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It's official: Obama nominates Sotomayor for SCOTUS Reading the brief comments she makes about her life in that article is still plenty enough to make me choke up on sobs. She sounds like an amazing woman. I hope she can be all that she is reputed to be.

Naturally, what jumps out at me more, since I won't/can't defend her record without more research, is what those who are already opposed to her are saying. Specifically, this:

“Judge Sotomayor is a liberal activist of the first order who thinks her own personal political agenda is more important than the law as written,” said Wendy E. Long, counsel to the Judicial Confirmation Network, an activist group. “She thinks that judges should dictate policy, and that one’s sex, race and ethnicity ought to affect the decisions one renders from the bench.”

Dear Wendy E Long,

You are a dipshit.

It's not that one's sex and/or race/ethnicity ought to affect decisions, my dear. It's that they do. Period. If Judge Sotomayor believes this is so, good for her. It proves she is smarter than you. Granted, this is not hard, but still, kudos to Judge Sotomayor.

Have fun never being taken seriously, you twit.


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For being a suspected atheist, a teacher in Texas has been put on administrative leave (and has every reason to assume the school board is looking to fire him).

The part that frightens me most is that this man wouldn't even confirm his religious standings and they roasted him anyway. It's not him being fired for being an atheist; it's him being fired (probably) for being suspected of atheism. Firing someone from a public institution for their religious beliefs is illegal and actionably so. The fact that this district thinks it can fire him because those in charge and one student who reported on him think they don't like his religious beliefs says a lot about the chutzpah these conservative, religious fuckholes have worked up over the past eight years. They're not used to people telling them they can't command the religious values of their public servants. That is very, very scary folks.

And yet one comment from a puported student makes me almost laugh:
The girl who made the accusations against Mr. Mullens is also trying to get several students kicked out of Brookeland for supporting Mr. Mullens. This past Friday she had the police officer talk to them because they were "harrassing her" even though two of the accuse haven't spoken to her since Mullen was suspended.She has said to me and several other students "I got Mr. Mullens fired, I can get them kicked out too."

It reminds me very much of the movie Saved!, where Mandy Moore's more-religious-than-thou behavior dictated who rose and fell in popularity her Christian high school. She thought she could shame and denigrate and even expel anyone who dared to refute her personal beliefs about and interpretations of the commandents of Jeebus with their sadly ordinary, human failings. Although Mandy Moore got served some justice as the film's villain, the point of the movie seemed to be less about punishing her than making the points that a) nobody is perfect and faulting people for being human is monstrous no matter how you cloak your evil in faith (as I posted about recently); and b) if your faith cannot withstand contrary opinions existing (let alone being voiced aloud), you must not have a strong sense of faith and perhaps that, not the other person, is your real problem. You cocksucker. (Sorry, I went too long there being polite.)
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How long will the honeymoon last? Well, if President Obama keeps at his current pace, I'm pretty sure I'll die of ecstasy before we get there. Gitmo must be closed, military "trials" suspended, global gag rule being repealed, increased openness, repealing the ban on stem cell research...

Holy hell, man! Ain't you never heard of foreplay? ::smokes::
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This is the most adorable Wall-E poster ever. It's not even so much the picture, which is as adorable as all the Wall-E images are. It's the tagline at the top. It says, in French, "What are you doing for the next 700 years?" ::SQUEEEEEEEE::

(And, to be fair, this one is pretty damned cute, too.)

I also just received one of the most thoughtful and sweet commentaries on an old Batman Begins fanfic I wrote. It's really nice to be appreciated. I wish the umpteen-odd thousand words I wasted on Blade: Trinity were as good or as worthy of such commentary. A little smile to brighten my day. Which I need after the dream I had this morning about driving to a motel at night with my parents and listening to Condolezza Rice campaigning to become a Senator in some Balkan country. ('Cause she missed the election cycle in the states, dontcha know.) Members of the former president's administration are not welcome in my dreams, thankyouverymuch.
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President Obama says we should let go of partisanship and stop being assholes to one another. In that spirit, I cleaned out my saved calendar pages from my old Bushisms calendar. I am not holding onto the quotes that have tortured me for years with the stupidity of the drop-out other idiots elected. I have tossed out all of the pages save one, the parting shot for the parting ex-moron-in-chief:

"But all in all, it's been a fabulous year for Laura and me." -December 21, 2001.

Once more, I breathe a sigh of relief that that man is gone.
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From [ profile] dotfic: Obama takes oath again.

As I said in her journal, this changes nothing. To people who went, "Eh, good enough. Obama was already president half an hour before Roberts forgot his damned lines," this is just a needless repetition. To the fuckwits who are screaming about the messed up oath being a sign from their idea of a higher power (Chuck Norris, probably), the problem never was mangled oath = not really president. The prevailing insanity from that corner is that Roberts was so troubled by the certainty that he and every other Free Republican possesses about how Obama is a secret moooooooslem and not an American citizen that he missed his cue. Whether or not Obama retains his STOLEN POWER, Roberts knew the truth and is now being forced to go through with this FARCE of swearing in President B Hussein. CONSPIRACY!

For my part, I like that this came at the end of the day, as President Obama (!!!) worked most of it. And it's nice that he had a sense of humor about it. Dudes, we have a total NERD for president. ALL HAIL OUR GEEKY OVERLORD!


Jan. 21st, 2009 03:54 pm
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Teddy's going to be okay. Well, I mean, still has brain cancer and is really, really old, but he's been released from the hospital. I blame myself for his seizure, honestly, because I was the dumbfuck who just had to comment about how he managed pretty well and how funny it was that he managed to outlast his brothers and become the real Kennedy institution in politics. Then he had his episode. Well done, me.

I forgot to mention one wonderful thing about yesterday: our former roommate, Ms. Beans, got her 95-year-old grandmother, a former civil rights/constitutional law-focused attorney, on the phone to celebrate the event. This woman is amazing, still incredibly sharp and funny. She's lived through easily 10-15 administrations in her lifetime, and she was on the Mall when Martin Luther King Jr. gave his most famous speech. She reminisced about that with me and compared it to the inauguration. Not surprisingly, there were more people at the inauguration than at Dr. King's speech, but to hear that from someone who was there? Oh, you guys, I was sooooo swept up. I am a complete and total sap.

ETA: I opened an article to see a picture of Obama in the Oval Office, already working. I nearly fell over dead with JOY.
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For all the brou-ha-ha about how awesome we are for having a peaceful transfer of power (you'd the other first-world nations end regimes with the new guy beheading the old), THANK YOU GREAT SPAGHETTI MONSTER that it happened. That it was peaceful.

Had a good giggle over the oath mangling. Roberts and Obama both seemed to have a laugh over it, so it was all in okay in the end. (My friend H went "You couldn't have rehearsed this the night before at all?") Liked speech, especially the part about science. Lots of cheers for SCIENCE. We wants good science in this White House, yes we do. The entire Obama family, the entire Biden family all seemed incandescent and well done. And awwww. I'm just very pleased. I have made an excuse to say "President Obama" as many times as necessary and thrill every time I hear it. (Or see it on TV!)

President Obama! President Obama! The President! Him! Obama! PRESIDENT OBAMA!!!
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ha ha ha ha...oh.

I truly fear for the state of our highest court if this snippet is true. The big baby.
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Please, just go away. And take the frightening alien wife with you. Smirking motherfucker.

ETA: Scott McClellan isSTILL a douche; he doesn't get to pretend he wasn't on board with Dubya just 'cause he beat the rest of the rats off the ship.
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I'm watching clips of Bush's last press conference. I'm...agog. Keith Olbermann's commentary is so apt:

"[Bush] ranged from reminding the viewer of the angriest of Richard Nixon's press conferences to recalling Hillary Clinton choking up with emotion at a diner in New Hampshire, to finally, ultimately, sounding like the buzzed guy at the bar, running the gamut of emotions from regret to buying a round for the place, to challenging everybody there to a fight."

I'm pissed off, sure, but I'm speechless in the face of such pigheaded determination to deceive himself and others about what happened. He fudges facts so he looks like less of an asshole, fine, that's typical, but then Bush rants about how they love him and America in India, China, and Africa--he likes that last one especially because they are dependent on our aid and wouldn't dare question him. Not like those liberal fart-artists in Europe. Who wouldn't even take in our prisoners from Abu Ghraib after they kicked up all that gosh-darned fuss about how we treated them! (It is, as I said to [ profile] feiran like faulting people who don't want to adopt abused pets because they weren't there to rescue them before they were abused.) And don't get me started on his commentary about 9/11. He actually thinks it's a bad thing that government employees were "dragged in front of Congress" to explain the intelligence failure that lead to that tragedy. (Of course he thinks it's a bad thing; he was ultimately found to have been at fault for ignoring intelligence about the attack! Given his administration's casual relationship with legal precidents and, you know, laws moreover, I'm not surprised he's averse to the idea of accountability.)

This man is delusional. I agree that the question of malicious vs. ignorant is a meaningless discussion: regardless of whether the Bush Administration is full of people intentionally fucking up or people too incompetant to do their goddamn jobs, they did a bunch of ridiculously bad shit with complete disregard to the consequences. The third option--they are all fucking insane--wasn't really one I'd considered. Sociopaths, sure. (Definitely in Cheney's case.) But Bush is fucking NUTS.

Or back on the sauce. Or, worse, not back on the sauce and still behaving this way.
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So he's moved his act to the US! The Obamas are in a hotel because Johnny Howard gets the Blair House. Oh, well, okay, I guess first-come, first-serve, right? Can't be bitter just 'cause Howard is a douche.

Except that he wasn't scheduled for the one night he will be at the Blair House at the time the Obamas requested an early move-in so they could a) live near where their daughters are going to school, and b) go to that little inauguration thing.

I'm through being fair. The Bush Administration has all the right in the world to be gigantic assfaces and host one of their stable of misguided cock-suckers and throw over "the enemy" (which is, apparently, family unity and support for the First Daughters). But I've got the right to call them taint-sniffing shitlickers, too. Which I have done. So there.

Uh, dudes?

Jan. 5th, 2009 03:03 pm
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The reason we gave the people of Iraq to like us (or else) was that we were overthrowing a despot who was living the good life while torturing and murdering everyone else. Building a giant, opulent castle (with a pool! in the desert!) would seem to indicate that we haven't learned any lessons about what happens to bullies who consolidate the wealth at the expense of the common man. I mean, this has "then an even bigger fish ate the big fish!" written all over it. Not that I expect us to be militarily rousted, just that we're setting up shop rather like, well, a certain dictator did. And all I'm saying is that didn't work out so well for the dictator now did it?
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And it has only gotten more relevant. (Fuckers.)

Obama Pictures and McCain Pictures
see Sarah Palin pictures

To borrow my second-favorite phrase from Nixonland: I hope to holy fucking hell (where Tony Snow burns in the fires of eternity) that this guy is even HALF the nut-cutter he is reputed to be.
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No fucking way.

Basically, the only differences between me and this guy are that a) I'm not evil and b) I don't get his fucking pension and benefits for life for doing JACK SHIT with my time. Otherwise, I could be a US Senator! I use movies to prove my points all the fucking time. Tell me it wouldn't be goddamned HIGH-FUCKING-LARIOUS for US Senator TrinityVixen to get her pant-suited ass up in front of Congress and go, "We need to do what the fuck I say, when the fuck I say it because I heard this guy in this movie that ONLY I HAVE SEEN (taps picture of said guy) said so."

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I never thought I'd make it through any interview with Bill O'Reilly. Then I watched The Daily Show:

Jon Stewart just served his blowhard ass to him on a plate. I love that he cuts right through the bullshit (which is basically the only thing O'Reilly has to offer) and still remains friendly. Perhaps his most significant achievement? By merely being in the room with him, Jon Stewart makes Bill O'Reilly not screechingly intolerable from the second he walks on the set. Amazing.

And Stephen Colbert is adorable. You heard me.

Oh poo

Nov. 14th, 2008 10:55 am
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I guess I need to find a way to watch last night's Supernatural before tomorrow because people seem positively abuzz about it and I don't wish to be spoiled. Stupid TV pre-empt for a football game!!! Oh well, I was out having delicious Cambodian food with my Hermit Crab friend, who I've not seen since she left for Cambodia which is five months gone now. Good times, and a late shout-out "Happy Birthday!" to her.


Shorter David Brooks: I'm going to ruin the sensible stuff at the beginning by freaking the fuck out at the end. So if you wanted to try and start liking me, I'd stop reading somewhere in the middle of this column.

Sound the trumpets, folks, I sort of agree with David Brooks. The auto industry bailout: not such a fan, actually. It may be necessary and I'm prepared to concede it, but I am not happy about it and I definitely think it should be micromanaged with the threat of "Use it wisely or go bankrupt." Once he gets into the "HOLY SHIT I JUST SAID 'CZAR' FOR THE FOURTH TIME!!!! COMMIES EVERYWHERE!" part, I stopped paying attention.


I've noticed this, too. I used to have no will power when I went into Best Buy. Last night, I was in the area of one before dinner and dropped by. Zero interest. In anything. I didn't feel like browsing, I just wandered and left. I can't think of the last DVD I bought for myself--must have been back in the summer some time. (That may not sound like much, but trust me, for me? That's amazing.) Maybe there's just not anything there I want.

But this isn't a new development, and of course the economy is to blame. Whether it's broken your bank or not, you feel poor. And I'm already paying for Netflix, so buying seems hardly an option worth pursuing. Hell, [ profile] feiran and I managed to break our four-year-long tradition of going to see the latest Saw movies in theaters. Still want to see Quantum of Solace though, so maybe these things aren't entirely dead to me.
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Shorter Bill Kristol: Even though the public has resoundingly rejected my ideology, you have to keep paying attention to me. Also, I am a douche.

Feel free to suggest your own. (And somebody, please, remind me why The New York Times hired this guy again?)
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Dan Savage is out to get the state of Utah. My sympathies are with him, but I'm not sure what I would do to fix marriage inequality in this regard. He has a point--the Mormon church bankrolled yes-on-Prop 8 in California. However, they're not in the majority in the state. The problem is the people who voted for it, not necessarily the people who donated money to convince people to do so. Most of those people, to my mind, were already planning on voting one way or another.

The sympathetic part of me totally approves boycotting Mormon industries. Except that won't really stop their monstrous finance engines at all. They're just too rich already. What would work better is to convince the people on the street who are Mormon but who don't support Prop 8-style legislation, to be more active in determining how the money they tithe to the church is used. That's the only way you're going to keep the insidious hands of religiously-backed financial influence out of civil human rights. Because make no mistake, they'll just keep switching targets to new states (like CT, like, perhaps, IhopeIhopeIhope, NY) to get initiatives there to get rid of gay marriage rights.


Nov. 6th, 2008 04:05 pm
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Okay, this made me cry. I held on through the Obamas kissing and hugging, and through his whole speech, and now I'm at work and trying not to bawl here. Fucking kids, man. How are they so cute?

The thing that really gets me is the look on the two dads' faces. Because you know what? They've got more in common than not, and there's that sort of recognition there and ::CRIES::

(Thanks [ profile] newredshoes for the link.)

Fortunately for my reputation at work, I saw this shortly after and ceased crying and began to smother my laughter:



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