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[ profile] bigscary and I have been going back and forth on Tumblr about Mass Effect and how much I love all the aliens. (I LOVE THEM SO MUCH, YOU GUYS.) And as much as he's obviously wrong about the vastly superior Garrus, it's kind of one of those stupid nerd fights that charge the batteries as much as anything. It also makes me miss Mass Effect like a sunovabitch. (Except for the humans. Except for most of the humans.) God, that is probably my favorite game series ever. I miss it, so, so much.

I know they're making another one. I kind of don't want it. Unless it's totally about the universe after Shepard did what SHE did (because it's not Fem!Shep, it's fucking Shep), in which case, sure, sign me up. I want to hear all about Joker and EDI's adorable cyborg grandbabies and how Liara is still alive and no one else is and how that makes the historian even more the bearer of memories of times gone by. I want to see an entire planet be OVER IT with Javik's 'tude.

But Shepard is gone. She should stay gone. I want a new hero. I want to play one of the reputedly awesome Krogan ladies. An Asari Justicar. I would play a goddamend Rachni. (It would probably be like playing a Xenomorph, like in my other favorite game ever, Aliens vs Predator.) I want to be an alien and have to learn to think like they do and not force them to be cool with how humans think because humans are boooooooooooooooooooooooring. I want my alien wrecking crew. Okay, so maybe I can take a sequel.

Just...not a movie, okay? Especially not a movie with dude!Shep. I cannot.
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Forgot to mention in my post about Once Upon a Time: Still not a Fables TV Show, but this show is like playing the "Hey, I know you from somewhere..." game every week. And, maddeningly for me, I cannot figure out where I know people from. Because they're even so obscure, I haven't seen them in much. One of the guys bugging me the most turns out to have played the boyfriend/ex of the lead on Covert Affairs, itself a show that I cannot figure out how come I've seen as much of it as I have. (Oh, wait, I remember now: the blind guy was hot.) That's on top of the LOST cast reunions and the random Bucky Barnes cameos.

Perhaps the one that blind-sided me the most, however, is the straight-laced nice-guy playing Jiminy Cricket is HOLY FUCKING GOD KAIDEN ALENKO!?!?! I knew I recognized that oddly gruff voice, but it weirds me right the fuck out to see him acting. At least he's more handsome than Kaiden?
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Sigh, the backlash against the ending of Mass Effect 3 continues apace. Apparently, there's real enough protest that somebody has raised $70k in protest. Thank God, gamers are not entirely useless and they've donated it to Child's Play. (Spoiler warning: they talk about the ending, but not in detail.) If you're going to raise a ruckus that only makes you look like an idiot, by all means, at least donate the reward of that ruckus to somebody who'll be more grateful for games than you are. Suck it up and deal. Unlike just about every movie trilogy I could name, this game ended on a cohesive note, and its ending is not inappropriate for the tenor of the series. Why it should be sunshine and rainbows (Krogan! Made me a cake!) in order for it to be "good" is beyond me. God for-fucking-bid these people should get their way. They want the "Hollywood" ending, according to that article. I'll take what BioWare puts out over any Hollywood ending. Last I checked, movie-goers weren't thrilled about the Disney-fication of every goddamned thing.

In short, look at all the fucks BioWare doesn't give 'cause you didn't get a blowjob from the ending of their game. The game is actually really good, and aside from Vega, full of aliens to wuff. Well, it's full of humans to boink, too, as this comic accurately lampoons. And while I'm collecting all my favorite webcomics on this subject: THIS. I know why it's there. But it still sucked ass to wait through.
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Between trips to the bathroom, I managed to complete Mass Effect 3 this weekend. (I typed "4" there by accident at first. Alas, never to be.)
Absolutely no spoilers, just my opinion on the tenor of the ending, but just in case. )

I am more upset that the franchise is over. I suppose it isn't, really. If I want to try and get different endings, apparently I have to play multiplayer. Or one of two iOS games, which, yes, I've already bought and will put to use with my Renegade Shepard to see if it does diddly or squat. There's always something more you can do, given the way the game has been marketed--more you can buy to get at the cheap thrill version of the fun you had actually playing the game. I've never subscribed to that, which is why I'm annoyed that you can alter your results with things that feel completely extraneous to the game. Multiplayer? Come on now. Are you going to give out codes for reading the comics as well? Might as well, seeing as multiplayer is going to get fuck-all attention from me.

I don't like the necessity of having to pull on more and other media or different genres of video gaming within the same universe in order to achieve within the game you love. If you want more from the game, by all means, have at the comics and the extra missions, but, call me old-fashioned, I believe, for all the choosing of my own adventure within Mass Effect, there was a core story and very little extra was needed or improved it where it was added. It's nice that they are something else I can have if I get too depressed that the story is over. I'm a little depressed, not gonna lie, but it feels cheap to go for those tie-in stories as if they'll satisfy in the same way. I'd almost love to see a trilogy of games that takes place centuries after the ending of Mass Effect 3. Where will the universe be then? That, to me, is more interesting than all the stories of what various folk are doing while Shepard is saving the goddamned galaxy.
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I took Thursday and Friday off last week because I was sick.
Slight TMI, but not horrid. )

The best that can be said about this weekend is that I apparently visibly lost weight (according to my coworker, who met me coming in this morning). I think this is the universe's twisted way of telling me it granted my wish--I had joked, when my roommate wellgull was suffering the same pains last week and not eating or retaining when he did eat, that I should be so lucky to have that right before my brother's wedding. Oops. I'm back at work today. I slept through the whole night, which is the first time in days, which is nice, but because I napped while waiting for Uncharted 2 to download all its updates, I had trouble getting to sleep early. Point is, I'm in great shape to get my things packed, my room tidied, and my lab report written up (the thing that takes me, routinely, 7 hours to do when it's not two labs worth of material) by Wednesday night. Great shape.

::drops dead::
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How else can explain inexplicably forgetting not one, but two appointments today? I hit the snooze button extra times this morning only to have to rush around my apartment in whirl of teeth-brushing, cat-feeding, lunch-packing madness because I forgot I had a doctor's appointment at 9:30. Which I was fifteen minutes late for despite taking a cab up to work. The only good news about that is that because I was late, my appointment started almost right away, as opposed to making me wait fifteen-twenty minutes like they usually do.

I set about making a hundred plans for after work, mostly involving getting my ass back on the exercise bike after going to the grocery store (I think it's been, like, two weeks since last I set foot in one). Which will all have to wait now, seeing as I promised weeks ago to catch up with an old high school friend for dinner. At least she texted me today, or I'd have left her hanging wherever. I need to remember to put these things in my calendar. Although I'm pretty sure that I did put the doctor's appointment in my calendar, and I forgot it anyway, and if I could remember things well enough I to put them in the calendar, I wouldn't need the calendar in the first place.

Okay, so maybe I can't stay up until 4 am playing Mass Effect without consequences. Duly noted. Hey, brain, how do we feel about staying up all night/morning playing House of the Dead: Overkill? Surely, that can't be as bad.
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I have probably 20 bottles of lotion/shower gel at home, but I couldn't resist another sale at Bath & Body Works because I've discovered that I really like the body creams (less greasy, more moisture-retaining, and therefore better for all-over use than their lotions) and that I use up a lot of it quickly. So I wanted some more of the scent I really like right now (Be Enchanted), so I ordered some more (and some other things to make up for free shipping, of course). One of the travel-size lotions I bought (I'm crossing fingers that I have a lot of traveling to do for interviews and thus need such things) opened up a little in the packaging. I didn't lose a ton of it, but it was still pretty annoying. I've written to ask them to give me some site credit at least (it would cost more to ship back than it's worth). I know, I know, somebody call the waaaaaaahmbulance.

Other things bothering me today: I was looking at pre-orders for Mass Effect 3, and it seems like the best deal, vis a vis bonuses, is GameStop, which makes me feel incredibly gross. I hate giving them money for a pre-order, only because it's an inconvenience to go to the store (versus having Amazon ship it to me by release date) and it would be rewarding their business model whereby they harass you to pre-order shit every time you ring something up. I may be spared having to go there for the pre-order, though, as it seems they may be sold out. I looked into extras with other retailers, and they're average. Honestly, just the bonuses from the Collector's Edition should be enough. I would have plunked down money with--of all retailers--Best Buy right away as they gave out bonus Reward Zone points and $5 off if you pre-ordered. However, this was only for the standard version. Which is ridiculous. I will probably just go with Amazon again.

I also do not approve of using voice commands through the Kinect to play Mass Effect 3. I am heartened to see that Penny Arcade agrees with me. It's not faster--speaking commands is not going to be faster than clicking around a command wheel unless you're reaaaaaally clumsy with that wheel. The potential for error, too, is one that would prevent me from utilizing that command structure. Not to mention that you'd have to have other people being quiet for it to work, wouldn't you? On top of that, I'm sure my roommates don't want to hear the dirty, dirty things I would be whispering in Garrus' ears...
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I've seen many arguments for and against prosecution of digital content pirates. This is the best argument I've yet read as to why prosecution is the losing strategy if your battle is really about sales and not, say, some sort of ego trip about controlling content.
Some more thoughts on this. )

Speaking of Legos and pirates, though, I bought the latest game, Lego: Pirates of the Caribbean, and it's delightful, if a little bizarre. Like, I can hardly tell where the cut scenes are going to end and going to drop me in to play the story. Also, a lot of the story play seems to take place in scenes that aren't, strictly speaking, movie-based. For instance, recruiting Jack Sparrow's crew to go chase after Barbosa in The Curse of the Black Pearl. In the movie, Jack goes as far as to find Mr. Gibbs himself, but the rest of the crew shows up at the dock later, and that's the end of it. In the game, I run around finding each person and securing them for my ship. It's a little backwards, but in a movie where there are a) invincible zombie enemies and b) not infinite amounts of droids to destroy, it's passable. It's a Lego [Fill in the Blank Film Franchise] game; it could be Lego: Twilight and I would still play it. (Especially if I got to bash little Edward into a million studs on occasion.) Hopefully, too, it will tide me over until Lego makes my dreams come true and exploits its possession of the rights to The Lord of the Rings to make a game in addition to the physical sets.

And did I mention that I'm playing all these games on my brand new PS3?

In 2010, when I started biking to work, I promised myself that if I hit 100 trips on my bicycle--trips that would otherwise cost me a ride on the subway, not bike rides taken just for the fun of riding--I would buy myself a present with the money I'd saved commuting. I didn't make it in 2010. In 2011, however, thanks in part to the unseasonably warm weather and my increased endurance, I rode my bike on over 250 rides over the course of about 6-7 months. Counting strictly by $2.25 rides on a pay-as-you-go accounting (or $2.10 or so, with the MTA's bonus thrown in), that's more that $500 saved by not taking mass transit. If you count instead the cost of unlimited 30-day Metrocards for those months, I saved hundreds of dollars more. You could even subtract the money that I did set aside for the infrequent ride on the subway and/or bus (about $60 pre-tax from my paycheck), and I was still ahead by more than the cost of the system. And I was staying in shape. Win-win-win all around.

Why a PS3? For starters, it does have some games you can't get on the XBOX that I've been interested in playing, and I enjoyed some of them at PAXEast enough for it to stick in my mind this long. (Looking forward to the Uncharted series a lot!) I also know quite a few people who have them now from whom I can borrow games, which makes me less nervous about the investment. Ther's also the Blu-Ray player, which, as I build up my library, will come in handy. Plus our apartment already has an XBOX 360, which my roommates have rounded out with a Kinect now. I even got a $75 gift certificate at Target for buying the bundle I wanted anyway (it came with a Move controller and a game as well) after Christmas. I made out with a bandit. I feel a little ashamed spending so much on myself at the holidays, but it was something I earned. Next year, I'll try to save up for a TV :)

I have no idea how to friend people on it, but I'm TrinityVixen (shocker, I know). Say hi to me some time? Please do not laugh at my laughably paltry amount of trophies. I'm working on it!
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The internet wins at life again today:

God of War as an indie comedy works astonishingly well.
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I stayed up waaaaaaay too late playing Assassin's Creed: Revelations last night because I wanted to get to the part where I just run around and buy shit and have fun (which is, like, my favorite thing). I got stuck at this one game mechanic and decided to hire some mercenaries to help me out. They did, to be fair, but then I ended up in this situation. I was in an alley and I could not get past the four of them. Usually, if you take a running start at anyone, they either bump into you and knock you both down/aside or they fall to the side. These guys were like a brick wall. I had to run the wrong way to get them to move enough to shoulder past them.

When I say I stayed up too late, by the by? I went to bed at 3. Because I was trying and failing and then getting frustrated but determined to beat this one thing and I finally gave up because FUCK THE TEMPLARS AND THEIR UNASSAILABLE SNIPERS THAT'S WHY.

I'm actually really alert at work. I suspect, however, that I'm being kind of manic, which may lead to a breakdown/nap-in-the-middle-of-work later.
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Assassin's Creed: game to movie to talk. )
Arkham City: A big Fuck You to Arkham Asylum/Batman fans. )
I think I'm ready to go back to playing Dead Rising 2: Off the Record now. Sure, all the female characters saunter instead of walking, and they all make passes at Frank "I-look-like-my-Mama-took-a-shovel-to-my-face-when-I-was-baby" West, but you know what? People don't say BITCH at or about women all the time. Somehow, the gross objectification of women that you see onscreen is less irritating--probably because it's not onscreen for all that long--than having to endure constant cat calls/threats of rape from NPCs for the hours you play the game.
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The fallout from Netflix's attempt to spin off its services into two separate revenue streams has finally been totaled. It's probably not a surprise that Reed Hastings is still not getting it--a friend of his told him, point-blank, when he mentioned the Qwikster thing, that it was bad idea and he was ignored; he thinks that the uproar was more about pricing than the irritation of having to manage two websites for the same service; he mentions the general irritability of the populace (it's OWS! it's the Tea Party!); and so on and so on. It should not be a surprise that the man who's behind the decision that cost the company close to a million subscribers is defensive of his actions (and in complete denial about why his plan failed).

No, what surprises--and galls--is The New York Times' reporting (as ever, it seems). For example:
In its reliance on data and long-term strategy, the company underestimated the unquantifiable emotions of subscribers who still want those little red envelopes, even if they forget to ever watch the DVDs inside.

It was never about the emotional satisfaction of envelopes, be they red or otherwise. It was about convenience, pure and simple. Sometimes, it's more convenient to get DVDs by mail--because they aren't on streaming; because customers don't have high-speed internet to stream; etc. etc.--and sometimes it isn't. The choice was the attractive feature about Netflix, as was the convenience: you could get the discs or you could stream, and you could get it all in one place. Take that away, right after hiking prices, and you've just made your convenient service a hassle, for the honor of which your customers have to pay more. Why is it so hard for the damn newspapers to say as much? Why does a group of disgruntled consumers with a legitimate beef with a company have to be "emotional"? What, are they women or something? (DEAR GOD THAT WAS SARCASM, DO NOT KILL ME.)

In less aggravating news, G4 is making a trilogy of short horror films based on video games with almost no inherent stories of their own, and they've started with Duck Hunt. It's actually pretty good, and I think, even if you didn't know the reference, you'd probably get it after a while. Stupid laughing, mangling evil dog!
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I am roughly three hours of game play into Batman: Arkham City (which you shouldn't read as me actually getting far, since I'm reeeeally bad at video games), and I have some thoughts.

-I wish I could play as Bruce Wayne. But Bruce Wayne doing Batman-esque things. You get to start the game as Bruce. (This is not a spoiler as it is literally the first thing you see in the game.) Not only does that mean I get to spend time with Kevin Conroy's nuanced and underpraised performance of Bruce Wayne versus his equally good but widely celebrated (and thus not in need of further fluffing) Batman, but you also get to see Bruce Wayne be awesome. Something happened at the end of the first part as Bruce Wayne that I will not spoil, but I did it and cried out, unironically, "LIKE A BOSS." It was so awesome that [ profile] moonlightalice and I both roared with laughter and approval. Bruce Wayne kicks wholesale ass, and it would be really fucking funny--and fun!--to play the whole game as him.

-The sexism thing? Really sucks. Every two-bit hood in the game that I've run into so far has been talking about a) how hot Harley Quinn is and b) how she's hot enough to want to fuck despite being crazy as a shithouse rat. It's really gross. And Catwoman...sigh. Folks, can we not agree that Catwoman is sexy? We agree on that, right? She's a smart and sexy woman who saunters around purring in a skin-tight catsuit. We get that she is sexy. Does she have to have said catsuit open to her solar plexus? Does she have to walk like she's got some degenerative hip disease that forces her gait one meter sideways with each step so that we can see she has a badonk-a-donk ass? Do we? Really?

-I have no idea what's going on. I don't get the Arkham City thing, period. I heard the game was going to be called Arkham City and I got confused because isn't it just Gotham City? They explain it--sort of--but not really and GAAAH I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IS GOING ON OR WHY.
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I feel like a cat chasing a laser toy, mentally, today. My head is all over the place. To whit, this list of things that have come up in my head today, either as a result of life, the internet, or just my brain really being that spacey.

-I hate when people say, "I don't want to spoil it for you, so I won't say anything more," and then they go ahead and keep telling you spoilers. This morning, I talked to the new guy at work about his trip to see The Book of Mormon, which I am anticipating seeing at some point, and he just would not stop. Mind you, I didn't even ask about this, he volunteered this information and I, politely, heard him out and suggested he see Avenue Q if The Book of Mormon is his kind of bag. How did I recommend this? By saying it's funny and has good music. End of story. No spoilers. Jesus, was that so hard?

-You know what was a good game? Bioshock. I really loved that game for the gameplay. Yeah, they smoothed things out in the sequel, but honestly, the swapping back and forth between plasmids and weapons became second nature after a while. And there was a photography mini-game! More games need to have photography elements to them. I kind of love that that mechanic is back in the less-than-original "reboot" sequel Dead Rising: Off the Record. But man, Bioshock was goddamned fun, challenging without being impossible, and fucking gorgeous. I should go replay the sequel, get some more achievements or something. I should also buy this shirt, y/y?

-I had a dream where I met Jennifer Hale (if you don't know who she is, shame on you) at a convention (it might have been PAX) and I was so excited to see her and have her sign my female-Shepard-variant cover for the collector's edition of Mass Effect 3. I told her that I've been a fan of hers since Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego? when she was the female detective's voice. I don't know why that detail was so specific in my mind, but yeah. I woke up knowing it was a dream because I'm absolutely too squeamish about meeting celebrities to ever want tot talk to them. This is a nice change of pace from dreaming I've been called out as a failure by my boss and wake up in a panic about how to prove otherwise.

-Assassin's Creed movie!?! On the one hand, Ubisoft, with probably 1/100th of the budget of even a mediocre Hollywood movie, made a pretty goddamned awesome prequel short film about the father of the player character in the second and third Assassin's Creed games. It's beautiful, the costumes ARE porn, and I think they must have gotten the voice actors from the game surgically altered to resemble the characters they play because WHOA. On the other hand, if that's what they can do with 30 minutes and a lot of love and those people were involved in the movie, like at all, SIGN ME UP.
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Something that puts fannishness into perspective? Looking at things others are obviously fans of--that, in fact, I might be a fan of--and the merchandise associated therewith that is too ridiculous to be compatible with reality. Exhibit A: a "swim like Michael Phelps" Kinect game. I am a fan of Michael Phelps (....'s body), but this is pushing it. How much garbage do you expect his fans to swallow?

...which is "Hello, Ms. Pot, have you met my friend, the much-maligned Mr. Kettle?" talk that I ought to wink out of existence in a fit of cosmic irony, or something, given my earlier reaction to The Avengers trailer being released. I did promise to be more coherent, eventually, on that. (The other post is and will remain a CAPSLOCK paradise, I warn you.) Here's what I have to say, now that I can be marginally less giddy.

-For a movie that has only just finished wrapping, they've got some decent CGI shots already done. The Hulk is looking, well, Hulkish, but more The Incredible Hulk-ish than Hulk-ish, which is acceptable. There were lazers and some lightning for Thor. All of which could stand to be improved, obviously, but that they have that much is impressive. I mean, it could be a warning that they're rushing things--they have a trailer online seven months before the movie premieres, which is only about four months earlier than Captain America did--but I choose to have faith.

-They explained "the Avengers"! By which I mean the name, which, since [ profile] moonlightalice brought it up--"What, exactly, are they avenging?"--has not failed to bother me. Stupid smart people with their words and things mucking up perfectly good superhero team names!

-Nine Inch Nails in the trailer: On the one hand, LOVE IT. "We're in this Together" is one of my favorite tracks from my favorite NIN album ever, The Fragile. The Downward Spiral is the most famous/commercially successful NIN album, but The Fragile kicks its ass in every way that matters. The songs are better, they make you feel more and more strongly ways about stuff, the entire album flows better, start-to-finish, and it is artistic while still being incredibly catchy. I'm a piss-poor music critic, but The Fragile is an album about which I get worked up, so it's good. "We're in this Together" is even used passably well in the start of the trailer. On the other hand, it's used incredibly poorly towards the end, with the twisted dialogue of the chorus being made into rah-rah nonsense. I mean, shoe-horning in the words "we're in this together now" to play over the images of the Avengers is just too on-the-nose. The riffs also don't work as well as a closer--it's too unfinished a sound. Maybe that's just me and me knowing that that riff is in the middle of the song. But they needed to transition it better.

-I see that Joss Whedon and Robert Downey Jr. go together like peanut butter and chocolate. Some of the lines felt a little forced, though. I worry about that. Joss' best lines don't go hand-in-hand with action scenes a lot of the time.

There. I said some things that didn't amount to typed flailing. I'm proud of me.
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With applications done, I'm ready to play video games, like, all the time again. I've got Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions (FINALLY), so I hope it's worth the wait. In order to get free shipping on it, I also ordered Marvel Ultimate Alliance, about which I have neither expectations nor excessive interest, but that I will get around to some time after the other games I have to complete, like Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2, which I got for, Jesus, I think it was last Christmas.

Despite this backlog, I'm debating grabbing the Dead Rising 2-ish game, Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. I played some Dead Rising 2 DLC this past weekend, and it made me kind of miss that series. I don't know about this sequel-ish game, though. You play through the events on DR2 through the perspective of the hero of DR1. That's really kind of a cheap-ass way to avoid having to make up anything new and still get $40 for your non-effort. Also, I'm confused as to why, if Frank's running around Fortune City, he's not, like, AT ALL helping Chuck or other anti-Zombrex-making-company people do a damned thing. And wasn't he supposed to be dead anyway?

Eh, fuck it, why not buy and play this game? It'll warm me up for accepting things like the Bioshock spin-off Bioshock: Infinite, which is neither true spin-off nor sequel. Might as well get used to it now.
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No one told me that Mass Effect 3 was coming out March 6, 2012. You are all so, so fired. I had heard only rumblings that it was super delayed and, like, never coming out.

Well, at least I can finally use up that $50 gift card I have to Best Buy! No, in all seriousness, when I've wanted things from Best Buy, I've been at a loss as to what to get. This is at the same time as I can easily drop $50 at any other site on DVDs/Blu-Rays I want. That's because their prices aren't ridiculous. But video games are ridiculously priced everywhere unless you can wait until there are cheap-ass discount used copies available. (The Darkness: a game I wouldn't have enjoyed half so much if I'd paid $17 instead of $7 for it.) It's going to be $80 anywhere. I will thus be able to use my monies up at Best Buy. Unless, of course, BioWare borks that idea by releasing it to other stores with better pre-order bonuses. ::crosses fingers against that happening::

Yes, I am aware that it comes out only a month before my birthday and that I should wait. Fuck that. I want it on release day. I want the $80 collector's edition even though I didn't think the collector's edition was really worth it the last time. I want it. I want to have its babies. I spoil myself. By that time next year, I'll probably be staring down another season of applying to vet school a second time. I'll need it. Yes.
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My girls weekend was cancelled on account of Hurricane Irene fucking things up for everyone to such a degree that the damage was still ongoing come this past Thursday. My mother, in a flurry of activity related to throwing shit out from the foot-plus-of-water-damaged basement, wrenched her back but good. My sister's move-in date to college was delayed, and my cousin, vying for title of "Better Daughter/Sister Than TrinityVixen" was going to help with one or the other. (She ended up helping with the moving in because she's in Boston, and it's a long drive to Westchester just to be, like, "Poor baby, I hope your back feels better.") I, on the other hand, went upstate with [ profile] feiran.

Where I proceded to live life like I was in college again, and, lo, it was awesome. We didn't even arrive until nearly 3 am on Friday morning after a late start, but which was followed up by us sleeping until two in the afternoon which is so fucking boss, I cannot tell you. When we did finally motivate our asses to do something, we went to the Vermont State Fair, where we watched a trapeze artist do things on a tall tower swaying in the breeze that made us both want to die of fear on her behalf since she hadn't the sense to do it herself. There were also animals to pet and a tiger show that simultaneously made me feel awful about liking because that sort of thing is not natural and also made me want to own a baby tiger like whoa.

The rest of the weekend was a haze of late morning wake-ups, staying up until 3 pm, and playing board games and PS2 games that should have stayed in their box because holy shit I do not need to waste this much time on Dynasty Warriors 3 any more. Like I said, it was college all over again, including our only having food that required the most basic of additions to render edible. (Frying eggs was as complicated as it got.) That, and eating so much ice cream. Even [ profile] feiran looked a little green-at-the-gills over ice cream at points. (But only, you know, right after she finished one. In another hour, she'd be good to go again.)

The only thing I regret is that I apparently missed filming of The Avengers in NYC while I was away. I find it funny that they built a full-scale replica of Grand Central Terminal in Cleveland but came to the city to film in Central Park, which could easily have been recreated elsewhere. Oh well, don't actually mind missing the filming. I prefer my illusions. Also, film crews are damned obstructions. There was a movie filming on my bike route last week (being a New Yorker, I didn't ask what it was, but I don't think it was The Avengers, unless, like, the Cap and Thor were going to this cute little restaurant on Lenox for a date or something), and it's just a pain. Plus? The crew members, even the non-sketchy ones, just sorta stare at you while you wait for the light to change. It's unwelcome.
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Care of [ profile] xannoside, I have discovered that the attempt to crowd-source what female Shepard of Mass Effect 3 should look like was only the first part of this asinine process.

Look, I didn't get into this in my last post on this issue, but I'm sure as shit getting into it now. This is complete bullshit. If EA hadn't been so stupid as to never put a female Shepard variant onto their covers before now, this idiocy would never have happened. Instead, their failure to think past male Shepard as their default, despite paying Jennifer Hale what must be a significant amount of money (and not enough, given how good she is) to voice female Shepard, has led to this. Instead of proceeding with no more fanfare of their own than they did when female Shepard had another female romantic partner in Mass Effect (the brou-ha-ha over that was not BioWare's doing, you'll recall; they just wrote the romance), they've decided to make a thing of it.

This is not a way to achieve gender parity. I understand what EA was thinking--"We know! People will think we're all progressive and shit when we put a chick on the cover of Mass Effect 3"--and then they failed to see that the way they're going about it undoes any good will that effort might have engendered. It's stupid, it's patronizing, and it really bothers me that there's this much bullshit going on around a game I love that has mostly avoided this bullshit in the game. The only people who give Shepard a hard time about how he/she can't get the job done are a) stupid, b) proven wrong, and c) making the assumption based on the fact that he/she is human, not that he/she is male/female. So EA should not be making a female Shepard dance to the tune of the masses. If they want a particular Shepard, they can customize her. Instead, by insisting that there be consensus, where none was asked for on male Shepard, they are saying that female Shepard is somehow different. The question of how she is different should be obvious, given this rather sexist approach to finding the female Shepard via Facebook.

The most ridiculous thing about all this is that THERE IS A DEFAULT FEMALE SHEPARD. Put her on the cover and be done with it. This is so uncomfortable and grating and, worse, unnecessary. Way to remind us that women need to have approval of the masses, EA.
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Penny Arcade is occasionally impenetrable to me because despite loving video games, I don't actually play that many. Today's strip, though, was about Mass Effect, a game with which I am so intimately familiar, we are common law spouses in 16 countries. Still, I needed to read the run-down on why this was suddenly a thing to figure out why this comic is even more awesome than previous thought.

I had heard some while ago that BioWare is making a stab at true parity for their games by offering, for the first time, a version of Mass Effect (in this case, the third game) where the cover has a female Shepard on it. (If you call her "FemShep," I kill you. Fuck you, she's not a brand of Shepard. She is Shepard. If you start in with the FemShep bullshit, you better be modifying male Shepard to ButtfuckuglyShep.) Apparently, there is a Facebook poll where you can vote on which Shepard you want to be the archetype female Shepard, since there hasn't been one on a cover before from which to take the basic female avatar.

Except...there has been? There is definitely a default female Shepard, and I'm sure that, despite changing scars and hair color, most of my female Shepards have been largely unchanged from this default. Why not just put her on the cover? Whatever, people are reeeeeeeally pissed that a blonde Shepard is/was leading (with Penny Arcade commenting on it, I'm sure those numbers will change). I don't get why she's automatically dumber-looking/less feminist-looking (buh?) for being blonde. I think she looks pretty fucking badass, actually. She looks goddamn dangerous with that glower, which, whatever the skin-tone politics of these options are, does come across more easily in a picture with a paler skinned avatar. Not that Shepard 2 doesn't look like one serious motherfucker. (She's a demon, you guys. HER EYES. DO NOT LOOK AT THEM.) But Shepard 5 actually looks like she's been through a sweaty firefight, which, okay, I can see how that may sex her up a little to some, but to me it mostly looks like she's walked through the fire and her hair's a mess as it should be. The others are all too clean-cut, unruffled to be really soldier-y.

As far as girly-girl stupid looks ago, I think the model for Shepard 6 is the wors. She looks like Snow White, and a less badass Disney Princess has never graced this world. Shepard 4 looks like she was kicked out of an emo band, with her pouty lips and hair covering one eye. Shepard 1 is a Manic Pixie Dream Girl. Her precious pixie cut makes her look like you could snap her neck like a chicken's. If anything undercuts Shepard's goddamned dangerous, no nonsense reputation, it's a haircut that last looked good on Twiggy.

So I appreciate Penny Arcade's take. Because precious haircut or hair color shade synonymous with dumb, Shepard is a mean motherfucker. End of story.


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