Mar. 19th, 2012

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I took Thursday and Friday off last week because I was sick.
Slight TMI, but not horrid. )

The best that can be said about this weekend is that I apparently visibly lost weight (according to my coworker, who met me coming in this morning). I think this is the universe's twisted way of telling me it granted my wish--I had joked, when my roommate wellgull was suffering the same pains last week and not eating or retaining when he did eat, that I should be so lucky to have that right before my brother's wedding. Oops. I'm back at work today. I slept through the whole night, which is the first time in days, which is nice, but because I napped while waiting for Uncharted 2 to download all its updates, I had trouble getting to sleep early. Point is, I'm in great shape to get my things packed, my room tidied, and my lab report written up (the thing that takes me, routinely, 7 hours to do when it's not two labs worth of material) by Wednesday night. Great shape.

::drops dead::
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Between trips to the bathroom, I managed to complete Mass Effect 3 this weekend. (I typed "4" there by accident at first. Alas, never to be.)
Absolutely no spoilers, just my opinion on the tenor of the ending, but just in case. )

I am more upset that the franchise is over. I suppose it isn't, really. If I want to try and get different endings, apparently I have to play multiplayer. Or one of two iOS games, which, yes, I've already bought and will put to use with my Renegade Shepard to see if it does diddly or squat. There's always something more you can do, given the way the game has been marketed--more you can buy to get at the cheap thrill version of the fun you had actually playing the game. I've never subscribed to that, which is why I'm annoyed that you can alter your results with things that feel completely extraneous to the game. Multiplayer? Come on now. Are you going to give out codes for reading the comics as well? Might as well, seeing as multiplayer is going to get fuck-all attention from me.

I don't like the necessity of having to pull on more and other media or different genres of video gaming within the same universe in order to achieve within the game you love. If you want more from the game, by all means, have at the comics and the extra missions, but, call me old-fashioned, I believe, for all the choosing of my own adventure within Mass Effect, there was a core story and very little extra was needed or improved it where it was added. It's nice that they are something else I can have if I get too depressed that the story is over. I'm a little depressed, not gonna lie, but it feels cheap to go for those tie-in stories as if they'll satisfy in the same way. I'd almost love to see a trilogy of games that takes place centuries after the ending of Mass Effect 3. Where will the universe be then? That, to me, is more interesting than all the stories of what various folk are doing while Shepard is saving the goddamned galaxy.


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