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The jig, she is up. Remember how G.I.Joe: Sequel now Starring The Rock got delayed for nine months, which was announced all of a month ahead of its intending release date, supposedly for post-conversion to 3D?

Turns out that may not have been the reason. Allow me to indulge my inner Starship Trooper and ask: Do you want to know more? (Warning: there is a spoiler for the movie that, if you've followed the adverts for it at all, you probably could have guessed.)

If this is true, and I actually have so little faith in the studio that made the decision to pull this bullshit that I believe it could be, easily, I AM GOING TO SCREAM.


Mar. 30th, 2012 06:03 pm
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I have never bought a lottery ticket in my life. I have gotten (but never purchased myself) scratch-off cards, which are a hoot, especially the crossword-style ones. Someone just came around to collect $1 for people to buy into what promises to be a disgusting payout in some lottery game. I pitched in. Why not? Solidarity. Plus, as I told the woman collecting, I've already spent about $6 on sodas I can't drink for class. When I told that my project was swabbing cans of soda from various vendors to check what microbes are growing on them, she made the same face that, well, just about everyone has since I started telling people about this project.

I also learned there's a west coast-east coast difference in drinking soda, whereby east coasters all use straws and west coasters don't. Anyone want to verify that? I know I drink with straws, but that's for a variety of practical and stupid reasons (I can get at every last drop of soda that way; it doesn't stain my teeth as badly; I don't have to put my mouth on the dirty fucking can; I just like straws, etc. etc.) I didn't used to growing up, from what I can remember. Although, there was that time a family friend's daughter scared the crap out of me and told me to never drink dark sodas or to look in the can before drinking first because one time this friend she knew drank a soda and there was a bee in it and she got stung in the mouth and and and...

I was a very gullible kid. Of course, I believed every word of this. To this day, I don't eat hamburgers at any fast food joints because my brother scared me off of them as a kid by saying that they spat on their hands when they made the patties at McDonald's and that old rats were ground into the meat. I always ate chicken after that. (He tried to scare me off that, too, by saying chicken nuggets were rat heads, but at that point my hunger overtook my caution, and I had to eat something.) I realize now that a) McDonald's doesn't make its own patties and b) there are probably worse things in them than rats, but it's something that's stuck.

Wow, that was a whole post about nothing. Have a good weekend everybody!
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So I ordered three things--two things, really, one of which I ordered two of--from one of our vendors, all of which could fit comfortably inside a small index card box. One item had to be frozen, so it arrived on dry ice separately from the other item (of which there was a quantity of two). The non-frozen items arrived in a box with slots that can accommodate twelve of those items, which is pretty wasteful, in terms of space.

The frozen item, however, wins the "You really needed a box that big?" prize as the frozen item is the size of a box of paper clips, and it arrived in a box of dry ice--filled with dry ice, mind--that was 1'x1.5'x2'. You could have comfortably fit a frozen head in the same box. (Not that I ship frozen heads. Much.)

Our charge for this shipping: $23. Their charge for materials: God only knows. Wow.
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Best new blog I just discovered today: Literally Unbelievable, a blog dedicated to making fun of people who think The Onion reports serious news. It's one thing to have a random incident where Poe's Law gets a person who might otherwise be pretty savvy about sarcasm, even on the internets. But to be fooled by The Onion takes a whole other level of ineptitude quite worthy of cataloging.

Best new thing I saw today: EXPANDED AVENGERS TRAILERASFK@(!^$!#*!&#!!!!! I know I'm setting myself up for disappointment, I know it. Shut the fuck up and let me have this, okay?
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The fallout from Netflix's attempt to spin off its services into two separate revenue streams has finally been totaled. It's probably not a surprise that Reed Hastings is still not getting it--a friend of his told him, point-blank, when he mentioned the Qwikster thing, that it was bad idea and he was ignored; he thinks that the uproar was more about pricing than the irritation of having to manage two websites for the same service; he mentions the general irritability of the populace (it's OWS! it's the Tea Party!); and so on and so on. It should not be a surprise that the man who's behind the decision that cost the company close to a million subscribers is defensive of his actions (and in complete denial about why his plan failed).

No, what surprises--and galls--is The New York Times' reporting (as ever, it seems). For example:
In its reliance on data and long-term strategy, the company underestimated the unquantifiable emotions of subscribers who still want those little red envelopes, even if they forget to ever watch the DVDs inside.

It was never about the emotional satisfaction of envelopes, be they red or otherwise. It was about convenience, pure and simple. Sometimes, it's more convenient to get DVDs by mail--because they aren't on streaming; because customers don't have high-speed internet to stream; etc. etc.--and sometimes it isn't. The choice was the attractive feature about Netflix, as was the convenience: you could get the discs or you could stream, and you could get it all in one place. Take that away, right after hiking prices, and you've just made your convenient service a hassle, for the honor of which your customers have to pay more. Why is it so hard for the damn newspapers to say as much? Why does a group of disgruntled consumers with a legitimate beef with a company have to be "emotional"? What, are they women or something? (DEAR GOD THAT WAS SARCASM, DO NOT KILL ME.)

In less aggravating news, G4 is making a trilogy of short horror films based on video games with almost no inherent stories of their own, and they've started with Duck Hunt. It's actually pretty good, and I think, even if you didn't know the reference, you'd probably get it after a while. Stupid laughing, mangling evil dog!
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It's fucking stupid. There are a hundred and one reasons that this Qwikster thing is bad news, all of which other people have gone over in detail, and I won't repeat here. For me, it simply comes down to the power Netflix is pissing away in this move. Separating out their business, which I and others think is a sign they're looking to sell off the DVDs-by-mail business entirely, halves their subscriber base, thus giving them fewer voices with which they may shout at studios providing them content in order to get that content more cheaply. Worse, splitting the websites makes it hard for people to maintain their queues. People are fucking lazy. Netflix has heretofore made excuses for that laziness by making everything easier than ever (put it in your DVD queue, and bam! added to your instant queue, too! etc. etc.). Making it hard for anyone, much less people less tech-savvy than most of the people I know reading this is just stupid. They'll drop half your service. I already know one person who's doing just that. More will follow.

And even if you retain the supposed "wave of the future" customers who only want streaming (probably at least one of my siblings), they are called the customers of the future for a reason. They are not "the customers of now." Streaming may be the future, but it's not there yet. There are some big names conspicuously absent from Netflix's streaming library. Perhaps most notable? HBO. HBO will never give over its streaming access to Netflix. It has it's own streaming service, HBO Go, which is restricted only to people who subsribe to HBO. There's zero incentive, no matter the cost of maintaining that service, for them to drop it because maintenance must cost less than losing subcribers who are willing to wait until they can get Boardwalk Empire, Game of Thrones, etc. on Netflix. HBO may be the only half-smart player in this; they probably took a hit when HBO was losing subscribers over Netflix DVDs-by-mail and weren't about to go through that twice. They've been incredibly smart, even, as I've noticed that their shows, while still expensive, are no longer outrageously priced to own on DVD. HBO's the model of the future, as moonlightalice has pointed out: streaming is most likely going to end up being doled out piecemeal among the different studios, who will be incredibly possessive of their content (having learned, much later than HBO, that it's better not to farm out your content to someone who'll make more distributing it than you'll get in fees).

But, yeah, I don't see Netflix as streaming-only being that great until you can break someone like HBO into giving over their content, and their ability to bully for less cost is going to be taken away by splitting up or spinning off their DVD division. That's economicsFAIL! right there. All other considerations--the fact some people can't stream, that some people like special features, that streaming is unrealiable and prone to last-second loss of content--come second to that, far as I'm concerned.


Jan. 12th, 2011 12:21 pm
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It took me thirty minutes on the phone, being transferred five times (no exaggeration, five times), to find out that HP so helpfully sent us exactly one half of a power cord for our scanner. Now, forgive me, but nobody said anything about the power brick (which they call "an adapter") being sold separately from the cord that plugs into the wall. Then again, I got the advice on the cord from the online tech support, which was free--as opposed to the upfront charge of $39.99 to even talk with tech support (whether they help you or not) on the phone--so maybe I got what I paid for. NOTHING.

I know our phones here are somewhat bad. People are constantly asking me to repeat things or speak up. They are definitely too soft. If I try to talk in my not-shouty phone voice, no one can hear me. But the people at HP were obviously all Colombian or something, since they all spoke heavily-accented English and three of five couldn't understand when I said "Zero" when reading out order and part numbers. Want that half hour of my life back, man.

I will cheer myself up with this even more ridiculous trailer for Priest. I thought this movie couldn't look any worse. I am not ashamed to admit I was wrong. This does not make me want to see this movie less. In fact, I may be more pissed off that it got bumped back from March to May. I still love you, Vampire Karl Urban. I love you in everything, including that time you had a braided mullet in Chronicles of Riddick and were a different sort of undead.

There is also this picture of Captain America getting a tan. This is relevant to my interests in that it amuses me that what I thought was a faux-Norman Rockwell beefcake picture is actually an authentic Normal Rockwell Captain America beefcake picture. Thanks for that, io9! (For more cheesecake shots of superheroes in their even skimpier bathing suits, the io9 post is here.)
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Some stupidity that is so tremendously weak you can beat up on it is kinda fun, in its way. From yesterday's post, I found another gem from that same commenter at Savage Blog. It's a dooooooosy:

There was a measure of irresponsibility here on the part of the prospective parents, there's no question about that. It could've been handled in a more measured way...

I love it when idiots attempt to co-opt your argument by saying part of it is right, but...

but trying to imply that since they were having fertility problems they should've avoided medical help is total nonsense. A man and a woman as a couple are equipped by nature to reproduce, that's the core purpose and basic fabric that allows the existence of humanity.

That's funny, God designed people to see, hear, speak, breathe, and process glucose correctly, but there are so many people who can't do any of those things, whether by birth or by circumstance. All that is "natural" yet people can't do it. Yet Christian apologists would oppose stem cell research that could help with any number of these things. That's science meant to return people to their "nature," too. So where's the support for that? Oh right, kills bebbies. My mistake. Does that mean we can stop attacking scientists who don' We can't?

In past times medicinal and other methods were employed to assist those couples having difficulties, now that science is more advanced why should people of faith not make us of them? They're not deviating from God's purpose (hint) and one can easily argue that it has been the Creator Himself who has allowed for the advancement of science in this realm to help those couples who nature has provided with the responsibility and joy of reproduction.

Ah yes, the old "If it's good, God gets all the credit" canard. God wanted us to fix the flaws in his perfect design! That makes no sense. God designed us with a purpose...which he also--purposefully!--screwed all to hell for the few faithful because he never gets tired of that Job story.

You cannot fully understand this if you look at it thru the prism of your lifestyle mr Savage because not even with medical help like Mr and Mrs. Stansel are you or the man you're with can conceive and take part in the miracle of reproduction cause you as people of the same gender are not equipped to do that."

Yet, as was pointed out, Savage is biologically related to his son. Also, wouldn't you love to live in a world where the ability to conceive is the definition of understanding what it's like to hold life precious? Doesn't that seem like the most disastrously horrible place to be? Where the only people who are allowed to weigh in on human life are those who are physically capable of producing some? There's a healthy conditional for morality!
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As was pointed out to me, I generally talk about media stuffs on LJ and not a whole hell of a lot else. Even in my last post, I managed to sneak in media stuff. Impulse control, what is that?

Anywhoodle, I read blogs like this some times, and they had a post about this article in Time. It's neither an original complaint about Netflix--"I have to wait for movies!"--nor an entirely honest one as Time, being part of Time-Warner, has an interest in denigrating their competitor for paid streaming video service.

You can take apart this guy's fuddy-duddy curmudgeonly gripes far too easily to be worth bothering with. What I find hilarious is people on Hacking Netflix leaving comments to the link to this article saying this:

Yeah, let's tar and feather Richard Corliss! How dare he exercise his right of free speech in Time magazine; and of all places, in the USA.

Is it too much to ask that we all express just the Netflix Kool-aid drinking opinion on this blog? ;-)

Personally, I enjoy browsing video and book stores.

Left by Edward R Murrow! Of all people!

I know, anyone is allowed to be an idiot on the internet. That's what it's there for (besides the porn, I mean). But going to a website that is pretty much dedicated to updating Netflix devotees on company developments and saying, "Gosh, do you have to like this so much?" is tantamount to wearing a Dolphins jersey to the Meadowlands. You just don't do it unless you're colossally stupid. Not only are you probably going to be savagely attacked, but...just...did you not think!? This is a site for people who worship the god of little red envelopes. Of course they're going to defend Netflix against all heathens.

(Amusing side note: that Time article hilariously generated a pop-up ad for Netflix when I clicked on the link.)
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While the hilarity of Blockbuster not including a button to cancel subscriptions to it's mail-order DVD program are meant to be at the forefront of this article, I can't help but gawk at something else on that screen shot.

$1.99 for in-store rentals? I thought that just about the only thing Blockbuster had going for it as far as being a competitor of Netflix was the in-store trade-in policy. I had thought that these trades were free. Apparently, this is not the case. And that definitely explains this trend line, doesn't it?

Another bit of proof that Blockbuster is doomed: one of the upgrades to the XBOX 360 Netflix platform is a feature that allows you to modify and add to your instant watch queue on the XBOX--no more having to have laptop and console together! It doesn't sound like much, but it's quite a nice feature, really.
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Why won't he shut up already?

There is no good way to tell the public at large you've had an affair. But there are ways that are better than others. One of the worst ways to do it is to go into embarrassing detail about every liason ever and try to justify your bizarre behavior over the last one by saying that this affair was totally different than those other (!) affairs you've had before.

Is Mark Sanford committing public suicide slowly or what? He must believe that by trumping up how much he is in love with his current mistress makes his insanely stupid behavior make more sense. I get it--he thinks that the public will be more sympathetic if it looks not like he was a sex-crazed man in the midst of a of mid-life crisis but that he was so much in love that he couldn't help himself. Except that whether he was driven to disappear and leave no forwarding contact information because of his prick or his heart doesn't really matter when an entire state doesn't know where its governor is.

At this point, the details and defenses are just getting digustingly intimate. Really, dude. Stop already.
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Something I'm generally sensitive to is being patronizing. If I haven't told people before, please, if you catch me being a condescending asshole, don't let me get away with it? I absolutely loathe that behavior and I know I am prone to it. Just tell me if I'm doing it. I won't get offended. I'm grateful for such honesty because I don't want to be That Person.

Apparently, though, I AM that person. )

I do feel so much better now. Ah, me, away from such silly things. Aren't there some half-naked men I could be ogling? Or a post for Pink Raygun I should be writing? Oops, nope, I already did! It was a Sylar-centric episode, but being sick (and being aware of what depths of suck Sylar-centric episodes had reached before), I didn't leap into this one. John Glover, though--man, can't he just sit there and tell everyone how much they suck forever?
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The last post about assholes on the message boards at TWoP, I promise.

The BSG recapper, Jacob, made some half-assed statement about how men can't be raped and any attempt to depict male equivalents of rape were hollow attempts to equalize something that is inequitable. I respectfully disagreed, saying that the trauma of sexual abuse can't be ranked, let alone place rape as some holy grail above all others. (Not to mention that it is very disrespectful, not to mention sexist, to assume that men can't be violated like women can.)

I got this as a response: The only person saying that, again, is you.

I call it a moral victory that this smarty-smart-smart person resorted to "I know you are, but what am I." I had to respond as much, but they'll probably delete it. I still walk away the superior here. Because I didn't call anyone a smothering asshole for refusing to tolerate dissent.
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tl; dr: BSG is sexist, get over it, me. (No spoilers for tonight.) )

It's a major problem in fiction when you create a world with a different value system from your own. If you want them to be so different, you have to betray your own ideas of what is right and wrong and go, "What would Person X living in World Y think about this Action Z?" The better you are able to separate your own value judgments from that system, the more successful it will be. It's fine to go, "I'll create a world where they think nothing of murdering the second baby in a set of twins!" That's a good challenge to our sense that baby-murdering is wrong, and if you can write it such that the people in your work of fiction can be still entirely sympathetic despite this baby-killing thing, you've written yourself an amazing story. If instead you pull a BSG and write characters such that all the baby-killers end up miserable or dead, you pass judgment on them as the author and your readers/audience will pick up on that. It invalidates the system you set up, and your world breaks a little. (If the point of the story is that people wake up to the fact that this isn't such a great moral thing to do, it's another story. But you can't go "Oh yeah, everybody does this, it's not shocking" and then brutalize the people who do it without invalidating that assumption.)

This is what I mean when I say authorial intent isn't always the final word in a work of fiction. Maybe the author really intended their world of twin-killing people to seem totally normal. But their own moral judgments sabotaged their work. I think it's perfectly fair to call them out on it. This is what workshopping is about, is it not? "Hey, listen, this is totally awesome as a concept, but I don't think you actually believe it. If that's the case, you should reconsider how hard you sell this value in your fictional world." A good author would go, "Hmm, you're right. I need to commit to it more or show that my people are actually ambivalent about it." Because when the author doesn't know how to sculpt a part of his/her world, you can always tell. It's lazy to hand-wave away criticism. And fucking annoying to the audience to go, "Fuck off, you over-sensitive pricks. We're totally sensitive to your minority views. We told you to go climb a tree instead of calling you a bunch of whining pussies, didn't we?
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It's not that The NeverEnding Story was a perfect movie. Far from it. It's not that nostalgia should prevent anyone from remaking a movie that was good and making it great.

It's just that remakes, generally, aren't good. There are exceptions to every rule, but on the whole, they're just not. It gets worse and worse when people try to remake movies that were iconic for their time period. Like the resurgence of the 1980s in remakes announced lately. Take, for example, Robocop. That is not a great movie. Just to be clear, I freakin' love that movie. But it is not a great movie. It was an attempt to capitalize on the success of Terminator (they even wanted Arnie as Robo but couldn't possibly afford him). It happens to have been incredibly prescient about advertising culture, and successful to boot. But it's still very much an 80s movie to me, not just for look but in terms of outlook.

I have a similar impression of The NeverEnding Story but from a different view. That film, for me, was in good company with the other fantasy movies of that period. There were halflings and crones and crazy ears on the whole lot of them, and that's just how it was. Updating is certainly possible, it just seems kind of pointless since this film will be taken away from that period and left to stand on its own in a current timeline that is, Lord of the Rings notwithstanding, not very friendly to that sort of fantasy. Maybe they'll pull a LOTR on it and more power to them if they do, but LOTR seems to be one of those exceptions, not the standards. The failure of a His Dark Materials cinematic trilogy--based on a series with more cultural penetrance (nowadays) than The NeverEnding Story--should be evidence enough about how hesitant studios are with this matieral. And for it to really succeed, you can't be hesitant.

So I smell failure all over this. Which is a shame because, as I got into in that post linked above, I loved the use of muppets in the original. For all that we're inching slowly towards realism in our special effects, physical props are still superior. They have a presence, a physicality to them. I would argue that the impressive T-Rex in Jurassic Park was as much because they actually built a goddamned robot dinosaur as it was because they invented a new special effects technique to reduce the problem of computers providing too much detail. That could have been all CGI. It wasn't, and I think those few scenes with the animatronic creation help sell the other scenes with the CGI dinos. (It helps that dinosaurs, being scaly, are easier to render than fleshy or hairy creatures: please take note, George Lucas.)

I miss muppets. This is making me want to rewatch Farscape again. I tried rewatching with a group, and it was funny to see them not be used to Rygel. I'm so used to assuming he's a character, I don't even half see the muppet. He's Rygel. Muppets offer a range of possible, believable body types--versus the "guy in a suit" sort of aliens common to most sci-fi series. It makes the whole world that much more believable because it's entirely likely that intelligent species would evolve without bipedal symmetry.
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Okay, Mickey Rourke upset, but still! Benjamin Button didn't win! Kate Winslet got an Oscar! Round these parts, I can comfortably call that victory.

...for about two seconds until I remember everything else that happened. Fuckers.
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For being a suspected atheist, a teacher in Texas has been put on administrative leave (and has every reason to assume the school board is looking to fire him).

The part that frightens me most is that this man wouldn't even confirm his religious standings and they roasted him anyway. It's not him being fired for being an atheist; it's him being fired (probably) for being suspected of atheism. Firing someone from a public institution for their religious beliefs is illegal and actionably so. The fact that this district thinks it can fire him because those in charge and one student who reported on him think they don't like his religious beliefs says a lot about the chutzpah these conservative, religious fuckholes have worked up over the past eight years. They're not used to people telling them they can't command the religious values of their public servants. That is very, very scary folks.

And yet one comment from a puported student makes me almost laugh:
The girl who made the accusations against Mr. Mullens is also trying to get several students kicked out of Brookeland for supporting Mr. Mullens. This past Friday she had the police officer talk to them because they were "harrassing her" even though two of the accuse haven't spoken to her since Mullen was suspended.She has said to me and several other students "I got Mr. Mullens fired, I can get them kicked out too."

It reminds me very much of the movie Saved!, where Mandy Moore's more-religious-than-thou behavior dictated who rose and fell in popularity her Christian high school. She thought she could shame and denigrate and even expel anyone who dared to refute her personal beliefs about and interpretations of the commandents of Jeebus with their sadly ordinary, human failings. Although Mandy Moore got served some justice as the film's villain, the point of the movie seemed to be less about punishing her than making the points that a) nobody is perfect and faulting people for being human is monstrous no matter how you cloak your evil in faith (as I posted about recently); and b) if your faith cannot withstand contrary opinions existing (let alone being voiced aloud), you must not have a strong sense of faith and perhaps that, not the other person, is your real problem. You cocksucker. (Sorry, I went too long there being polite.)
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The lesson is young people can't have sex. Period. )

Shorter TV: People should fuck who they want to fuck and whomever they are emotionally able to deal with fucking. All arguments against maturity based solely on arbitrary determinations of who is/is not able to deal with fucking are bullshit. Go away.
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From [ profile] dotfic: Obama takes oath again.

As I said in her journal, this changes nothing. To people who went, "Eh, good enough. Obama was already president half an hour before Roberts forgot his damned lines," this is just a needless repetition. To the fuckwits who are screaming about the messed up oath being a sign from their idea of a higher power (Chuck Norris, probably), the problem never was mangled oath = not really president. The prevailing insanity from that corner is that Roberts was so troubled by the certainty that he and every other Free Republican possesses about how Obama is a secret moooooooslem and not an American citizen that he missed his cue. Whether or not Obama retains his STOLEN POWER, Roberts knew the truth and is now being forced to go through with this FARCE of swearing in President B Hussein. CONSPIRACY!

For my part, I like that this came at the end of the day, as President Obama (!!!) worked most of it. And it's nice that he had a sense of humor about it. Dudes, we have a total NERD for president. ALL HAIL OUR GEEKY OVERLORD!
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ha ha ha ha...oh.

I truly fear for the state of our highest court if this snippet is true. The big baby.


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