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Over vacation, I managed to catch a nasty cold that pretty much flattened me when I let it. I'm at that not-quite-recovered stage where I still sound stuffed up but can breathe. Cough's better, but still very gross-sounding on occasion. At least I don't get those coughing fits so bad that I hurt any more! Woo?

Other stuff happened:
-I got an A in statistics despite bombing the final. There were questions about older material that I didn't know to expect because he didn't send out an e-mail to that effect until after I'd taken it (since I took it earlier). I'd be aggravated except that I got a good grade overall, so that's a wash.

-Finished Prison Break, otherwise known as the most ridiculous TV series outside of Heroes or Smallville that doesn't have either of those series' excuse for its re-cock-ulousness. The mastermind who engineered the first of all the prison breaks became MacGuyver and then Jesus in that last season. It was nuts.

-Speaking of Heroes---CANCELLED!!! Oh thank you. I don't know who to thank--the assorted hosts of Heaven or Hell?--but I thank you. Oh thank you thank you thank you. I'm free! Free at last! For real, I almost cried. I hugged [ profile] darkling1 when he told me. So much joy!
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My brother-in-law is not a fan of vegging about. I'd be happy to XBOX and watch movies until I have to leave here (he has Assassin's Creed II! Dear god, I suck at that game), but he was getting stir crazy after about one day. So we went out to see Avatar yesterday and he's out the door with the munchkin to go hiking while the rest of us kidnap my sister to go shopping (she needs things) and have fun away from the baby.

Have yet to see Doctor Who, so I am avoiding what spoiler posts I've seen. Avatar was...well, let's just say after the plot basically centered on a "noble savages" narrative, it was a lot easier to ignore where the movie fell into the uncanny valley. To Cameron's credit, his movie may occasionally be in that valley, but wherever he is, he is clearly clawing his way out the other side. I was very impressed. No matter how good or bad a movie, though, after two-and-a-half hours of 3D, I felt a little stupified, bludgeoned even. I walked out dazed. My sister and I had a ball mocking some parts, though. There may or may not have been a "This is SPARTA!" joke.

Time to go have fun with the big sis. We're actually shopping for two hours, coming back to feed baby, then going out again. (Not to worry: Grandma's taking care of him in the interim.)

It's taken me most of this week out here to get at a computer for more than two minutes at a time, so in case I don't get to post again: Have a Happy New Year, one and all!
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I'm feeling...stuck. I think two weeks of vacation wherein I do almost nothing at all and barely leave the place I am residing have finally gotten to me. I'm not the type to get stir-crazy, not really--I could spend a weekend locked away at home and doing nothing and be utterly content. But two weeks? Is pushing it. I couldn't go anywhere in Oregon. I was so trashed from jet-lag from that trip that I couldn't barely leave the apartment in New York. (Hurrah! I have NO FOOD!) And when I went to my parents' place this weekend, I tended to park in places.

As a result, I'm feeling a need to start attacking my living environment, seeing as the weather is not exactly conducive to me running around outside much. Which brings me around to resolutions for the new year. I was fishing for others' resolutions this weekend, but no one had any great ones I could steal. I took a look at the last ones I made (two years ago, woo-hoo), and I rather like that they were productive yet not impossible. In keeping with that, I've decided on the following resolutions:

1. Clear out the bins under my bed
This is a huge project that will involve my, five years later, finally putting together a scrap book of photos from my trip to Australia. Better late than never. While the distance from the events means I'm almost sure to have forgotten every detail, I will be able to part with the junk I've stored up there, which is all for the good, really. I will also work on getting all my photos scanned in so I have digital backups. To think: if I'd been born only a few years later, I'd have had digital copies to begin with, which is really the most sensible thing for me, given how lazy I am about photographing shit in my life.

Huge project--projects, really, as I suspect the Australia trip isn't the only event collecting dust down there--but doable. Certainly doable within a freaking year.

2. Finish my sister's wedding present.
Only four years late on that one! I'm really, really close. I just need to go some place away from cats for a couple of weekends (i.e. upstate), queue up a hundred movies, and sit and sit and stitch and stitch. This one I'd like to have ready before her birthday in August (if I really push myself, I might have it done by her wedding anniversary in March). After I finish it, I then need to sit down with her and discuss what the shit she'd like me to do with them. I have chosen the most useless hobby, I swear. Cross-stitching is useful for two things: framing and making pillows. I wouldn't presume she wants these things framed (because then she's more or less obligated to hang them whether they're to her taste or not), and they're far too intricate for pillows. I was thinking, though, that working them in as panels in a quilt or a quillow (that's a one-square quilt block that is attached as the outside of a blanket pocket--it folds into a pillow with the nice design on the outside, and is used as a blanket with the nice design safely tucked away in the pouch). Must work on getting that done, first, and planning what to do with it, second.

3. Read twice as many books as last year.
I think I read about 20. That's pathetic. I have about six or seven that I've accumulated in the insanity of holiday busyness, so I can get off to a good running start. I just have to not let my time get shanghied by video games, TV, exercise, or movies too much. I think I can do it. I'd also be happy to just read about half again as many. So 30-40 books. Let's go team.

4. Lose 20 pounds.
This was the goal I set for myself when I first programmed my profile into the Wii Fit. I set a timeline of 6 months which is fastly coming to a close with all of about two pounds to show for it. (Which means zip-o given that you can fluctuate that much in any given day.) Whenever I fail at that resolution, I'll reprogram my goal to be for the year. The 20 isn't a number, it's a BMI thing. And while I have trouble with BMI standards, it is a useful benchmark even if it's an arbitrary one. We'll see.

5. Be a better person.
Ah, the vague one. I've actually been pondering this some time now, and a new year seems a perfect time to put into action some notions I've been entertaining. For one thing, I'd really like to pay a genuine compliment to someone every day. It's something I've considered a while now, sparked by a few genuine compliments I've received here and there. It would be so nice to be able to, without seeming like a crazy person (must work on delivery, delivery is key), tell someone (whether I know them or not) that they are particularly sharp, seem blissfully happy, or look especially well put together. I have to be careful not to just fish one out (i.e. avoid studied and saved compliments a la Mr. Collins), but to really mean it. I think that would really improve my mood, too.

This also covers vague life goals upon which I have no direction--career aspirations (hah!), personal fiscal responsibility, intellectual stimulation and enrichment, improved sociability--without making it seem like I've failed to accomplish anything if I have no specific incident I can furnish as proof.
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I can't make my friends and family feel better--that will just take time and support, not a "fix." But I can write to the hiking group that supervised our Maui hike back in April and let them know--eight months later--that we had an awesome time.

Yes, I'm procrastinating instead of doing a whole lot of cleaning or packing for holiday travel. I'm also, I hope, helping Alex at Hike Maui have a good day. Thanks, Alex!
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In non-fandom-related news, I went to the local amusement park yesterday. Much of this rant is being used (edited) in a formal complaint I'm mailing some time this week. )

I did have an excellent time. I love some of the rides at that park. But until this bullshit stops, I won't go back there. I won't. I won't be nickel-and-dimed to death for the privilege of using their space. They cut prices this year by all of maybe $2 off the normal ticket. And, for this, I had the constant aggravation of running all over so I wouldn't have to carry anything and spending money to store things in the mean time. I'd prefer the upfront charge and have cubby holes on the sides of the damned rides, thank you.

I want to know what fucking ordinance or law or what-have-you went into this misery. If no one made them declare war on patrons who don't think to wear cargo pants to the park, then I want them to know how hugely assholish they are for this. FUCKHOLES.
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My family reunion was, aside from my getting no sleep on the day I flew out and having that one really bad hangover from Jack and coke Sunday, pretty awesome. I shadowed my older sister and followed the niece everywhere. All the babies that were babies at my sister's wedding are now like little kids. It's scary how much two of them look just like their dads at young ages. Scary, I tells you.

Coming back was a nightmare, pretty much for all parties involved. My brother and his girlfriend went to the airport around 3-4ish to return their car and catch a 6:30 flight to Reno. Two hours later, when I was finishing up my dinner and heading to my gate for my 9:43 flight, they call me: they were still at the Atlanta airport. You name it, their plane had it going wrong. Wrong plane, plane wouldn't work, gate wouldn't work, changed gate, outright delayed flight, late flight getting in, etc. etc. We hung out until my flight, delayed by a hour, started to board. I called from my seat to find that they were STILL waiting, hopefully to make an 11:30 flight.

I get to Newark forty minutes later than expected and immediately call for the Super Shuttle I booked. They go "Sure, go wait in this area, a bus will come soon." I head out and am immediately called back on my cell. Actually, it seems that there won't be any buses for at least an hour. Oh, and the nearest bus driver is already headed home. No idea how long it would take to turn him around again. So, the point of booking a door-to-door shuttle service is...? Anyone? Bueller?

I ran to catch the AirTrain and one of the very last NJ Transit trains to Penn Station. Took me an hour and a half to get back up to my apartment, which, all things considered, is pretty goddamned impressive for 1:30 am on Monday morning after a holiday. Still, I was pissed off to the point of murder. I now have to check that I got my entire fee refunded to me for that stupid goddamned shuttle. If they try to charge me any sort of cancellation fee, I don't care if it costs me a hundred times more in time and effort and money, I'll get it back. THEY cancelled on ME. AT ONE IN THE FUCKING MORNING.

I will say this: Newark AirTrain is staffed with super helpful people. They checked to make sure people were on the right AirTrain. One had the schedule ready for me to see whether I'd make the last NJ Transit train. Thanks to her good suggestion, I dashed downstairs at the terminal to grab my ticket for Penn Station. Since I didn't have to stop, I managed to run right onto the 1:36 am train. If I'd have had to wait another half hour for the 2:06, I might have killed somebody.

In short: HAAAAATE Super Shuttle right about now.
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I have less that seven hours before I need to be awake and wending my way to the airport. So, naturally, while I come home most other days from work ready to nap, I'm very wide awake. Maybe it's the thought that I'm going Atlanta for the weekend. Trinity + the South + relatives she hasn't seen since 2005 = not the best of circumstances. Will make the best of it. I will.

In other news of absolutely no consequence: I just ate an entire red pepper like an apple. Not as fun, I have to say, as cutting it up and eating it piece by piece. That'll teach me to be lazy, I suppose.

Happy 4th, y'all. (oh no, it begins!!!)
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Part One: with all the pictures I am not embarrassed to post. )

Sorry about the poor quality of the photos. I really am the worst photographer ever. I hope to get copies from my sister and her two friends. I sorta left off on taking pictures after a while because I knew they had it covered. Plus, compared to everyone else's cameras, mine is a slow-ass dinosaur with a teeny-tiny viewing screen. It's definitely time to update that. Especially now that I know they have water-proof diving covers so I can take it underwater. (VIDEO OF FISHES = WIN)
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Discounting votes for two times, the most popular time for the May Movie by far appears to be the 7:45 pm showing at the 84th and B'way Loews theater. So, that's what it'll be. Let me repeat that:

When: Friday, May 2nd, 2008
Time: 7:45 pm
Where: 84th and Broadway Loews

What you should all do now is order yourselves up some tickets pronto before they sell out. (I love that you all do that now and I don't have to do it.)

I'll plan to be at the theater no later than 7, probably, which means I won't really be able to grab a lengthy dinner with folk, but please do arrange amongst yourselves. Anyone who has not mealed beforehand is welcome to join me in ambling over to Big Nick's post-show or whatever. People who make it early to wait in line get to have Swedish Fish I swiped from [ profile] feiran. As a bonus, I will bore the shit out of you yammering on an on about my trip to Hawai'i. You will yearn for the sweet merciful release of death.

No, I kid. People who show up early can play card games or something. I'll bring a deck. Be sure to comment if you get your tickets so I know about how many to get seats for, m'kay?
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Kinda like the king, only not male and not royal. So, in fact, in no way like the king. Oh well.

Hawai'i was awesome, obviously. I dove four times and it's amazing how that never, ever gets old. I was a bit terrified the night before my first diving day since it had been so long since my last. Nope, just like riding a bike. I saw turtles! I even saw (from the boat) humpback whales and dolphins. So beautiful I nearly cried. Hiked a little and ate a ton. (I am now, no joke, like ten pounds heavier.)

Alas, it is back to work tomorrow. And back to work in a major way, since I have two papers to do, a surprise party to attend, my last class, and the May Movie to plan.

Ooh, May Movie. Must get on that.
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After our trip to Six Flags, this week's Friday Poll couldn't help but be about amusement parks, could it?

[Poll #1040551]

Incidentally: SIX FLAGS WAS MADE OF AWESOME. We got there only by about 1:30 pm all told, and we still did a hundred rides in that time. Because we bought the Flash Pass (which worked a lot faster than the guy dressed up did). When you get the tickets as 2-for-1, the extra the Flash Pass adds to it only brings it up to what the full-price admission was. Believe me, it's worth it, especially at this park where people are miserable, lines are out in the sun almost always, and it's crowded as nuts even on Tuesday. Basically, it lets you book a time for a ride, come back then and get on, with the delay dependent on the estimated time for getting on people who would be waiting on line would have. So, if it was an hour for Kingda Ka, you still wait an hour, you just don't do so on the line.

Except that, for some reason, our passes totally got us onto everything within about half an hour to forty-five minutes of arriving at the station to book the rides. And there wasn't a one that we went on, not even the unpopular ones, that didn't have a line longer than that when we got there. We're not sure if we magically got upgraded to the Gold Flash Pass, which supposedly cut down on wait times and let you not have to do your waiting on the line. I don't think that could be possible, though. Our wait times between rides (you could book up to twelve and they would just count down after you finished each one) were so short you could barely get to and from the lines themselves to check in. And the Gold Flash Pass was easily twice as expensive as the other...if I get that bill, I crack skulls.

But yeah. I can never go to that park again without the Flash Pass. Because it is so nice not to wait on line and the wait was definitely shorter than experienced by line-dwellers. Really, it's that much nicer not to wait on line alone, and the shorter lines are like some crazy bonus that the cost just never even mattered. Didn't bother me again from the first ride. I highly recommend it.

I also highly recommend that everyone does the Superman: Ultimate Flight ride. It's not just a gimmick to have you on your belly going over a roller coaster. It really adds a lot more thrill to a fairly usual, ordinary roller coaster, and was so much fun. After that, Nitro and El Toro were awesome. Kingda Ka was thrillingly TERRIFYING, but not worth any of the waits you'd face without a Flash Pass, I'll say that. The Batman ride was good, as always, though it made me a little queasy. I will warn everyone I know AGAIN to never, not even if you have a gun to your head, to ride the Great American Scream Machine. The screams are screams of intense pain.. That's why I banged my head hard enough to remain nauseated through yesterday evening. And if you have to ride Medusa, be careful to keep your head back or you'll lose it there too.
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Ugh. Looking at screen hurts.

Six Flags was really fun, but I am still dizzy for some reason. I blame the Medusa and the Great American Scream Machine. No one else had a problem with Medusa but me, but I got my head whacked all to blazes on that one. Scream Machine was worse. i whacked my head against the padding so hard that I saw stars.

I think I need to find something else to do with my time today that does not involve reading. I'll catch up on LJ and all later.
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It's been a full weekend, no lie. Busy busy busy. Highlights:
-The Isabella Stewart Gardiner Museum--a crazy rich lady set up all her variously collected art works in a specific way with stipulations in place to preserve the place in perpetuity so long as nothing was ever changed. Some paintings got stolen, but loopholes being loopholes, it's still in place. With its Roman marbles, giant Sargent paintings, and the occasional Rembrant. Gorgeous center courtyard. Makes you really crazed to think about what money will get a person, but grateful enough that at least one used hers to good (and playful) effect.

-Brazilian BBQ--Though I might have eaten another few pounds of the sirloin (and another thirty pieces of chicken wrapped in bacon), I cannot say I was anything less than satisfied by the outing. I think I turned down exactly 2 skewers of meat the whole time.

-Dragon Boat Races on the Charles--Liz M's roommates were rowing for Harvard, and it was fun to watch them (mostly) do pretty damn well. I got bubble tea, too. I ask so little of my fun :)

I also got a free glass from a place I went to out drinking with Liz M and her friends. I don't know why. Didn't ask for it, didn't want to pay the extra $3 above the listed price for the mudslide that came in it (so, not so "free" then), did anyway. Oh well, souvenir! And now, I'm back on the posh bus. Which, had I checked with my parents, I might not have needed to take. Apparently, they were in Hampton Beach this weekend and might have gotten a free ride. Lesson learned. Still, very relaxing ride. Might make it back to the apartment not irritable. Which is a rare event for a return journey...
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This day isn't devoid of stuff to do--indeed, I've gotten a great many things done--but it's sure slow as nuts. It's like the day knows that, when I get out of here, I'm going to Best Buy (yay!) and Boston (In that order!) to play away my weekend. And god forbid time move just a tad faster. Pfft.


Y'all should go fill in [ profile] ecmyers's poll about Night Watch and, subsequently, Day Watch viewing preferences. If you haven't seen Night Watch, allow me to persuade you to correct this error. Here's the info on Night Watch and Day Watch from the IMDB. Webstie for Night Watch is here, and the trailer for Day Watch is here.

Night Watch was the most visually stunning thing I'd seen since The Matrix. Not to worry, you Wachowski-haters: plot-wise, it's very different. But the gorgeous inclusive use of the subtitles (it's a Russian film) engage you as you watch; it's like reading a comic book--lettering and dissolving phrases to indicate the state of the speaker. Absolutely fantastic. And the special effects are pretty eye-popping for a film made in a) a pretty dirt-poor country overall and b) on the budget the thing had (something criminally low, like $4 million, which, granted, in Russia is a lot).

Most impressive special effect in the entre movie, in mine own humble opinion? Turning this guy into this guy. I mean, seriously, guys: they made a man who started out with a Prince Valiant haircut devastatingly hot. That's gotta be worth your time uptown. There's also a hot singer chick and a naked one and one who turns into a tiger, if that's more your bent.
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I made it to San Francisco, by the by.

It took some doing. I got to LaGuardia with more than enough time to spare, but I checked in using the machine and found that my flight from New York was delayed to the point where it would be leaving only ten minutes before my connecting leg in Chicago. This was a problem necessitating an hour and a half wait in the line to go talk to a lady at the desk. While waiting on the line, I found out that storms in Dallas (my carrier's hub) were causing problems. And, apparently, mechanical failures were rampant; a lady standing next to me around the bend in the line had been trying to get to Miami from Newark since 9 am. I let her cut ahead (her rescheduling would have meant she'd miss the check-in otherwise), and she kindly gave me money for Wendy's for dinner after I got through the line. Sweet lady.

Not so sweet: the representative who told me I was proper fucked for making it to San Francisco. Also, I wasn't alone--I made friends with another girl making the same connection. Basically, the connecting flight was late, too, so there should be a slight chance we could make it, but she couldn't promise they would hold the flight for us or put us up in Chicago if we got stuck. When we wanted to know why they wouldn't hold the flight (at least six people were making the same connection as we discovered in Chicago), she said that if it were going anywhere after SF, that leg would be made late, too, which was Not Acceptable. I wanted to wring her neck--really, lady, where the F was a flight already not getting to SF until well after 11 pm going to go from SF when it was already an hour late? Nowhere, that's where.

We got on the plane--as we'd be on standby in New York or Chicago, closer to goal was preferable (oh yeah, other fun stuff: no flights available because it was a "holiday" weekend)--and my new friend and I spent the entire last half hour freaking the fuck out about whether we'd make it. The pilot kindly informed us that, yes, anyone missing connections would be housed at the airline's expense, and then we got gate info on our connection. We booked it, made it to the desk only to be told we'd been double-booked and therefore were obligated to take another flight because we were supposed to have missed the connection. No, actually, it was just the poor girl who got there before us, but they yelled at us for a while to sure make it seem like it.

So, despite the Mistress Negativity of LaGuardia, we did make it across the country, ultimately only 45 minutes later than expected. We didn't bother waiting for luggage, we went straight to the lost luggage desk to see about getting our luggage delivered. The guy had no record of a problem, told us to go and check the carousel, and if it wasn't there, to come back.

Ten minutes later, I was giggling hysterically. My bag MADE it to San Francisco. The stress of running like crazy and freaking out about missing spending Saturday with my sister and brother-in-law (who are both working and thus less available for hanging out during Monday and Tuesday) left me just a mess. My new best friend in the midst of disaster had a wedding to go to Saturday. Her bag made it, too (they were probably on an earlier flight; by the time ours left NY, the flight originally scheduled to leave later than ours had left twenty minutes before). We bonded, said farewell and good luck and went about our vacations.

Oh, and there's a baby here. It's cute. Luckily, as just about any excretion she makes is fairly hideous. And I'm more exhausted after one day spent watching her with help than I was trying to get out here in the first place.
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Time for learnifcation!

Did you know...?
Bet you didn't! )
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More Disney World tidbits! Feel free to contribute your own observations if you've been recently, too!
Disney rides both fun and awful. Hilarity within. )

Just a bit of summary there. I really had a great time overall, even though I was bone-tired every day when we were done at the park. My poor 84-year-old grandmother and mother kept up with me for two days, though the second of those was a tamer one spent mostly sitting in rides at EPCOT.

Did I mention EPCOT is a little sad place these days? )

Oh, and before I forget? THE AMERICAN SHOWCASE AT EPCOT BLOWS DONKEYS. Further proof that, in the USA, nationalism is what happens to other countries but patriotism begins at home, the half-hour animatronics show narrated by Ben Franklin and Sam Clemens (noticeably absent: any mention of Franklin's pathological addiction to women) was painful above all else. I wanted to poke my brain out my ears so it wouldn't have to suffer this crap. My grandmother, of course, got teary-eyed. She eats that stuff up.

To the show's credit, it never tried to rape the old lies about the first Thanksgiving, but it sure did gloss over the nastier side of the immigrant experience and the most that indigenous peoples got was a quote from Chief Joseph talking about how really shitty the USA was from his point of view (he ain't just whistling Dixie, but the quote came as an abrupt stop to the show then he disappeared and there was hardly a "Oopsie" on the part of any of the other dummies thereafter, making it seem like the rudeness was on his part for interrupting the "YAY WHITE PEOPLE!" parade).

Speaking of "We love Whitey!" the Civil War discussion predictably focused on slavery as the main at-odds issue, but the hilariously awful bit was there were almost no black animatronic people in the whole thing and none during the Civil War bit. Instead, the focus was on two brothers who went to war for different sides and how the stupid racist pig Reb got killed and the virtuous, wonderful Union guy did not, but isn't it awful about what War will do to families of white people? Shocking! Meanwhile, Frederick Douglas got to ride a swamp boat. Fan-fucking-tastic.

It sounds like I didn't have fun. I did, really, it's just that the fun stuffs weren't worth blogging about as they seem like I am bragging--ha ha, I went to the bestest rollercoaster ever!--versus how much fun I have agonizing over the rest.
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My sister's cheerleading team didn't do as well as they'd hoped, and that was disappointing, but I think the trip to Disney was a fun one for them overall. Disney has a (deservedly) bad rap about a lot of things, but I don't fault them on their efficienct, efficacious way of managing a hoarde of teenagers and the entourage about them. Everything was much smoother this year, which is always appreciated given the hectic nature of the time spent down there.

Preliminary report on Disney World:

1) There's something either delightfully innocent or darkly perverted about the Jungle Safari ride. Either the creators didn't realize in 19-whenever that having a rhino shove its horn up a man's butt was sodomy, or they did and left it on a children's ride anyway.

2) Art imitating "life" imitating art imitating "life." The Pirates of the Caribbean ride, originally based on a movie (or so I thought--can't find the thing online), was turned into a movie and now the ride reflects the movie...based on the ride that was based on a movie. The changes aren't substantial, though Johnny Depp is welcome to sing anything he likes at me whenever he choses.

3) EPCOT is possibly the saddest thing in the world. MGM Studios has exactly two rides worth your time, and it isn't as sadly pathetic as the once and future Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow (and yes, I remembered that name all on my own).

4) Fun fact: Disney does not sell alcohol paraphernalia. I bought a shotglass and the nice guy who rang it up informed me that it was actually a "toothpick holder." Scan the Mickey-ears etched maragarita glass through and it comes up as a "tumbler."

5) Wait, no, really, did they know about that rhino thing?

More to come!
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I bought a computer. The End.

Short and simple, neh?

I realize I haven't finished my vacation saga: Let me do so behind this lj-cut for the boring stuff... )

Awesome thing the first: I flew first class! )

Awesome thing the second: a drugged up stewardess )

Awesome thing the....the thing most people will care to hear: a celebrity appearance! )

This weekend, I ducked home to borrow the family's laptop 'till I got mine own, and I got my pictures on CD. I'll try posting the few good underwater ones I got. The snorkeling pictures didn't come out so great, which I expected, since the water was a bit cloudy (as was the sky). The dive pictures aren't terribly better, though there are a few that are clear and sorta in-frame (if I play with the borders, they will be!). I'm so glad I chased after that turtle that surface for air, because that's a decent shot, as are a few of my favorite reef fish, the Moorish Idol (Gill, from Finding Nemo, if you need a reference).

Problem was, we only had what was left from the snorkeling cameras for the shark dive, which was about three half-filled cameras. I could have taken thirty million pictures on the surface, let alone in the cage. I should have made more of an effort to get thirty more cameras for the shark thing because there aren't too many spectacular ones there.

Oh well, I'll just have to again :) Or or or! I should go really dive with sharks in a cage, so I can be a little steadier. And when I have $$$$ to do that, I'll also buy an apartment in Manhattan, or a bridge in Brooklyn...
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One week and one week and a day ago, I was swimming through the sea... )

The really most awesomest thing ever about my trip happened one week ago today: SHARK CAGE DIVING! )

The only problem with these two blissful days of water play was the mal de mer my brother and I both caught on the tripp to the shark cage. These were some choppy seas, 4-6 ft. swells. In the shark cage, I banged every part of my body into the thing. If you let go of the cage, it would come roiling back to wallop you good for your carelessness. Even when holding on, you might take a few bumps. So, I learned to hold on.

The problem with that was that trying to stay straight while the ocean bumped up and down meant seasickness and lots of it. I vomited about three times into the water, which, well, at least I got to practice how to do that with a mask and snorkel on, so, should the problem ever arise again while diving, I know what to do, how to get air without getting water when I'm finished, etc. But lordy, was that not fun. It didn't nearly ruin my trip, not by a longshot, but it took some hours to get my stomach righted (strangely, McDonald's fries helped after I took some dramamine to settle my stomach).

My brother was worse off than me, poor thing, but Aimee managed to be one of two out of a party of six (not including the tour guys) who didn't purge. So, not only was she perfectly okay with the sharkies, she didn't end up voiding her breakfast into the water (she did end up with some on her bathing suit--yuckie, sorry about that!). Ugh, I'm dizzy and uncomfortable now just thinking about how bad that was...

Oh, and I went diving, too! )

Where have all the corals gone? )

I love playing in the water. I wish everyone else could play in the water, too. But at this rate... ::le sigh::


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