Jan. 23rd, 2012

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I have probably 20 bottles of lotion/shower gel at home, but I couldn't resist another sale at Bath & Body Works because I've discovered that I really like the body creams (less greasy, more moisture-retaining, and therefore better for all-over use than their lotions) and that I use up a lot of it quickly. So I wanted some more of the scent I really like right now (Be Enchanted), so I ordered some more (and some other things to make up for free shipping, of course). One of the travel-size lotions I bought (I'm crossing fingers that I have a lot of traveling to do for interviews and thus need such things) opened up a little in the packaging. I didn't lose a ton of it, but it was still pretty annoying. I've written to ask them to give me some site credit at least (it would cost more to ship back than it's worth). I know, I know, somebody call the waaaaaaahmbulance.

Other things bothering me today: I was looking at pre-orders for Mass Effect 3, and it seems like the best deal, vis a vis bonuses, is GameStop, which makes me feel incredibly gross. I hate giving them money for a pre-order, only because it's an inconvenience to go to the store (versus having Amazon ship it to me by release date) and it would be rewarding their business model whereby they harass you to pre-order shit every time you ring something up. I may be spared having to go there for the pre-order, though, as it seems they may be sold out. I looked into extras with other retailers, and they're average. Honestly, just the bonuses from the Collector's Edition should be enough. I would have plunked down money with--of all retailers--Best Buy right away as they gave out bonus Reward Zone points and $5 off if you pre-ordered. However, this was only for the standard version. Which is ridiculous. I will probably just go with Amazon again.

I also do not approve of using voice commands through the Kinect to play Mass Effect 3. I am heartened to see that Penny Arcade agrees with me. It's not faster--speaking commands is not going to be faster than clicking around a command wheel unless you're reaaaaaally clumsy with that wheel. The potential for error, too, is one that would prevent me from utilizing that command structure. Not to mention that you'd have to have other people being quiet for it to work, wouldn't you? On top of that, I'm sure my roommates don't want to hear the dirty, dirty things I would be whispering in Garrus' ears...


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