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God, I'm a sucker.

Some context: I am probably one of the only people I know who liked the Resident Evil movies. You probably know where this is going. )

So, er, does anyone want to go with? We can totally hit a matinee to avoid paying the highway robbery prices of a 3D movie. I'm also totally willing to go in disguise or provide them for those as would see it but would prefer not to be known to be seeing it.
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Over vacation, I managed to catch a nasty cold that pretty much flattened me when I let it. I'm at that not-quite-recovered stage where I still sound stuffed up but can breathe. Cough's better, but still very gross-sounding on occasion. At least I don't get those coughing fits so bad that I hurt any more! Woo?

Other stuff happened:
-I got an A in statistics despite bombing the final. There were questions about older material that I didn't know to expect because he didn't send out an e-mail to that effect until after I'd taken it (since I took it earlier). I'd be aggravated except that I got a good grade overall, so that's a wash.

-Finished Prison Break, otherwise known as the most ridiculous TV series outside of Heroes or Smallville that doesn't have either of those series' excuse for its re-cock-ulousness. The mastermind who engineered the first of all the prison breaks became MacGuyver and then Jesus in that last season. It was nuts.

-Speaking of Heroes---CANCELLED!!! Oh thank you. I don't know who to thank--the assorted hosts of Heaven or Hell?--but I thank you. Oh thank you thank you thank you. I'm free! Free at last! For real, I almost cried. I hugged [ profile] darkling1 when he told me. So much joy!


Sep. 22nd, 2009 09:12 pm
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Okay, so the last Resident Evil movie sucked, and I haven't been able to finish Prison Break as yet because, wow, they brought back a decapitated character (and I heard that's hardly the worst abuse of the "if they didn't die onscreen..." rule). I'm still excited by this news, even if it's yet another bit of bullshit from i09.

I also haven't stopped laughing at the part where they put the crazy break-into-jail-to-break-out-of-it a prison at the start of the apocalypse. Perhaps Michael Scofield determined that it was better to sit in prison than risk infection breaking out. But I'm totally sure something CRAZY and DRAMATIC will necessitate his leaving soon enough...
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This does not mean the show will get better. This does not mean the show will get better. This does not mean...

But...but...but...Ray Park! And and and Robert Knepper! Robert Knepper, playing Samuel in that clip, is absolutely mesmerizing. If he weren't kinda weird looking, he'd be a huge star. As it is, I've enjoyed him in everything I've ever seen him in. He makes the practical impossibility of a man a) having his hand chopped off b) while on the run as a fugitive c) before getting it sewn back on by a veterinarian with no anaesthesia d) only to have to pull the stitches out with his teeth and remove the re-attached hand....seem oddly plausible. (Prison Break was such a fun show, sometimes.)

All right, show. You've piqued my interest. I'm still watching the premiere drunk, though.
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When am I ever going to learn? Stunt casting =/= making the show better, no matter how much I like the actors.'s T-Bag, and he'd be awesomely creepy. Maybe he could fix Heroes?


And and and! Ray Park! SERIOUSLY.

No, no, no. You have to control yourself. There is no way this will ever be okay. They brought Daddy Luthor out of retirement and while he was awesome, they got rid of him and the story he was in was stupid, and STOP IT STOP IT STOP IT.

I hate this show some times. Only Heroes could make me MAD about Robert Knepper and Ray Park getting more work.
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...and Prison Break. No one is more surprised than me by this news.

However, I am sort of pleased in a way: it means that, despite being canceled, the next season of Prison Break will, indeed, feature another breaking-into/breaking-out-of a prison! You didn't think they could do it a third time!

Also, I really hope this is true even if the Prison Break guy isn't involved, because, COME ON, a BioShock movie? Could be entirely made of fucking awesome.
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Fox thinks it will end Prison Break this year. Don't get me wrong, I love this show and I think it's ridiculous, but that does kind of make me sad. Like Stephen King, I kinda got used to the crazy shit that happens in this show and I sort of wanted to see it go on forever. I mean, I wanted it to end yesterday during season three, but they're back onto the crack but good this season. It would be a shame to kiss all that goodbye.

Fortunately, they won't! I mean, the show will probably still end, but they've got more footage they want to cram into a movie already AND they want to do a a women's prison!!!

The best part is that they say that after the producer says he "didn't want the show to become a parody of itself."

Fox: Proudly Ignoring Irony Since We Became A Network.
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...another thousand movies I've watched. No, not really. Since I can't possibly capture your attention or wow any of you with my books-read-this-year total, time to do my annual recap of media I've consumed in 2008.

There seems to be a cap fast approaching, as I saw only three more movies in 2008 than I did in 2007. Television, however, fell off dramatically (25 seasons this past year versus 46 in 2007), and frankly, I'm astonished. I've been exercising regularly while watching episodes of television since July. I suppose the caveat there is that since I've been forcing myself not to watch shows when not exercising, I haven't been breezing through entire series of shows in a weekend. (::coughcoughDoctorWhocough::)

My recs and trends beneath the cut!

Movie magic )

Boob Tubing )

I said I wouldn't write about books. Naturally, I wrote THE MOST about them. )

And that's the year that was.


Nov. 15th, 2008 03:02 pm
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I have stuff to say about Supernatural. I know, I'm scared, too.

I think I might like this show! (SPOILERS!) )

Preview spoilers/speculation: Spoilers! )
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Happy Halloween every one! I'm having a goodish sort of day. I've received lots of compliments on my violently orange and black-striped tights, so I feel pretty good. I saw a little boy dressed as Indiana Jones cracking his fake whip and I melted a little. (Stupid fucking ovaries! Die!) So I hope all are enjoying their day before the Day of the Dead.

I'm bored at work (surprise) so I'm just going to talk about stuff. Here goes.

Still playing catch up it seems. (No spoilers.) )


I want to see Max Payne still. And feiran and I need to go see Saw V. Why? Because. That's my only reason.

Oh, and I finally saw The Iron Giant and it was adorable. I love Brad Bird.


It will take me forever to get through Nixonland, but the eerie similarities to politics nowadays is making it hard to get through at any speed. I get chills and have to put it down. It's also a little densely written.

I finished My Lobotomy which was a horror show in slow motion. A quick read if you want something to make you be glad that mental health medicine has progressed even as far as it has.
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Because he keeps being interrupted when trying to get some. (Please note, this is not a spoiler; this is observable from episode one.)

Seriously, the show would have ended in the middle of season two if he'd gotten laid. Hell, it would probably have been in serious jeopardy if he'd gotten a blowjob in season one. If the villains really wanted to stop him on his endless crusade to mess their shit up, they needed to hire one ten-cent hooker (hey, [ profile] viridian, you interested?) for about an hour. Done. End of threat from the prison-escaping mastermind. So much more subtle than the various and sundry ways they've tried to publicly execute him...

Also, the decapitated character coming back = just as stupid as I assumed it would be. Especially since this character, who previously had one of the better, understated but still powerful tragedies in his/her past, is now just a simpering victim of torture. As if making a show about people escaping from prisons all over the world weren't ridiculous enough already, you're going to ask these characters to carry the legacy of Gitmo? Sigh.

Another fun development? Prison Break has decided to pull a "Heroes" and reform some of the bad guys. I suppose I should say that Heroes pulled a "Prison Break," seeing as Prison Break was messing around with this last year. Heroes, please let me assure you that The Last Thing you want to be like is Prison Break.

And yet? I'm still watching! Hurrah! I always thought exercise was masochism, but I never knew how right I was!
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No, there are lots of words. Most of them have four letters and roughly a bazillion question marks and exclamation points after them. I think I've just about had it. This episode wasn't the worst what-the-fucking-fuck? episode so far this season or anything, but it's just the straw, you know?

For heaven's sake, Prison Break is more realistic and I just spent another season's worth watching them attempt a break out from an entirely different prison. (SURPRISE.)

I think I've also had it with the acting choices on this show. (These aren't spoilers, these are just my thoughts so far.) Just because someone can cry doesn't make them a good actress. (Looking at you, Panettiere.) Milo Ventimiglia is just torture every minute he's on screen. Sendhil Rammamurthy never was very compelling; his latest incarnation is less so. Jack Coleman is pretty much the only person I love and that's because he plays Bennet with a sort of smirk that I can pretend is really Jack Coleman laughing at this goddamned show.

And I think I finally understand why I fucking hate Peter's fucking guts. I credit [ profile] ivy03 for pointing this out about Smallville. Her theory of why that show often fails is that it unflinchingly backs up anything Clark says is right or wrong whether or not those of us living in a reality-based mentality believe that he is correct about his declarations. The same is true of Peter. Yes, he's gone a bit "dark" right now, and, yes, he constantly fucks up, but he's still the hero. He says things and they're true--we're supposed to aspire to his level of courage and dedication (though not, I would hope, his level of intelligence--unless you're in one of those "pro-America" states). He's like Hiro, but Hiro is played for laughs. The show backs up Peter without ever laughing at him. Peter is trying, and that gives him a pass on the endless stream of dickish or narcissistic things he's done. Minus a few decapitations, and he's basically Sylar with a hero complex. They were on the same path to different ends for a while; this season just made it explicit as to why. Fuck that noise.


Oct. 19th, 2008 08:25 pm
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The super spent all day fixing a leaking pipe in our shower and then repairing the tile that he ripped out. And guess who got to sit and wait to let him in and out?

I did get to have two inordinately long phone conversations with my mother and sister. Oh, and I got my Smallville review up at Pink Raygun. And finished the third season of Prison Break. And reported a broken disc to Netflix.

In other words: SO BORED.
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Talk about Supernatural!

I'm within shouting distance of the end of season three, and I've had a pretty decent time of it. Surely, Bobby is a better character than ever John was. I don't even loathe Ruby. (Bella, on the other hand, couldn't suffer a fate worse than death too soon for my liking.) I just came upon the episode with still a spoiler for some, I guess )

Anyway, whining from Sam and angsting projected upon Dean aside, I have enjoyed season three thus far. But, being as far behind as I am, I'm fairly spoiled for the show, so I'm already aware that this guy is in season four. Someone please explain to me--reassure me that they're being awesome enough with him to justify filching John Constantine's wardrobe. Otherwise, me and show are going to have words. Words with pointy ends.

And please, do so in as un-specific a way that I am not spoiled any more than I was by learning his name, m'kay? Okay, SPN fangirls on my f'list, take it away.
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No, really. I had something...something!!!


Oh! I remember! I was going to tell the world at large this thing I related to some folks over the weekend. I think [ profile] glvalentine will get an especial kick out of this:

So there's a clip from the movie Soapdish on Scene It wherein Whoopi Goldberg's character tries in vain to make Robert Downey Jr.'s character understand that while just about anything goes in a soap opera, there are a few things that push even a soap audience's tolerance of the absurd. To whit:

I have just found out that this exact plot line is going to be used in a certain ridiculous show I am still working on finishing. No, for real. I've seen pictures of the previously beheaded character...with his/her head firmly on and interacting with the other characters. I'm now entirely sure that this show is completely redonkulous, but, bizarrely, more interested in watching now. I better add it to the list of seasons to catch up on.

Because, seriously: HOW DO YOU WRITE A CHARACTER WHO'S BEEN DECAPITATED? This is made of awesome. In that this particular show is already so over-the-top with the incredible things it has gotten away with that I'd like to see if they can throw in a newly re-headed character and have it not even disturb the waters a little bitty bit. Because everything else is already SO RE-COCK-U-LOUS, I'm pretty sure no one is even going to blink an eye at this. I'm also positive this is a ratings stunt, but that goes without saying even without a decapitation involved.
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I don't do the year-in-review memes so much. This is more my own tally of new-to-me pieces of entertainment consumed.

I see that I managed to outdo myself on the number of movies seen this year versus last year. I've seen 50% more movies in 2007 than I did in 2006 (120 versus 81). 120! Crazy! Television seasons completed, despite there being fewer arcs of Doctor Who viewed and rented, increased almost as much (46 to 33). I didn't quite manage to double the number of books read in 2007 as I'd resolved to do for New Year's 2006, but I came within shouting distance of it. Had I not been entertaining a baby by myself for much of the vacation that was not otherwise devoted to a wedding, I might have made it.

Not that anyone cares about that, nosir. Here are so recommendations based on what I read/saw and enjoyed (or didn't!) in 2007.

Cutcutcutcutcutcutcutcutcutcutcut... )
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Via Pink Raygun's "Ask an Amateur Scientist" column for today, this video (which was fascinating enough I watched it covertly at work):

Hey! I'm getting the hang of this embedding thing! No offense to the columnist, but since the guy in the video did all the work of debunking Uri Gellar, why do you get to write a column about debunking him as if this is news? Still confused on that one.


I had the funniest dream I've had since I dreamt about putting my cold feet under Rimmer's tight ass. Actually, this one might have been funnier because I kind woke myself up gigglng. And it featured Dexter! Who was being, as ever, his wonderful self. Nothing spoilery about the show (or even the character much) but I'll cut because it's a tad longish. Still fucking hilarious the more I think about it.


Woke myself up laughing, I tells you.


Speaking of laughter, I'm glad to see that the second season of Robin Hood is making no attempt to not be the most ridiculous television show ever. I thought Prison Break was ludicrous, but Robin Hood wins at being wall-to-wall absurd and knowing it. Prison Break likes to pretend it in someway has a relation to reality. Robin Hood has no such illusions. Everything that happens is the most eye-rollingly, giggle-inducingly RE-COCK-ULOUS thing that could possibly happen in that particular instance.

They tried to take a turn for the "dark" this season, I heard, but as a girl who went with the fun and torture of Farscape's second "dark" season, it takes a lot to impress me. Also, bondage queens making mewling noises at the Sherrif make it hard to take evil seriously. It doesn't hurt that the Sherrif and Guy of Gisborne are still writing the textbook of typical idiot villain moves. They need a Scott Evil to help them out with the "why don't you just shoot him?" idea.
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Prison Break: WHY!?!

Spoiler )


Heroes at least did not hurt as much. ABOUT GODDAMNED TIME! )


Listening to Dexter in the Dark is just not going to happen. Jeff Lindsay isn't the best writer in the world, but his prose moves along snappily enough that I'm always breezing through it. Listening to the audiobook of the third in the Dexter series is just painful. There is no acting to it. I'm totally spoiled by the voice-over work by Michael C. Hall on the show, I do realize that; I'm so used to his interpretation of how Dexter's inner monologue runs, the cadences and dryness and wryness of it that anything else has a jarring falseness to it. Even so, this audiobook performance is barely more animated than someone reading the lines off the page into a microphone. Dexter isn't an animated character, I realize, but there are ways to bring even his flat cynicism to life and whoever it is doing the reading is just not trying.

Also, this book starts off with more negativity about Rita than the other two books combined had throughout their pages. I get that Book-Dexter is a lot less adorably human and dependent in his relationship than Show-Dexter, but there's no need for the meanness to Rita because she's been snowed under by Book-Dexter. He literally loathes her, and there's this unnecessary, unsuccessful attempt to make her look a moron so that his loathing is justified. Instead of the more natural progression which would be having him admit there's only as much stupid and inane about her as there is to the rest of humanity in his opinion. It just feels needlessly mean to harp on her quite so much.

This is not going to be the security blanket to keep me until the next new episode that I'd hoped it would be, I guess.


Oct. 2nd, 2007 01:45 am
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Forgot to link to my review of the season seven premiere of Smallville over at Pink Raygun. Yes, I still have that picture. There wasn't any way that, once I got the PR gig, I wasn't putting that out there. I'm still pissed I had to take a picture of the ad in the subway and couldn't find that hilarious shot online anywhere way back at the start of both the sixth season and the CW.

Read [ profile] viridian's review, too. She's better at the funny. Spoilers, duh.


Wow, have I really only posted this and my crazed Dexter-crushing post since Thursday? Jesus, I am too busy at work (where I think to do most of my LJ posting). I need things to get lazy again.


I wasn't drunk for the first half of Prison Break. The verdict? Booze is not necessary, but it doesn't hurt. Was glad for a tiny little cameo as that's all we'll get of the one character for a while, but otherwise, meh. I'm just sitting here trying to remember how very much just about everyone in the new prison to break out of hates each other and why on earth any of them would do anything to help the other. Even if it meant saving their own skin? I'm sure that any of his enemies would gladly die knowing they fucked over Michael Scofield. Because he might not die, he'd just suffer. That's worth it to these scumbags, isn't it?


I've been listening to Billy Idol lately. Um, is it horribly cheesy to think that his songs are made of sex? Because I swear you could get a paraplegic off on "Rebel Yell." And there's so much dirtysexywrong-ness to "White Wedding." Always has been, is even more so because of why he wrote the song (it was a chastisement of his sister for marrying the guy who got her pregnant; she's still married to him, Billy split with the girlfriend who had his kid). It's just hard to deny: when Idol is on, he is on.
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[ profile] anarchicsquirrl was on Jeopardy! She won! I nearly threw my drink at the TV when she missed a question about Dexter. My God, the answer was "Michael C. Hall from 'Six Feet Under' plays the eponymous character in this show.." something something AND they had a friggin clip of Dexter playing with his blood slides. Of course, after telling her this, she felt obligated to remind me that it's really my fault that she didn't know that, since I got involved with the show far too late to have posted rants about it on my LJ for her to read and absorb. Nonetheless, she was cooler and cuter under pressure than I. I only wish I could look that good on TV. Well done, you!

On an unrelated note, I totally know what I want to get you for your birthday. I must see if I can still find it.


Prison Break requires liquor at this point. It's not even that bad--not bad for the show. I'm just still reeling over the fact that the plot of the show is still about breaking out of prison. Another prison. Wentworth Miller remains fantastically hot and has the Blue Steel of Sexy Eye-Fucking that makes me not care what all else is going on. So, with that and alcohol, I'm sure I can just laugh off whatever else is coming. I'm just not feeling the same tension that I did with the first two seasons. In the first prison-breaking-out scheme, there was a time factor set by the one brother's scheduled execution. With the second season and the cons being on the run, there's a never-ending tension for the fact that if anyone stops at any time, they go back to jail for, like, ever (if they don't die). Now? Not so much. Coming down off the momentum of season two is a little depressing. Here's hoping for better and more as time goes on.


So, Heroes thinks it can buy my love and mitigate my pouting over the fact that there wasn't any Sylar action in the season premiere by making the already re-cock-ulously pretty cast even prettier. Well, it can't. It can, however, ease my suffering of having to listen to Mohinder by making him blindingly, incoherently beautiful. I just sat and drooled. I didn't hear a word he said. Genius! I might survive the season even if he continues with the voice-overs of inaccurate doom!

Nope, still not distracted. I wanted Sylar, damn it. I want to know how the boy is alive, when I can expect to see him shirtless again. I don't care about shirtless Peter. I mean, he was also stupid pretty without those awful bangs, but he's not what does it for me. What does it for me is the slobbering psychopath with the eyebrows of bushy doom!

Not a bad episode. Mr. B rocked hard-core, and Claire's new friend is cute (though his self-diagnosis of being an alien is a bit uncanny as there's something not quite human about him). And I love that I spent almost the entire dinner conversation at the Bennets trying to remember the name of the damned dog. Eventually, my former roommate helped me out. I can't believe I forgot Mr. Muggles.


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