Mar. 26th, 2009 03:41 pm
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There are funny, angry people at message boards, not just assholes. This is awesome!

OMG LOL (Um, BSG finale spoilers!) )

I just fell out laughing over this. For once, roflmao isn't just an obnoxious internet thing to say!
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Something I'm generally sensitive to is being patronizing. If I haven't told people before, please, if you catch me being a condescending asshole, don't let me get away with it? I absolutely loathe that behavior and I know I am prone to it. Just tell me if I'm doing it. I won't get offended. I'm grateful for such honesty because I don't want to be That Person.

Apparently, though, I AM that person. )

I do feel so much better now. Ah, me, away from such silly things. Aren't there some half-naked men I could be ogling? Or a post for Pink Raygun I should be writing? Oops, nope, I already did! It was a Sylar-centric episode, but being sick (and being aware of what depths of suck Sylar-centric episodes had reached before), I didn't leap into this one. John Glover, though--man, can't he just sit there and tell everyone how much they suck forever?
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The last post about assholes on the message boards at TWoP, I promise.

The BSG recapper, Jacob, made some half-assed statement about how men can't be raped and any attempt to depict male equivalents of rape were hollow attempts to equalize something that is inequitable. I respectfully disagreed, saying that the trauma of sexual abuse can't be ranked, let alone place rape as some holy grail above all others. (Not to mention that it is very disrespectful, not to mention sexist, to assume that men can't be violated like women can.)

I got this as a response: The only person saying that, again, is you.

I call it a moral victory that this smarty-smart-smart person resorted to "I know you are, but what am I." I had to respond as much, but they'll probably delete it. I still walk away the superior here. Because I didn't call anyone a smothering asshole for refusing to tolerate dissent.
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I think the "no really wtf?" tag really says it all, don't you?

More BSG 'No Exit' spoilers )

One of the TWoP reviews about the mutiny pointed out that the Cylons only ever serve to give humanity an outlet for frustration. Without them, the Fleet devours itself. This has always been true--the people of the Fleet split their loyalties between Roslin and Adama (wow, remember when they didn't always get along?); they came to blows over Cain and Adama's people not mixing; they fell over themselves voting for Baltar and trying to make a life on New Caprica despite that planet being less hospitable and generally fouler than the shit-ship. Now that we're tentatively "yay Cylons maybe a little and only a few of them only in small doses?" we need a new bad guy. Guess who it's gonna be?
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To make this episode of that abominable show seem cool. Jack Coleman deserves better than Heroes.
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So long My Own Worst Enemy. I watched one episode and I knew this had "fail" stamped all over it. And after I sat through He Was a Quiet Man last night, the less I see of Christian Slater and his rapidly disappearing hair, the better. (The high point of that movie was me recognizing that Ms. Parker of Pretender fame in a photograph with William H Macy. Alas, she was not in the movie.) It's not that Christian Slater is a terrible actor per se, just that he gives me the heebie-jeebies, and that movie did not help.

I like how that article I linked to above blames Heroes for My Own Worst Enemy having a bad lean-in show. I doubt that American Idol would hold anyone's attention long enough to get them to watch either show at this point, but it's a fair cop that Heroes sucking so much sewage is not helping. But I dreamt of a way to fix Heroes! I had a dream this week where Hiro's adventures were narrated by Jim Dale. And me, watching the show in my dream, was like, "Wow, I could watch anything if Jim Dale narrated it." He made Hiro's ridiculous bopping around in the past and future almost cute. Hiro's antics and exuberance would be a pretty ideal match to Jim Dale's whimsical voice-over, too.

So, NBC, take note: if THE WORST THING EVER HAPPENS and Pushing Daisies is gone, get Brian Fuller back, sure, but make sure you bring Jim Dale with as well.

Yee haw.

Sep. 23rd, 2008 02:48 pm
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That didn't take long. I gather the PR editor was as despondent as I over last night's Heroes.

I spent most of the review doing my impression of David Tennant: "What. What? What!?" But there are some parts I'm proud of. Because I'm an attention whore, here they are. Spoilers! )

There. I've excerpted the best parts. So no on has to read my agony ever again, least of all me.
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I forgive TWoP for spoiling me (some more) for the ending of last season of LOST. I even forgive the forum posters for spoiling me about a character on True Blood.

Why? Because the TARDIS won for "Best Performance by an Inanimate Object."

Yeah, after all the shit with the way last season of Doctor Who ended, I'd say so. At that point, she was the only character with any class left.

(Funny note: the runner up was the Metallicar from Supernatural. I have never not found that a hilarious name.)
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Explain to me what is fandom to other, normal people. I have this idea that I am insane. It's probably a correct appraisal of my behavior, but all the same, I'd like to know that I'm not alone.

[Poll #1192336]

I just needed to poll. I realize I'm currently fascinated and frustrated by fandoms for two works that really are problematic to be fannish about aside from just enjoying the canon product. One is Battlestar Galactica; the other is Iron Man. The former is hard to enjoy the fan off-shoots because NOTHING is as good as the show. Reading the scripts from the show isn't as good as the show because the show flies less on the words and plot than it does on the acting that makes it happen. The latter is problematic because, gosh darn it, it's pretty near perfect and there's hardly a thing to add or subtract from it, dramatically. (Which makes me very scared for the sequel prospects, but we'll see.)

This is really annoying, in case I haven't made that clear. Stupid fandoms. They're eating my life and giving almost nothing back. And, on top of that, I have trouble mustering interest in anything else. I have friggin' Doctor Who--AND IT'S GOOD!--that I'm not watching because I'm moping around waiting for next Friday (and the inevitable DVD release of Iron Man since I am too po' to go back to the theater again). I thought maybe I'd decompressed after a couple of days with no BSG on the horizon. Nope. I'm back to refreshing TWoP every hour in hopes of a recap update. GAAAAhHHHHH.

How do other people get un-obsessed with fandom? HELP ME!!
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Okay, I was totally tired of the SEKRET CYLONS TOSS EACH OTHER LOOKS OF APPREHENSION WHENEVER SOMEONE SAYS THE "C" WORD before this season began, but I find I don't mind it as much when one of them is being looked at on his or her own. Because the actor/actress must internalize the paranoia and the anger without shooting off a glance to someone else. Even in the middle of a scene where three of them were doing the "Dude, he said Cylon! We are totally Cylons OMG!" in the premiere, there was one reaction that really felt true for me. I guess this is still a spoiler. )

Rewatching "Faith," there was a much longer bit okay, now this is definitely a spoiler )

More venting about 'Faith,' so spoilers everywhere! )
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Gakked from [livejournal.com profile] deltagrl:

1. My username is _____ because ____.

My username is [livejournal.com profile] trinityvixen because I first got onto the intertubes in the 1990s and two things were big for me back then: The Matrix and Garbage. Because The Matrix was hella popular, I had to modify Trinity somehow. At the same, I was working on a photo collage in my studio art class (in high school OMG SO LONG AGO) where I found a bunch of kick-ass sexy images and, being lazy, just gave it a title of a Garbage song off their debut album. I am so classy, I cut out ransom-note letters along the bottom to spell out "Supervixen." And voila, I had my username when I combined that with my leather-fetish lesbian crush #2. (#1 is Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman in Batman Returns.) It's lasted me past my AIM days into LJ because I can't be arsed to come up with a new one. I've had it for so long I even think of me in terms of being Trinity (short for [livejournal.com profile] trinityvixen) or TV a lot.

2. My name is _____ because _____.

My name is "Cult of Olmos," because if I had to worship a scary Latin God, I would worship Edward James Olmos. I think the exact phrase came from a TWoP review of Battlestar Galactica. I switched to it after seeing a clip of fourth season EJO that nearly made me wee myself in terror. Also, I find it funny that there happens to be a cult on the show right now, and yeah, I lead the counter-cult of people who'd prefer to frak Daddy Adama, all right?

3. My journal is titled ____ because ____.

My journal is titled "The Rabbit Hole" because at the time I got an LJ, I was--SURPRISE--still obsessed with The Matrix. I could pretend it was because I'd read Alice's Adventures in Wonderland that year, but we all know that has nothing to do with it. I really should change it because I don't really care any more. In fact, if you check, I haven't so much as wistfully remembered my Matrix obsession in years.

4. My friends page is called ____ because ____.

My friends page is called "Spaniards of Mass Destruction" because it was some funny, topical humor from America: the Book--the calendar! about some war or another with the Spanish. At this point, it's just funny to say.

5. My default userpic is ____ because ____.

My default userpic is a Simpsons-ized Fourth Doctor because it is awesome. Tom Baker is my favorite of all the Doctors. He's what I wish Ten could be--still crazy, less manic. Also, this was a guy you could definitely buy was an alien with his goofy appearance. He fits so well as a little animated character. They need to have Tom Baker up on that show.
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Ugh, the boss just Does Not Get It. Giving me two-and-a-half hours of work at FOUR is not okay. I am totally coming in late tomorrow.



It's amazing how apathetic I was to season three and yet totally psyched-out-of-nowhere I was for season four to start. It hit me about a week before the premiere, and suddenly I caught myself just STARING at the ads on the side of Pandagon and willing time to move faster. (The fact that it started up so close to my birthday makes the waiting all the more painful.)

So, BSG: Duh, spoilers for 'He Who Believeth in Me' (4.01) )

And this is not a spoiler, this is me taking bets, feel free to answer in comments: First of the final four to be outed...? When will that happen (mid-season, next episode, last)? Last cylon is...?

(I answer myself: okay, spoilers ).)
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Prince should have his own reality television show, Y/Y?

This came up whilst I was browsing TWoP's photo gallery of aged rock stars who should fill in for Poison's Bret Michaels for the third season of Rock of Love. Because they can't possibly go with him for a third season and still cling to the flimsy premise that THIS time Bret really WILL choose his one-and-only girl, right?

My choice thoughts on some of the pictures )

Anyway, Prince is one they put out there as a possibility. I'm now absolutely convinced that Prince needs his own reality show. I shared this with [livejournal.com profile] moonlightalice and she had some choice words on the subject:

me: Now, a "Rock of Love" reality show with Prince? I might watch that. Because Prince is just weird enough to make that format interesting
[livejournal.com profile] moonlightalice: Prince would never stoop to that shit.
me: He doesn't have to, but wouldn't we be better off if he did? He'd blow the rest of reality TV out of the water.
[livejournal.com profile] moonlightalice: If he were on a love reality tv show, he'd be like, "these are some ugly fucking women. None of them are as hot as me." And then like make out with himself.
me: Well, he has managed to rock the pencil-thin moustache for well over two decades at this point. That's a high charisma score, that is.
[livejournal.com profile] moonlightalice: No one would win.
me: The audience would--for once.
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Reading a poll about TV, I just remembered having a dream last night about watching commercials for the CW's Thursday night. (Yes, it was that exciting.) Somehow, they wedged another show inbetween Smallville and Supernatural. I was annoyed by this as it meant having to watch Supernatural at 10, which wouldn't give me much time to write my Smallville review for Pink Raygun (since I'd almost certainly squander the hour between shows on nothing) before I would need to sleep.

I realize, now, that dream-me wanted to watch Supernatural. This is why I know it was a nightmare.

(I'm kidding. At least I know why I dreamt about Supernatural. If you go to this thread at TWoP, there's a bunch of "motivational" posters, and the Supernatural fangirls outnumber all the other fangirls combined, I swear. I've been flipping through the archive--holy JESUS there are 1000 pages (literally!)--for the past few days now.)


Hey, what all costumes did people see last night? I saw a shark at 34th street, Maleficent at 42nd street and rode all the way to 125th on the A with a Jedi. All were actually stellar costumes (especially the Jedi, but I'm biased; also, people who are Star Wars geeks are like mad prepared for Halloween 365 days of the year anyway).


ETA: WE HAVE HEAT ON IN THE APARTMENT. Of course, we have heat on a day when it's really not all that bad to do without, but I'll be happy to have it tomorrow, looks like.
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I can't help having the IMDB brain, but I didn't even need it tonight.

I've been trying to get through the first season of Supernatural a little faster because I can't keep [livejournal.com profile] ivy03's set forever and I've nearly had it that long already. I've already pegged the odd character actor who I'm sure has haunted the backdrops of many a show. I've wept for the misuse of the fabulous Callum Keith Rennie (oh yeah, it was worse than his misuse on Smallville, though at least it was better--in both shows--than what Smallville did to poor Helo). Just yesterday, I recognized the name in the credits and put it to the face of the kid now playing West over on Heroes. Normally, this shit bothers me only to the extent that I never learn the character's name and I just call them whatever I know them as better.

So, I'm watching an episode before going out to celebrate my roommie's b-day, and suddenly I see Rita! Or, I guess more people know her as Darla. I don't. I never watched Angel and she wasn't on Buffy nearly enough to count. But I have watched a lot of Dexter, so she was Rita for the whole episode. Which made it fairly hilarious because Do I even need a spoiler for such an old episode? I DO NOT KNOW YOUR STRANGE FANDOM PROTOCOL )

Oh man, though, Rita, Rita, Rita. Just as I was trying to learn to let go, and to not refresh the TWoP boards for Dexter every two seconds when I'm bored at work. She shows up and now I HAVE TO HAVE MORE DEXTER. AHHHHHHHH!!!!!

I had to!

Sep. 30th, 2007 01:13 pm
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Because you know I'm slavishly in love with Zachary Quinto's eyebrows and I enjoy his character way too much as a result: this stunner from TWoP's review of the season premiere!

'cause, apparently, this might be a spoiler. I have no idea. )

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My God.

I surfed over to TWoP because I realized I hadn't read the mini-recap for last Monday's Heroes.

Teeeeeeniest bitty spoiler that made me die laughing. )
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I forgot to mention, in my excitement to meta-post about the last Torchwood that I got culture this weekend! That's right! Yours truly sought out a way to expand her mind. I went--voluntarily!!!--to the MoMA on Saturday. For those of you who didn't know me in college, there was a memorable experience where I needed to go to the MoMa for Art Humanities and the stupid museum had moved to a temporary home in Queens. Meaning the trek took an hour and a half both ways, I had to get there and reserve a ticket ahead of time or face an interminable wait, they had about three paintings up and more than twice the number of people as could fill all six floors of the normal museum crowded into a space about the size of my apartment. This, compounded with the fact that I don't particularly like modern art, makes my trip to the MoMA all the more impressive.

And I had a good time! I continue to like architecture and design, even modern art pieces, so that was fun, and they have a special exhibit of European contemporaries of famous modern artists from the 1960s like Lichtenstein and Warhol. That was fabulous. The best were the wallpapers. One of the wallpapers was the cosmos as related to the band Deep Purple (their albums were constellations!). Another had the Pharmicist's guide without any pills named but instead demarcated by Bible verses. Another was what looked like a tally of yes or no votes without any names or dates or indication what was being approved or denied. Fun!

I also absorbed some geek culture and watched old skool Doctor Who episodes with Tom Baker as the Doctor. My basic impression of him was "He is everything crazy" in that ha ha ha he's craaaaaaaazy kind of way. Because everything about his appearance was mad. Crazy hat, crazy hair, CRAZY EYES, crazy scarf, crazy everything! He was also kind of awesomely snide and mean. And, after watching "Pyramids of Mars," I am totally gay for Sarah Jane Smith with a gun. Gay now. Totally.

I tried to get my mom to watch with me--the new and old series (the new was on BBC America, starting from "Rose"), especially the old since she honestly does love old sci-fi, and there's nothing like what I was watching for cheesy old sci-fi. Ah well, maybe I'll wear her down later. It was more important that I press my copy of the first season of Battlestar Galactica into her hands and extract a blood oath that she'd like it. She said she'd watch it. Good enough.

ETA: TWoP review of last week's Heroes: Adrian Pasdar can make the littlest gesture sort of dirty-sexy, you know? Much like Daniel Craig can make ordering a martini sound like, "Take your panties off, immediately."

WORD, muthafuckin' WORD, dude.
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I need to stop reading reviews at TWoP. Jacob does reviews for Battlestar Galactica that break my fucking heart, but I'm THIS CLOSE to crying over the review for the finale to the Ninth Doctor Who. It's not even sad! The Doctor is still going on adventures! Like the man says, "Everybody lives!"

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I'm beginning to wonder if I'm not doing some kind of permanent damage to my shoulder from all the cross-stitching. I came home last night and stitched for about five hours straight.

I'm such a progress whore, what else can I say? I've made the decision to keep changing color threads on my needles and fill in entire areas instead of stitching to oblivion any and all spaces in one color at a time. The upside is that I don't miscount stitches nearly so often (in fact, only once so far, which is phenomenal given how much I've finished). The downside is that I get to see an entire area completed at once and it makes me gung-ho to finish more. This is a bad thing...how? Because my shoulder is achy as is my arm. After the cross-stiching weekend of doom, I had a completely dead arm for a day and a half after the fact. Every time I rotate my shoulder, it cracks for the entire rotation. Time to stop.


I get to go wine-tasting today for free. My former neighbor imports wine and he goes to vendor fairs of a sort to which he's always invited my parents. My mom's booked, so I'm substituting. I should be jolly and wasted (because I don't believe in that spitting-it-out-when-you've-tasted-it shit)--for free! Good wine, too. Then I might do dinner with the Pappy, at which time I will finally get the last forms I need to do taxes (uh, hooray?) and the second disc set for season 1 of Farscape. [livejournal.com profile] ivy03 take note: it shall soon be in thy possession.


Re-reading TWoP reviews of Battlestar Galactica makes me hurt for not being able to watch the show every week. Also, what the shit is this seven-month hiatus crap? According to the air dates, the second season started about three months after the first season ended. Really, WTF? The third season better be really, really good. I mean, blows-away-"Pegasus"-and-any-episode-that-came-close-to-being-that-good good.

Which reminds me: I need to find season 2.0 in its entirety for [livejournal.com profile] deepredbelle because her reviews of eps will probably kill me so dead. I was reading the TWoP for last week's LOST and man, hers was much more interesting. Yes, it was a fairly boring episode, but at least it wasn't Sawyer-and-Hurley-hunting-frogs boring and STUPID. We'll see if it's new tomorrow. Probably won't be (I am not holding my breath for House tonight either, but, then again, since I'll be out tonight, I bet it is a new episode).

ETA: FUCKER FUCKER FUCKER. Of course it's a new episode tonight! [livejournal.com profile] feiran, can you tape it for me?


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