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Forgot to mention in my post about Once Upon a Time: Still not a Fables TV Show, but this show is like playing the "Hey, I know you from somewhere..." game every week. And, maddeningly for me, I cannot figure out where I know people from. Because they're even so obscure, I haven't seen them in much. One of the guys bugging me the most turns out to have played the boyfriend/ex of the lead on Covert Affairs, itself a show that I cannot figure out how come I've seen as much of it as I have. (Oh, wait, I remember now: the blind guy was hot.) That's on top of the LOST cast reunions and the random Bucky Barnes cameos.

Perhaps the one that blind-sided me the most, however, is the straight-laced nice-guy playing Jiminy Cricket is HOLY FUCKING GOD KAIDEN ALENKO!?!?! I knew I recognized that oddly gruff voice, but it weirds me right the fuck out to see him acting. At least he's more handsome than Kaiden?
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I spent much of last week and weekend running around, playing with Mrs. Beans' brother's dog, Odin (he's a Jackaranian, and a total ham) and getting my little sister all graduated from college. I also, bizarrely, went on some cleaning kicks of the apartment, tidying up my room (which is looking more and more bare, which is good) and the apartment as a whole.

So this week is the first that I've really had time to sit and enjoy the apartment all to myself (while the roommates are still on vacation), and I have spent it thus far catching up on shows I meant to watch this year and didn't get to. I'm current on Game of Thrones and Mad Men, despite not really loving either, which seems to be a theme as the one show I just started is also of the not-great, can't turn off variety: Once Upon a Time.

Look, judge me, but I'm having an okay time of it. Season finale was ass-stupid, and I want to murder both of the two female hero leads and the villainess at times, but I'm managing. I have even, after this many hours, forgiven the show for not being what I really wanted out of it, which is Fables: the TV show. There were rumors of a Fables show getting a pilot that never really materialized, and the world got Once Upon a Time (and, I suppose, Grimm) instead. When I saw the promos for Once Upon a Time, I didn't bother watching it right away for two reasons: 1) I was sure it was going to be canceled, and 2) [ profile] glvalentine's review of the pilot. Now that it has, I basically mainlined it for three days while working furiously on one of two cross-stitch baby announcements I need done by fall. (By summer, really, since I'll be in school when my future nephew and future almost-positive-it's-a-niece are born.)

Once Upon a Time is still not nearly as good as Fables, alas. I miss super-secret agent Cinderella. I miss Bigby. I miss any recognition that in order for all these people to have issues with being pregnant/having babies/having children who don't love them PEOPLE HAVE TO HAVE HAD SEX. No, seriously. It's all "true love!" then "suddenly pregnant somehow!" all the time up in this show. And everyone has issues with both. Without ever mentioning fucking. Ever. Two characters have an affair and the closest they get to sex is hints at the number of place settings in the sink after they've hooked up. No one musses anyone's clothes, that's how far from sex these people are. (Which makes it hilarious to go from Game of Thrones to this.)

Up next on my cross-stitching marathon: the last season of Chuck or this current season of Supernatural. Or maybe I'll give it all amiss and just watch movies. I haven't decided.
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I finished the book a while ago (and am even within a week or three of finishing the second book!) but I had yet to watch the show. Honestly, I needed to give it time between book and show or it would end up being like Lord of the Rings all over again. I read The Fellowship of the Ring all of two days before seeing the movie and I was (it pains me to admit) almost bored by the movie because I was watching things I'd just read. (Funny how that doesn't work with seeing a movie more than once--by the time I'd seen Fellowship a second time, I was hooked.)

It was a good decision to wait. I've only watched one episode so far, and I already need a break. My mental images of the characters are completely out of alignment with the actors on the show. I can't tell any of the Stark boys apart. (One of them must be Theon, but don't ask me which one.) Despite repeated remarks about Catelyn Stark's red hair, I always pictured her as a blonde and much younger than the woman on the show (though it makes no sense that she'd be young since she has a child of fifteen). About the only person I adore is Sean Bean as Eddard Stark, but it's Sean Bean and saying I adore him is like saying I like to breathe. Arya is good, I suppose. She has the right hungry look. Cersei and Jamie Lannister are completely wrong. I don't get the vicious coldness I've come to expect from her from Lena Headey, and whoever is playing Jamie offends me. The one scene where that useless douchebag tried to start something with Lord Sean Bean Stark I was all, "NUH-UH, YOU DO NOT GET IN THE BEAN'S WAY, YOU PRICK."

Anyway, I'll get around to the rest of the series, but not in any hurry. I'd much rather make progress (and there is so much progress to make) on the sequel. I did come across this article about the female nudity on the show (spoilers for the end!) which I suppose will become much more grating as I get through the series. Unfortunately, I came to through this blog post telling this woman objecting to the objectification of women for no conceivable narrative purpose that she should shut the fuck up (and, presumably, since that's what women in these trolls' mindset are good for, shake her moneymakers). Reading feminist blogs has perhaps shielded me more than usual against this sort of lazy sexism. I'd forgotten how troglodytic is is. (Some commenter actually says that it's fine to have all the tits all the time because it's in the book! It's not the book's fault sexism happened in the Middle Ages! Even if the book is fantasy and not set during this Earth's Middle Ages at all!) ::rolls eyes::
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The movie-watching plans I made last week have, save for a trip to see Priest tonight, mostly fallen apart. I went to visit U Penn's vet school--lovely campus!--and used that as an excuse to drop in on [ profile] feiran and [ profile] ecmyers for the weekend. Alas, it was not the best weekend for poor [ profile] feiran but I had a good time. I ate some truly excellent Korean BBQ for the first time, and that's a pleasure I hope to have repeated often. So tasty! Alas, the incredibly poor performance of Dylan Dog, coupled with no new releases of note being released that weekend meant we missed out going to the movies.

We did, however, finish Smallville. I have surprisingly little to say about it. But not SO little it shouldn't still go behind a cut. (No spoilers!) )

I also caught up on Supernatural on my way down to and back from Philly. The direction this season has gone is interesting. I didn't really think there was any point to continuing a show past the literal apocalypse, but they found a credible enough way to examine the aftermath. It's actually really funny because minor spoilers for end of season five ). I'm not sure I buy that this was evident from the beginning--the twist that was just revealed before the finale seems a little more sudden than reveals in seasons past--but I actually don't mind the direction it has gone.

One thing that intrigued me: nerd rage over the season finale teaser. No spoilers, just some venting. )

Tonight, Priest! I'm so excited you guys. I have only been this enthused so far this summer about Thor, though I haven't got half the expectations for Priest as I did Thor (and, if you recall, my expectations for Thor were decidedly sublevel). I just want to glory in the badness and then go read, finally, [ profile] glvalentine 's review that will make all the badness even funnier. I may also be in it for Vampire Cowboy Karl Urban. Not gonna lie, that's a draw for me.
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Although I did make the effort to chat up the nice guy on the bus home from PAX (he was reading Terry Pratchett, watching Spooks and Chuck, and we talked about games we played at PAX), I really devoted most of my time to devouring comics on my iPad. I read a few middling-to-meh miniseries and then I started in on one of the two series I really want to have read. The two options were Y: The Last Man and Preacher. I was lazy and went alphabetically.

...I love Preacher. I have gotten through fully half the series already. True, it's a short series, but to do as much in two days? I really have fun with it, and I can totally see why all the rumors of its getting made into a movie/TV series, even on HBO, have never been realized into an actual product. I don't know that it would survive the transition to be as good even if it were done by the best of the best to the best of the best's ability. Frankly, love it or not, it's got a lot of high melodrama that wouldn't translate into a medium where people would actually have to say any of the things or explain the various backstories. Jesse's backstory, in particular, seems nearly impossible to film in such a way that wouldn't be ridiculously camp.

This is what I worry about with any adaptation, which I don't really have to worry about because holy shit, not even HBO is going to touch on this "God is a Dick" stuff. Supernatural gets away with angels being dicks, but I doubt anyone could really write a non-comedic take on God that wouldn't piss off absolutely anyone who believes in him. Hell, Kevin Smith couldn't get away with a comedy about God, and his God was quirky, cute, and ultimately loving. The same cannot be said about Preacher's God. It's still kind of a shame it won't get made. Were a channel like HBO to take the reins, this could be dynamite stuff. It would also be a funny pairing with something like True Blood, which has an equally irreverent attitude and a similar enjoyment of frivolous sex. But it doesn't need it, and it wouldn't probably be done right. Oh well.

We can also be glad to know that Sandman isn't getting an on-screen treatment either. Well, at least not this time that someone with clout and a will looked into making it. I'm not the hugest fan of Sandman (or Gaiman), but I know nothing could ever do that comic justice. We'd have to fundamentally alter what we expect of viewers versus what we expect of readers. TV has come a long way, especially with audiences increasingly willing--and demanding--serially plotted shows, but we're not there yet to do justice to something as multifaceted as Sandman. Believe you me, even though I'm not a fangirl for the series, I know that Sandman is just too far-reaching (more so than the likewise impossible-to-make-a-film-out-of-but-they-tried Watchmen) to really be made well. I'm not casting aspersions on the people who wanted to make this adaptation happen--Kripke seemed like a good choice, honestly--just that I don't think anyone can do it. Period.
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Damn it feels good to be a female geek in 2011! )

In other, less hormonally-driven news excitement, I got to see the first episode of The Walking Dead. Truly, it is gorgeously done. It remains to be seen if the story really takes off. Don't get me wrong, I like a lot of what they're doing with this series. However, being as well-versed as I am in zombie movie-ology, there's not yet a lot going on that hasn't gone on before in zombie movies. One thing that's actually nice is that this is a very slow story of the apocalypse. As in, the rushing around and panic aren't really the focus. It's slow and steady survives the zombies with this show. So, yeah, there's that. Hopefully, by the time I finish my test, I'll have enough episodes stored up for a good long marathon.
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The trailer for the new season of Misfits is up! Spoilers for first season in this trailer, FYI:
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Misfits was just too much fucking fun. I can't disown it no matter how gratingly sexist it could be at times. (The slutty girl's power is to make men want to fuck her so badly they basically try to rape her whenever they touch her. Just saying.) Mostly, it's because I really liked the idea of a bunch of utter losers getting super powers and being rather nonplussed about the whole thing, especially the Irish kid. Who, despite the attempt to cast him in the loveable asshole model, is actually played as an actual asshole. Nobody likes him because he is so standoffish as to be unlikeable! Concept! Yet he is totally watchable and all kinds of hilarious a lot of the time. Still don't like him, but watch him? Absolutely.

I just have to manage until November. Balls. I am already more anxious than I can possibly convey waiting for The Walking Dead to come out on AMC, and that's just two weeks away. Siiiiiiiiigh. I should just be happy I've finally caught up with Supernatural and Smallville. Much as I'm actually enjoying both (!), though, nothing is as sweet as something you can't have. AND DEAR CHRIST, I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THE WALKING DEAD SINCE BEING TEASED WITH CONSTANT TRAILERS ABOUT IT SINCE JULY. (To those of you who went to San Diego Comic Con: I hate you.)
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One: Nicholas Cage's career is sure...interesting. He's in a movie called Drive Angry, for which I have just seen this trailer.

A quick synopsis for those of you who won't subject yourselves to the trailer: Nicholas Cage breaks out of Hell to stop a Satanic cult from sacrificing his grandchild to, well, presumably let other things out of Hell besides Nicholas Cage. A truly delicious William Fichtner is Satan's helper, sent to retrieve him. Also, there's some eye-candy chick, who will probably follow a trajectory where she will be introduced as "fierce independent woman," then relegated to side-kick to actual hero with actual motivation, before finally slung into damsel in distress.

I can't quite tell, on a truly impressive scale of bad movies he's made, where this one falls. Surely, it has to be better than that lamentable The Wicker Man remake, but it may not be quite up to the schlocky fun of something like Gone in 60 Seconds, for all that is has lots of muscle cars in it. Shame. I do love me some William Fichtner. He's great when he's quietly menacing evil.


Two: I have yet to sit down and watch Being Human. I heard that they were remaking it for the US, though, and I automatically rolled my eyes and swore, "God, is that really necessary?" to no one in particular. (I am getting funny looks at work now.) Then I found out genre fiction punching bag, fabulous-body-having, kind of adorkable and occasional bad-ass Jedi Apprentice Samuel "Crashdown/Doomsday/that time he was on Dexter/I think he was in The Mist" Witwer was going to be in it. Goddamnit, now I have to watch this, don't I?

AHEM, I said, "I have to watch this, don't I???"

That's what I thought. Funny thing I also just learned in trying to adjust text to fit this picture: there's some option that says "abs bottom" or something. I got stuck at abs, then giggled as I moved onto bottom. Ooh, yes please?


Three (things make a post): For those of you not following me on Twitter, last night I fell off my bike. Rest assured, I'm really mostly injured when it comes to my pride. I tried to go up on a curb, in the rain, and there was just no way it wasn't going to go pear-shaped. I'm lucky I'm not worse off than I am. I have a cut and some skin rubbed off on one arm, which is now much more sore than it was yesterday, but still functional. Otherwise? Fine. I guess I'm finally a true biker in the city. Short of being doored, that is, which I could totally skip as an initiation ritual. Bike was making funny noises last night, but it seemed to mostly be because of the crap on the tires hitting the brake (the wet streets kicked up a lot of grit). 

What's worse than a little fall is how blasted cold it was to be wet through last night. I came back, took a hot shower to clean up and get warm and then, despite being warm, felt cold for the rest of the night. Blargh. At least [ profile] moonlightalice kindly warned me not to bike this morning as it is like to rain again. Not that I was going to. My arm is too sore for that (I caught myself with it), but it's good to know that there's a real reason not to as opposed to a wussy reason.
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Another year of new television is upon us. I actually made a fucking schedule to keep up. Mostly, I had to. I'd been living with cable and [ profile] ecmyers' DVR and now I have to be totally up on my shows myself without either. Everything is starting up again. I haven't even finished last year! I'm not even adding anything new yet! Sure, I want to check out Nikita. I might even glance at Hawaii-Five-O since it got surprisingly stellar reviews. I am not sure I'll even say no to No Ordinary Family--I'll scope out the pilot at least. But none of those have priority when I've got to keep up with (in the order they air) Dexter, Chuck, Weeds, Glee, Project Runway, Smallville (the last season! I can't believe I lived to see this day!), and Supernatural. I'm sure I'm even forgetting something in there.

For all that I want to check out new TV, though, even if I weren't busy, I would probably be skipping The Event. Why? This is why:

Simply put, I can't watch more TV because of other TV. Every time I see posters for The Event, I start giggling because That Mitchell and Webb Look's skit about a game show set post-mysterious apocalypse is fucking hilarious. Not as good as Numberwang, in terms of gameshow parodies, but up there. REMAIN INDOORS, people.

(This post, while inane, does at least use up one of the links I wanted to talk about forever, which is the one from which the above picture comes. Fandom Secrets had a post where someone else linked The Event with The Quiz Broadcast. I felt one with the internet nerds.)
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I was so excited about this past weekend. To be fair, I did get a lot done this weekend. In that way, I have nothing much to complain about. I got my bed frame moved against the wall before the new mattress arrived, so it's now flush with the wall, and I got all the space back that I wanted. I then, even with a bad back, got two queen-sized mattresses up a flight of stairs apiece at my parents' place all on my own. I caught up on at least three television shows, watched all my Netflix movies, got to hang out with [ profile] hslayer and [ profile] viridian and tried out a nauseating form of mini-golf. (BLACK LIGHT IS NOT MY FRIEND.)

Nonetheless, I started out the weekend bummed as anything 'cause the bike I ordered was warped enough that I couldn't use it. The front wheel supports, the fork that goes around the axle of the wheel, weren't aligned properly. With one of the supports at a funny angle, I couldn't install the front wheel. It's such a bummer. I had to rebox the bike, drag it to FedEx, and send it back. The place that sold it to me is going to have another shipped to me as of Wednesday. But it won't be here until the week after, so that eats about two weeks worth of what's left of summer (since no matter when it arrives, I'll still have to assemble it and get it tuned up). Which, well, is almost the only time one can comfortably and safely ride a bike in the city. Sigh.

Balls indeed, little icon bear. Balls indeed.
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When I'm bored at work, I scour the internet. The problem is that the internet is done by about three hours into my scouring, far as I'm concerned, and then I'm bored. This boredom is made worse by all the links to things I can't read or can't focus enough on to make a coherent post about whatever it is. So I'm going to just collect links here and think about it later. Maybe.

-Predator 2: Not as bad as you think! What? It wasn't! It's nowhere near as smart as Predator. It's fantastically cheesy at parts, too. But it did some effective things. The disc alone means I can forgive this movie because it lead to my favorite activity in playing one-on-one battles with [ profile] feiran, which was sniping her with the fucking disc. All joking aside, there were some interesting ideas thrown around this movie, and a few genuine laughs, like when the police chase a bad guy onto a subway and fully ten commuters draw guns on the bad guy, too. Or when Gary Busey showed up. Laugh a minute, that.

-This may be a totally relevant and cogent post about how Glee isn't as progressive/transgressive as you think, but I can't read it because I'm still watching the show. Damn it. But I could have told you that. I mean, yay, it has a stable of characters that include people of color, a disabled student, and a gay student. But the show has really missed some opportunities to do more than just throw "teachable moments" at us. For all that I love Kurt, he was the one who pushed and pushed and pushed until [spoiler character] finally snapped and called him the F-word. It's not a nice word, and usage of it is still bad, but some acknowledgment that Kurt provoked it might have been nice. Because gay people are people, too, and sometimes they are pricks. Also, guess what? All the female characters are still crazy and/or evil. PROGRESS.

-I like this stand! Possibly to use to hide kitty litter!
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Rocko's Modern Life has season one now on Netflix's Watch It Now.

Okay, okay, nobody panic. Breathe. Breathe. There doesn't seem to be any mention of Rocko coming to DVD any time soon in season-long format.

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I don't truck with that "five things make a post" idea, not least of all because on the way to collecting five things, I have probably already tweeted four of them and see no need to repeat myself. So this is a "two things make this not a tweet" sort of post.

I was trying to find a way to post about this round-up of The 7 Deadliest Deadliest Warrior Experts when I hopped over to Tiger Beatdown and had a full minute's worth of giggling over just the word Menaissance, to say nothing of the fits the rest of the article gave me.

Basically, they're two articles about masculinity, one that revels in it and one that mocks it. Both are fun reading and very funny, despite the lack of irony in that first post. I like that just as Sady Doyle skewers men who so desperately want the world of a fictional 1950s advertising firm to be their 2010 reality, there is a show that celebrates men who are, quite literally, mired in pasts that have been extinct nearly ten times as long. And they are on TV proving their manliness against other men who--shock!--allowed themselves to advance just a little further through history in order to learn the same, reductive "masculine" skill: how to kill the shit out of things.

In short, if you haven't seen the link between Rivers Cuomo's frequently icky lyrics and the direct need to measure you dick by the damage you inflict on other people (preferably those also having dicks since a) women aren't people, much less warriors, so killing them is laaaame and b) because that's the only way you know how to interact with other dudes)...well, you do now, I hope.

It is worth noting that I like the Deadliest Warrior show. I, like the Topless Robot guy and the nerd who runs the simulation data, quite enjoy seeing how weapons shape up against each other. More so than I give a shit about the testosterone fests that are obligatory (this show is on SpikeTV after all) between demonstrations of mankind's limitlessly imaginative means to crush, sever, brain, decapitate, pierce, or explode one another.
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I have to catch up on my list of movies that I've finished, but I just wanted to drop a recommendation for my friends with premium channels and/or Netflix Watch It Now.

Starz has a show called Gravity on right now that is very odd and oddly compelling. The show is centered on a group of suicide survivors--as in people who tried to commit suicide and failed--and their various tribulations. Thus far, five episodes in, we've seen how just about every one of them tried to kill themselves, and even the "funny" attempts are still kind of heartbreaking. I really like the lead characters, Robert and Lily, who are entirely believable as being definite suicides who are only just figuring out that they want to live. Lily skates perilously close to being a manic pixie dream girl, but she's grounded in her depression and serious enough to escape that categorization. The show is shot in better-quality video, meaning it looks almost like it's an expose on the news, which lends weight to the reality of the situation in which the characters wallow.

I don't know if this subject just is more engrossing for me (having known a suicide) or what, but I watched all five currently available episodes almost in one night. (If not for an internet break down, I would have.) I think part of the appeal is that it harkens back to a book I read and enjoyed until its ending went nowhere: Nick Hornby's A Long Way Down. Good book about desperate people forming a bond after almost killing themselves, but the ending is just another one of his go-nowhere-with-the-premise endings. Just ruins it. Gravity also bests A Long Way Down in that it features people who haven't come close to attempting suicide, but people who did and failed. If you'll pardon the pun, I think Gravity has the greater dramatic weight for the difference.
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There's nothing wrong with the Looney Tunes as they are.

They did already try this--several times. You know what "reboot" of the Looney Tunes actually worked? Tiny Toons. And why did that work? Because it was as random and wantonly violent and silly as the originals. Rebooting the looney tunes as either super heroes (?) or in some kind of...sitcom (!?) is just stupid, and everyone knows that.

Want to keep the Looney Tunes relevant? Make more of the old style of cartoon. Hell, keep rerunning the old cartoons. Just stop with the reboots already.
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Okay, enough RAR-RAR-RAR-ing. Onto the stupid stuff I'm doing that nobody cares about either!

My father and I are still waiting on word that power has been restored. I slept better on the couch for being more tired last night and for having my sleep mask, but I still did not sleep well. And I'm nobody's friend when I've not had sleep and am awake against my will in the morning. It's almost over. Almost. )

More new developments:
-I have my vacuum cleaner! It's powerful, tiny, light, versatile, and loud as the roar of a car engine. I love it. It saves me time over sweeping and works better because the tufts of cat hair don't go wafting away on the breeze from sweeping! As soon as the guest cats are gone, I'll make a real go of cleaning my kitties' room proper with it. I'm ridiculously excited about that, not going to lie.

-I'm clearing out my e-mail at work because if I don't take a job at Columbia, I'll lose the account. For most people "cleaning out" means deleting. I've done some of that. But I'm mostly just forwarding everything--and I do mean everything--to my gmail account. I will probably never use it. But as [ profile] feiran pointed out, I've had this account for ten years. Over the time I've had it, I forwarded most of the undergrad e-mails along, but there are still nearly five years of work e-mails, too. I can't bear to part with them because that's my life, you know? It's also potentially useful in the future. I wouldn't want to lose contact there. I'm also busy at rearranging registrations with places online that have used that account. As I go through e-mails, I keep discovering new ones to redirect. From 1000+ e-mails in the inbox yesterday, I'm down to 200+. Go Team Trinity!

-Someone's doing a Bebop rewatch on!!! I gotta gobye...
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Last night, the roommies and I binged on TV, so I'm up to date on a few series at least. Some quick impressions:

Chuck: Awesome being totally out of his depth is deeply amusing, but the episode broke my heart with developments for (in no particular order) Chuck, Morgan, and Ellie.


Supernatural: I wasn't hugely impressed, but I will say that, no matter how batshit he or his rabid fangirls are, Misha Collins can give a deadpan like nobody else; in two minutes of total screen time, he was funnier than "funny" episodes of this show have been. (Bonus preview on web shows that this is a trend that will continue into this week's episode. Score!)

Tonight, WE DINE IN HELL! Er, sorry, watched the 300 Rifftrax this weekend, brain is still occasionally stuck on SHOUT AT THINGS TO MAKE THEM SEEM IMPORTANT. Ahem. Tonight, I finish what I hope is the last episode of the last season of Heroes ever. Or maybe I'll watch it tomorrow. I think I have some homework I'd rather be doing.
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Naturally, the only thing I found worth talking about is a big spoiler. Hence the spoiler cut. (Did I mention that there would be SPOILERS here?) )

I'm not overwhelmed by this, mostly because the story arc is awfully telegraphed with just the premise. They're not (as yet) taking it in such a different direction that you can't see where its going if you know anything about the old series, you know what I mean? I never really watched much of the original V TV series, but even I know enough to know where this is headed.

Also, I LOLed when I saw Tory Foster in the "coming this season on V" promo at the end. The only thing that could make crazy lizard aliens better is crazy robot lizard aliens.
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As several comments point out on this thread, it would be easier to make a list (that would also be shorter) of Batman: the Animated Series episodes that weren't good. The series was far and away the best animated series of all time, far as I'm concerned. While I have loved many, many animated works with varying degrees of passion, I keep returning to BTAS because it remains entertaining, provocative (and thus, often slightly disturbing), and beautiful. I have seen every single episode multiple times, and I never get tired of watching my favorites over and over.

So, after that rosy declaration of eternal love, what would I admit to being some of the worst parts of that series I adore? Here are the few I came up with. )

Take a look at this list of episodes, and you tell me: what are some of the (very few, not really all that) bad episodes of BTAS.
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This is why Trinity does not do body-mod. )

I woke up still in a panic. Not cool, subconscious.

In other news, I saw two things this weekend: the pilot for White Collar and Drag Me to Hell. I enjoyed White Collar, though I'm simultaneously a tad bored by it, if that makes sense? It's very much one more of USA's formula works, with the bickering leads and the supporting characters along with a mystery to string you along for a season. I did like the episode, but I suspect a lot of that has to do with Matt Bomer's beautiful eyes. Well, that, and his incredible ability to be very vulnerable. He's less cocky than most of USA's other "characters," which is odd given the premise of his character. But there's a real defeat to him that is charming and heart-breaking at the same time. I don't know how well that works with his character being a master criminal and all. I'm definitely interested it watching more, but they're going to have to work very hard on improving or at least balancing the tone. But cheers to Matt Bomer's baby blues. I never noticed they were so disarmingly clear on Chuck, but that's probably because up until the end of season two, I kinda hated Bryce Larkin.

Curiously, a problem of tone was what kept me from liking Drag Me to Hell. I come down on the Army of Darkness side of horror-Raimi (as opposed to Evil Dead II), mostly because I think Raimi's strength is in humor. His attempts to be genuinely scary without being somewhat (or entirely) silly are just not that impressive to me. Drag Me to Hell wanted to be gross and funny at the same time, but the timing was off. Gross-outs went on too long, were far too staged to be anything but stomach-churning turn-offs. (Yes, there are stomach-churning turn-ons, and, yes, it is possible to tell the difference.) Usually, when something is dragged out, it becomes ridiculous. The problem with the gross-outs in Drag Me to Hell is that the set-ups were so ludicrous that they were, themselves, the joke, not the fifteen extra seconds of gratuitous fluids being projectile-vomited into the heroine's mouth. That's another problem: repetition of the exact same gross-out gag. I just didn't find the balance between the funny and the not-so to be as finely tuned as Raimi's earlier horror work. It probably doesn't help that the film opened with a child being taken to Hell--little hard to laugh at that--and that I'd seen Paranormal Activity before this which had a similar bent but was genuinely scary (which made the humor all the better, since no one laughs louder than someone who is freaked out).

Worse, Drag Me to Hell was utterly predictable. I don't hold that against horror movies, generally speaking--there are only so many ways the horror can go: the heroine (it is almost always a woman at the center) wins; the heroine loses; or the heroine thinks she's won but the ghost/monster/undead slasher comes back at the very end. Options are a luxury horror doesn't tend to have, you know? What I resent is how telegraphed those endings are. [ profile] feiran had seen the movie before, and she spotted the ending a mile off compared to me, but I still felt like I knew far too soon how it would play out. I knew the exact twist, knew the exact steps it would take to get there. Everything that wasn't on that agenda felt like extraneous noise and Raimi trying to reclaim some former glory. It's one thing to go, "Oh, this is an ending C movie (heroine thinks she's won, but...)" and watch anyway. It's another to go, "I bet she does X which leads to a scene where Y happens, and then there's a fake happy ending for Z-length of time, and then it's a C ending." That's how I felt about Drag Me to Hell. Very disappointing, on the whole.


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