Mar. 30th, 2012 06:03 pm
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I have never bought a lottery ticket in my life. I have gotten (but never purchased myself) scratch-off cards, which are a hoot, especially the crossword-style ones. Someone just came around to collect $1 for people to buy into what promises to be a disgusting payout in some lottery game. I pitched in. Why not? Solidarity. Plus, as I told the woman collecting, I've already spent about $6 on sodas I can't drink for class. When I told that my project was swabbing cans of soda from various vendors to check what microbes are growing on them, she made the same face that, well, just about everyone has since I started telling people about this project.

I also learned there's a west coast-east coast difference in drinking soda, whereby east coasters all use straws and west coasters don't. Anyone want to verify that? I know I drink with straws, but that's for a variety of practical and stupid reasons (I can get at every last drop of soda that way; it doesn't stain my teeth as badly; I don't have to put my mouth on the dirty fucking can; I just like straws, etc. etc.) I didn't used to growing up, from what I can remember. Although, there was that time a family friend's daughter scared the crap out of me and told me to never drink dark sodas or to look in the can before drinking first because one time this friend she knew drank a soda and there was a bee in it and she got stung in the mouth and and and...

I was a very gullible kid. Of course, I believed every word of this. To this day, I don't eat hamburgers at any fast food joints because my brother scared me off of them as a kid by saying that they spat on their hands when they made the patties at McDonald's and that old rats were ground into the meat. I always ate chicken after that. (He tried to scare me off that, too, by saying chicken nuggets were rat heads, but at that point my hunger overtook my caution, and I had to eat something.) I realize now that a) McDonald's doesn't make its own patties and b) there are probably worse things in them than rats, but it's something that's stuck.

Wow, that was a whole post about nothing. Have a good weekend everybody!
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I think someone accidentally dosed Shepard with sex spores.

Absolutely no specific spoilers, but just in case. )

On the other hand, Bastard Male Shepard is TOTALLY going to pretend to love everybody and sleep with them.

In other news, my colleagues are squealing over Diane Von Furstenburg's (I should be worried that I spelled that completely right, shouldn't I?) new line for GAP. Meanwhile, I am watching this at work, totally spellbound:

I also read this entry on a blog and cracked the fuck up at the entries "John Carter of Dune" (oh God, I'm still laughing) and "The Punisher and Batman debate the death penalty." There are some better conceptual ones (Ferris Bueller's Day of the Living Dead" was pretty inspired) but those two were especially hilarious. I'd actually pay money to see Paul Dini make the Marvel vs Capcom one.

I don't think I have anything in common with these people.
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So I ordered three things--two things, really, one of which I ordered two of--from one of our vendors, all of which could fit comfortably inside a small index card box. One item had to be frozen, so it arrived on dry ice separately from the other item (of which there was a quantity of two). The non-frozen items arrived in a box with slots that can accommodate twelve of those items, which is pretty wasteful, in terms of space.

The frozen item, however, wins the "You really needed a box that big?" prize as the frozen item is the size of a box of paper clips, and it arrived in a box of dry ice--filled with dry ice, mind--that was 1'x1.5'x2'. You could have comfortably fit a frozen head in the same box. (Not that I ship frozen heads. Much.)

Our charge for this shipping: $23. Their charge for materials: God only knows. Wow.
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I stayed late at work on Friday to do some studying and I was here for much of the weekend as well to the same end. I've now been at my job for more than a week straight. I'm having issues figuring out times and such. I think I have test today. That's about as far as I've gotten with scheduling. I also have a presentation to give on Friday for which I've planned not at all. But Friday is so far away. Isn't it? That's the problem with the holiday season: everything feels like a marathon. And despite my disinclination for running, I'm jogging along as fast as I can between events. If I can just avoid sleeping between now and Friday, I'm sure I'll get everything done.

In other disorienting news, I had gone more than two weeks without any soda at all until last Friday. I bought a Diet Pepsi on Friday to help keep me awake through a marathon study session and drank it at about 9 pm. At 3 am Saturday morning, I had the most uncanny and horrible experience of knowing myself to be awake but being unable to move or do anything about this. A quick Wikipedia check marks this as probably being "REM atonia," a perfectly normal part of the REM cycle in which your motor neurons aren't firing. It's perfectly fine with being the usual thing so long as you aren't awake for it. Not fun. Needless to say, I didn't sleep especially well as a result of caffeine and paranoia about that event. The good thing about caffeine is how quickly you can adjust to it. The next night, I saw Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (phenomenal, by the way) and drank 44 oz of Diet Coke and though I behaved like a speed freak for a few hours after, I slept just fine.
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Just some stuff I've been doing. )
And that's it, really. No, I take it back, I did do one thing recently: I accomplished my new year's resolution! As of last week, I'd seen 52 movies in the theaters this year, and I still have three weeks of year left to go!

I was looking to see where I declared my resolution on my LJ, and I can't find it. I did, however, find this list of movies I thought I would see this year. AND I SAW MOST OF THEM. In fact, the only one I didn't see--and I am still kicking myself for it after having seen how glorious it was on DVD--was Drive Angry. Depending on reviews for Ghost Rider 2: Ghost Riderer, I will go see that next year. There needs to be a balls-to-the-wall insane Nicholas Cage movie released every year. I will be there on opening night, I tells you.

But yes, I saw every single other movie on that list. I'll do a year-end review, let you know what's worth checking out or not. Not all of those movies were great. Or even all that good. It was still a fun experiment. I'm a little exhausted by it, but at the same time? It's nice to break the cycle of making movie outings "a thing." I do THE MAY MOVIE and that's something of a production. (My own fault, really.) It's nice to turn to a few people and say, "Hey, wanna go see a movie?" and just do it. It's a little bit of recaptured youth. Going to the movies, despite the soaring ticket prices, really isn't all that expensive. It's easy and fun and it's a frequent generator of fantastic outings. (Oh God, Priest. OH GOD THE THREE MUSKETEERS.)
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I, being a good doobie, give my boss a heads-up/chance-to-tell-me-no e-mail about some shadowing of the veterinary staff here next week. I get the following response:

Given the hectic holiday season that is upon us, I feel that you need to work full-time during the lab's regular business hours to ensure that we make good progress in the next month. Please minimize shadowing the vet staff & working comp time.

I must remind everyone who's been following this saga that I gave up an entire weekend to tell her and listen to my coworkers tell her what it is we want in life, how we plan on getting it, and what we could do in the lab/through our association in the lab to get there.

My not being here in the mornings roughly once or twice every two weeks in no way compromises our lab's chance of success or hinders our progress. This is still part and parcel of her recent insanity regarding vacation. I mean, I literally told her that I would, minute for minute, make up any time I was out in the mornings, and I have. Besides which, the vets start so early, I barely miss any time. I'm not doing any timed experiments (nor am I expected to in the near-to-late future). Everyone else wanders in along a spectrum of times from 9:30 to 11, so I don't need to be in at 10 am sharp. (Those of you who work 9-to-5, I get it. I hate me, too.) I have a smart phone form which I've repeatedly demonstrated my ability to keep up with any requests at odd hours. It's just petty, at this point, to assume time spent at work at only barely odd hours somehow hinders my or anyone else's work.

But, of course, none of that matters. She's the boss. If she says I have to be here, I do. It's a luxury to take time off of when I would otherwise be here and defer it to later for my own purposes, even if those purposes are to further my career--a goal which she is so ostensibly in favor of, she forces us to spend our weekends telling her about it! I could almost handle her just saying "No, work is my time, you do what you want on your time only." It wouldn't be rank hypocrisy.
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I actually debated not writing anything about the interview for the RVC because I thought that it was too early to count chickens. But I was excited and swept up in a bunch of things. It's still premature, and it's too soon to crow about anything.

...as I found out when I got an e-mail from the University of Georgia telling me they've outright rejected me. My application was "incomplete" as the hours spent under direct supervision of a veterinarian failed to reach their threshold. My fault, I suppose, for not being more careful in checking which hours I met or did not meet as far as they were concerned. Still, I'm disappointed and now a little paranoid about what else I'm going to hear today. I only applied to twelve places, and I've just lost one for good. It really puts a damper on the celebration from earlier today. One down, eleven to go....

In the weirdest laterally-related-to-vet-school news, I was eating lunch by myself in the kitchen when the mouse technician from another lab comes over and sits across from me and asks me when I'm leaving next year. She may have meant "if" I was leaving, since she phrased, "You're leaving next year" almost as a question with intonation. Point was, there was a volunteer in her lab who would be a great replacement and she wanted me to recommend her to my boss if my boss was replacing me. I don't know this person, so I can't really recommend her, but I agreed to take her CV. It was a weird and kind of aggressive exchange, with her really determined to have me get this person's details in front of my boss. Next time the volunteer's here, she wanted to send her over to meet with my boss. ( have a feeling I know how that will go.) I'm right that this is weird, right? In pitching replacements to the person leaving? Who may not be leaving? (Because, let's face it, if I can't get into UGA, I'm probably not going to get great news from a lot of schools in the coming months.)
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God, my face is still in flames an hour later. I'm so embarrassed. I walked over to the vet group's conference room to see a presentation about housing for fish. I kind of just barged in despite the ladies at the desk trying to get my attention to get me to stop. The vet who invited me shooed me out, but I'd already interrupted a room full of people talking about important stuff. It was, apparently, a last-second meeting called regarding overtime and holiday planning. My faaaaaace. It's amazing I had blood left to feed my muscles enough oxygen to let me walk away. (Unless muscles can be powered by shame?)

I waited thirty minutes to see if the seminar was going to resume late, but after that, I figured I'd give up. I'm still horribly embarrassed and want to crawl into a hole.
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In Time, slight spoilers, nothing you wouldn't know from ads. )
In other news, I got up early to go to the dentist. It must be a reaction to going to the doctor, but I booked an appointment at 8 am, fully anticipating that it would still find some way to threaten making me late for work. (Seriously, I've booked doctor's appointments at the same time and not been seen for 45 minutes which, on top of the appointment itself, has made me late for work.) Dentists, apparently, work much more efficiently than doctors. (Are their issues with insurance forcing them to see more patients not as onerous?) I was done with an hour and change left to go before I had to be at work. I hope I make it through the day. I've already proved I'm not paying as much attention as I should with a completely stupid LJ comment I made. I'm probably going to have to ruin the nice hurty-but-clean feeling in my mouth to get some caffeine, aren't I?

Speaking of hurt, that was The. Most. Gory. visit to the dentist EVER. I swear to God, I rinsed and spit and it looked like I had been eating bits of grapefruit or something because there was a ton of fleshy bits in the sink after. I was told, however, that I have been excellently maintaining my teeth (very little plaque, all of it in the front where my overlapping teeth make it hard to get them brushed well enough--must floss more!), so I hope that that crime scene isn't indicative of massive gum failure or something. I did, however, get a warning about issues I may have when I'm 50. I think this is a lopsided priority scale--mouth falling apart in chunks now versus bone receding when I'm another two decades older--but hey, at least I've got that plaque situation licked.
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I get a free flu shot at work, which is good and expected because I am employed by an entity that includes a hospital. Even though I do not interact with patients--indeed, the best thing about the department relocating is that we're in a building almost devoid of patients--it's good that I'm not a walking disease vector as much as possible. The trouble is that they seem no longer to do the flu shot "drives" where they stick a couple of nurses in the cafeteria and grab passersby. Which means I had to go sit in the Health and Safety office FOR AN HOUR to get stuck with a needle. Hurt a lot less than last time at least, and I got the same nurse who did my check up for volunteering with the research animals. She's a character, very nice.

However, being forced to wait an hour for a shot that took, no shit, five minutes to give (with gabbing with the nurse included in that time point), is torture. It's Hell-on-Earth torture when you factor in the TV blaring the local Fox affiliate's morning show (STAB IT WITH NEEDLES) followed by a morning talk show by a Sassy Black Lady(TM) who tells you how it is. Thank God for this tumblr blog I discovered via Twitter. I think some people might have thought I was laughing along with the SBL(TM), but I was really laughing at this particularly hilarious post featuring Eric Cantor's bitchiest bitch face.

Awesome, I just discovered that I left the tag on my new workout pants this whole morning until just now. Dear God, how will I survive until the end of the day if this is how it's starting?
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I feel like a cat chasing a laser toy, mentally, today. My head is all over the place. To whit, this list of things that have come up in my head today, either as a result of life, the internet, or just my brain really being that spacey.

-I hate when people say, "I don't want to spoil it for you, so I won't say anything more," and then they go ahead and keep telling you spoilers. This morning, I talked to the new guy at work about his trip to see The Book of Mormon, which I am anticipating seeing at some point, and he just would not stop. Mind you, I didn't even ask about this, he volunteered this information and I, politely, heard him out and suggested he see Avenue Q if The Book of Mormon is his kind of bag. How did I recommend this? By saying it's funny and has good music. End of story. No spoilers. Jesus, was that so hard?

-You know what was a good game? Bioshock. I really loved that game for the gameplay. Yeah, they smoothed things out in the sequel, but honestly, the swapping back and forth between plasmids and weapons became second nature after a while. And there was a photography mini-game! More games need to have photography elements to them. I kind of love that that mechanic is back in the less-than-original "reboot" sequel Dead Rising: Off the Record. But man, Bioshock was goddamned fun, challenging without being impossible, and fucking gorgeous. I should go replay the sequel, get some more achievements or something. I should also buy this shirt, y/y?

-I had a dream where I met Jennifer Hale (if you don't know who she is, shame on you) at a convention (it might have been PAX) and I was so excited to see her and have her sign my female-Shepard-variant cover for the collector's edition of Mass Effect 3. I told her that I've been a fan of hers since Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego? when she was the female detective's voice. I don't know why that detail was so specific in my mind, but yeah. I woke up knowing it was a dream because I'm absolutely too squeamish about meeting celebrities to ever want tot talk to them. This is a nice change of pace from dreaming I've been called out as a failure by my boss and wake up in a panic about how to prove otherwise.

-Assassin's Creed movie!?! On the one hand, Ubisoft, with probably 1/100th of the budget of even a mediocre Hollywood movie, made a pretty goddamned awesome prequel short film about the father of the player character in the second and third Assassin's Creed games. It's beautiful, the costumes ARE porn, and I think they must have gotten the voice actors from the game surgically altered to resemble the characters they play because WHOA. On the other hand, if that's what they can do with 30 minutes and a lot of love and those people were involved in the movie, like at all, SIGN ME UP.


Oct. 7th, 2011 10:55 am
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Last night, I dreamed that I found an enormous dog on the street while walking around NYC with my roommates. It was slightly mangy-looking--it's head was balding and its fur was thinned all over--and it had some bleeding wounds. I wanted to take it to the shelter where I volunteer, but [livejournal.com profile] moonlightalice told me they wouldn't take it if it was openly bleeding. I'd have to take it to a vet first, to treat it, and then it could go to the shelter. Dream-me was very put off by this and wasn't sure if it was worth the investment to treat the dog only to take it to a full-service shelter where, if it wasn't adopted, it could be euthanized.

There was never any question of treating the dog, to the credit of dream-me, just a question of what to do with it after. I was trying to work out how to con, like, the ASPCA into taking it despite the fact that they rarely have space for animals, much less strays with injuries and mange, or whether I could possibly deal with a dog in my life (or if I could pass it off to someone like [livejournal.com profile] feiran, who has always loved dogs) when I woke up. I'm dunno what to make of this dream. I think I might just need more sleep to work it out. I'm feeling very dopey at work today, and even a little ill (like dizzy-ill, not cold/flu-ill). I cannot say why. Hope it blows over.

In more important problems-people-have news: this tumblr account is making me cry at work.
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In all seriousness, yesterday, one of our post-docs, S, said I was a hipster. He said that I had told him as much. Buh-whaaaaat? Obviously, there is no way I would ever, ever say that, even as a joke. Today, in talking about it again, two other people gave him the O.o face as well, including A, whose response was pretty goddamned vehement. S maintains that he used to hang out with hipsters in Cincinnati, so he knows from hipsters. I came up with many defenses against my supposed inclusion into hipster-dom, but probably the best was this exchange.

S: "So what are hipsters like, if not like you?"
Me: "Let me put it in terms of movies: hipsters like movies in languages nobody speaks. I liked Thor."

This caused another post-doc to splutter loudly at his desk and set off a round of discussion about why or why not Thor was a good movie. At least I'm not defending myself against being a hipster any more!!!

Also, this reminded me that I needed to pre-order Captain America. Which I have. Come to me, sweet, sweet Blu Ray!!


Sep. 13th, 2011 04:45 pm
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Those of you who saw how dejected and generally cranky I was this weekend have heard the story. This weekend, I was in the lab for both weekend days for a few hours struggling to get a PCR to work. A super basic PCR, which itself is already a super basic lab routine. This was both incredibly frustrating and almost embarrassing. Worse, it wasn't even really my job to handle this particular PCR. It was on a line of mice I'm not supposed to be responsible for and that someone else needed for experiments. But my boss pulled a psycho card and determined we needed to work on this NOW NOW NOW, and there went several hours of weekend. At least I made up for missing work for class?

Anyway, the PCR that would not work has been put to bed, finally, following new-ish primers and a different thermo-cycling protocol. I did a different PCR today that worked perfectly and nearly cried with joy just to remember that this is a tool that usually works. By the time I finally vanquished the troublesome PCR, I was so relieved, I could have just closed down my desk and left, and fuck the consequences 'cause I was DONE.

I'll make a point here to say that I am still at work. But I'm posting to LJ! Such is my reckless defiance!


Jul. 19th, 2011 03:29 pm
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I think I'm getting sick again. This is ridiculous. I've been sick easily twice as much in the last half year as I was for the two years previous. Bitching about symptoms. )

In other news, the women at my work are fun, but they're not geeks. Sometimes we talk about movies, and I'm right at home in the conversation. Otherwise, they're all totally into fashion and talk about using the internet to help them plan outfits. As someone whose outfit "planning" consists of picking out the least dirty geeky t-shirt to pair with the same jeans I've been wearing for a week, this interest of theirs is a little baffling. I like Project Runway and I appreciate fashion as an art form much more than I do as something relevant to my life. Perhaps I could learn something from these discussions, but I doubt it. I'm more likely to feeling amazing in my N7 hoodie than in something tangentially inspired by Versace.

Three things make a post: Overstock.com has superb customer service. I called about some face cream I ordered from them arriving with the cap cracked. The product isn't leaking out, but once I remove the seal on the cream, or try to take on/off the top at all, it will quickly cease to keep the cream from drying out. They don't accept returns, so they're sending me another bottle, free of charge, to replace the cracked one, and I don't have to send back the old one. That means that if it doesn't dry out entirely (alas, not a likely situation, though it is a possibility), I'll be getting two for the price of one, no questions asked. I feel like it's worth mentioning when I get good customer service. It seems I'll never run out bad CS stories, but it's worth it to make a note of the good ones.


Jun. 22nd, 2011 04:56 pm
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I'm so bored at work. We're leaving in, like, fifteen minutes for a happy hour I only just found out about. Guess I'm leaving my bike here!

It's funny that XKCD can be completely obscure engineering/math nerd stuff and then can be broadly understandable and sympathetic in the very next cartoon. This is one of the most "SO TRUE" moments I've had with the comic in a while. It's up there with "Someone is wrong on the internet!" and "You're a kitty!"
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You know you're working too hard in science when you design a primer and name it "ChR2_WT_F" and it's not until after it arrives and you're making aliquots that you even notice what you did there.


Jun. 3rd, 2011 11:20 am
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I just saw a still from the next Twilight movie, with Robert Pattison in a tux. Presumably (SPOILERS) this is from the impending wedding in that movie. More than anything else I've seen from those movies, that one shot made me gag the hardest. I may be physically ill.

Other things that have happened/are happening:

-I dropped off the dyspeptic hard drive to see if the data on it could be recovered. Waiting on a phone call now to hear what the damage could be. My coworker was insistent that I not take the iMac on the subway because I could be robbed. She's lived in NYC for years, and she still thinks that would happen. She said I should take a taxi and get reimbursed (a process that, at its fastest, takes 6-8 weeks). It was all a moot point, however, when I got downstairs with the computer to find I'd left my wallet at home. Psyched out now about the subway, I decided to take the bus. One-and-a-half-hours-later...

-I'm under-studied for my GRE (next weekend!), so I might take off days next week to just cram it all in my head. My testing so far shows that the math is cake for the most part, except where I don't slow down and pay attention enough. Time to do a few timed practice tests to prove to myself that I can slow down a little and still finish. Mostly, I need to practice the test-taking. I don't really need to worry about the material. (I hope.)

-It's fairly cool today. I wonder if that will hold out for a while. Would be nice, especially after the humidity wave last weekend. I was upstate last weekend, and I cannot remember ever being at the drive-in and being hot. Usually, no matter how hot the day, it cools down considerably at night such that we bring blankets and our warmest clothes there and always use them. This time, I was sweating like mad, even in my thinnest layers. Perhaps it was fevered reaction to seeing the fourth Pirates movie, which I cannot say was WORSE than the third one, but which is certainly not substantially better, much less good. Kung Fu Panda 2 was adorable, though. I cannot believe someone found a way to animate Gary Oldman's CRAZY EYES (TM), but they did. He also did a phenomenal voice acting job. I wonder how many of his lines he ad-libbed or if they specifically wrote the part for him because the character was Gary Oldman. If, you know, he was a murderous albino ninja peacock.

And that's all she wrote.


May. 20th, 2011 12:06 pm
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I am not someone who minds going to the dentist. Yes, most people think I'm a freak. )

So, yeah, I'm good for six months, my mouth feels well and truly abused, and I'm going to the Met to see the Alexander McQueen exhibit today. I'm a little miffed that people in my lab actually dressed up a bit for this outing. So what if it's not the Superheroes and Fashion exhibit of yesteryear? I believe in being comfortable at a museum, and fancy shoes and skirts do not equal me being comfortable. That, and because I have no sense of how to dress myself, I have nothing that stretches the divide between my every-day clothes (jeans, zip-up hoodie/fleece, a nerdy t-shirt--today it's Dr. Horrible, and two people have already inquired as to who is on my shirt this morning) and fancy stuff. Fuck it. I'll be the schlub at the high-fashion whatsis. At least I'll be comfortable.
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Some one here at work actually bet against me on a piece of movie trivia. Now, I'm not the greatest at general trivia, but when it comes to casting, my knowledge from about the 1980s onward is impossibly impressive. I think the only time I can remember losing a battle of "I think he/she was in that, actually," was when [livejournal.com profile] droidguy1119  said Dan Akroyd was in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and I said I didn't think so. (He is. I'd be ashamed, but he's barely in it. He, like, walks Indy to his plane.) This among other reasons is why no one ever wants to play SceneIt with me (beyond the fact that I also have an uncanny ability to win versions of that game concerned with franchises I don't enjoy).

My work colleague, who has known me to be not only a movie buff but pretty much a movie maniac, made the mistake of challenging me on the casting of Deep Blue Sea. I was making the point that no one in those sorts of movies has any real character, and, as such, everyone was referred to in short-hand if they weren't famous. So the cast was "the fish guy," "the bitch," "L.L. Cool J," and "Samuel L. Jackson" when I watched that movie and that is what I remembered.

My coworker, A., held me up, "Wait, wasn't that Morgan Freeman?"

Uh, no. She was so sure that she actually wanted to wager money on it, and, despite my usually adhering my mother's rule of "never bet more than a nickel," I took her up on that challenge. Since we didn't have our internet phones on us, we quizzed the next person who walked into the lunch room--where we were at the time--about the movie. His response? "Isn't that the one where Samuel L. Jackson gets eaten by a shark?"

VICTORY. Of course, victory was not formally declared until we got back to the computer to verify this very unscientific sampling. Made me so happy I was able to blithely ignore what is obviously a bogus rumor (or, if true, a practical impossibility) that Bradley Cooper is going to be The Crow in the remake.

*I didn't actually demand the $1. It was a friendly wager, no matter how smug this LJ post seems.


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