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Okay, no it isn't, but it DOES star Lassie from Psych, which makes it pretty damned awesome:

There's a discussion with the director about why he made it here. It reminds me a little of that rather gritty Mortal Kombat mini-movie that has actually been optioned to turn into a full-fledged series. And if you can make a gritty reboot of Mortal Kombat into a show, surely we can give this heart-breakingly awesome treatment of Voltron a shot, right? RIGHT?
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Oh, how I've missed these.

As ever, it skewers these movies...with love! I particularly enjoy Green Lantern getting pissed off about how he doesn't just have to compete against one Marvel hero, he's got to compete against three (if you count the X-Men as a unit; if not...). Because, really, DC, your tent-pole movie is Green Lantern this year? Still no Wonder Woman? Not even the goddamned Flash? (Who, I guarantee, has better name recognition.) I bet you we see the backside of the second Avengers movie before we see the JLA on screen. The shit is wrong with you, Warner Bros/DC? How come you can't catch this fever for superheroes? Put the guys who've been in charge of your mostly excellent DCAU in charge of making a goddamned JLA movie already. Despite the mediocrity of the DCAU movies, they are still light years ahead of what Green Lantern is shaping up to be.
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ETA: I figured out from the YouTube description where that clip was from. I'm sorry I went looking. Now I will have nightmares about rubbery superhero "dancing."

It's a fan trailer. I want it known, upfront, that I know it's a fan trailer. (New point of interest: where is that footage from what Chris Evans movie that they used that isn't Captain America?) I know that this is a fan creation.

That said, I'm still kinda excited, u guyz:

For balance, so as not to let my fangirl run away with me (TOO LATE), I offer this obvious but necessary recut of the only Captain America trailer we have to date:

I'd like you all to welcome a new LJ tag debuting today. See if you can guess which one it is.
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My sister's friend came over at Thanksgiving for my nephew's baptism. Her friend has the most adorable kid ever. Well, the most adorable until my nephew starts sporting the sweater vest, white shirt, and khakis I bought him. But I bought that outfit because of this kid. He was wearing a suit, people. A suit that was at least two sizes too big for him. He also never spoke, just played with my niece (whom he is younger than by at least a year) silently, watching the whole party with big wide eyes.

He kept coming over to me, though. His mom, B, said he loves the ladies, especially those with brown hair. When I was standing, talking to someone else, he came over to me and held his arms up. Thinking not much of it, I picked him up and turned back to keep on talking. B called out over the crowd, "He wants to give you a kiss!" Sure enough, I turn to look at him and he leans right in to kiss me on the lips. LADIES MAN-BOY IN GIANT TINY SUIT.

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Least appropriate use of a Nine Inch Nails song in a trailer ever?

Oh, "The Hand that Feeds." I wish I could quit you. (After this trailer, I really mean that.)

Some important wisdom from the holy bearded dude. (No, not Jeff Bridges.)

My coworker is out this morning because she had food poisoning. She's so good, though, that she's coming back in later this afternoon to give a talk. Should be an interesting afternoon...
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Ever wanted to know what this still amazing stick-figure fighting video would look like with real people? WONDER NO MORE:

Does it make watching a full hour-and-a-half movie where a stuntman "acts" (and is, unfortunately, the best actor of the lot) worth it? No. Was it pretty damn awesome? Yes. I wouldn't recommend seeing the movie Ninja, not even for all that Ryan Reynolds' doppleganger-esque stunt double looks fucking amazing with his shirt off. (He's not even shirtless all that much!) It suffers from "What These People Need Is A Honky" syndrome, in addition to the aforementioned horrid acting (the guy in the video going "KILL HIM!" is probably the worst).

But that clip is pretty fucking sweet, no? Just thought I'd share.
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See if you can keep yourself from giggling watching this and see if you can watch it without getting the song stuck in your head. (PS: YOU CAN'T.)
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I like Infomania, though Sarah Haskins was always the best part. Then they got this guy to do "That's Gay" segments which do for gay media exposure what Sarah Haskins did for female media exposure. I don't think he's funnier, but he's more consistently funny. Also, fist bump!

(The part where I totally lost it? The last sport less gay than figure skating!)
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From this Kotaku post, a video of gameplay in the new version of Aliens vs Predator. Which is coming out surprisingly soon, and if I'd known, I would have pre-ordered it for my brother-in-law as his birthday present. I guess he'll have to be happy with Arkham Asylum. Anyway, that video:

I always found that, when I did steel myself for the terror of playing the colonial marine in the original Aliens vs Predator, that that damned motion detector was less a useful device and more a means to ratchet up the fear. It would be much more helpful to, say, give me night-vision goggles goddamnit than to give me this cheerful box that beeps more regularly and louder about INCOMING DEATH. Jesus, my heart rate is elevated just thinking about it.

No, really, what I hear when that box beeps? Deaaaaath, deaaaaaath, deaaath deaaath! Death! Death! Death! Death! Death! DEATH! DEATH! DEATH! AHHHH YOU ARE ALREADY DEAD AND IT'S EATING YOUR FACE!!!
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I've only watched the first part so far, but this is both hilarious and accurate and well worth your time if you call yourself a Star Wars fan (but are afraid to say it too loudly lest people think you liked the prequels):

The most damning bit is towards the end. The narrator asks people to describe characters by their personality attributes, not their physical/societal ones (i.e. what they behave like, not what clothes they wear or what jobs they have), and all of the people in the video can come up with a multitude of things to say about C3PO, but can't think of one word to describe Queen Amidala.

(Although? That montage? Reminded me of just how fucking fabulous that bitch's clothes were. Fuck yeah. That crazy Kabuki makeup ought to have been permanent. Make it part of her "alien" aspect or whatever. If Star Trek can paint spots on a human and call them an alien, you can pasty-ify Natalie Portman and dye her lips red with the blood of her enemies and say she's a cannibal alien. Would still have been a better character than the one we got.)
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"The only people who are obsessed with food are anorexics and the morbidly obese. And that, in erotic terms, is the Catholic Church in a nutshell."

This absolutely piercing gem of insight comes from this debate (in five parts on YouTube). The question is whether or not the Catholic Church is a force for good in the world. I think you can tell from that quote who "won" that debate.

Despite my professed agnosticism and atheism, I am not as sure of the answer as either party in this debate. Force for good, no. But not completely NOT a force for good, either. )

As ever, I make the caveat that I acknowledge not all religious people are like that. I have to make that concession because religious people feel attacked whenever someone points out, as I did under that cut, that their shit stinks just like everybody else's. Personally, I get quite annoyed at having to explain that when I cast generalizations, CLEARLY I'm not targeting people who aren't on TV making asses of themselves and their cults. (Because, let's be honest, there is only a difference in numbers between religion and cult, and with the way Scientology has filled its ranks, I'm beginning to think that even that definition no longer holds.) When I paint with this broad a brush, it's not about you, okay? It's that other guy who's making your look bad. It's that organization that controls how you believe whatever you believe in.

That? That to me is the problem: in order for people to have religion, it has to be controlled by an external source. And that external source, imbued with the power to dictate to people without fear of being questioned or forced to defend their work, is just a system ripe for abuse. That's why you get, as Stephen Fry points out, St. Peter's Basilica from the organization built on the back of a man who preached about the necessity of aiding the poor.
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Ever play the Dark Forces/Jedi Knight series of computer games? By far, some of the best work LucasArts has ever done. Good story, decent game play. Long before you could wield your Wii-mote as a lightsabre, you could become a Jedi Knight (or Sith Lord, but shit that stuff was hard) in those games. It was literally one of the coolest things I ever encountered when I was thirteen. (That, and X-Men fanfiction. I was thirteen, okay?)

Of course, when the game gives you Force power boosts--speed, jump, etc.--it then makes you wonder, since all Star Wars tie-ins are canon (as opposed to the weird separation of tie-in and film/series existence of Star Trek and Doctor Who), how come Jedis didn't use those abilities more often, in, say, the prequels?

Here is your answer (it's a 20 second clip, you have time for this):

Hee! I could watch him go off the edge all day. Also, that sound? FORCE SPEED!
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At this point, I've got to go back to Comic Con just to see this guy again.

(Blade Trinity!)


Aug. 6th, 2009 03:44 pm
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Wait, I'm supposed to be glad Dane Cook wasn't aborted?

You know, even when it got to the question about who's still burning in Hell, I didn't immediately discount this as being for real. Poe's Law, man. In fact, just about the only clue I had to the fact that this was satire was the bit about praying instead of helping. But I'm still not sure to tell you the truth...
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I mentioned this to some folk I was with this weekend. It's even better than I remember!

Also, Pharyngula linked to this guy, and I've been serially clicking links through on YouTube to watch more of his. This was the original brilliant bit about homeopathy:

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-Is this cat-shaving thing a crazy scientist thing or what? (Well, at least it's not just me!)

-Per this request video, I'm linking to this video:

Not the best video, but because it's being challenged by the imbeciles being (rightly) ridiculed in it despite the fact that they have no legitimate/legal recourse to do so, I post it. I like being ornery like that. For the love of Darwin, though, don't watch the video during the parts with Luskin talking. He's a moron. It HURTS how stupid and self-righteous he is.

(It's easier for YouTube to be reactionary about these sorts of copyrighted material claims given how many legitimate violations are running around on their website.)

-Paul Krugman gets it: incitement is dangerous.

-Hail Satan! Or, rather, Satanists, because they are awesomely snarky. (And as commenters point out, more rigorously opposed to sexual offenders than, say, the Catholic Church.)

-Linked to this via Twitter:

I need to watch Flight of the Concords, clearly, if this is the kind of quality music they make.

-Last but not least, I think I had a request for this video from an SPN fan:

(There is also a video to that song for Heroes. I refuse to link to it. Search YouTube if you must, but really, who must do anything for or about Heroes except the people paid to do so?)
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This is apparently the "Wolfman." I am usually (appropriately) skeptical of these sorts of live-with-the-animals folks, but I gotta hand it to him: he had the wolf pup and my cats completely convinced he was a howling wolf.

Before I played this video, I had a cat accepting love from me and happily purring at my side. Wolfman here starts up, and both the kitties in my immediate vicinity start looking wildly around, ears twitching crazily as they looked for the threat. Well played, Wolfman.
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The folks who posited "JAFO" as an answer to my "Quel de Fuck, NG?" post from yesterday are probably closer to the money.

He just asked me if I knew anything about pipettes.


Specifically? He didn't know how to read the numbers on the micropipettor so that he could pipette the amount he wanted

Maybe I should show him this:

Now, maybe that is all impenetrable nonsense to non-science folks. However, if you watch at 1:25 or so, you'll see exactly how to read a micropipette in order to select exact quantity of solution you wish to aspirate. You twist the numbers until they read, top to bottom, the number. NG was sure that it read bottom to top.

He had two weeks of training with his predecessor before he started. WTF?
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Have some videos. I am so bored, you have no idea. )

Yesterday's UNFORTUNATE MUSICAL SELECTION from the guy two benches behind me also puts me in a mood to make a poll. So, true believers, what do you think?

[Poll #1344187]


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