stalk-and-kill predation both because of its speed and force but also because of its coloring. The distinctive white belly and dark dorsal skin of the great white allows it to hide from prey at any depth--seals looking down from above will lose the shark's dark top side in the gloomy dark of the deeper ocean; seals looking up at sun-lit waters see the white belly. It's very easy to lose the great white shark, visually. I wrote a paper on this for my vertebrate zoology class, and I've swum with sharks--not great whites, alas--so trust me on this. But if you can't, rest assured none of this is news to anyone who is actually paid to study sharks. (Lucky bastards.)

Two, other animals do this all the time and don't get called Hannibal Lector for it. Tigers are probably the best example of great stalkers who are also notable for their particular camouflage. Tigers are deliberate and deadly hunters, and they are frequently demonized, but I don't remember anyone making direct connections between a tiger and Ted Bundy. (Maybe I haven't been reading the right material.)

And three, it's a mistake to personify animals. Period. I do it all the time with my kitties, but I am not in the profession of studying my cats and writing papers about their behaviors (contrary to what it might seem like from some of my LJ posts).

I really dislike this tendency of articles to make bold claims in headlines that they then subsequenty dismantle in the actual article. It's worse when they don't take apart such bullshit, but really, is it such a slow news day that we have to go "THINGS ARE DIFFERENT LIKE CRAZY ZOMG!" and then write an article that admits, "Actually, everything's fine, nothing to see here"?? This is just to drive up click-generated profits, isn't it?
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WIN: Buffy stakes Edward Cullen. Fuck yes.

I'd like to know, from those who are in the know about this: are these clips from Twilight...representative of the movie? Because there is no way in hell I would ever be able to sit and watch this without wanting to punch myself in the face until the physical misery overwhelms the spiritual one I would be suffering from that movie.

LOSE: $25 is not a good deal.

Even now, when I don't play the PS2, like, ever, it's still worth ten times as much as that. This is an insult! An insult!

funny pictures of cats with captions
see more Lolcats and funny pictures
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-Is this cat-shaving thing a crazy scientist thing or what? (Well, at least it's not just me!)

-Per this request video, I'm linking to this video:

Not the best video, but because it's being challenged by the imbeciles being (rightly) ridiculed in it despite the fact that they have no legitimate/legal recourse to do so, I post it. I like being ornery like that. For the love of Darwin, though, don't watch the video during the parts with Luskin talking. He's a moron. It HURTS how stupid and self-righteous he is.

(It's easier for YouTube to be reactionary about these sorts of copyrighted material claims given how many legitimate violations are running around on their website.)

-Paul Krugman gets it: incitement is dangerous.

-Hail Satan! Or, rather, Satanists, because they are awesomely snarky. (And as commenters point out, more rigorously opposed to sexual offenders than, say, the Catholic Church.)

-Linked to this via Twitter:

I need to watch Flight of the Concords, clearly, if this is the kind of quality music they make.

-Last but not least, I think I had a request for this video from an SPN fan:

(There is also a video to that song for Heroes. I refuse to link to it. Search YouTube if you must, but really, who must do anything for or about Heroes except the people paid to do so?)
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This is apparently the "Wolfman." I am usually (appropriately) skeptical of these sorts of live-with-the-animals folks, but I gotta hand it to him: he had the wolf pup and my cats completely convinced he was a howling wolf.

Before I played this video, I had a cat accepting love from me and happily purring at my side. Wolfman here starts up, and both the kitties in my immediate vicinity start looking wildly around, ears twitching crazily as they looked for the threat. Well played, Wolfman.


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