Jul. 19th, 2011 03:29 pm
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I think I'm getting sick again. This is ridiculous. I've been sick easily twice as much in the last half year as I was for the two years previous. Bitching about symptoms. )

In other news, the women at my work are fun, but they're not geeks. Sometimes we talk about movies, and I'm right at home in the conversation. Otherwise, they're all totally into fashion and talk about using the internet to help them plan outfits. As someone whose outfit "planning" consists of picking out the least dirty geeky t-shirt to pair with the same jeans I've been wearing for a week, this interest of theirs is a little baffling. I like Project Runway and I appreciate fashion as an art form much more than I do as something relevant to my life. Perhaps I could learn something from these discussions, but I doubt it. I'm more likely to feeling amazing in my N7 hoodie than in something tangentially inspired by Versace.

Three things make a post: has superb customer service. I called about some face cream I ordered from them arriving with the cap cracked. The product isn't leaking out, but once I remove the seal on the cream, or try to take on/off the top at all, it will quickly cease to keep the cream from drying out. They don't accept returns, so they're sending me another bottle, free of charge, to replace the cracked one, and I don't have to send back the old one. That means that if it doesn't dry out entirely (alas, not a likely situation, though it is a possibility), I'll be getting two for the price of one, no questions asked. I feel like it's worth mentioning when I get good customer service. It seems I'll never run out bad CS stories, but it's worth it to make a note of the good ones.
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Another year of new television is upon us. I actually made a fucking schedule to keep up. Mostly, I had to. I'd been living with cable and [ profile] ecmyers' DVR and now I have to be totally up on my shows myself without either. Everything is starting up again. I haven't even finished last year! I'm not even adding anything new yet! Sure, I want to check out Nikita. I might even glance at Hawaii-Five-O since it got surprisingly stellar reviews. I am not sure I'll even say no to No Ordinary Family--I'll scope out the pilot at least. But none of those have priority when I've got to keep up with (in the order they air) Dexter, Chuck, Weeds, Glee, Project Runway, Smallville (the last season! I can't believe I lived to see this day!), and Supernatural. I'm sure I'm even forgetting something in there.

For all that I want to check out new TV, though, even if I weren't busy, I would probably be skipping The Event. Why? This is why:

Simply put, I can't watch more TV because of other TV. Every time I see posters for The Event, I start giggling because That Mitchell and Webb Look's skit about a game show set post-mysterious apocalypse is fucking hilarious. Not as good as Numberwang, in terms of gameshow parodies, but up there. REMAIN INDOORS, people.

(This post, while inane, does at least use up one of the links I wanted to talk about forever, which is the one from which the above picture comes. Fandom Secrets had a post where someone else linked The Event with The Quiz Broadcast. I felt one with the internet nerds.)


Apr. 22nd, 2010 11:10 pm
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Watching the Project Runway finale, I realized that, in all the seasons I've been watching, the person I wanted to win always has. And that's from the beginning! Save for the last season (SNOOZE-A-RAMA), I had a favorite almost from the beginning, and they've always won.

So I was waiting with baited breath on the announcement of the winner this time because it was the first time that the one I wanted to win was even at all unlikely to lose! But this person did not! THANK GOD. The three collections were the most even of all the final collections I've ever seen, too, so I had reason to worry. But the way the judges were going on about the runner-up, I was so worried...

WHEW, the tension she is over. And the right person won, thank Tim Gunn.
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The cat is losing his balls. It's a long weekend. Battlestar Galactica is on tonight! AND I can has Project Runway Canada episodes!!!

TGIF! So long, guys, I'm off to Moe's!

(And this is where you say, "But Homer, it's 10 o'clock in the morning..." AND WE DON'T STOP.)
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I dreamt that I was on the new season of Project Runway last night. Only we were up in what seemed like the old Girl Scout cabins I used to camp in when I was in fifth grade crossed with a ski lodge. Either way, weird accomodations for a bunch of sewing enthusiasts.

For the first challenge, I made a really simple sleeveless, sweetheart-ish bodice minidress with absolutely not a single embellishment. It looked more like a beach coverup than a dress and it was made out of this orange-fuchsia overlay material that reminded me of the Thanksgiving tablecloth my mom has.

I started freaking out that I'd gone too simple, and when I asked people around me what they thought, they were all like, "Yeah, the judges are going to send you home because you basically sewed a towel into a tube." So I decided to be daring and I turned the garment inside out! DUN DUN DUN!!!!!

Which suddenly turned it into denim. The inside-out dress had cute detailing on the bust and was clearly done inside out, but for some reason it looked better that way--almost as if it were just lighter denim with darker trimming. Everyone else? SO JEALOUS OF ME. Especially the girl who had, somehow, managed to get cast in addition to her boyfriend. (They tried out separately, you see, but they both got in! What are the odds?)

I didn't get to the runway show, but I remember ending the dream going "Jesus, even if I pull this off, what the shit am I going to do next week?! I can't sew!" (Except? I totally could! My proper dress was amorphous, but the inside-out one was so smooth and meticulous, I was convinced I'd cheated.)
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Project Runway might benefit for being off the air a bit longer because that finale? Bee-yatch, please.Spoilers! )

From the last episode: how much do I love this thread at Project RunGay? The biggest issue here is that you have two white girls designing/modeling a look that is meant to be idiomatic for a predominantly black music culture. Kenley doesn't know shit about hip-hop culture, she's a goddamned hipster. The best she could do would be an "ironic" take on hip-hop, which, by dint of it being a mocking sort of thing would be overtly racist. Instead, she chose to just willfully misunderstand hip-hop and then abuse people whiter than her by tarring them as the ones who were being ignorant of black culture. She poked fun at hip-hop culture and the "baggy, oversized look" which, actually, since fashion is cyclical in its trends, is partially back right now. Someone isn't on trend, but that was no surprise in Kenley's case. She prefers prints stolen from old beach chairs.

Then there's Leanne. She tried to do the hip-hop "thing" with her outfit because holy shit it was not hip-hop. And she failed. She looked a tad clownish as a result, but if she'd gone all the way gangsta, she'd have been treading close to that mockery again, which is a no-no. So, no, Leanne didn't sabotage shit. She was hamstringed by an ugly outfit that did not flatter her or fit the aesthetic and had to sell it in front of a guest judge who is very necessarily on trend for that look. She played a little, but she couldn't have done more and doing less would have let Kenley's outfit die entirely. As was, Leanne at least amused the judges. If they're laughing, they're not hating quiet as much.

Except in Kenley's case because they hate her. With good reason. Heidi's face was priceless. I've come to call it the "Stupid American cow!" face after the Project RunGay guys started up a meme. Awesome.
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Sorry, but I must post about Project Runway again. Because Daniel's exit interview is up, and the boy is, in the words of the Project RunGay boys, DELUSIONAL.

Some "high"lites:

-"I feel really sad about leaving. I didn't expect it."
(Newsflash: You're the only one who's surprised.)

-"I don't think I deserved to go."
(You made strung-out-wig RuPaul do her frowny face--the one that makes her look like a drag Joan Rivers--you deserved to go.)

-"The judges have kept a strong eye on me the last few rounds. I've either been on the top or the bottom."
(Let's see, you were top for the grocery thing, bottom for the Brooke Shields challenge where you couldn't make a goddamned pencil skirt, and bottom for making an Olympic COCKTAIL DRESS. Otherwise, you were middle-of-the road. You've mostly been in the bottom, honey.)

-"I don't understand that my garment looked like a regular dress. It had a two-foot-long train...and twenty yards of ruffles...and the color was pretty shocking as well."
(The only shock the color gave anyone is that it hadn't come straight from a sarong outta the Caribbean. Because that's how cheap it looked. Also: there are professional dancers with longer trains on their dresses. You made a longer train on your New York at night challenge dress. Two feet!? Two yards, maybe that's a long train. Two feet? RuPaul LAUGHS at your two feet!!!)

-"This isn't going to change the way I design at all."
(No shit. You were given challenges like "make sportswear" and "make a drag costume" and you made...cocktail dresses. When given more permissive challenges you made...cocktail dresses.)

-"I've learned I should be more experimental with my designs."

There's more in his second part, but I want to kill him, so shut up Daniel. I can't believe he said he'd miss Kenley. Dude, she's cute and all, but she's not you're friend. She mocks you. For instance, I am not your friend.
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Last night's Project Runway was probably the freakin' greatest episode of all time. Why? THEIR CLIENTS WERE DRAG QUEENS.

Trinity loves drag queens. I love everything about them. The make-up, the hair, the costumes. Man, I went to a gay bar in Sydney only for the promise of drag queens. One of the ones I saw was probably the prettiest girl in the whole place. Including the actual females. Fuck yeah, I love drag queens.

Not so freakin' great? The loser? MADE HIS DRAG QUEEN LOOK BORING. That's gotta be a goddamn sin. Look good, look bad, baby, but don't make your queen look DULL. If she's not in sequins and pleather, in a corset and high heels, darling, YOU ARE NOT TRYING.

Don't get me wrong: drag queen fashion is hardly "fashion." I'm sure that most of the designers were like "WTF?" (Except one, who said she'd worked on drag couture before and she made the most STUNNING entry. That, of course, did not win.) But drag fashion is a few pieces of sculpted plastic add-ons and some extensions away from proper couture. Far as I can see, the only difference is that the drag queens have penises while the high fashion models are just disfunctional XYs with undescended testicles. (No, I'm not kidding. How do you think some of those "women" get bodies like starved pre-pubescent boys? THEY ARE BOYS!) Plus, drag queens have more fun and are allowed to fucking eat.

Yes, you could argue that Bravo is doing its damnedest to ruin the show before Lifetime gets it, but they almost managed that last season with the challenge to design for the female wrestlers of the WWE. This, at least, has the pretense of fashion. One of the queens, my favorite, Hedda Lettuce, basically went to her designer and rattled off a littany of typically bad-fashion pieces she wanted--lace, sparkles, shinyness--but demanded that she look good, look classy. THAT FABULOUS BITCH, I LOVE HER.

This was more fun in an episode than most of last season all put together, so if they're trying to destroy the show, it's backfiring. They need to do a drag episode EVERY YEAR.

Heh, yeah.

Jul. 28th, 2008 11:05 am
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[ profile] feiran and I hung out with our former roommate on Saturday. (Not the one that just moved out--man, I need a system here. I shall call her Ms. Beans!) As we walked up to her apartment from 96th (stupid 1 train non-service!), we passed the Game Stop at 106th, where I remarked that, no matter how many games I have, unplayed, waiting for me at home, I'm always tempted to stop in a Game Stop when I see one. Ms. Beans has recently been gifted with a PS2 from her brother (who's graduated to PS3 because he's one of those that has to have the new shiny thing, apparently). So we shouldered our way in with our newly interested former roommie.

We basically tried to get her to buy the entire store, save those games which we could lend her ourselves. (When I see her Wednesday for Project Runway watching, I'll bring a mess down with me. She has Lego Indiana Jones, though, so she might be set for a while.) She ended up with Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time for the GameCube (we bought that for her!) which she hemmed and hawed about lest her boyfriend give her a hard time about it. When she checked out, it was $3 cheaper than the box cover said, so we declared this to be victory. (I might also have bought Samurai Warriors 2 for the 360, but that is neither here nor there.)

As she was paying, I looked down to see a Soul Calibur IV players guide. And, because I possess no sort of filter whatsoever, I exclaimed aloud when I flipped it open and found that they'd brought back Lizardman! The lady behind the counter launched into a discussion about it with me--I told her I'd stopped playing this series at II because of the lack of Lizardman, so I didn't recognize anyone; she told me how Darth Vader was going to be in it, as well as Kratos from God of War. Darth Vader, I vaguely remembered rumblings about from Penny Arcade; Kratos was a surprise.

Anyway, this anecdote happens to dovetail nicely with this comic that came out today, so I thought I'd share. Did I mention I have no filter?
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In particular, I need an icon that is exactly like [ profile] decidedly's "Crispin Glover Will Save Us All" icon, except that it would be of Tim Gunn.

Holy hell, is he a fabulous bitch. (Erm, spoilers for season 4.)

I am swooning. Tim Gunn will save us...from an otherwise boring season of Project Runway. AND he answered the question, "What the F was up with VictorYA?"

If you read only one thing about this season, you must read this about VictorYA: )

Villain? No. I rumor has it she and Jack are friends, and I'm sure she wanted him to weather the storm and get his full chance. But he had an MRSA! They all could have caught it. Christ.

But read the whole interview with Tim Gunn. Fucking love that guy.
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Ooh, a documentary about Jay McCarroll, the first winner of Project Runway, you say?

I remember reading a Time Out New York piece about the various winners and runners-up on Project Runway over the years and it sounds like they get a bum rap. I mean, we all know that they're there for the exposure, which should, theoretically, help their careers. But I think we all know what happens when your season is up--people look for the new thing. They get new favorites (hell, I cheated on Jeffrey by falling even more madly in love with Biddell on Project Runway Canada). Then they have to scrounge for jobs that they may be qualified for but are given shit about because a) they're not real designers, and, perversely, b) Hey, you're a REAL designer, why aren't you out there making fashion? Jay had it especially bad because he turned down the prize money--ostensibly the only thing besides the exposure that makes the hell of living on reality TV worth it--because it meant that PR would, essentially, have a percentage of everything he ever did EVER if he did. Sucks, man.

It's a conundrum, no doubt. I wonder what the winner of tonight's season will face? Because this has been the most blah-blah boring season yet. If someone like femme-bot Jillian wins or DON'T QUESTION ME Rami? Aiyah. Yes, I'm pulling for Christian, why do you ask?
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Re: Project Runway Canada


I'm so blitheringly, idiotically PLEASED. If only the American version were half as good this season! But still! GUESS WHO WON ZOMG!!!!
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Attention all: [ profile] decidedly has, rightfully and with proper coin, purchased my eternal soul. She knows why. I just thought I'd make it known that she has to still the tide of counter-offers. Hers was the best bid.

If you need a clue as to what she could have possibly done that it is THE GREATEST THING EVER, here it is: A little bird tells me that I Am Legend will make a killing at the box office, but that's only because people are willing to pay $12 for the trailers that will show before it. You can work out the rest from there, methinks.


Smallville!? I still watch that show!? Apparently! Last night's episode review is up at Pink Raygun. [ profile] ivy03? I think you'll be pleased with the development. If you're still watching this show, too, that is. If not, no big!


I'm nail-biting and constantly hitting the refresh button on YouTube over Project Runway Canada. You heard me. Only the first half of the latest episode is online presently, and I'm DYING to know who wins the challenge. One of the top four is nowhere near the talent of the other three (who are all talented in the extreme for how young they are), so it's not the mystery of who's going home but an anxiousness to see the final products of the other three that's making me crazed. IS IT UP YET?

In comparison, nothing of season 4 of regular Project Runway has been half as entertaining. I blame this on the fact that I'm starting from the beginning (usually, I tune in halfway and figure out who to like when there's less of a pack to choose from). There's also the fact that just about all of the designers save one are older, established designers, all of whom are so serious and bland, it means the show has to kick up the faux drama even more.

Not that there's not real drama to be had--there is--just that the rest feels more manufactured than ever before. Everyone is conscious of the fact that how they appear on TV will depend on how they behave at every single moment, so many just aren't reacting at all to anything in an attempt to never look bad. It doesn't work--many of them come off as terrible people--and it makes the show boring. I'm convinced that at least one contestant is a sociopath (SHE DOES NOT HAVE EMOTIONS, ONLY GOALS). Another is a serial killer. The rest are boring, non-existent, or smug. The only ones who are nice, funny, or interesting don't get enough play or are ridiculed by co-contestants or the judges. BORING.


Nov. 30th, 2007 12:39 pm
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Project Runway usually does its best to find someone for the ubiquitous "Design for this fabulous guest" challenge who at least is in something of a glamorous profession that would both require (and excuse) a high fashion outfit. On Project Runway Canada most recently, that challenge involved designing for a diva. Literally a diva, as in she's a soprano opera singer, and euphemistically a diva as she had about thirty billion rules for them to follow in order to secure her good opinion of their work which ranged from the understandable (she wanted something to look good at all angles because she often sings in round theaters) to the downright demanding (in no way were her feet to be visible because she only sings barefoot and doesn't want her audience to be noticing that). An opera singer going on a concert tour certainly has cause and cash to request something like what you're supposed to expect out of a group of designers.

But Tiki Barber? The rest cut just in case, but not spoilery. I will not reveal the winner. )

[ profile] feiran had an amusing comment about what she saw. I told her all the guys on the show were gay save one. She asked me to point him out and three seconds later she accused me of being a liar. Hey, I just report as I'm told. I, too, find it suspect that this "straight" guy checks out the asses of the other guys on the sly and felt the need to be so upfront about his hetero-ness when last season boasted three hetero guys in the top ten and a hetero winner. Good luck in the closet, Kevin!
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Or maybe just Laura is.

Project Runway Finale Part I )
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Surprised the roommat with cupcakes for her birthday. Glad she liked 'em, 'cause I needed the excuse to eat the batter...

Also, I watched the BSG webisodes (spoilers throgh the season premiere) )

I rewatched Monday's Heroes online to catch the part I missed. Okay, so, I get what happened to Matt, I think. What I really enjoyed was NBC's putting the latest episode online for me to watch. The networks have cottoned onto this, and I think they're doing it extremely well, what with replaying old episodes. They know that they can't blackmail an audience into sitting at the TV when they schedule things--not with TiVO and DVRs and bit torrents and iTunes video--so they're making allowances. Not much, granted, but some. If you're out of town for three weeks, well, you're shit out of luck, but if you need a night off to go, I dunno, have a life or some crap like that, you can. They break it up pretty fairly, too, and smartly add ads to the thing that are less awful, really, than watching the TV broadcast. The one-hour show I watched was broken into five parts, each starting with a thirty-second clip for something (an NBC show, a movie, a car commercial). That makes for less than three minutes of commercials, which is fantastic considering you spend that much time or longer waiting for the show to come back on for each commericial break during the broadcast. So, NBC still makes an advertising buck (Poll: Do you think they make more for those spots because they're exclusive and can't be skipped like ones on TV or do the ones on TV earn them more? Do it per second, of course, because longer commericials, duh, cost the advertisers more), and I still get to watch my show.

If not for the tiny screen, poor resolution, long wait, skippy playback, and my inability to tame my need for instant gratification, I would watch all the shows this way. ABC does it, too, so I'll catch LOST after I get back from celebrating the roommate's birthday. It's nice not to have to worry about taping stuff. LOST will be online and Project Runway will be rerunning well into next week's finale. I seriously catch nothing but Project Runway reruns whenever I turn on Bravo. Turned it on last night (the birthday girl did), sure enough, Project Runway. This weekend? Same thing. Two hours after a new episode airs? It's on again. Makes me wonder what they fill the gaps in programming with when there's no PR on...
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Because Keith from PR3 is clearly fucking crazy.

I love it. "TV shows are edited to make people look like assholes!" "They knew! (conspiracyconspiracyconspiracycrabcakes)" I totally missed this guy because I started watching the show when it was already halfway through (only seven designers were left), but I'm not sorry about that at all. What a nutter.
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LOST. Season Three Premiere. Yeeeee-aaaaah.

Um, what? )

I don't think a single episode of this show has ever made me curse that much. Am I disappointed? I have no idea. Not a whole lot happened. Jack was broken, Sawyer was being StupidHick!Sawyer, and Kate was doing her stupid doe-eyed shit. The glimpses of the Others were cool, but as soon as the LOST-ies come into it, you can't not focus on them. And they weren't being cool.

The Nine, which was on after? I'm not sure. I have the same indifference to it as I did to the first episode of Heroes. The whole conceit of these people being brought together by the trauma of a hostage situation, fine, I buy it. Skipping over said hostage situation entirely after spending ten minutes doing the ominous slow-entry into the bank thing? Blah. Still, I do love the Tim Daly...

And Project Runway continues not to disappoint with the melodrama. Jeffrey actually came off better in the debate about his treatment of Angela's mom, and Angela came off worse. Gag me, though, if any one ever says again that, in another life, they'd ever date.

And fucking fuckity fuckshit fuck! )

Could they be any more condescending towards Kayne? "Uh, lots of people have their own style..." I don't mind them doing it to Angela--her dog outfit was hoochie hooker wear. And TopAmericanDesigner Michael Kors can blow me--he never doubts any of his decisions? My foot. The only one I'd buy that from is Neeeeeeena Gaaaahhhceeeeeaaaahh. She's a ball-busting bitch--in a good way. And she's fucking definite. The fainting model syndrome? Oh my God, never have I agreed with the ban on super skinny models more. The girl was fainting on the runway, probably because the last time she'd eaten was the day she decided to be a model. This deserves a lot more attention, and it just won't get it (in fact, they kept making fun of the one model who seemed to faint every time she got anxious--well, duh, if you're really stressed out and running on, say, five hundred calories a day, you're going to pass out, and even if she's playing it up, I can easily believe her skinny ass is dying).
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Ahhhh, I'm five minutes into the Reunion Episode of Project Runway and I already want to hit just about everyone. The guy who got booted for having fashion how-to books is a total bitch diva, and the show is showing how much they have to push in order to get some "drama" in that they cut to Jeffrey to try and get something inflammatory about this asshole who cheated. Jeffrey, to his credit, was like "It's fair he got kicked off. He violated the contract, and the rest of us didn't." Heidi Klum's righteous anger about this stupidity is as stupid as the cheater being stupid. She's getting mad at him for cooking up conspiracy theories, which is just crazy. Just tell him he's crazy that no one is sympathetic.

Vincent. Dear. God, Vincent is fucking stupid as well. He's so full of himself, and he's next up to be roasted (I actually liked Laura--GASP--that she told him he was delusional). He was also mean to Tim Gunn, so fuck him. He's crazy, he's arrogant, no one likes him because they are creeped out by everything he says and does. And, greeeeeeat after the break, more of Jeffrey and Angela bitching at each other. That's absolutely what I enjoyed about this show.

Oooh, commercials say: Laura thinks Jeffrey is cheating! I think, since they already used the "cheater cheater" plot line, he's probably safe. Also, fuck you Laura. You're just jealous because your Fashion Week collection seemed to suggest that tar and feathering was coming back into style and Jeffrey's was actually good.


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