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The jig, she is up. Remember how G.I.Joe: Sequel now Starring The Rock got delayed for nine months, which was announced all of a month ahead of its intending release date, supposedly for post-conversion to 3D?

Turns out that may not have been the reason. Allow me to indulge my inner Starship Trooper and ask: Do you want to know more? (Warning: there is a spoiler for the movie that, if you've followed the adverts for it at all, you probably could have guessed.)

If this is true, and I actually have so little faith in the studio that made the decision to pull this bullshit that I believe it could be, easily, I AM GOING TO SCREAM.
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But how the hell does anyone think a Doctor Who movie would ever be a good idea? I don't even mind that aborted thing that was the Eighth Doctor's one and only screen outing, but still. Not. A. Good. Idea.

This part worried me especially:
"Russell T. Davies and then Steven Moffat have done their own transformations, which were fantastic, but we have to put that aside and start from scratch," he said.

Translation: If they can make shit up and get viewers, so can we! Also, you should be worried when people say they're going to put aside that which they admit is fantastic. (Just saying.)
Do not want Doctor Who movie! )
What surprises me most is that, given the track record of Who movies, anyone thought this might be a good idea, no matter who's involved...
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Day 6 of life without cable or internet.

Dutifully, I waited out The. Very. Last. 24. Hours. Of course, that meant that waiting put me conveniently at the last second of business hours for today. I had a confirmation number for whatever it was they were supposed to do, to track what was going on with my account. By the time I got through the telephone tree, I just demanded the service rep put me through to a supervisor. Enough was enough.

The supervisor's revelations--that things were sent to the wrong place, or not picked up by the right people, honestly I cannot even follow the trail of excuses this far along the process--and his promised solution--he'll call me back tomorrow!--are hardly surprising to say the least. It seems that somewhere in seven-eight phonecalls since Thursday, there have been at least two major fuck-ups in terms of relaying salient information to the right parties that might, in turn, make any sort of recommendation about what to do to fix our problem.

Which means that because of gross incompetence, our cable-less existence has been prolonged at least twice as long as it needed to be. We're also coming up upon mid-week. If the absolute nonsense of this weekend is any indication, there's no way to get anything done from 5 pm Friday until 9 am Monday. Which means the clock is ticking to get this resolved before we're looking at two weeks with no service.

Regardless, I'm asking for two weeks' compensation on our bill. (Unless this shit persists for an actual two weeks, and then I'm asking for three.) Because this was a one-two-maybe three-day issue that they have turned into a week-long clusterfuck of nothing being done and me being reduced to tears of frustration when all I hear from the people I pay to give me stuff "Don't call us, we'll call you."

Currently, I have the supervisor's number and a promise to call me when he gets in tomorrow. At 2:30 pm. But if for some reason he goes "Oopsie!" just like every other fucking person I've talked to at Time Warner (and all the people they have talked to), I have his extension and he said to call if I hadn't heard from him by 3:30 pm.

So, in a week, I will have gotten to the point where I get the same person on the phone if I call back. That's my progress. Now do you see why I'm near unto screaming and crying?

(As if that weren't enough, my laptop power supply has decided to quit on me every time I move it from one outlet to another. I managed to get Dell to send me another--after 40 minutes of telling them I will not purchase another battery just to make them feel better--but until then, I'm afraid to move it.)
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Time Warner Cable can blow me.

If they didn't have a monopoly, they'd have been out of business before the internet age. )

No, really. If the cable giants had to compete for business, they'd have to fix roughly 50% (not all even!) of their stupid-ass consumer relations issues and streamline departments such that they, you know, actually talked to one another. Or else customers would walk. It makes me yearn for something like that North Carolina town cooked up, where some town decided to provide its own town-based ISP. Of course, the service providers immediately moved to enact legislation making such things illegal--probably because they work better, cheaper, and with less bullshit than the TWC and Comcasts of this country. Sigh.
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I apologize to the makers of Gryphon, Manticore, Danger Zone: Volcano in New York, Lost City Raiders, and any other movie I've ever seen on the Sci-Fi Channel. (Except Aztec Rex. That is STILL unforgiven.) I was unduly harsh on those films. They are twice as long and half as sucky as episodes of Heroes with about the same budget. At least they are supposed to be bad, and no one really defends them as anything other than a means to draw a paycheck. After tonight's episode of Heroes, I can honestly say I'd sooner to a Sci-Fi Channel marathon with some tentacle porn on top than rewatch that...that installment.


I'm going to watch The Punisher this week--all three versions (Dolph Lundgren; Thomas Jane; Ray Stevenson). I have seen only the 2003/4 version, which I remember loathing at the time. It's going to seem like bloody Shakespeare. Even the Dolph can't fuck up as royally as this stupid fucking show that WON'T DIE EVER WHAT THE FUCK DIE DIE DIE DIE.

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I'd rather go to any and every Hell than go to Mormon heaven. (h/t [ profile] newredshoes)

Seriously, Mormons: knock that shit off. You're officially on notice that if you try to baptize any more people posthumously, against their will, I will dig up Joseph Smith's corpse and stomp it into little bits, which I will then feed to a pig, whose shit I will then press into communion wafers and sell to you. You want to eat your ancestors, go ahead. Leave everyone else's the fuck alone.

Note to Judeo-Christianity: All your religions are as stupid as this one.

If you don't want your park littered with religiosity, DON'T START BY PUTTING THAT SHIT THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE. They can't have a leg to stand on, right? Even Evil!SCOTUS as we currently have must recognize that this is bullshit...right?

Goodbye Southern Strategy?

I doubt it. These things go in cycles, and we'll have maybe forty years of progressive policies if the trends are to be believed, and then the South will have a resurgence. (It always rises again, as we know.) It won't be white, though it will probably still be conservative. However, if we are so blessed as to have even four years of not having to listen to Suh-thuh-ners dictate how the rest of us are going to hell for not hating people and loving Jeebus enough, that's a welcome relief.
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Helping my friend Heddy pack up her things to move today went smooth as anything. She had boxes, tape, even bubble wrap and markers all ready to go and we were done in about three hours with plenty of time to munch on snacks here and there. Best move I've ever assisted.

Until I got on the A train and less than three stops out from Hoyt-Schmerhorn, some fucking idiot decided to open an orange soda all over one bench. It sprayed easily ten feet from the guy who didn't look half as drenched as I ended up being. I had a little paper towel piece that I managed to dry off some with, but, being a moron myself, I offered it to the lady next to me who didn't give it back for me to finish. Hurray for an hour's ride up town with wet and then sticky arms, face, shirt, and pants!!!


I'm going to shower and make myself booze and probably kill things on the ecks-Box until I don't feel like destroying real stuff.
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Story from yesterday proves to be hoax. All are muchly relieved.

(Except those of us who just know that anti-choicers are NEVER going to let go of this and use it as ammo for years to come to prove anyone who supports reproductive rights is a baby murdering freak. Fuck this chit and her stupid bullshit.)
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Note to crappy magazines that thrive on negative body image: if you're going to photoshop, get someone who actually has used the program to do your work for you.

Especially when it's the cover of your shit-tacular rag.

I think the obvious forgery is even starker in the miniature. But if you don't see what I mean, check out the cover versus a shot from inside the magazine. This is not something you can get away with, not when it's thisbad. If you want the dirty little secret of "touching up" photos to be kept secret, you would do well to do a better job. I mean at least when it happened to Faith Hill, there was something like her original body being used in the process. America Ferrera's head might be her own plus makeup and lighting effects, but I'd love to know where they got the body from. An old copy of Barbie Fashion Designer perhaps?

I'd get more het up about the statements made when cockhats pull this kind of shit, but really this is so egregiously bad that it's more funny than irritating. That Dove ad? That made me grind my teeth.


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