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I spent much of last week and weekend running around, playing with Mrs. Beans' brother's dog, Odin (he's a Jackaranian, and a total ham) and getting my little sister all graduated from college. I also, bizarrely, went on some cleaning kicks of the apartment, tidying up my room (which is looking more and more bare, which is good) and the apartment as a whole.

So this week is the first that I've really had time to sit and enjoy the apartment all to myself (while the roommates are still on vacation), and I have spent it thus far catching up on shows I meant to watch this year and didn't get to. I'm current on Game of Thrones and Mad Men, despite not really loving either, which seems to be a theme as the one show I just started is also of the not-great, can't turn off variety: Once Upon a Time.

Look, judge me, but I'm having an okay time of it. Season finale was ass-stupid, and I want to murder both of the two female hero leads and the villainess at times, but I'm managing. I have even, after this many hours, forgiven the show for not being what I really wanted out of it, which is Fables: the TV show. There were rumors of a Fables show getting a pilot that never really materialized, and the world got Once Upon a Time (and, I suppose, Grimm) instead. When I saw the promos for Once Upon a Time, I didn't bother watching it right away for two reasons: 1) I was sure it was going to be canceled, and 2) [ profile] glvalentine's review of the pilot. Now that it has, I basically mainlined it for three days while working furiously on one of two cross-stitch baby announcements I need done by fall. (By summer, really, since I'll be in school when my future nephew and future almost-positive-it's-a-niece are born.)

Once Upon a Time is still not nearly as good as Fables, alas. I miss super-secret agent Cinderella. I miss Bigby. I miss any recognition that in order for all these people to have issues with being pregnant/having babies/having children who don't love them PEOPLE HAVE TO HAVE HAD SEX. No, seriously. It's all "true love!" then "suddenly pregnant somehow!" all the time up in this show. And everyone has issues with both. Without ever mentioning fucking. Ever. Two characters have an affair and the closest they get to sex is hints at the number of place settings in the sink after they've hooked up. No one musses anyone's clothes, that's how far from sex these people are. (Which makes it hilarious to go from Game of Thrones to this.)

Up next on my cross-stitching marathon: the last season of Chuck or this current season of Supernatural. Or maybe I'll give it all amiss and just watch movies. I haven't decided.
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I've been telling myself, for a solid two weeks now, about all the things I'll do once my bloody test is over and done with. I'm sooooo close to that point, I need to make a list of those things to distract myself with happiness (lest I focus instead on the misery that will be the test and my eventual grade, if the practice tests I've taken are any example).

Lists are calming. I like lists. Especially hedonistic lists. ).

Note to self (or TL;DR for the cut above): Start working on studying for the next test now. You'll thank me for it later. But if you're a good girl, you can have some television. After you study.

Here's a fun thing to make this post worth anyone else's time:
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The trailer for the new season of Misfits is up! Spoilers for first season in this trailer, FYI:
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Misfits was just too much fucking fun. I can't disown it no matter how gratingly sexist it could be at times. (The slutty girl's power is to make men want to fuck her so badly they basically try to rape her whenever they touch her. Just saying.) Mostly, it's because I really liked the idea of a bunch of utter losers getting super powers and being rather nonplussed about the whole thing, especially the Irish kid. Who, despite the attempt to cast him in the loveable asshole model, is actually played as an actual asshole. Nobody likes him because he is so standoffish as to be unlikeable! Concept! Yet he is totally watchable and all kinds of hilarious a lot of the time. Still don't like him, but watch him? Absolutely.

I just have to manage until November. Balls. I am already more anxious than I can possibly convey waiting for The Walking Dead to come out on AMC, and that's just two weeks away. Siiiiiiiiigh. I should just be happy I've finally caught up with Supernatural and Smallville. Much as I'm actually enjoying both (!), though, nothing is as sweet as something you can't have. AND DEAR CHRIST, I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THE WALKING DEAD SINCE BEING TEASED WITH CONSTANT TRAILERS ABOUT IT SINCE JULY. (To those of you who went to San Diego Comic Con: I hate you.)
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Another year of new television is upon us. I actually made a fucking schedule to keep up. Mostly, I had to. I'd been living with cable and [ profile] ecmyers' DVR and now I have to be totally up on my shows myself without either. Everything is starting up again. I haven't even finished last year! I'm not even adding anything new yet! Sure, I want to check out Nikita. I might even glance at Hawaii-Five-O since it got surprisingly stellar reviews. I am not sure I'll even say no to No Ordinary Family--I'll scope out the pilot at least. But none of those have priority when I've got to keep up with (in the order they air) Dexter, Chuck, Weeds, Glee, Project Runway, Smallville (the last season! I can't believe I lived to see this day!), and Supernatural. I'm sure I'm even forgetting something in there.

For all that I want to check out new TV, though, even if I weren't busy, I would probably be skipping The Event. Why? This is why:

Simply put, I can't watch more TV because of other TV. Every time I see posters for The Event, I start giggling because That Mitchell and Webb Look's skit about a game show set post-mysterious apocalypse is fucking hilarious. Not as good as Numberwang, in terms of gameshow parodies, but up there. REMAIN INDOORS, people.

(This post, while inane, does at least use up one of the links I wanted to talk about forever, which is the one from which the above picture comes. Fandom Secrets had a post where someone else linked The Event with The Quiz Broadcast. I felt one with the internet nerds.)
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Last night, the roommies and I binged on TV, so I'm up to date on a few series at least. Some quick impressions:

Chuck: Awesome being totally out of his depth is deeply amusing, but the episode broke my heart with developments for (in no particular order) Chuck, Morgan, and Ellie.


Supernatural: I wasn't hugely impressed, but I will say that, no matter how batshit he or his rabid fangirls are, Misha Collins can give a deadpan like nobody else; in two minutes of total screen time, he was funnier than "funny" episodes of this show have been. (Bonus preview on web shows that this is a trend that will continue into this week's episode. Score!)

Tonight, WE DINE IN HELL! Er, sorry, watched the 300 Rifftrax this weekend, brain is still occasionally stuck on SHOUT AT THINGS TO MAKE THEM SEEM IMPORTANT. Ahem. Tonight, I finish what I hope is the last episode of the last season of Heroes ever. Or maybe I'll watch it tomorrow. I think I have some homework I'd rather be doing.
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I assume most of the Supernatural fangirls I know have heard something about an upcoming episode where Sam and Dean go tonot really a spoiler, but just in case ) (I'm still behind on Supernatural, so I dunno if that's the next episode or later down the line or what. Hence, spoiler tag.)

How do we feel about that? I'm not convinced fans will come out the better for this. )
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I just watched an episode of CSI. I haven't watched that show in easily four years. I lost interest once I'd seen all the re-runs on Spike. Which means there are now roughly fifteen thousand new-to-me reruns to watch. How funny, then, that the one I should happen upon featured Bobby! What are the odds that I would see someone I knew guest star on CSI?

(Okay, so the odds are pretty damned good with my, "Hey, I know that guy..."-itis. But still. If I can't watch SPN this week while feiran is away, I can at least enjoy Bobby in another show!)


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