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Everywhere I turn, people are trying to spoil The Avengers for me by telling me what to think of it. I don't want to know! So I'm going radio silent until this evening. I hope I make it to 8:30.

Most of the time, I like knowing what people thought going into a movie. I like to have a general feel about the thing and what to expect so I can modulate expectations. But when I'm reeeeeally excited, I need not to know that you thought it was "okay" or "pretty great" or "not so good" (NOTE: THOSE ARE NOT ACTUAL REVIEWS I'VE SEEN FOR THE AVENGERS. I MADE THOSE UP. I WILL NOT SPOIL YOU IF YOU DO NOT SPOIL ME.) I've gone into two movies in my recent life not knowing what to expect, like, at all: Inception and Cabin in the Woods. Both benefited immensely from that, Cabin in the Woods perhaps more so. In a world where everything is known before you get to the theater, thanks to trailers and gossip sites, it's a rare privilege to enjoy things almost without knowing what to expect, you know?

So, yes, text me if you need something, or e-mail, but I'm going to read boring political blogs until I leave work because I cannot read Twitter or any of my usual sites for the rest of the day.
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First off, thanks to everyone who jumped on my frantic post yesterday about THE MAY MOVIE XII. I realize it was late, but that's when it popped up. I spent a little while chatting with [ profile] moonlightalice last night about why I hadn't seen anything at that theater until just that minute--had I missed it? Not been paying enough attention?--and she said, no, it really just popped up like that. Out of sheer curiosity, I will keep an eye on other theaters this week and see if more showings don't pop up in all the usual places. But still, bad form NYC theaters.

I discovered a gray hair today. Not my first by far, but definitely the coolest. I plucked it out and marveled at it a little. It's a hair from a follicle that has obviously just started to lose its pigmentation, as the lower end was still brown. But the progression of gray is erratic and quite beautiful. There are sections that are mostly gray, transitioning to a blonder color before going brown again. It's almost like my hair has stripes instead of there being a point at which the color faltered and ever after was gray. (Although the top part is decidedly gray at this point.) It's pretty, and I almost missed it at first (I thought it was neat enough to see the change from brown to gray) because you can't see the variation unless you turn the hair a certain way. Oh my, 30 years old and going gray. I knew I was old!

Speaking of gray, it's amazing how much more my older sister has that I never noticed. She's got luxuriously dark brown hair that's almost as thick as [ profile] jethrien's (though not as dark), so they stand out, but she's barely got any gray for someone approaching 40. I'm luckier in that my hair is a lighter brown and will hide the gray better. Not as well as my blond sister or formerly-blond brother, with their saffron and sandy-color, respectively, but some, and better than my older or youngest sister for sure. In fact, my youngest sister has some gray, too! The reason I know this is we all went to our favorite hairdresser and she tattled. I love it.
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I have some hope that more theaters are going to announce non-3D versions of The Avengers before Friday, but it's fucking ridiculous that it's the Monday before and there are all of three theaters in Manhattan that have showings announced. Goddamn it 3D, I hate you, go away.

On the plus side, there aren't too many showings up for the 3D version either, so maybe they're just slow all the way around.
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Uh, ignore what I just posted. I tried to buy tickets and it's sold out. Well, shit. I'm going to work on this and get back to you all. Keep your eyes on this space for updates.

Update: There appears to be a 9:30 pm show at the Clearview Cinema at 62nd and 1st. Anyone know anything about that theater?
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More complaining about companies: Fandango's website loads for one tantalizing second in Firefox, and then it craps out as it tries to load some one or another stupid Flash thing. There's a whole problem with Adobe products in general on this browser that I need to fix. I can't get PDFs any more either.

...which is a long-winded way of saying that I don't have movie times for us for THE MAY MOVIE XII (TM [ profile] kent_allard_jr). Oh, I figured out to go to Safari, but they still don't have times for any theaters I'd go to except for Kips' Bay. At this point, the crazies buying really early may have camped those places out anyway. NEXT WEEK, first thing, I'll be checking movie times. As far as planning goes, assume the movie will start 8:30-9 pm-ish, and please do come meet me in line an hour before hand. I'll be there. I may even be there with my paper Thor helmet on (DON'T JUDGE ME).
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Folks, we have come around to that time of the year again, when we all* partake in the juggernaut that is THE MAY MOVIE.

Unless you've been ignoring my posts for over a year, you'll know that the 2012 MAY MOVIE is The Avengers. This movie is going to be huge. Huger than any other MAY MOVIE I think we've ever seen. Let me think...The Mummy Returns, Spider-Man, X-Men 2, Van Helsing, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Mission: Impossible III, Spider-Man 3, Iron Man, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Iron Man 2, Thor...gee, there sure are a lot of members of the Avengers in that list, but I think it's safe to say a movie with ALL OF THEM** is going to be bigger than any of the movies with any of them individually***.

The movie is going to be a bit later this year, probably starting after 8 pm, with more details to come. Right now, only the AMC Empire 25 at 42nd Street and the AMC at Kip's Bay have movie times available. I'll give it until Thursday at the latest and then call this. Just be aware that since this is most likely the HUGEST MAY MOVIE OF ALL TIME**** that we will probably have to get there, like, an hour early to wait on the line.

Keep your eyes on this space for updates! Excelsior!

* - some, very dedicated or very demented few
** - except for Wolverine and Spider-Man
*** - which is, of course, a guarantee that the film will be even better than all the others put together
**** - at least until Marvel finds a way to get the X-Men and Spider-Man franchises back into its power and puts Wolverine and Spidey in the sequel, Avengers 2: The Search For All of TrinityVixen's Money


Oct. 25th, 2011 01:18 pm
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Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiighing with happiness right now because my Captain America Blu-Ray just arrived. Yes, I pre-ordered something that arrived as a present to me even though it's actually my sister's birthday. (She isn't complaining--got a Kindle from me and my other sister and freaked the fuck out about it. Amazon is a many-tentacled gifting octopus.) Yes, this is enough to make me blissful right now. I have the "I am a consumer whore (and how!)" LJ tag for a reason.

And now my pre-Avengers collection of movies in which various Avengers star is complete. I just need to, like, buy a Blu-Ray player to play half of them on so I can get me some special features. I also need to schedule my pre-Avengers Avengers-in-their-own-movies marathon. Which is not a marathon but will be spread out over several weekends because everyone is not me and won't just sit through several hours of movies to see a couple of hot guys with their shirts off for a collective length of a minute. (Everyone should be me, though. I'm fun!)

I'm starting to eye the calendar for next year. The Avengers is the May Movie, which means that I have to get through five movies before the first weekend in May. Since I'm also turning a significantly old age this year, and trying to go to PAX East, and a number of other things will probably come up relating to school, I should probably plan to do these sooner rather than later.

What weekends are people free in January?
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Ahem. Okay, I'm not joking when I say I'm elated. I'm still riding that adrenaline high of excitement, despite the fact that there seems to be plenty of space for criticism of that trailer alone. Another time, perhaps. BECAUSE I JUST SAW AN AVENGERS TRAILER AND IT HAD THOR AND IRON MAN AND CAPTAIN AMERICA AND 'SPLOSIONS AND NINE INCH NAILS MUSIC AND I CANNOT BE RATIONAL RIGHT NOW.

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Without a doubt, our 2012 May Movie is going to be The Avengers. (Warning: following that link to the IMDB, of all places, may potentially spoil you for...something. The internet is still debating what it might mean. If you care, you can read this post to find out what the spoiler even is, since I assume most of you wouldn't know you were spoiled even if you saw it. If you prefer to stay unspoiled, by all means, go to the IMDB and ignore that last link. Also, this is where you shout "NEEEEEEEEERDS" at people on the internet. Just saying.) In preparation for that most momentous event, about which I am already unduly excited and they haven't even finished primary filming for the movie, I have had an idea. I want to do a possibly monthly movie watching series leading up to The Avengers with screenings of each Avenger's title film. (Or, in the case of Iron Man, films.) I'm posting this to gauge interest. The best way to do that? POLL! It is an extremely short poll, not to worry.

Would you be interested in screening Marvel movies in anticipation of The Avengers?
1) With you? HELL TO THE YES.
2) It may be uncomfortable sitting next to you during Thor, but otherwise yes!
3) I may be in for one or two of the movies.
4) I don't think this is my cup of tea.

The order in which we watch the movies will follow, roughly, the in-universe timeline of the movies. That means we'd watch Captain America first, then Iron Man, then The Incredible Hulk, then Iron Man 2, and then Thor. There are some who could make the case that Thor happens concurrently with Iron Man 2 (Agent Coulson leaves that movie midway through to show up in a clip after the credits that itself takes places midway through Thor). There is also no absolutely certain way to place to The Incredible Hulk except that it has to take place after Iron Man but before The Avengers as its only connection to movie-universe continuity is Tony Stark's cameo in the credits, where he is pitching General Ross on the Avengers initiative, which would suggest it took place after Iron Man 2, when Tony is more on board with that, but he's known about it since the post-credits scene in Iron Man. Regardless, I am making the executive decision here to use the movie release schedule to call this thing, and since The Incredible Hulk came out between the Iron Man movies, we'll say that the post-credit scene is a post-Iron Man, pre-Iron Man 2 event, thus putting The Incredible Hulk between them in the roster. Plus, it means we don't spend four hours in a row with Tony Stark. (You want to pace yourself where exposure to exteme assholishness is concerned.) What say you, friends? Are you with me?
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Thor was better, by far, than I could have imagined. I was completely taken aback at how it managed to balance being so funny with being so completely serious, and captivatingly so. I hope Kenneth Branaugh is proud of himself. He did actually manage to meld an almost assuredly mindless action film with something possessing more gravitas in order to generate a popcorn flick that still made you feel ways about stuff.

A lot of credit must be given to the leads, Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston. "What is my motivation?" may be a cliche, but cliches are cliches for a reason, and it seems like both men took the time to really probe at the corners of their characters. This may have been especially hard to do for Thor, who starts off as something akin to a high school football hero making the most of his big fish, small pond status (right before being slapped with the reality of the real world that doesn't give a shit that he can throw a ball however many feet). There's almost no "there" there, and while that's sort of the point--Thor has a lot of growing up to do--Hemsworth still managed to find shades of uncertainty, even self-doubt in his character. In particular, minor spoiler ) One criticism I've heard is that Thor's maturity comes too fast. Indeed, it may--especially as regards the obligatory romantic subplot--but there's very little unnatural to it because you can pick up the threads that were woven, quite deftly and subtly, earlier in the movie. You have to be paying attention. For all that I admit to drooling over the man's body (oh how I drooled), I found myself most excited by his eyes. Hemsworth does a lot of emoting through significant gazes, and they are often just as sexy as the rest of him. (Oh so sexy. Holy God.)

Tom Hiddleston has a much richer part as Loki, and, as the antagonist, he should, really. Loki is a difficult character because, unlike some trickster archetypes, he doesn't really stand a chance of being misunderstood in a brainless bit of fiction. Loki is always the one you're going to suspect, and you'd be right to because he's probably doing something very naughty. Which is funny because most of what would have been Loki's mischievous ways starts off being only the hearsay of other characters. He's accused of having a "silver tongue" even though the worst you could say of him for most of the movie is that he has a politician's gift for extraditing himself--and others--from situations that might reflect poorly on him. For the most part, too, Hiddleston plays Loki as a straight-shooter with a sense of playfulness. An occasionally dangerous sense of playfulness, but not an unsympathetic one. He may even have been right to pull the prank he does at the beginning, minor spoiler )

Loki is incredibly savvy, very observant, and very atypical in his antagonism. He is not malicious, not needlessly so, but he knows where to stick which pokers to stir the pot the best effect. All of the credit can be given to Hiddleston for that, as far as I'm concerned. Looking at trivia about the film on the IMDB, I read that Hiddleston put himself on a very strict diet so that he would physically have a very hungry, sharpish aspect. And, now I think of it, he absolutely did. So you have this aura of starving, ravenous ambition at the edges of a performance where Hiddleston is otherwise very open--his face seems completely honest (the better to fool you with, my dear). You can believe his every emotion to be sincere even as his actions scream of duplicity. It's really a nuanced bit of character writing enhanced by a phenomenally minimalist performance.

That there is even this much to say about performances is a testament to the effort to make something more of Thor than just about anyone could have expected. There's more X-Men 2 to this than there is, say, Iron Man, despite my liking both. Iron Man is a tad skimpy on the thoughtfulness at times in favor of action and humor. I think Thor manages to combine that with the consideration of causes and effects, especially as regards statecraft, and it comes out the better for it. In the end, will I want to rewatch Iron Man more often? Oh, probably, but that doesn't take away the fact that Thor achieved something here. Captain America, the bar has been raised.

(Also: ZOMG CHRIS HEMSWORTH IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOT. I cannot overstate how entirely distracting that man is. All weekend, if I would let my mind drift it drifted to this. And I really like what's going on around them hips in this shot. Goddamn, boy. I maintain that if you are female and claim to be heterosexual and you don't think he's hot, you are lying. All the ladies were aflutter after the MAY MOVIE, and with good reason. Personally, much as I want to lick that rise of muscle just over his pants in that one shot, I was as much in love with the bee-ee-ee-youuu-tiful eyes he has. Because they are very pretty. Very, very, verily.)


May. 4th, 2011 04:09 pm
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I believe you all know when and where our May Movie will be this year. YES? Excellent. People are possibly making plans for dinner aforehand. Please do! I won't be able to attend because I have to go between two different theaters in the Broadway area to pick up tickets I bought for shows for my mother (my work has a corporate discount!), so I'll just be making it in time for the line up.

Oh yes! We're going to shoot to line up 7:30ish. I'm really, really not sure how crowded a) this theater will be or b) this movie in general. We're seeing it at one of the few theaters that had the times up early and one of the few playing Thor in 2D. I'm heartened to see that the 34th street has added a few 2D show times, but I'm not sure whether this will be an issue or not. (What the hell do I know? The inhabitants of this city could love to pay $16 to a potentially shit movie in a definitely shit extra dimension.) We'll say 7:30 pm and hope to Odin that's early enough.
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We're not seeing Thor in 3D, as I think most of you are relieved to know. Which means our options are, alas, limited. The best theater with a convenient and decidedly 2D showing of this year's MAY MOVIE is the Kips Bay Theater, which is on 2nd Avenue between 32nd and 31st street. It's a bit of a hike over from nearby subway lines, I do realize that, but it's worth it not to kill the lady (or dude! I'm not judging!)-boners with the 3D headache.

, May 06, 2011 at 8:05 pm

See you there! Excelsior!
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Well, it would be nice if our MAY MOVIE were good. It's been...a while. Iron Man was the last one of any real quality. But it's certainly not necessary, not given the track record. Plus, there's this. I haven't got any hopes about this movie, which means it can only surprise me with being mediocre-to-good. And if there were, like, just a liiiiiiitte bit more of this than I've already been led to believe there will be, I'll be fine with whatever. Also, here's a side-by-side picture of Thor and the Cap shirtless. BECAUSE.

What's actually important, folks, is that this year's MAY MOVIE marks the start of a second decade of MAY MOVIEs, and I'm kind of choked up about that. I was trying to run down the list the other week. THE MAY MOVIE has not always been illustrious, but it has been memorable. The first year, I took a slightly tipsy [ profile] viridian out with her friend, [ profile] feiran , [ profile] cagexxx (I think) and one or two other people to see The Mummy Returns. It was just serendipity that Spider-Man came out the same weekend the next year. Do something twice, and it's a meme, and year three brought X-Men 2. Alas, I closed out my college MAY MOVIE with the ridiculously terrible Van Helsing, and next year's Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is more notable for what it lacked rather than what had. (Stephen Fry was the voice of the Book! Sam Rockwell was Zaphod! How could you make it so dull?) Mission Impossible III was entirely forgettable the year after. Alas, the same cannot be said for Spider-Man 3 which still haunts my nightmares some times. Iron Man remains the only MAY MOVIE I ever missed, and that's a real pity because it was awesome. X-Men Origins: Wolverine was so boring and predictable I couldn't even remember I'd seen it, much less as a MAY MOVIE. And then Iron Man 2 was all right, but not terrific. Wow, ten years! Here's to ten more!

THOR will be THE MAY MOVIE this year, in case you missed my infrequent posts about it. I'll get back to you all with times next week (looking for a theater with showtimes listed NOT in 3D, FYI), but May 6th, 2011. BE THERE.
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Captain America poster is GO. AND IT IS AWESOME!

I'm such a sucker for Marvel movie posters. The teaser posters, anyway. I fell head-over-heels in love with the one for Iron Man and the Iron Man 2 teaser poster was better than the movie. (It's looking like that will probably be the case for our MAY MOVIE, Thor, as well.) I know Marvel doesn't believe in rewarding talent with common things like, say, money, but whoever is in charge of their art department is due a raise. This is some seriously understated, seriously talented, seriously BONKERS BEAUTIFUL work. I love it.

I may have to start a July Movie or something because until a trailer comes out and spoils my enthusiasm for me, I'm probably not going to shut up about Captain America. Oh, Chris Evans, I would do you so hard, you wouldn't have to come seventy years forward in time to feel it. You can see more pictures of him looking F-I-N-E fine here.

I'll be in my bunk.
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The movie is at 7:45 pm, at the 34th street Loews-AMC, so I figured I'd invite you who are about to rock (and I do salute you) this, the 10th Anniversary of THE MAY MOVIE, to join me at the Skylight Diner for food before hand. I'll be there at 5:30. We have to eat fast-ish, because I want to be in line (yes, I want to be in line) by about 7. Those of you who cannot make dinner, can you hold us a spot if we're late?

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First picture of the title character from Marvel's Thor, aka next year's possible May Movie.

I find it hilarious that they've made Thor look as much like Kenneth Branaugh (who is directing it, which never fails to amuse me) as possible. The armor could be better, but the attitude is decent. I've heard rumors about the plot that would explain this sad/mad/bad-ass attitude, and I approve thus far. I also approve of relative-unknown hottie Chris Hemsworth (he played George Kirk in the Star Trek reboot) because you know what the eventual Avengers movies need? More hotties. Between him, Chris Evans as the Cap, and Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark, they could cast cave trolls in the other roles, and I'd still be happy. Still not sure which other characters they can put into the Avengers, though. They're sorta poo-poo-ing the Hulk (and Ed Norton is definitely out by all accounts), Spider-Man is property of Sony in perpetuity (they're rebooting the franchise already to hold onto the rights!), and since Fox is still making movies about Hugh Jackman's Wolverine, don't expect to see him any time soon. Those are, like, the central Avengers, and even the next most familiar that I can think of--Spider-Woman, Beast, She-Hulk--are all no-gos because, duh, they're derivatives of those same problematic Avengers.

But, still, it doesn't matter if the Avengers is three dudes. Those three dudes? Hot.

(I'd like to rebutt the one poster to that link who's like "Marvel's first caped hero onscreen!?!oneoneone!!" We all may wish to forget how X-Men fell into the toilet, but Storm had a cape. Yes, it was a cape, even if it was attached to her wrists, it was a cape.)
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We have a date and time for THE MAY MOVIE. This year's MAY MOVIE is Iron Man 2. Trailers have been rather cracker-jack, I'm liking the inclusion of Sam Rockwell (all movies need more Sam Rockwell), and this could lead to the Marvel Movie Mash-Up of every fan's dreams. (Or nightmares.)

We'll be seeing this year's MAY MOVIE, which happens to be the tenth annual MAY MOVIE, May 7, 2010, at the AMC-Loews 34 Street theater (312 W34th St, between 8th and 9th avenues) at 7:45 pm. Please go pick up your tickets either at the theater or at Fandango.

Since the movie is so late, I figure we can go grab food before hand. There are at least two dinners in the area that are preferable to Tick-Tock. One is the Starlight Diner on 9th (I believe), the other is Andrew's Coffee Shop on 36th and 8th (again, not sure of exact coordinates, we'll work it out). If anyone has any other suggestions, I would love to hear them. I figure if we get to dinner by about 5:30-ish, we can eat comfortably and then head to the theater to claim seats.
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We have ourselves a May Movie for 2011.

If you have complaints to make, you may make them now, but you must realize that a) there is no negotiating with THE MAY MOVIE, and b) dude, you have a year plus at this point in which this could easily not happen, so chillax. (That's what I hear the kids are saying these days. The cool ones. That don't hang out with vampires.) I mean, they already moved the date once...

In fact, if the dates in that article remain accurate, we have the next two May Movies beyond this year.

For those of you wondering what this year's May Movie will be (a reasonable question given that it's happening much more soon and more definitely than these other movies), I say to you: Uh, DUH!?!?
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I keep trying to make sure I check in with LJ, but I'm finding out left and right that I've missed, like, whole threads of things. So, uh, am I missing anything I should know about?

Here's something you shouldn't miss: IRON MAN 2 TRAILER.

Oh pleaseohpleaseohpleaseohplease come out the first weekend in May. This needs to be The May Movie!


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