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Spider-Man in the MCU!

I'm about to start looking for flying pigs because this is the thing I was most sure in the world WOULD NEVER HAPPEN.

Some of this has to--must be caused by the fallout of--the Sony hack in December. There were hints then that some talks had happened, but I think it wasn't until Sony was materially damaged by the hacking that it made this possible. Between that and the dismal "failure" of Amazing Spider-Man 2 (for definitions of failure that mean "did not make a billion dollars"), Sony needed some of that sweet, sweet Disney money bad. They're apparently keeping the rights to Spider-Man himself, so there's still every chance for them to completely run the character into the ground before the rights revert to Marvel/Disney, as I originally suspected would be the only way Marvel would get Spidey back.

Aside from being amazed that this is happening, I'm also worried? I think the greatest strength the MCU has had in making it a marketing monster is that it has a plan. Good or bad individual movies can come and go, but there is still the universe, and there is still interconnectedness driving the success (financially, even if it's frustrating artistically for some of the players involved; directors, especially, seem annoyed). Unless they have worked Spider-Man into that plan on the hope that this would happen, not having him integrated into that plan is potentially threatening to the success of the whole (although, granted, not as much as Ant-Man seem to be).

Too funny!

May. 16th, 2012 03:33 pm
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So, this is adorable. And hilarious. Venom and his ice cream cone might be my favorite thing about this.

Disassembled from Junaid Chundrigar on Vimeo.

I'm lucky no one was around in the lab when I took a break to watch this because I admit to cracking the fuck up a lot. The juxtaposition of the cartoon style and the shit going on in it are priceless.

In other news, I was watching Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, and I'm still loving it. Last night, I caught an episode that introduced Carol Danvers and she was voiced by Jennifer Hale (otherwise known as Commander Shepard also known as the one of two voice actresses whose work I can guarantee you've heard). I'm now suuuuuuper psyched for her to come back. It looks like A:EMH is doing what Justice League did in its second season and first season of Unlimited, which is bring in more heroes/villains from the fringes, and I am ALL about enjoying the shit out of that. Just so long as they bring Jennifer Hale back. I need more of her dulcet tones in my life.

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Uh, ignore what I just posted. I tried to buy tickets and it's sold out. Well, shit. I'm going to work on this and get back to you all. Keep your eyes on this space for updates.

Update: There appears to be a 9:30 pm show at the Clearview Cinema at 62nd and 1st. Anyone know anything about that theater?
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More complaining about companies: Fandango's website loads for one tantalizing second in Firefox, and then it craps out as it tries to load some one or another stupid Flash thing. There's a whole problem with Adobe products in general on this browser that I need to fix. I can't get PDFs any more either.

...which is a long-winded way of saying that I don't have movie times for us for THE MAY MOVIE XII (TM [ profile] kent_allard_jr). Oh, I figured out to go to Safari, but they still don't have times for any theaters I'd go to except for Kips' Bay. At this point, the crazies buying really early may have camped those places out anyway. NEXT WEEK, first thing, I'll be checking movie times. As far as planning goes, assume the movie will start 8:30-9 pm-ish, and please do come meet me in line an hour before hand. I'll be there. I may even be there with my paper Thor helmet on (DON'T JUDGE ME).
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Folks, we have come around to that time of the year again, when we all* partake in the juggernaut that is THE MAY MOVIE.

Unless you've been ignoring my posts for over a year, you'll know that the 2012 MAY MOVIE is The Avengers. This movie is going to be huge. Huger than any other MAY MOVIE I think we've ever seen. Let me think...The Mummy Returns, Spider-Man, X-Men 2, Van Helsing, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Mission: Impossible III, Spider-Man 3, Iron Man, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Iron Man 2, Thor...gee, there sure are a lot of members of the Avengers in that list, but I think it's safe to say a movie with ALL OF THEM** is going to be bigger than any of the movies with any of them individually***.

The movie is going to be a bit later this year, probably starting after 8 pm, with more details to come. Right now, only the AMC Empire 25 at 42nd Street and the AMC at Kip's Bay have movie times available. I'll give it until Thursday at the latest and then call this. Just be aware that since this is most likely the HUGEST MAY MOVIE OF ALL TIME**** that we will probably have to get there, like, an hour early to wait on the line.

Keep your eyes on this space for updates! Excelsior!

* - some, very dedicated or very demented few
** - except for Wolverine and Spider-Man
*** - which is, of course, a guarantee that the film will be even better than all the others put together
**** - at least until Marvel finds a way to get the X-Men and Spider-Man franchises back into its power and puts Wolverine and Spidey in the sequel, Avengers 2: The Search For All of TrinityVixen's Money


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