Aug. 4th, 2011 02:46 pm
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Zach Snyder's Superman reboot has finally produced a promo image. (There are also set photos of Henry Cavil as Clark. With the curl. Go figure.) It really bothers me that they're adding all this texture to superhero outfits. The Spider-Man reboot is doing the same thing. It just looks dumb and not at all shiny like I kind of imagine and love Superman for being. It's in awful contrast with his cape, which is as voluminously large and lush as any comic has ever drawn it. I just hate the texture on the suit. I hate it. I hated it in Superman Returns (though that suit had so much else going wrong with it besides that it wasn't the worst part). I hate the color scheme, but I get it, I suppose. You can't make a man run around in a bright blue suit any more. (Not even Captain America's USO costume was bright blue.) I still don't like it. I also don't like that, in close up, Supes looks like Martin Sheen. That's weirding me out. A lot.

I also know that Zach Snyder is typically great at making stunning images and trailers for mediocre-to-awful movies, and to be fair to him, it is a dramatic shot. But if this much is already going wrong in the visuals before you get to the movie of questionable quality....ouch. Sorry DC. Better luck next time. Maybe you can hope that the questionable costume changes to Thor and the Cap (as caught in these screencaps from the post-Captain America bump for The Avengers) will soon dwarf your own concerns? Naaaah. Whom am I kidding? Thor's costume features ARMS. It automatically wins at life. (Dear Chris Hemsworth and Chris Hemsworth's smoking-hot wife: please tell me you are polyamorous. It's not fair to keep all that hotness to yourselves.)

Another fun feature I found on the internet: Empire magazine explains (with spoiler warnings, bless 'em) who the F are all the dwarfs in The Hobbit. Thank you, Jebus. I got confused as to who they were when I was reading The Hobbit, so I couldn't tell you Ori from Dori now. Things this magazine, alas, cannot explain? How come Aidan Turner's character looks like an elf. I mean, the rest of the character look like goddamned dwarfs. I get that Aidan Turner is fucking hot, and it's damn shame to cover that up with layers of dwarf makeup, but come on. The man signed up to play a dwarf. Either you make him a freakin' dwarf and put the same squat nose and lumpy features on him as everyone else or you hire someone who doesn't look like a model. I mean, Richard Armitage is just as gorgeous, and they...well, okay, they made him into a Klingon, but still! He's not fabulously attractive! It's a start!

I did find out that James Nesbitt, who is absolutely fabulous in Jekyll, which WATCH WATCH WATCH if you've not seen, is in this, which, is a reason to watch. Too bad he's not a villain. (His Jekyll was chilling. And all that without any crazy monster makeup. It's almost all just him.) I'm not the hugest fan of The Hobbit, but I'm in. Hell, I'd be in for Andy Serkis as Gollum again. I saw a clip of him doing motion-capture for Rise of the Planet of the Apes, and whatever the merits of that remake, Andy Serkis, ridiculous in costume, is a resplendent physical actor. You don't need the CGI monkey face to see the monkey. He's amazing.
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The movie-watching plans I made last week have, save for a trip to see Priest tonight, mostly fallen apart. I went to visit U Penn's vet school--lovely campus!--and used that as an excuse to drop in on [livejournal.com profile] feiran and [livejournal.com profile] ecmyers for the weekend. Alas, it was not the best weekend for poor [livejournal.com profile] feiran but I had a good time. I ate some truly excellent Korean BBQ for the first time, and that's a pleasure I hope to have repeated often. So tasty! Alas, the incredibly poor performance of Dylan Dog, coupled with no new releases of note being released that weekend meant we missed out going to the movies.

We did, however, finish Smallville. I have surprisingly little to say about it. But not SO little it shouldn't still go behind a cut. (No spoilers!) )

I also caught up on Supernatural on my way down to and back from Philly. The direction this season has gone is interesting. I didn't really think there was any point to continuing a show past the literal apocalypse, but they found a credible enough way to examine the aftermath. It's actually really funny because minor spoilers for end of season five ). I'm not sure I buy that this was evident from the beginning--the twist that was just revealed before the finale seems a little more sudden than reveals in seasons past--but I actually don't mind the direction it has gone.

One thing that intrigued me: nerd rage over the season finale teaser. No spoilers, just some venting. )

Tonight, Priest! I'm so excited you guys. I have only been this enthused so far this summer about Thor, though I haven't got half the expectations for Priest as I did Thor (and, if you recall, my expectations for Thor were decidedly sublevel). I just want to glory in the badness and then go read, finally, [livejournal.com profile] glvalentine 's review that will make all the badness even funnier. I may also be in it for Vampire Cowboy Karl Urban. Not gonna lie, that's a draw for me.
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I shit thee not, friends, I'm looking forward to the next few weeks. Yeah, I have to spend (according to my own rules) at least an hour a day (three on weekend days) on studying for my upcoming GRE (four weeks away! aaaaaaH!!!!), but I'm going to see SO MANY movies in the upcoming weeks. I'm driven to the point of distraction over it, even.

I really enjoy seeing movies. This week, I gave myself a break after the hectic one-two-three that was final exam, MAY MOVIE, bridal shower (and Mother's Day, but that was fun, not a chore). I have watched a new movie almost every night. Not all brilliant (back in your corner, Midnight Meat Train), but I haven't lazed about quite this way in a while. And I'm going out to the theater this weekend (hopefully!) and twice next week and once next weekend! After Thor was disappointingly AWESOME, I need the cheesy, hammy badness of something like Priest. I need it bad. Oh, Vampire Cowboy Karl Urban, how can I quit you?

Morning aggravations aside, I'm looking forward to the long weekend, hanging out with [livejournal.com profile] feiran  and [livejournal.com profile] ecmyers (AND FINISHING SMALLVILLE OMG YOU GUYS) and just generally enjoying my last weekend to NOT GIVE A SHIT for two months. Then I come back, study my ass off and do nothing but apply to schools until those aforementioned friends get married. AND THEN I AM FREE. I am going to enjoy THE SHIT out of this summer, you guys. Because come fall, I have to deal with the heartbreak of where I won't be getting into schools outright, the hassle of interviewing at places that won't take me, and, if I'm very, very lucky, the agony of deciding whether to attend the one school (probably in fucking Oklahoma) that will take me.

SUMMER AND MOVIES WILL SET ME FREE. That's what I'm taking out of this. Also, if I hit all four movies I intend to in the next week and a half, I'll be ahead on my 52-movies-in-a-theater-a-year resolution for the first time since, like, January, where it doesn't really count because it was much easier to get ahead when there was only one movie as yet required for a movie-a-week resolution. It might even carry me over past August, traditionally the Death Valley of cinema. (January/February are pretty bad, but that only means they get the so-bad-they're-hilarious shit that no one wants to bother releasing in August.)

If you're wondering if I've snapped, the answer is yes. It's a gorgeous day, I have a long weekend ahead of me, and the promise of fun hangings out with friends and MOVIES MOVIES MOVIES is enough to make me batshit. Sue me!
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It's about Lois! Amy Adams will be playing Lois Lane in the new Superman reboot. I find I care way more about this than the casting of the appealing but otherwise unknown to me actor they have playing Clark Kent/Superman. Amy Adams is terrific. I've loved her to pieces forever, probably since before I knew who she was. (I remember loving the actress who played Leonardo DiCaprio's fiancee in Catch Me If You Can, but I didn't know it was her at the time.) She's great in a variety of roles, too. I think she can pull off a great Lois. I think a redhead would be pretty spectacular, too, but they'll probably make her dye it which is a crime since her hair is so gorgeous.

In non-superhero news--just regular hero-y news, I took my poor work-mate home today. She nearly fainted and threw up from a stomach bug that came on in all of fifteen minutes at work today, and the rest of the lab was in a tizzy about her because she's usually pretty damn hardy. They all had to go to a meeting--which, again, nobody told me about--so I got to stay and take her. She tried to fight and insist she could cab it alone or take the subway at least, but I refused to let her, and good thing, too. She was almost passed out in the cab by the time we got to her place. Poor thing! Good deeds do get rewarded, too: there was a 7-11 just north of her apartment. Mmmmmm, first slurpee of spring....


Mar. 23rd, 2010 12:36 pm
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I was thinking about my earlier post (in which I objectified at least two men and hinted at a history of doing so to many, many others) and the oncoming onslaught of superhero movies (our taste for which is surprisingly still rapacious). Marvel has no less than a dozen movies already assumed: Iron Man 2 and, very probably, 3; Thor (with Thor 2 less likely but not impossible); Captain America (its sequel potential somewhere between that of Iron Man 3 and Thor 2); The Avengers; Wolverine 2; Deadpool; and some variety of X-Men-related films--the long idle Magneto movie and the more active X-Men: First Class.

DC has, to its credit, tried to step up production of the next Christopher Nolan Batman film and is making noise about another Superman film (though they won't film anything until the lawsuits are settled, I'm sure). And, while they do that, Green Lantern is already filming. (Seriously, someone took a shitty quality photo of Ryan Reynolds on set with what looked like a smudge on one of his fingers and the Lantern fans exploded with paroxysms of glee that he was wearing the ring.) The Flash may be getting another script treatment. Don't ask about Wonder Woman, though.

But, no, wait, let's ask about Wonder Woman for a second. Or, rather, since I don't want to hear the bullshit about how they can't figure out how to make Wonder Woman interesting enough to justify a movie, let's focus on what really bugged me as I looked at the Marvel line-up. Forget DC for a moment. I need comics fans to answer (riddle) me this: Who is Marvel's Wonder Woman?

I'm not trying to pick at wounds here, though it is a sore subject for me, personally. I really just could not think of any grand dame of the Marvel universe who stands on the sort of equal footing with her male colleagues that Wonder Woman does in the DC universe. The best I could come up with were the obviously-derivative-versions-of-male-characters, sometimes-members of the Avengers, like Spider-Woman or She-Hulk. Thinking about female Marvel characters, I immediately thought of X-Men, but they're hardly any of them anything like Wonder Woman. You can think of the iconic Marvel characters without ever touching on any X-Man or X-Woman. So the X-Women cannot be said to be iconic enough to Wonder Woman, for all that they are, by far, the most interesting women in the Marvel universe.

So, comics nerds better versed than I: am I wrong? Is there an iconic Marvel character who is on par with DC's Wonder Woman and I'm just not thinking of her?
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A serious article about film criticism and its decline.



The criticism of online reviewers in the first link seemed especially prescient this morning when I went from it to the second link. Of course, the problem with the io9 criticism is that the cyclical nature of genre popularity is just that: it is only popularity that waxes/wanes, not actual production. There will be some stepping off of making superhero movies, say, when a few superhero movies have failed to make big bank or have failed critically (either with fans or reviewers or both). But the movies will still be around. After Watchmen did less well than hoped, and after Wolverine was so boring even fanboys didn't bother watching the leaked movie, we are still looking at a slew of movies that were pushed into action regardless of those films failures.

This year, we get Iron Man 2. Next year, Thor and The Avengers. DC is pushing a new Superman movie and another in the Nolan Bat-films. Kick-Ass is already rumored to have a sequel in the works. It is not that we'll tire of superhero movies. We only tire of some superheroes. That's what I mean about popularity. As the Burton-Schumacher Batman franchise started to wane, Blade stepped in, as did X-Men. (The former informed upon The Matrix; the latter took a few cues from it.) Within a couple of years, we had Spider-Man. All around them were the also-rans: The Hulk, The Punisher, Fantastic Four. Then we came back to Batman again.

To the internet's credit, most of this was pointed out to the io9 OP. Perhaps we aren't all the anti-education film reactionaries that that first link assumes many of to be?
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As several comments point out on this thread, it would be easier to make a list (that would also be shorter) of Batman: the Animated Series episodes that weren't good. The series was far and away the best animated series of all time, far as I'm concerned. While I have loved many, many animated works with varying degrees of passion, I keep returning to BTAS because it remains entertaining, provocative (and thus, often slightly disturbing), and beautiful. I have seen every single episode multiple times, and I never get tired of watching my favorites over and over.

So, after that rosy declaration of eternal love, what would I admit to being some of the worst parts of that series I adore? Here are the few I came up with. )

Take a look at this list of episodes, and you tell me: what are some of the (very few, not really all that) bad episodes of BTAS.
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I don't know how I find them sometimes, I just do. Have a Flickr pool of steampunk Justice League.

Zatanna is fabulous. Her shoes! TO DIE! And she knows it. Look at that smirk! I kind of love the Nightwing, too. Very classy. I prefer the red-shirt Flash to this one. (Because he looks like Vash the Stampede.)

Other things I love:
-A Power Girl and Supergirl fight!
-The detail on this emblem.
-And one more of Zatanna. Who seriously is made of awesome. Why does she cry?

Kudos to this group. There are weaker members, but even where imagination is lacking (Catwoman? That's supposed to be Catwoman?), the quality of the costume construction is pretty first-rate.


Feb. 24th, 2009 05:04 pm
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Help me. I'll be doing these reviews until I'm eighty.
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My comic-twitter-pated friend here at work handed me "Last Son," a Superman story wherein Supes babysits a Kryptonian boy and it's all awwwww, ain't it cute but ultimately tragic because of course this can't last.

All I could think of afterwards is: Maybe all his "kids" turn into disaffected, bitter freaks, but Batman is so totally a better father than Superman.

Even I think I'm wrong about that, yet I cannot make myself refute my own brain-dropping. So, yeah, there it is. Supes is just too...not good at the parenting thing. Bats might be hella demanding, demeaning, and intimidating, but if the end result is more superheroes, it's hard to fault the guy, is it?
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A while ago, I let Netflix recommend something to me, added it to my queue, and when I was reorganzing the queue to space out movies and TV shows, I moved this movie up towards the top. I don't remember the name of it because I turned it off ten minutes into the thing. I think the Jimmy Olsen from Superman Returns was in it, and I know that Heather Mattarazzo was, too. It was supposed to be a rom-com, I suppose, given that the premise was the guy pretending to be gay in order to be friends with the girl. I know, Shakespeare, right? (Well, actually, kinda?) Long story short, it wasn't done cutesy, it was done raunchy, and I'd had enough of bimbos, boobs, and banging before it even started. I chucked it back in the mail and made sure to leave a scathing 1-star rating on it.

Coincidentally, at the same time, there was a thread at Pandagon about feminist-friendly romantic comedies, and after my bad luck with the aforementioned romp-com, I added a few titles to my queue. Someone recommended Coming Soon, which I watched last night. Ostensibly, this is female-empowered by dint of the three heroines all seeking the elusive orgasm that none have achieved despite all their sleeping around. To the film's credit, the fact that they have sex with people they don't like and aren't aroused by is not presented as slutty so much as curious and hormonal. The lead girl (ugh, her name is Stream, so guess what stereotype her mother plays?) doesn't care about romance or sex so much as pleasure. Which, hey, that's kinda cool. This consequence-free pursuit of sexual satisfaction should be great, right?

Well, no one ever asks a rhetorical question like that intending anyone to say "yes," so you've probably guessed that this is not the case. Why? Why are women such a problem in the movies? )

Why is it so hard to believe that women can have both emotional response and sexual ones, and that the two might not always have anything to do with each other? Or that they do have something to do with each other and are more intricately entwined than is commonly assumed? One is not a romantic who exchanges sex for love no more than one is automatically a slut if one exchanges sex for pleasure. We like sex. We like love. Sometimes both at once, sometimes one and not the other. It must be an astonishing thing for these writers that women? Get the equivalent of hard-ons for men they have no intention of ever loving. (Fucking, yes; lovng, no.) They objectify as much as men do (and some studies say more than men do). Their capactiy for romance is not inherently greater. Men suffer as much for these films as women because they are constantly cast as conquerors of female bodies, as manly man types with about as much reciprocal depth as is brought to them by their female counterparts. But just because one film allows guys to men and not just dudes does not make it a feminist-friendly movie. The women are allowed to be aggressive but not to have any other defining characteristics? Pssh, please.

This movie reminded me vaguely of Zerophilia, which I watched a couple of years ago. I had similar problems with tone, specifically the glossing over of non-traditional sexual desires in pursuit of romance. That film couldn't decide if it was a comedy or a serious film. Coming Soon couldn't decide how to feel about just ending on its heroine having a fucking orgasm, so they threw in some stuff about love. And lesbians. Like you do.

Mostly, it was goddamned distracting for the PEOPLE in it. The movie was made in 2000, but everyone sported early 90s hair, the sorts that most of them would have been wearing to middle school when they were in style. It's as if they never changed it even as they grew up. We're talking the Peter Petrelli emo-bangs hair. One guy had his slightly longer and kept it back with a thin headband. These are dated looks for 2000, let alone 2008. Then throw in the fact that douche-haired kid was Sean Spencer from Psych and headband-boy was Ryan Reynolds (coincidence! I swear!) and Ashton Kutcher was in there at one point, and that's enough now-famous, then-unknown boys to make my head spin. It's very telling about the compelling story of the three women at the center of the movie that not-a-one of them went on to even half-so-much fame as the least famous of those guys. Yeesh.
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Taking a break from being generally down. Trying to get excited by stuff helps, but I'm still in a daze. Probably just tired.

Everyone knows that Iron Man is The May Movie by now. Reason to be optimistic the first: the drunk, egotistical Tony Stark is played by the (ex)addict, egotistical Robert Downey Jr. Reason the second: this is Jon Favreau's baby, and he's proven himself an unironic fan of comics who is not blinded by their faults nor ignorant of the difficulties of bringing them to the silver screen.

Reason the third: this picture looks fabulous. Costuming is so important when you tell the super hero story, I can't even begin to say how much. [livejournal.com profile] decidedly, that doll, bought me the book on the making of Superman Returns and the conception of the costume--the changes they made and why--was so fascinating (I was still pretty sad it turned out something so lackluster, but the proces was interesting).

But yeah, I really dig the Iron Man suit. It looks so alien and severe and comic-booky in the good way. I like how the first pictures of it focused on showing Robert Downey Jr. with only part of the rest of it even constructed to really emphasize that even though it looks like there's no way in hell anyone could be in there...well, there's someone in there. Iron Man has had some pretty triumphant marketing with their visually stunning posters, and it's smart of them to play the teasing game so smartly. Because of course we expect the advance, professional stills, especially for a movie with a built-in fanbase like this. Pretty impressive.


Aug. 23rd, 2007 05:38 pm
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So, the BBC Robin Hood series is ridiculous and silly and I think I might already be just a little bit in love with it. Despite the fact that Robin isn't attractive, Marion is strange looking, and Sir Guy looks like a rock star.

I mean, how can you not like a show that gleefully throws Robin nearly into bed with the Sheriff of Nottingham? And the latter plays coquette for the entire time!? ::titters::

To the show's credit, it doesn't isolate the Robin-against-the-rich dynamic from its (supposedly) historical setting, thus making it the most involved with the concurrent events of the day. Like Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Robin has returned to England from fighting in one or another Crusade. But the evilness of the Sheriff is more insidious, more cloaked in good intentions than in any other adaptation I've seen, as his excuse for taxing people to shreds is to support the war abroad. He even, rightly, dresses down Robin at a meeting of nobles in Nottinghamshire over the issue of supporting. He sounds like a fucking Republican chickenhawk chickenshit with the "I am doing something other than risking my limbs for the war, and that perfectly excuses me from having to fight and allows me to send others to their death," but he has a point with the particular war in question. Not only is he too old to go himself, he'd be abandoning his duties if he--the Sheriff--went to war. Since Robin's gadding about has led to his people suffering in his absence, it's a total, "Oh, SNAP!" moment. Took the wind of self-righteousness out of Robin's sails, which I quite like. The Sheriff is so fun!

And did I mention that Guy of Gisborne is totally a rock star? And that [livejournal.com profile] feiran suffered that same immediate, frightening lust for him as she did for Oliver Queen on Smallville? Maybe not as vehemently, but she did do a double-take over him.
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Last night, I was too lazy to get up and turn off the TV (the remote was all the way across from me! I mean, what's the point of a remote if I'm going to forget it and leave it on top of the stupid TV!?) after Smallville, so I ended up watching the first episode of Supernatural I've seen since I tried to watch the premiere when it first aired.

Lesson learned: Don't be so fucking lazy. I can't believe I'm doing this )

ETA: A cut-tag for [livejournal.com profile] ivy03, who is--believe it or not--more fanatical about not being spoiled than I. Yes, I can scarce believe it myself. Cut-tag because I love her crazy head nonetheless.

Still, wasn't worse than what had come before it. I dunno whether it's powerful lame or just a sign of the times that Smallville throws around the phrase "fight club" without a hint of irony. Either they think it's that cool to say or it's just part of the Things Kids Say These Days. The target audience of Smallville, judging from a WB/CW demographic should really be too young to think Fight Club is just something to make slang out of, right?

Whatever. Smallville is so bad. Why can't I turn it off? I had The Descent from Netflix and everything, and still I sat through the show (and the one after, God).

The Descent was fucking creepy, and not for the stupid in-bred cave monsters (though, to their credit, they were pretty good as being creepy, too). It had a reasonsable solution to the age-old problem of horror flicks: it knew how to keep the victims in close proximity to the monsters. The "haunted house" scenario suffers unless there's a reason you can't get away (Alien solved that problem by being set in space; zombie movies work best when the people are trapped in a location and not when they're trying to flee constantly), and The Descent's excuse was the girls involved were cave-diving in a heretofore unexplored cave and there was a rock slide to block their entrance. Excuse me, but that's scary right the fuck there, monsters or no monsters. I was feeling claustrophobic in my living room.

Fun facts about the movie: one girl was the love interest from the worst episode of Farscape (at least, the worst in season one), and another was the here-and-gone Sam from Spooks. Hurrah for my IMDB brain!


Mar. 21st, 2007 11:58 pm
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I got some lovely giftses from dearest [livejournal.com profile] deepredbelle. Not least of which is a candy necklace that [livejournal.com profile] feiran menaces occasionally while she waits for me to determine whether or not she can have some (she probably can). I just finished both books [livejournal.com profile] deepredbelle sent: Does this Cape Make Me Look Fat? and The Art of Superman Returns, both of which are, duh, faboo (look who picked 'em out!).

Does this Cape Make Me Look Fat? is adorable, and I think I need to make icons from it. My favorite bit by far was in the chapter detailing how to get respect in your chosen profession of hero-ing: "Get A PhD in something sciencey." Made the scientist in me titter. As if it were that easy to get respect with a PhD! Phhht. Plus, how can you go wrong when you recommend that, among other things to look for in a mentor, you insist upon a bald guy wearing an eye-patch? Nick Fury, be my (sexual) mentor!

The Art of Superman Returns is gorgeous. There are some sketches by Alex Ross which make the already classy, glossy retro-feel to the planning of the movie that much more stylized. One of his sketches details the scene in which Superman saves the plane falling from the sky from crashing. It's got the most unbelievably vivid lines on Supes' body. Classic pose, beautiful colors, and so iconic--the impact, the cultural identification that just kicks in when you think "Superman" is all there. Gorgeous.

And the discussion of the city-scape of Metropolis is AWESOME. )

Know what else is fabulous? [livejournal.com profile] deepredbelle! THANK YOU, DARLING! Hadn't got to say it before, so sayin' it now. I loved the package. Especially the postcards :)
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No, really, I have nothing to post. No big news. No TV or movie-related...

Oh, wait, of course I have some entertainment-y type stuffs. Leave a comment if you'd be interested in a group outing to 300 next Friday. Thinking 8-9pm-ish, 34th street theater, if it's there. I'll be going by myself if no one else can make it, but I will be there. I've listened to "Just Like You Imagined" one too many times on repeat (it's one of the few songs I have at work, from my own linked download). I've been drooling over the chance to see this since last year, I think. Let me know who wants in!

On the TV front: LOST, who you kiddin'? )

I think I'm just cranky because I need a show on that's knowingly bad, as opposed to It-should-be-better-and-it's-been-better-a-while-back-but-isn't-any-more, and Smallville is in reruns for at least another week. I can take LOST sucking, but that, on top of Battlestar Galactica's ensuckitude and no House (ACK I AM CRANKY BECAUSE THERE IS TOO MUCH AMERICAN IDOL GOINGS ON) is just not helping. I get Heroes on Monday as candy, and I need something as woefully silly as Smallville to unwind my week. Sheesh.
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Okay, what the F, Smallville? (spoilers, duh) )

Hey, what do you know, I was right! Watching "The Rise of the Cybermen" again last night, I kept trying to figure out where I'd seen the guy playing Lumic before. He's Barty Crouch Sr from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Checked it out with the IMDB, and, yes, he surely is. He and David Tennant are fated to be forever on opposite sides of good and evil (and general attractiveness, too, wooo, I guess Barty Jr. got his looks from his poor mother...). Go me and my mad ability to recognize people in stuff. It's really distracting, though, since British stuff is terribly incestuous--I think they have a pool of about a hundred people they recycle through film and TV, and that's it. There are bit players, so maybe it's like 200, but really, this is ridiculous. I guess, with British stock, there's only so much hot to go around. Gotta keep the good-looking ones front and center (not that I'm complaining about that, mind).

Speaking of Doctor Who, though... )

I woke up at 7:15 this morning wide awake. I should have gotten up and packed. For some reason, I got up way early, kept waking and going back to sleep, then got blasted out of bed by my alarm. My alarm has no happy medium setting on volume. Turn the dial just slightly and it goes from quiet to startlingly loud. And now it's not automatically finding the time, which is irksome, as I've gotten quite lazy enjoying that feature. I unplugged it in the hopes that it will find the right time next time I plug it in. It would do this right before I'm going on vacation. I need that frakkin' alarm. I'll have to set the one on my phone just to be sure.
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I had a dream that was possibly the most horrible one ever last night. My mother and I were sitting in a booth at Friendly's (no, that's not the horrible part), and she casually told me my youngest sister was dead. I started to freak out and cry, and she couldn't work out why I was so upset. "Oh, I must have forgotten to call you. I was making a lot of phone calls to let people know when it happened." I couldn't figure out if she was like in shock or what, but I was a mess. I woke up to find the blanket had gotten twisted around my neck, nearly killing me. Ugh, not cool.


Torchwood continues to be just fine. The second episode was a hoot but a cruel, cruel tease as it featured the entire rest of the cast pondering (instead of getting off--or, on, as the case might be--their asses and finding out) Jack's sexuality. Look, people, you can sit around and wonder all day, but you're telling me that none of you would just run up and try to jump his bones after watching him bliss-out an alien with only kiss? Please. No, that's not a spoiler, either, don't worry.

These are spoilers. )


I finally watched the first disc I had from Netflix of Rome. It's quite good, for all that there seems to be random sex scenes and nudity flung about. I'm not a prude by any measure, I just don't see why making it that graphic adds to the story. Except for Octavian's mother, whatever her name was. Her screwing people is her screwing people over for the most part, which is fun to watch. This isn't a series I'm going to be able to watch without bile in my throat over the women represented in it, but it's not like I can change that era to make it less sexist.

I find the details and the intrigue well worth it, even from the very beginning where we meet the two soldiers. I loved watched the Roman formation in action--how unstoppable that tactic was! Never get to see that outside of a History Channel reinactment, and they don't have half so much money to do their mockups with as HBO does. And all the political stuff is fascinatingly complex and not stupidly spelled out nor muddled so I couldn't follow. It's a keeper, which is a first for an HBO series (I've never liked anything they've done--not The Sopranos, not Sex and the City, didn't even care for Six Feet Under too well).


Oh, and Smallville. Yeah, you know why last week was so enjoyable? LANA LANG WAS NOWHERE TO BE FOUND. She was there for two minutes, and gone with her umpteenth concussion. Would that she'd stayed in it, but they have hard heads in Kansas. JImmy Olsen got a serious laugh off of me with how stupid he is (no wonder he's still at the same position by the time Clark and Lois are supposed to get there--he may have rivaled Clark for stupidity last night), Raya was smoking hot, Chloe scarcely less so for what little action she got, and the plot line with the, ugh, "Zoners" was average. But Lana Lang and Lex Luthor's relationship troubles interest me about as much as the mold on my shower curtain (as in I want to take bleach to it and scrub it from existence). Had another moment of "[SPOILER] dies, and LANA LANG is still here. Freakin' great."

Bring back Oliver Queen, even if he is--and I cannot believe how dumb this is or how badly it could ruin a character who was awesome last week--shooting up and going crazy. At least I can distract myself with his pretty and go "La la la" through the rest.
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Stolen from [livejournal.com profile] anomilygrace: This guy is bouncy. Hee!

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Smallville spoilers--from last week (it took me a while, okay?) )

Carnivale continues to make no sense. But after [livejournal.com profile] feiran's comment last night, it does, at least, keep me giggly. If anyone has seen all of it, don't tell me, but I think the story could be boiled down to "There are two Kamuis!" I bet [livejournal.com profile] feiran a shiny nickel it would.
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I stayed up way too late when I was already tired last night to finish both discs I got from Netflix.

The 4400 - No spoilers, just some thoughts, read if you might be interested in watching the series. )

This is a tiny rant with some spoilers about the show's less-than-latent turn for the sexist. )

In other news, [livejournal.com profile] feiran was subjected to some Smallville last night and scared the crap out of me with the face she made when I said Green Arrow was hot. She agreed, in a scary, scary way. That said, I still like him. I like the look of arrogance and disgust and dismissal he has when Lois came to see him. He's going to be a prick, and an entitled one at that (so, basically, Lex without a conscience, which, I SWEAR, makes sense in my head even though it looks stupid to say). Plus, hey, another trim guy with his shirt off. I don't mind that at all, especially since Tom Welling hasn't lost his in a while (prompting me to be catty and say he's probably gotten too fat to look good without a shirt on any more). Go go green vigilante!


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