May. 17th, 2012

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I caught this article on about the renaissance of the comic book movie. Despite the $$$ made by The Avengers, I have a suspicion that comic book movies, specifically superhero comic book movies, are actually on the wane. Not necessarily in terms of quality, but I think the fad it going to start petering out.

Anyway, it will surprise no one that I disagree with a lot of points in that article. I have a long post as to why I disagree, but I summarize it up in an image for those not interested in the rant.

Because she never mentions this guy:

I am Iron Man. )
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Kidding! I'm just making sure to say a very Happy Birthday! to my roommate [ profile] moonlightalice. Even though she's deep in the jungles of far-flung Asia (and/or on one of many, many plane rides she and [ profile] wellgull will be taking back and forth), I thought it only right and proper to wish her all the bestest. I mean, right now, she's not at work or worrying over stupid law schools, so that's probably a pretty excellent birthday right there. It also highlights one of the things I admire most about her, and that's her determination to go places and have new experiences, which I, a desperate loner and a homebody, would know nothing about.

Happy Birthday to [ profile] moonlightalice! Hope the mosquitos are leaving you alone! (Did you bring that bag of blood like I said?)
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For the last fucking time: an antiviral is a compound that one takes to combat an infection of the physical body by an infectious agent known as a virus. An anti-virus is a SOFTWARE you use to remove malicious software from your computer.

Make a note of it.


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